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The Barbaric Brutality of the Russian “Man”

You know what he's thinking of doing with that candle? Lighting his wife on fire.

Radio Free Europe reports:  “Putin was an enthusiastic womanizer and a violent bully who beat his wife.”

What else should we expect from the father of a nation where one woman is brutally murdered by her husband every every single hour of every single day?

What else should we expect from the father of a nation that ranks number one in the world in rate of divorce?

In such a nation, a man like Putin is a hero, to be anointed “president” for life. It is a bestial, terrifying nightmare of  a country.

23 responses to “The Barbaric Brutality of the Russian “Man”

  1. marknesop

    “What else should we expect from the father of a nation where one woman is brutally murdered by her husband every every single hour of every single day?”

    Well, actually your source doesn’t say that at all. It says that “every hour in Russia, a woman dies at the hands of a relative, partner, or former partner”, according to a new report on domestic violence by Amnesty International.

    However, let’s assume for the purposes of argument that the killer is always the husband. The report goes on to say Amnesty International takes the Russian government to task for not doing more about this horrific situation.

    From that, I hope you’ll agree we can extrapolate that these guilty men are not incarcerated, and do not kill themselves out of guilt – agreed? Therefore, the male population is whittling away the female population in Russia to the tune of 8,760 women every year while itself not shrinking significantly except that it has a lower life expectancy, which results in there being 15 less Russian men than women in every 100 Russians….

    And yet women still outnumber men in all age groups except under 15, most significantly in the 15-64 age group. Which, I again hope we can agree, comprises most if not all of the women of childbearing age unless you are prepared to argue a majority of Russian mothers are less than 15 years old.

    Amnesty International’s report presupposes that a full third of violent deaths in Russia every year (or most recently, as violent deaths have gone down) is women of childbearing age murdered by their husbands, but the female population still significantly outnumbers the male.

    How does Amnesty International explain that statistical impossibility?

    • larussophobe ⋅

      It’s truly psychotic and evil that you cannot find it within yourself to stand up for the plight of Russian women, and instead seek to rationalize and defend their attackers from justice. It is this very pathology that has led them to their horrific plight.

      Nor do you recognize the WOEFUL under-reporting of violence against women in Russia, meaning that the statistics are probably FAR worse than 1 per hour in reality.

      Nor do you recognize that there only 8,760 hours in year while 9,000 women are killed, so one per hour is actually an UNDERSTATEMENT.

      Nor do you say a single word of criticism about the barbaric conduct of Putin himself, which comes on the heels of horrifying revelations about his personal corruption while in St. Petersburg.

      Nor do you mention that Russia stands ATOP THE WORLD in destroying marriages, which only proves how appalling life within a Russian marriage really.

      Why do you hate Russia so much, that you want to help it continue on its path of failure rather than reform and improve? What did Russia ever do to you?

    • RV ⋅

      What statistical impossibility? What are you talking about? You were wondering why ” female population still significantly outnumbers the male” when 8,760 women are killed every year by their husbands or significant others. What’s so unusual about it?

      Women has much higher life expectancy than men do. Killing 8,760 of them per year just is not enough to balance this out. A lot more men drink themselves to death or die in a variety of other gruesome ways like lung cancer from excessive smoking. I guess if each of those violent husbands murdered 10 women more, in addition to their wives, that would put an end to the “anomaly” that female population still significantly outnumbers the male population.

      How should we understand your message? Are you denying the facts that wife killing is wide spread? Or are you agreeing with that but disputing the numbers? If the latter, what’s your statistics?

  2. marknesop

    Is that an explanation of the previously mentioned statistical impossibility?

    Just look at it – there are 15 less men than women in every 100 Russians (all ages) at any one time, and 24 women are murdered every day by their husbands. This gives men a statistical advantage on any given day of 9. Every single day there should be 9 more men than women, assuming no other effects on the population, because the 24 women are all dead, but the 9 men are not and are presumably free to go on living their lives. This implies a cumulative advantage in which it would be impossible for women to now outnumber men.

    Therefore, either Amnesrty International or the CIA World Factbook is full of shit.

    “It is this very pathology that has led them to their horrific plight.”

    An horrific plight that shows every possibility of being largely fabricated. When you can show me reliable information of the true extent of the problem, I’ll be glad to criticize it.

    Oh, and about that wife-beater stuff. Your source implies Schmidt-Eenboom has personal knowledge of the alleged KGB agent’s revelations, that he learned them from “a senior BnD Official”. According to other sources, the allegations are based on documents Schmidt-Eenboom found in old BnD files. There is no mention of other corroboration.

    Hmmmm….old BnD files. Like the ones that, for example, recorded the escape of Erich Honecker to the west when he was actually at his home in Wandlitz? Or perhaps the ones that reported Honecker’s death in September 1989 when he actually lived until 1994? Or the ones that reported only a tenth of the East German population opposed reunification, based on a study, conducted by the East Berlin Institute for International Politics and Economics, that never existed? Sure; that seems reasonable.,1518,655350,00.html

    Did Lyudmila Putina accompany her husband to work at Dresden’s KGB bureau? How else did she become the close confidante of the supposed BnD agent? “Lenshen” supposedly copied all her reports to NATO – why hasn’t anyone else corroborated this red-hot story? Your source suggests she “infiltrated the Putin household”. She must have, because she was apparently never at work, unless Putin took his wife and kids to work with him. That paints a bucolic picture of the KGB that’s somewhat at odds with its reputation, wouldn’t you say? Why would Ludmila Putina need the services of a translator? If she did, she was one hell of a student, since she was teaching German at Leningrad State as soon as she returned to Russia.

    • larussophobe ⋅

      You are babbling psychotic, incomprehensible nonsense. If you have ANY data showing ANY other figure is accurate, you certainly do not show it.

      Why do YOU think Russia leads the WHOLE WORLD in divorces? Russian men are bad in bed?

      You may very well be the stupidest and most dishonest person on this planet.

      • Andrew ⋅

        I think Mark is one of those divorced Russian men.

        At least that was his excuse for staying in the US when he was posting as RTR, Phobophobe, Voice Of Reason, etc on Larussophobe.

        Geeze wayne man, no wonder she left you, do you still have a restraining order against you?

  3. marknesop

    Lastly, to the matter of Russia being the Kings Of Divorce. Yes, this is distressing. But I have hopes that it will be temporary. Things change, and we drift with the times, right? After all, in 2002 the divorce rates in the USA were well above those of Russia; 45.8% of new marriages in the USA ended in divorce, against 43.3% in Russia.

    Probably your diagnosis is accurate, and American men were just bad in bed.

    Their performance evidently took a turn for the worse in 2004, when you surged into the lead.

    And look at you now. All the way back down to number 6 of the top 10. I devoutly hope Russia is watching your good example.

    • mccusa ⋅

      The West should let russia desintegrate – the only thing we should do is to enjoy the fall of russia – the victims of russia’s barbarity shall be dancing on russia’s grave soon……

      • anodized ⋅

        No, we will enjoy seeing you, Western immoral rotten garbage rot and disintegrate, as it’s already happening to you and you’re hanging by the thread, about to be swallowed by China and Muslims–Westerners, you are weak and inhuman, so you deserve to disappear. I will laugh seeing you die. Your Western world will crawl to Russia to ask it to save their white race from being wiped off the face of earth…. but Russia shouldn’t help, as Western white race committed so much evil it should let nature take its course and slowly disappear from gene pool.

  4. Bogdan from Australia ⋅

    Marknesop, you putinophilic moron. Hasn’t it occured to you that the life expentancy of the Russian men is even shorter than that of Russian women because the Rusian men have a noble habit of drinking themseves to early death?

    Perhaps you will attempt to convince us that the Russians are the most sober manfolk in the world.

    Or maybe they have become sober under the tough and yet loving hand of their idol Putin?

    You are trying to sing the praise of your own tormentor, Putin like the Orcs from The Lord Of The Rings were praising Sauron; you betray identical slavish mentality of a homo-sovieticus.

  5. marknesop

    [comment deleted for violation of posted comment publication guidelines regarding profanity]

    DR responds:

    Use of profanity is banned on this blog. We extended you the privilege of commenting here, and like the inbred ape you are you could not use it properly and thus lost it.

    You have the intelligence of a lemon and the manners of a spider.

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  7. Observer ⋅

    There was a lot of crowing last week from Patriarch Kirill about how the Russian Orthodox Church had been miraculously resurrected after 1991 and now has such a massive impact on Russian society. Er, well, Your Holiness – no.

  8. Ladies and Gentlemen! We should save the World!
    US & EU – wake up!
    That’s IMPORTANT, that EVERYBODY understand, that USA and Europe ‘re playing Russian roulette with KGB crasy dictator!

    The shelf life of russian missiles with NUCLEAR WEAPONS passed three times.

    In Russia only 50% destroyed stocks of chemical weapons. And this 20-years process was based on the old resources of the ex-USSR. But who & how will destroy another half?! Hungry soldiers and fierce officers with the rusty equipment?

    Russia took first place in the world on corruption

    The court system of Russia completely corrupt! All appointment as Judges are sold for money.

    In Russia the uncontrolled process of storing weapons of mass destruction and the first place on corruption still added massive fascism.,,15509060,00.html

    The future of the planet in the hands of corrupted officers of the KGB and their friends.

    Ladies and gentlemen, colleagues and friends! I appeal to those of you who do not live in Russia. Wherever you live, exists thousands of small and large radio stations TV-channels and newspapers. All of them – “the MEDIA”. All can send a “media representative” in Russia in the elections 2011-2012. According to russian law Media representatives may attend at ANY polling station. They have slightly less rights than an Observer, BUT there is a huge legal advantage in the election law – MEDIA representatives can have photo and video.

    Help to save NUCLEAR-ARMED Russia from new DICTATORship!

    • anodized ⋅

      You little (Bulgarian?) twat…. little coward–I do not live in Russia, but come here and I’ll rip you in shreds with my bare hands. And Russian weapons are very up to date, by the way, and are capable of destroying entire world and wiping humankind off the face of Earth (I think this should happen and will be good for Earth in any case). You should die, little wuss. I will wipe you and yours off the face of Earth.

  9. Maimonides ⋅

    What is really dying is the La Russophobe blog.

  10. lena ⋅

    sorry ifi change the issue,,but im wondering why its so quite about pedophilia in the russian orthodox closters and church ?

    there were many scandals about catholic pedophile priests,,but nothing about pedophilia into russian orthodoxy I believe its much larger than anyone else,,But they keep it in secrecy

    I have read on some russian blogg about pedophile abuse at Russian orphanages.

  11. John Rambo ⋅

    Message from Anonymous to American Women:

    We, Anonymous, are American men, and we have decided to never marry an American woman. In a nutshell, American women are the most likely to cheat on you, to divorce you, to get fat, to steal half of your money in the divorce courts, don’t know how to cook or clean, don’t want to have children, etc. Therefore, what intelligent man would want to get involved with American women?

    American women are generally immature, selfish, extremely arrogant and self-centered, mentally unstable, irresponsible, and highly unchaste. The behavior of most American women is utterly disgusting, to say the least.

    We encourage all American men to NEVER MARRY American women, and date/marry only foreign (non-American) women.

    Tens of millions of American men have had their lives completely destroyed by American women through the following crimes:

    1. False rape accusations (it has been proven that up to 80 percent of rape accusations are FALSE)

    2. False domestic violence (DV) charges (same as above)

    3. Financial destruction of men in divorce courts through alimony and support payments (women get up to 95 percent of their ex-husband’s income and savings, as well as the house, car, etc)

    4. Emotional destruction of men by ex-wives who have stolen their children from them and forbidden contact

    5. Divorced dads who commit suicide as a result

    Not one single American woman has EVER condemned their fellow American women for committing these crimes against men. Silence means consent. Therefore, American women support and enjoy destroying men’s lives and causing men to commit suicide. Apparently, American women think it is okay to be a criminal, just as long as you are a woman. Therefore, is it any surprise that a huge percent of American men no longer want anything to do with American women, other than using them for easy sex and then throwing them away?

    Another reason to never marry or have children with an American woman: 60 percent of child abuse/molestation in America is done by WOMEN to children, according to US Government statistics. Therefore, the majority of child abuse/molestation in America is done by WOMEN. Also, did you know that 1 out of 4 women in America take psychiatric drugs for mental disorders? Yes, AMERICAN WOMEN ARE INSANE! Oh, and just one more interesting fact- 70 percent of criminals in America were raised by single mothers. Single mothers produce future criminals. Criminals destroy society. Thus, feminism destroys society.

    When confronted with this evidence, American/western women will deny any responsibility for their own criminal actions and behaviors, and will attack the man who is presenting these facts and evidences. This is proof that American/western women are a bunch of liars, hypocrites, and criminals. They REFUSE to accept the FACT that they have destroyed tens of millions of men’s lives and ruined the lives of millions of children as well. It is because American/western women have become sociopathic man-haters. Far from being “equal” to men, American/western women can’t even take responsibility for their own actions, which is the trait of any normal adult. Thus, American/western women are just a bunch of spoiled little children. They are NOT equal to men. American women REFUSE to accept the truth of how evil and vile they have become. American/western women are living in their own pathetic little fantasy world, where they think they are a perfect little princess. Sorry, but you are NOT a perfect little princess. In fact, you American/western women are the most hideous, disgusting, monstrous creatures on the face of the earth.

    Another thing I noticed, is that whenever you bring up the topic of western men marrying asian women in front of an American/western woman, she will make some racist and hateful comment about asian women, calling them “slaves” or “mail order brides”. My question is this: If American/western women are so “independent”, “confident”, “strong”, and “empowered” like they claim to be, why do they feel threatened by Asian women? Why are American/western women so jealous towards Asian women? The real reason is this- Asian women are 1000 times superior to American/western women, and any western man who has dated/married an Asian woman will tell you this.

    Over 50 percent of American women are single, without a boyfriend or husband; so the fact is most American men no longer want to marry American women. Let these worthless American women grow old living alone with their 10 cats.


  12. anodized ⋅

    I’m a Russian-American woman and I believe ones like you should be executed, to cleanse a and purify the Earth, I’d carry out executions personally (I was in the army before). You’re a piece of garbage, worthless, diabolic, immoral Western male, you need to leave Earth and go to hell where you belong, before you spew your diabolic immorality everywhere.

  13. anodized ⋅

    Keep commenting…. while Westerns males became so pussified they do not resemble males anymore — Russian men at least remained men. Western males, weak, morally rotten, devoid of principles in direction, filled with misogyny… their numbers are shrinking rapidly as non-white population replaces white population in the west (which is a good thing). The only males that remained in western europe are Muslim males, and in the US “males” are nothing but a big pile of cowardly pansy wuss, I really laugh at them every day and their pansified ways (I’m a Russian woman by origin). Nature is taking its course and getting rid of Western Wuss Male species. Russian men are better looking, more masculine and brave, and more real than any fake plastic western coward.

  14. anodized ⋅

    Russian man: “I’m gonna kick your ass”
    Western man: “Oh noes, I’m gonna call the cops!!! I’m gonna sue!!! I’m gonna complain! You can’t do it you’re uncivilized! Let me write a blog how I’m discriminated against! Help me!”

  15. Anodized bitch…your “Men” are drunkards with lung emphysema(they out of breath after climbing two steps), at 55, they are all dead from fulminating hepatitis…and
    they stopped having erections at 35, so from then on, you have to use dildoes, therefore the cause of your enraged cunt!

    Yes, we have problems, starting with the grandson of a cannibal, our monkey in the White House.

    You will notice that our problems are caused by our Bolsheviks, who got educated by KGB spies sent by the like of Vlad the impaler “Joe Stalin” Putin(Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dorn…etc…etc….)

    So as soon as we get rid of our Russian wannabes, everything will be hunky dory…

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