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Time to Smash Putin in the Face?

“The practitioners of kickbacks and graft should not only get a rap on the knuckles, they should have their faces smashed.”

Those were the words of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin last week, speaking to a group of policemen.

So get this.

Not only is Putin telling policemen to use violence against suspects who have not even yet been convicted of any crime.

Not only is he, seemingly, telling the nation that Russia’s law enforcement mechanisms are totally unable to protect them from corruption, encouraging them to take vigilante steps on their own.

But Putin is forgetting that he himself is a massive bribe taker, from his earliest days in St. Petersburg government. So, by his own words, he himself deserves to have his face smashed!

This is the depth to which Putin has brought his country. And there is more, much more, yet to come.

24 responses to “Time to Smash Putin in the Face?

  1. Millie Malarkey ⋅

    I don’t know about you, but I grew up in the 1960s-70s
    when fear of nuclear war was horrendous as
    compared to today.

    Thanks to Mr. Putin’s expert diplomacy & world relations
    that fear is no longer present.

    Unlike some, I am grateful for it.

    • mccusa ⋅

      Mr putin expert diplomacy comes down to murdering political opponents e.g., President of Poland, organizing putsches all over the ex-soviet republics, destabilizing Eastern, Central and Western Europe, while the russian army is being fed with DOG FOOD, Muslim from Central Asia are majority in Moscow and other russian cities, and ordinary russians live in abject poverty. By the way, every child in Scandinavia knows that the fall of Island was planned, orchestrated, and executed by putin’s kremlin, Grecces is totally controlled and manipulated by russia. We are missing the most important fact – russia is stil desintegrating; it started with Polish Solidarity and it is going on – look at Siberia being retaken by China. No wonder Chinese call russia SSS – Slowly Sinking Ship…..

      • mccusa ⋅

        Talking about that – russia lost all contracts in Lybia is so desperate that they are going to build a nuclear power plant in Bangladesh….

    • Andrew ⋅

      No, now we just have to worry about corrupt Russians selling nuclear material to terrorists, and supplying rogue states like Iran and Burma with nuclear technology and long range missiles.

  2. Auriga ⋅

    Major Putin hater Berezovsky, who is now in London emigration, admits Putin was relatively fair back in 90th. So thats why Berezovsky, the gray cardinal of Russian politics in 90th, has chosen Putin and helped him to ascend that high.

  3. mccusa ⋅

    To all admireres of putin; – comes 2012, putin will reopen the gulags – the only infrastrucure that works in russia – and russian slaves will march there, as usual, head down, no resistance, no dignity, no selfrespect, just to safe the ‘russian/soviet empire’ and what empire it is; the army is being fed with DOG FOOD, army is already 50% muslim and Central Asian – the things to come for the russians were totally ignored – temporary , for a time being, take over of the russian capital by moscow’s muslims during the ‘end of ramadan celebration’. The russians east of Ural live truly the 18th century horror with no electricity, no gas, no running water, they eat meat once a year, hence they drink to death and destroy themselves with Afghan heroin. Russian language becomes more and more a local dialect. No wonder China calls russia SLOWLY SINKING SHIP…..

    • Millie Malarkey ⋅

      You posted:
      “comes 2012, putin will reopen the gulags”

      Could you please post what month the “gulags” will be opened?
      I want to know how long
      I have to wait to expose this “statement” for what it truly is.

      Fear-mongering….plain & simple.

    • marknesop

      You keep honking on that same horn. Why? There’s no letter “S” in the Chinese alphabet.

      • mccusa ⋅

        So no letter s in chinese no desintegration of russia cool. By the way, chinese simply saying that they are RETAIKING Siberia stolen from them by russia – it is as simple as that. The best joke I heard recently was from Warsaw, Poland. When the most power ally of russia – the island of nauru- territory; 21 km, 9200 inhabitants and no capital city was ‘recognising’ s. ossetia and abkhazia – the nauri made a little booboo and recognized TATARSTAN outch…

      • mccusa ⋅

        Are there any OTHER latin letters in the chinese alphabet, marknesop??? DO TELL…

    • marknesop

      “…army is already 50% muslim and Central Asian …”

      Muslims make up about 15% of the entire population of Russia.

      Not hard to see what they do for a living – I guess they’re all in the Army!!

      “The russians east of Ural live truly the 18th century horror with no electricity…”

      Vladivostok is about as far east of the Urals as you can get and still be in Russia. Here’s a link to a live webcam – those sure look like lights in the windows to me (hint: wait until it gets dark).

      Hey, everybody!!! The lights are back on east of the Urals!!! Quick – get the meat out before the power goes off and we can’t find it!!!

      I see your research is up to its usual standard.

      • mccusa ⋅

        Dearie, when you are sober, that is when you are not on a contaminated russian samogon, not high on afghan heroin, and not on big dosages of dog food; then you will see that four planes dropping off the russian skies daily during the peace time is more daily causulties than during the ‘Battle of Britain’ – you russians are truly pathetic clowns…By the way during the end of remadan in moscow, russian capital was totally taken over by 80% or moscovites – the central asian muslims – did you miss it ????

      • mccusa ⋅

        According to the French documentary russian population of siberia eats meat ONCE A YEAR. WHAT A RESOUNDING SUCCESS…….

        • marknesop

          Four planes a day dropping from Russian skies? Moscow taken over by central-Asian Muslims during Ramadan (that’s how you spell it)? The population of Siberia eats meat once a year? Quite apart from the fact that’s not what you said – there’s a considerable part of Russia east of the Urals that isn’t Siberia – that’s just not true. If I may be permitted a recommendation, watch a channel that features news in a language you understand.

          Per-capita meat consumption in Russia is 63 kilos per person per year. That’s quite a lot of meat to eat in one sitting; for people who don’t do metric, it’s 138.8 pounds.

          But by all means cite the French documentary; I’d be interested to see it. If it’s not too much trouble, please provide some links that support your other figures as well.

          Nobody knows what daily casualty figures were in the Battle of Britain; both sides exaggerated their kill counts by at least double, and even historians only guess. But if you know of a day since the war when four Russian planes crashed in the same day, I’d be interested to hear about it. Something you can substantiate, mind you; not something you made up. Sorry if that restricts you.

  4. Garnet ⋅

    60 year old man is sentenced to 13 (thirteen, thir-teen) years in russian prison for selling dining poppyseed buns. He was accused by russian Federal Drug Control Service forces of an illegal drug distribution:

    Russian justice – that’s a real “dope”.

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  6. salman ⋅


  7. Millie Malarkey ⋅

    Why are you all whimpering like babies about Russia?
    Where you born last month?

    Anyone who knows history is aware that Russia (ALL of Russia)
    has had problems for at least 1000yrs….Give it up!

    Most of you sound like a friend of mine who will not buy
    a new car, he just keeps buying parts for his 1978 Ford
    Thunderbird which will only fail him eventually.

    Your stand on this issue AND Russia is synonymous to this.

    Instead of thinking about “Dying Russia”, why not
    think about a living, growing, EARTH?
    You now wallow in mud.
    Get your mind to a higher threshold and you will
    see things as they truly are.

    Otherwise you gripe, whine, bitch, moan & complain
    for something that can never be fixed.

    • mccusa ⋅

      My I suggest for you; living, growing in magadan, vorkuta, better still birobidjan.. whith magnificent russian weather, modern infrastructure, and plent of food, including dog food, for everybody….

  8. marknesop

    Where are you getting this dog food thing? Could you please provide citations for your wild claims? It’s quite possible you could find an example of somebody in the Russian Army who ate dog food, but it certainly isn’t their normal diet, nor is it the normal diet for any Russians except dogs.

    However, if you’re interested in substantiated statistics, here are some;

    Bankruptcies of Americans aged 55 and older shot from only 8% of the total in 1991 to 22% in 2007. Bankruptcies of people aged 75 and older quadrupled during the same period. Bankrupt older Americans sometimes eat dog food to avoid being homeless. Maybe that’s what you were thinking of.

    • Andrew ⋅

      Ok Mark, here you go:

      Russian Interior Ministry troops were fed dog food earlier this year to save money, a former officer in the ministry said today.

      A rare whistle-blower in Russia’s expansive security forces, ex-Major Igor Matveyev said officers tried to cover up the scandal and other alleged wrongdoing at the Interior Ministry troops base where he served in the Far East city of Vladivostok.

      Matveyev, who served in Russia’s wars against Chechen separatists in the 1990s, said he was ordered dismissed after posting a video on the Internet this month alleging widespread corruption in the Interior Ministry forces.

      “It’s embarrassing to say but soldiers here were fed dog food. It was fed to them as stew,” Matveyev said in an interview with Reuters, adding that dog food labels were covered up with labels reading “premium quality beef.”

      He said he would contest a dismissal order issued by a superior after he posted the nearly 10-minute video, in which he asked President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to intervene.

      It seems you are a bit intellectually handicapped Mark, if you think Russia is a good place to be in the army.

      • marknesop

        Did I say Russia was a good place to be in the Army? Where? If I didn’t say it, do you number mind-reading among your talents? Is the apparently-routine inclusion of a deliberate insult meant to make you appear right, not to mention surpassingly clever?

        If the Russian Army customarily and habitually serves its troops dog food, why the subterfuge of re-labelling the cans “Premium-Quality Beef”? Who is that supposed to be fooling? I daresay you would eat a cat yourself if a restaurant told you it was chicken, and provided you a phony label that read, “Premium Quality Chicken”. The purported facts of the story hardly support mccusa’s allegation that Russian troops routinely and willingly eat dog food, since it appeared necessary to conceal from them what they were eating. This suggests they would not do so if they knew.

        An attempt to claim the moral high ground based on the culpability of those who perpetrated the deception would look a little hypocritical in view of Halliburton’s routine serving of spoiled and rotten food to U.S. troops serving in Iraq – some of it a year past expiry – not to mention the serving of ice to U.S. troops which had been transported by KBR in mortuary trucks that still bore “traces of bodily fluids and putrefied remains”.

      • Andrew ⋅

        Listen Mark, I know you obviously have a sub simian level of intelligence, but comparing treatment of US troops to that of Russians is pretty lame.

        And yes, the Russian army does seem to habitually serve its soldiers dog food, not to mention hire them out to be raped etc.

        this is how young russian soldiers are abused in army

        Russian army bullying ‘horrific’

        Russian soldiers ‘used for sex’

        Violations of Human Rights in the Russian Military

        Meanwhile the examples you give of Halliburton and KBR will be prosecuted, whereas in Russia, the officers who attempt to expose abuse of their soldiers are prosecuted.

        Your retardation is all to obvious, but what else can we expect from a moron who runs such a Putinist website as “Kremlin Stooge”???

        • marknesop

          “Meanwhile the examples you give of Halliburton and KBR will be prosecuted…”

          Ha, ha, ha….Andrew, you are not just comical; boy, you are on FIRE!!!

          You let me know when the court is convened, will you? Because here’s my prediction – based on the fact that the incidents described took place, what, 3 years ago – and there’s been no whisper of prosecution yet…I’m predicting there won’t be. Ever. Bet you a case of scotch; or hair oil, whatever it is you Georgians drink.

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