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The People of Russia do not Deserve Respect

Vladimir Putin’s performance of late has been so odious, so noxious, so repellent that even hardcore Russophiles are turning away in disgust.

Take the bitter, poisonous anti-Putin diatribe that recently issued from the pen of Vladimir Frolov, once one of Putin’s most ardent brown-nosers.  Frolov begins: “Perhaps a true measure of rulers’ distrust of their people is when they choose to be more frank with foreigners and rush to tell them what they are not in a hurry to communicate to their fellow citizens.” And then he gets nasty, condemning Putin’s conduct at the recent Valdai forum propaganda festival as a insult to the people of Russia.

But we rise to defend Mr. Putin!  Distrust of the Russian people — indeed, contempt for them — is a theme that runs consistently throughout Russian history. And why shouldn’t Putin have contempt for the people of Russia?

He has just spit in their face, telling them openly that the entire Medvedev “presidency” was a sham decided years ago, and that he has never stopped ruling over them.

He has been documented to have plundered the public treasury of St. Petersburg and he has not hesitated to jail and murder his political rivals just as was done in the failed and collapsed Soviet system.

And how do Russians respond? They lavish him with stratospheric levels of approval in polls and do not even ask him to participate in debates or interviews prior to retaking absolute, neo-Soviet power.

Why should Putin have any respect for a nation of people that behave as if they were sheep.  No intelligent person would do so. Naturally, Putin would show more respect for the intelligence of foreigners at the Valdai club than for his own people, and naturally he would choose to enrich and protect himself as much as possible at their expense.

In doing so, Putin is doing nothing different than was was done by Brezhnev or Stalin or Nicholas II or Peter I.  All Russia’s leaders have shown unbridled contempt for the people of Russia and sought to destroy them, and Russia has repeatedly collapsed as a result.

And who is to say, dear reader, that they were not right?

12 responses to “The People of Russia do not Deserve Respect

  1. yankophobe ⋅

    Die, mother Zigfeld, die!

    • larussophobe ⋅

      Shouldn’t you be saying that to Vladimir Frolov, the RUSSIAN and former ARDENT PUTIN LOVER who wrote the statements that this post merely quotes and repeats?

      • Bohdan ⋅

        LR it never ceases to amaze me how these brain dead Russian fascists – e.g. yankophobe – operate. He deserves to be treated with the contempt that he so richly earned. And undoubtedly is a ‘nashi’ – read as in nazi – hoodlum that thinks the sun shines out of his beloved, but murderous and stealing, fuehrer’s anus.

        • yankophobe ⋅

          See, Zigfield? These two are ukie clowns, the sick children of thousands of insane Ukie murderers that killed, burned, maimed, raped and genocided millions of your forefathers in the Ukraine — Jews.

    • mccusa ⋅

      russians not only don’t deserve resepcts – they don’t deserve to live their lives in freedom and democracy. In order to be free and democratic russia has to desintegrate much further. E.g., Siberia is already being retaken by China, ALL countries within russia with their own territories, history, languages, and separated culture will become independent states – let’s start with TATARSTAN, de facto independent, state run by moderate muslims, with numerious minorities, e.g., russians, Polish, and any other that live in harmony…Of course russia will chose Chechnia option – the fully blown civil war – with mad putin in power soon. Every foreigner and every invested dollar should leave russia as soon as possible

      • vreemde vogel ⋅

        I agree with mccusa, russians don’t deserve to live at all. They’re all junkies, alcoholics, criminals, paranoids, sheep, facists, bigmouths and foremost they are ugly. Fuck Russia!!!

  2. yankophobe ⋅

    I am not usually one for making statements like that but surely you deserve to be an exception, nothing personal though it is, and though I don’t mean it in any literal sense. You focus too much on the negative (and how), which can be self-destructive and a self-fulfilling prophesy and not for whoever you wish it (and you do) but for you yourself and for everything you hold dear.
    Because you are an America supremacist and you identified (correctly) the main and the only credible (and more) threat to America.
    And of course it will happen. No empire has lasted for ever. The only question is will you die before America or will America die before you and will you get to be in at death so to speak, with me for company.

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  5. mccusa ⋅

    How can oneone respect a nation of born slaves who marched to the gulags, by millions, without ANY RESISTANCE, heads down, no selfrespect, no dignity, courtesy of their own russian government. These facts of slaugthering of russian citizens by the russian governmemt is truly barbaric what is worse, and truly ogscene, is that russian slaves never confronted that barbarity. The russians show to the world that russian lives a worthless. We in the West will respect that attitude. The russians are not human they are simply aomebas….

  6. Bohdan ⋅

    And furthermore this barbarically oppressive regime denies to this day that any of these murderous genocides occurred under their glorious blood letting, which numbered in the 10’s of millions of innocent victims.

    Can you imagine the mentality of this subhuman scum that actually carried out these grizzly and subhuman liquidations in the name the U.S.S.R.

    They cannot put off humanity’s final retribution for these black deeds. The truth will eventually/one day come to light. And let us hope that in this instance history “WILL NEVER REPEAT ITSELF!”

    • mccusa ⋅

      Bohdan, there is ‘poetic justice’ after all for all the victims of soviet/russian genocides, and russification, especially for the Ukrainian victims of holodomor, they are being vindicated – look at moscow; it is already central asial city; during the ‘end of Ramadan’ celebration in moscow – the russian capital was TOTALLY taken over, temporarily, for a time being, by the central asian muslims residents of moscow. That sea of muslim and not a single russian policeman in sight was truly prophetic and foreboding..The so called russian army already 50% muslim is being fed with a dog food, navy with its flag ship ‘kursk’ being on UNDERWATER mission to destroy those ‘horrible’ americans, the russian air force represented by six wobbly, out of sink, helicopters, during the ‘victory parade’ in moscow. Russians should be really proud of their ‘achievements’. We are dealing with kleptocratic murderers and pathetic, pitiful clowns humiliating themselves in front of entire world…..

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