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Avalanche of Bad Demographic News for Russia

The news on Russia’s population isn’t pretty.

Fred Weir, leading Russia correspondent, says so.

Leading German scholars say so too.

PBS agrees whole-heartedly.

And the prestigious journal Foreign Affairs shares the same opinion.

(By the way, the UN said it long ago, as did Murray Feshbach.)

They all agree: Russia is going extinct under the “leadership” of Vladimir Putin.

31 responses to “Avalanche of Bad Demographic News for Russia

  1. Ben ⋅

    At last the real Russian problem is discussed! That`s true that Russian depopulation seams strange to German scholars. The emotional charge of expanding Russian empire and the role of the Elder Brother inspired Russians to grow roots in enormous and cold territory. This charge have vanished with the population growth. There are intentions to use the state might to support the imperial population policy,that would be the disaster,so Putin`s oligarh`s capitalism is not the worst wariant of the imperia`s saving,I think.

  2. Which is why the Russian population is now growing, having increased by 71,500 in the first eight months of this year.


    That’s really hilarious, Anatoly. An unknown blogger believes he’s much smarter than not one, not two, but THREE different internationally respected experts on Russia. Dream on, dude, dream on.

    • RV ⋅

      Really? I see that the article says that the population has DECREASED but it was offset by arrival of some 200,000 migrants to yield that 71,500 net figure. Why don’t you try to glorify your beloved fatherland even more by also counting tourists or people who are in transit through Moscow airports.

      • You do realize that the vast majority of EU countries will have decreasing populations were it not for immigrants?

        But thanks for openly displaying your bigotry towards Caucasians and Central Asians.

        • marknesop

          I’m glad you brought that up, Anatoly, because it isn’t only European Union countries whose birth rate is below replacement rate. The birth rate in the USA fell below replacement rate in 1972, and stayed there until 2006. It enjoyed a brief recovery, then plunged again below replacement rate in 2008, where it remains.

          But the USA’s overall population continues to grow!! How is that possible? Immigrants, Blacks and Hispanics. Here’s my favourite part:

          “Only the Hispanic and Black populations in the US are replacing themselves with an average of 2.3 and 2.0 children born per woman respectively, making them the only stabilizing force in the American population. At this rate, experts say, whites will be the minority in America by 2042.”

          That information comes from the U.S. Census Bureau.

          Hispanics and Blacks are carrying the load for America – and some states (cough, Arizona, cough) aren’t the least bit grateful!!!

          Short version – many countries of the world suffer from a declining birth rate which puts growth below replacement rate, and the United States is one of them. But only in Russia is it a disaster of jaw-dropping proportions.

          • larussophobe ⋅

            So now Mark ADMITS Russia is doomed, but says the West is too! So impressive, how he turns on a dime from old lie to new lie. You might almost think he sucked at Vladimir Putin’s teet.

            • marknesop

              That’s “teat”. Nowhere did I “admit Russia is doomed”, because it isn’t. Neither is the USA – both simply are reproducing at less than replacement rate, and if they had to rely on their own populations as the sole means of population growth they would eventually die out or – in the case of the USA – become a white-minority nation.

              Russia’s birth rate, however, while it remains below replacement level, is trending upward, while that of the USA is not. You can dance around that all you like, call it neo-soviet garbage and throw in a few juicy insults about Putin, but none of those will alter facts. Both countries depend on immigration for real growth.

        • RV ⋅

          EU countries are not what this blogs deals with, Russia is. You should not lie and misrepresent the facts regarding the demographic situation in Russia just because EU countries have a problem

        • Andrew ⋅

          AK, you are a typical lying Russian.

          Of course lying is a central plank of Russian culture but this is helped by your being a Berkeley berk….

  3. James McKinnon ⋅

    You can’t even read the Foreign Affairs article; its for subscription only; so why put it up? Also this black site colour is crazy, one cannot read the words or find where to put one’s name or email address. Please fix the black background; its like trying to see in the dark reading this site! One can’t even see the punctuation either!

    • larussophobe ⋅

      Tell that to Mark Adomanis, he wrote a whole post about it. Guess you think that’s pretty outrageous, huh?

      Seems like most people have no trouble reading and commenting, this post is full of comments already.

  4. marknesop

    Stop the presses!!! Here’s another report, from one of those powerful and prestigious German experts, Dr. Reiner Klingholz.

    Well, he pulls no punches when it comes to Germany, as might be expected.

    “The low total fertility rate of around 1.4 children per woman has meant that over the last 35 years, children have replaced only two-thirds of their parents’ generation. Furthermore, since 1972, Germany has not seen a single year in which the number of newborns exceeded the number of deaths. The lingering population decline has only been masked by high immigration surpluses off setting the natural losses – at least that was the case until 2003. Since then, the overall population of Germany has been shrinking – so far by more than half a million. The Statistisches Bundesamt (Federal Statistical Office) expects that the nation will have twelve million fewer inhabitants by 2060 – a loss that is the equivalent of losing the population of eastern Germany with the exception of the capital Berlin (Statistisches Bundesamt 2009). Germany, along with Ukraine and Romania, leads the league of European countries with populations set to contract. With a fertility rate of 1.4, it is only a small step ahead of Europe as a whole, where on average 1.5 children per woman are born.”

    Do you realize what this means? Germany is going extinct under the “leadership” of Angela Merkel.

    Is the time ripe for a new blog – “Dying Germany”? I think so.

    • RV ⋅

      I am sure there are blogs discussing Germany and various problems it has or doesn’t have; this blog is not one of them.

      • Andrew ⋅

        Mark is a typical “useful idiot”, and also a bit of a war crimes supporter, given that his website overtly supports Putin and all his behavior, I think anything that the moron says can be safely ignored.

        He fails to understand (like all pro Russian morons) that the difference between population replacement in Russia and Europe (or even Georgia) is the fact that deaths massively outnumber births in Russia.

        And as for the retarded Anatoly (Sublime Retardation), well he is incapable of intelligent thought……

        • marknesop

          Ha, ha, ha!!! Whew….my ribs. Andrew, so much of your comedy is unintentional.

          The reason the USA is below replacement rate is because deaths outnumber births. In fact, that’s the same reason every country that’s below replacement rate IS below replacement rate; it’s pretty much the definition of replacement rate. But naturally, it’s much scarier and more consequential in Russia, because….well, because you hate Russia.

          Between January and September 2011, overall births in Russia declined by .8% (actually an upward trend from the previous reporting period), while overall deaths decreased by 6.2%. Which number is bigger, do you know? Additionally, the natural decrease in population declined by 40% over 2010, and was more than compensated for by immigration.

          If you’re waiting around for Russia to collapse from population attrition, better find a comfortable chair that’s not too far from the bathroom.

          • Andrew ⋅

            Mark seems to be lying as usual.

            Given that births in the USA are around 13.5/1000, deaths are at 8.38/1000 and the total fertility rate is at 2.06/1000, that shows that the USA is achieving population replacement in 2010.

            Whereas Russia has the figures for 2010 of 12.3 births/1000 deaths are 14.3/1000 and the total fertility rate is 1.58.

            So the US has few problems when compared with Russia.

            Also note Mark seems to be a bit of a racist pig (no surprises there) as he implies African Americans and Hispanic Americans are not really Americans….

            • marknesop

              Gee, Andrew, this is just like old times, isn’t it? I politely refute your craziness, and you respond with a tirade of insults and holier-than-thou self-characterizations. Given your typical pattern of referring to everyone who disagrees with you as a “retard”, it’s unsurprising you should consider yourself much more situationally aware than the Pew Research Centre, which found as of last month that the U.S. birth rate continues its decline.


              I’ve saved you the trouble of calling them retards by sending them a message which informs them of your expert diagnosis of their mental state.

              Mmmm… Andrew, guardian of ethnic sensitivity. That’s a role I hadn’t expected you to assume, based on this sample of your opinions from comment boards;

              “Of course, Australians are not racist, they hate everybody equally. ”

              “Of course, the Italians I met in Melbourne who did not consider themselves Australian after getting citizenship were, like you, pretty thick.”

              “Now about the Italian persecutions and massacres during WW2?
              You were a bunch of fascists then, and acted accordingly in Greece and Yugoslavia, killing huge numbers of civilians on behalf of your Nazi mates.”

              “So subsimian, nice to see your all too Russian stupidity is a permanent condition.”

              “You were where ape man? In Moscow?”

              “Really, you show how pathetic the average Russian is.”

              Nothing about blacks or hispanics, though. So those must meet your strict criteria for non-retards and non-apes. Be so kind as to point out where I suggested African-Americans and Hispanic Americans were not really Americans. I’d be interested to know, as I have a letter all ready to go to the U.S. Census Bureau, informing them of your opinion that they are retards because they do not refer to Blacks and Hispanics as “African Americans” and “Hispanic Americans”.

              • Andrew ⋅

                Lets see, the Italians were fascists in WW2.
                Australians are well known in the commonwealth for racism.
                Russians well, enough said, especially if you are representative.

                Mark Neosovietpillock, you were implying that they were not real Americans, and if it is like old times, we can be fairly sure that you however are not a real American.

                In addition, you are a liar, you claim that the USA has a birth rate below replacement, whereas it is above replacement.

                Unlike Russia.

    • larussophobe ⋅

      Mark, did you read the UN report? Did you notice what it says about Russia’s accidental, temporary increase in available mothers?

      CAN you read, you illiterate, braying goat?

      Do you REALLY think changing the subject can save Russia? Or do you actually WANT to see Russia destroyed?

      • marknesop

        Of course I don’t want to see Russia destroyed – that’s why I thought you’d be eager to help Russia solve her problems. Because they’re your problems, too. The USA experienced a near-identical bump in 2006-2007 which resulted in the nation temporarily regaining replacement levels. But, so sad, the number of childless women in America who have reached the end of their childbearing years doubled between 1978 and 2008. So, you see, it’s not just a matter of suggesting people have larger families – in many cases, that’s no longer possible.

        Russia offers financial support to mothers to encourage them to have more children. It’s not a perfect solution, but what’s America’s plan to increase the national birth rate?

        Where did I change the subject? The subject is demographics, I’m talking demographics. You must be pretty insecure about your position if it won’t stand comparison. It’s pretty easy to make something look like an insurmountable problem for one entity if it’s forbidden to point out that the problem is common.

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