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A Pile of Garbage Lies behind the Kremlin Walls

This photo (click it to see full size), from a photo essay published by English Russia based on a trip along the Kremlin’s parapets, gets our vote for the most poetic image of  neo-Soviet Russia.  Right behind the Kremlin’s walls lies a huge pile of garbage! In more ways than one.

5 responses to “A Pile of Garbage Lies behind the Kremlin Walls

  1. Whocares ⋅

    Russia was here long before you Americans came and will be there long after you’re gone, which incidentally, according to recent events, should not be such a long wait. Facts speak for themselves, but you are free to spin whatever lunacy to make yourselves feel better

    • Andrew ⋅

      Actually moron, Russia is a very young (and barbaric) country.
      Russians are (thankfully) dying out as a country taking their brutality with them to an early grave.

    • larussophobe ⋅

      That is what they said about the USSR! It was even in the national anthem! And they said it about the Tsar! And sang it!

      But it was not true. And it is not true now either. You are a blind, ignorant peasant who eats only what his government feeds.

    • mccusa ⋅

      Whocares; Have you missed the most important event in recent russian history – ‘the end of ramadan festivities’ when the russian capital was TOTALLY TAKEN OVER, TEMPORARILY, FOR A TIME BEING, by the Central Asian Muslims – although you russians are mixture of slaves and mongols eventually you will be taken over TOTALLY, So, how dou you think will take fo russia to become totally muslim????

  2. RV ⋅

    Hi LR:

    Nice to see your blog again. Is it possible to change or modify the format? It’s pretty hard to read the white letters over the black background.

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