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Russia’s Pathetic Protesters

In one of the saddest commentaries yet on the so-called protest “movement,” poll results reported by RIA Novosti show that the “protesters” vastly prefer celebrity leaders like Leonid Parfenov, Boris Akunin and Yuri Shevchuk to political leaders like Vladimir Ryzhkov, Boris Nemtsov and Ilya Yashin. And not by a small margin, but by a factor of ten.  Aleksei Navalny takes second place to Parfenov, a man who has boldly declared: “I am a professional journalist, not a professional revolutionary. My job is to report, not to climb the barricades.”  Navalny, of course, has likewise never said he would be a candidate for office.

In other words, the man who the protesters want to lead them doesn’t want the job.  The D&G-rocking, iPhone-toting “protesters” want to be led by celebrity figures and be “cool,” not by political leaders and be successful. This is, of course, fully in line with our prior report which quoted one protester as observing:  “It all felt much more like a national holiday, a festivity. What’s more, not even a ‘festivity of disobedience’, but simply a festivity.” These folks are simply not serious, not worthy of respect, and no more a credible force for change in Russian politics than the yahoos of Occupy Wall Street.  In fact, OWS is far more potent and effective, which is pretty brutal condemnation of the Russian forces.

2 responses to “Russia’s Pathetic Protesters

  1. Serge ⋅

    I thought the same. And the only website which wrote the same is you. Thank you very much, the best analysis on protests.

    I know that some people on Bolotnaya supported Yavlinskiy, who is more or less good force for Russia. However, Mr. Yavlinskiy’s both sons fled Russia and live in UK since 1996 attack on one of them, which I think was organized by FSB.

    I’m afraid that since this incident Mr. Yavlinky is more or less prone for influence by FSB as well. That’s why he was allowed to participate in sham-election.

    So what is going on in Russia? It is probably how dead end looks like. It also looks like FSB now actively looking for a way to conserve Russian empire, maybe in smaller size but still empire. Many people in FSB are fed up with Putin as well. So their special project is Mr. Navalniy – new Hitler for new Russia empire, probably without Kavkaz.

    Russian pathetic “middle class” does not have a clue what is going on around them. The future of Russia is very bleak indeed.

    There are three possible scenarios:

    1) Putin stays in power for another 2-3 years. Then FSB tries to organize transfer of power and it collapses and Russia goes into chaos

    2) Putin goes now. Temporary government is formed and then it is overtaken by nationalists and new nazi-Russia empire is formed for a while and then it collapses, maybe in 10-15 years.

    3) FSB organizes war in Dagestan. Putin’s regime is intact because of the bloody war which “unites” Russians for another 5-6 years and then it Russia collapses in a series of bloody local conflicts.

    I hope USA is ready for it… there are a lot of nuclear weapons and nuclear power station in Russia…

    I am not a pessimist, I am a realist. I hope I will mistake and something better will happen. I hope someone in Washington think tank is really really smart and knows what to do in case Russia collapses, it may happen very quickly. Please don’t drop nuclear weapons in Moscow area, I have relatives there…

  2. igorfazlyev ⋅

    imho Russia will disintegrate in the next few years but I doubt if there is going to be any blood spilled in the process. the people are just too tired to really put up a fight of any kind, let alone take up arms and shoot at each other. In all probability as Putin’s regime begins to collapse under the weight of its own over-inflated and hopelessly corrupt bureaucracy regional leaders will start declaring independence, first in places like Tatarstan and later possibly in big ‘Russian’ regions and territories like Vladivostok and Koenegsberg.
    However, I don’t think anybody will actually go to war over this. As for the nukes, I’m fairly sure that 90% of them are inoperable so nobody will be launching anything, because the condition of the nukes in Russia is such that launching them would probably pose a far greater risk to the people trying to launch them rather than to any target.
    The smartest policy for the US in this situation would be to simply stand back and wait for nature to take its course and then possibly support some local leaders/elites that have oil/gas.

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