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The Futile Festivities in Moscow

“It all felt much more like a national holiday, a festivity. What’s more, not even a ‘festivity of disobedience’, but simply a festivity.”

That’s what one participant in the 12/10 Moscow rally had to say about his experience.

Is a party with balloons and flowers really going to dislodge Vladimir Putin from power, or even make him think twice? Kim Zigfeld sure doesn’t think so.

12 responses to “The Futile Festivities in Moscow

  1. I’m getting sick and tired of people you’d swear are KGB operative…backhand compliments, but compliments none the less by sourpusses behind their computers…

    Not everyone is a yellow belly wimp.
    Bruce Thompson 10 hours ago
    This article is dead wrong. There are demonstrations from one end of Russia to the other and Putin doesn’t dare resist them. This is a real “pitchforks and torches” moment. But none of this is Obama’s doing, where back in the day Reagan and Pope John Paul II and Margaret Thatcher were critical to inspiring the Russian people. Today, the memories are enough. Don’t confuse cause and effect!

    Read more:

    • larussophobe ⋅

      It’s the commenter who is dead wrong. 200 people went to the streets in Vladivostok, supposedly a hotbed of anti-Putin fervor. The police were smiling at the protesters in Moscow, and folding their arms on their chests as they did so, for a reason. David Remick got it right in the New Yorker when he said all the protests show is that not ever single person in Russia is bovine. There are 15 million in Moscow, 25,000 went to the streets and accomplished nothing. Putin laughed at them.

  2. Even the real “La Russophobe” seem to have been fed radioactive candy and died, to be replaced by what???

    Lame ass articles…even the communist trolls dont seem to bother anymore!

  3. Jay ⋅

    Here’s some intresting statistical prove of the vote rigging in Russia:

  4. Referring to your article:

    It is common knowledge that Russian liberals get moral and financial support from abroad (like the Department of State). Sadly, they do not get much support from the public. Imagine a party or movement in the US that would be financed by Russia, would it have the support of Americans. I guess not, and American media would have a field day denouncing it. Get over it, agents of a foreign power are never liked.

    Have a nice day…

  5. Ben ⋅

    Russians where deeply offenced by the polls` fraud but the Russian cowardice authorities where frightened too much:
    Moscow observers say that in the districts where frauds where eliminated the United Russia has about 30% more that all other parties and the Democrats are still the minority.

  6. Alex30 ⋅

    Russians are the biggest human scum on this planet and i am so happy,that this degenerated genetic garbage is dying out rapidly. Let´s evacuate the clever and pretty girls and then let´s nuke all the ugly dirty criminal men,who are looking and living like monstrous Zombies! DIRTY RUSSIANS DIE!!!!!!!!!!

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