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This is Pathetic Russia in a Nutshell

Here’s Putin’s Russia in a nutshell:

At the exact same moment the country is celebrating its FAKE mission to Mars, its REAL mission is failing spectacularly.

When will Russia ever learn?


2 responses to “This is Pathetic Russia in a Nutshell

  1. Now watch this thing crash somewhere on the 26th of November. Hope it’s Moscow, or some other city within the Land of Incompetence 😉

  2. mccusa ⋅

    Just to remind everybody that before the fall of Sadam Hussein, according the the ex-KGB general from Romania who wrote an article in the Washington Time on this mattter, Mr. Evgeny Primakov, the soviet/russian specialist of the Middle East/KGB operative, was running like a headless chicken back and forth Moscow-Damascus-Moscow. He made about 30 trips – doing what? – just moving discarded elements of the weapons of mass destruction from Iraq to Syria before the arrival of American forces in Iraq. The scenario is repeating itself – just before the Arab League decided to expel Syria from the organization; there was another russian visitor to Syria, guess who, Kiryll the Patriarch of Russia – this ‘non political religious figure, who suddenly had that urge to pray in Lebanon and Syria, in the middle of the civil war, among the muslims – in between orthodox prayers and services, Kiryll and his entourage,were working frantically to remove ANY prove of the existence of WMD. Let’s watch that space….

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