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Now, the Russians go After our Water Supply

A blogger has reported that a hacker in Russia has attacked a water pump at a facility in Springfield, Illinois, switching the pump on and  off remotely until it burned out.  This is where the Obama “reset” policy has brought us:  We are actually being attacked by the Russians at our most vulnerable and dangerous points, this time drinking water, and we are not even defending ourselves for fear it might “offend” Obama’s beloved Medvedev regime.

Meanwhile, Russia has aggressively opposed Obama’s effort to impose sanctions on Iran following the discovery that it is moving forward with plans to develop a nuclear weapon.  Obama’s “reset” policy was specifically designed to prevent Russia from adopting such a policy, and its failure in this regard is palpable.

And the cost? America has abandoned the defense of its values in Russia, selling not just all Russian democrats but all of Eastern Europe down the river in order to win imaginary benefits from Russia that have now proven wholly illusory.  This is the greatest American foreign policy failure of this century.

2 responses to “Now, the Russians go After our Water Supply

  1. Proof

    With all my respect to the US, unfortunately when Obama won the elections, we really felt in Ukraine kinda abandoned by the US… During the George W. Bush we knew, we have a strong ally who can support Ukraine within NATO or during issues.

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