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Russia is Despised throughout the Middle East

I curse Vladimir Putin, the Russian leader, for helping in its wanton destruction, as he uses his veto to protect murderers, and supplies submarines and state-of-the-art weapons to kill yet more innocent Syrians. We Syrians recognise the type only too well. Vainglorious, brooking no dissent, buoyed up by financial mafias and laying on putrid cold war rhetoric, which leaves us even colder.

–Syrian Rana Kabbani, writing in The Guardian

The Russian government has stood against the people of Egypt, and watched their victory with bitter resentment.

It stood against the people of Libya, and was again humiliated before the world.

Now, it stands against the peoples of Syria and Iran, giving aid and comfort to the brutal dictatorships that oppress and destroy them.

But the people of Syria are winning, too. And they clearly see that Russia stands against them, while the nations of the West urge them to victory. When they prevail, they will not forget Russian treachery.  All through the Middle East, Russia’s reckless foreign policy is alienating nation after nation, leaving Russia a pariah with only the likes of Iran to call its friend.  This disastrous pro-terror policy is a hallmark of the horrific failure of the Putin regime across all aspects of foreign policy.

Russia is a doomed, benighted land.

4 responses to “Russia is Despised throughout the Middle East

  1. Whocares ⋅

    What are you smoking? do you just randomly rant what you think about and claim it to be true? christ, best case of stick your fingers in your ears and go lalalalala, but i guess for some ignorant cunt like you, thats the only way to go through life

    • mccusa ⋅

      As we can see; this is russia at its best, vulgar, barbaric and totally revolting answer by a KGB opertive – one of the hundread thousands that check EVERY single web page for anti-russian remarks. I have a news for you, dear katsap, The nexxt step will be pretty obvious and logical all the liberated arab/muslim countries will fight for the liberation of EVERY enslave nation within russia – let’s start with Tatarstan, Chechnia, Ingushetia, Kabardino-Balkaria – the list is endless….

  2. mccusa ⋅

    It is incomprehensible to to see the barbaric russians ‘negotiating’ the peace agreement and statehood for Palestine while at the same time they are destroying/slaughtering the whole muslim nations temporarily under russian control. Russia is truly heading for the bloodiest civil war the world ever seen…..

  3. “Russia is Despised throughout the Middle East”

    You are saying that as if it was a bad thing!

    As bad as the Stalinists are, they are all little saints compared to the average muslim. These murdering thieves and rapist pedophiles have killed more than 300 million “infidels” the last millennium and are finishing to exterminate all their minorities…the “Arab Spring” is just the take over of the worst extremists. The only way for Europe, India, Russia and China to survive is to exterminate these vomits from hell until the last cockroach is dead as a doornail!


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