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Exploding the Myth of Russia’s Internet

Once again, data has confirmed that two-thirds of the people of Russia have absolutely no access to the Internet and never access it.

Those who do manage to access the Runet, moreover, use it for nothing more than socializing, and even that they do at a rate well below the European average.

What this means is really quite simple:  Those who tell you that it doesn’t matter that Russians have no real TV news, because all sources of it are owned and operated by the Kremlin, and no real newspapers, because the same situation prevails, because Russians have ready access to the Internet to make up for it, are lying to you.

There is no significant offset of the Kremlin’s propaganda on TV and in the mainstream press to be found in the Internet.   What’s more, the obscure sources that do exist, serving a tiny fraction of the population, are under constant assault, and the Kremlin is aggressively seeking to co-opt or destroy them.

There is no hope to be found for Russia online.

3 responses to “Exploding the Myth of Russia’s Internet

  1. jen

    As a PR practitioner following Russian social media activity, it would help if you could cite sources for this information. Thank you, jen

  2. jen

    OK – sorry I see the links to click on now. Duh.

  3. Yes.

    For most people, there’s OBS (odna baba skazala). For only a very thin layer, there’s ZhZh. They’re easily coopted.

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