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Vladimir Putin, Sinking

As Vladimir Putin’s job approval rating dropped to its lowest level all year, barely above a majority, RIA Novosti reported that Russia’s population is doing likewise, plummeting out of sight.  The stock market and the ruble are following suit.

And how did Putin respond? Here’s how:

Mr McCain fought in Vietnam. I think that he has enough blood of peaceful citizens on his hands. It must be impossible for him to live without these disgusting scenes anymore. Mr McCain was captured and they kept him not just in prison, but in a pit for several years.  Anyone [in his place] would go nuts.

Putin’s frenzied, crazed diatribe (issued on national television) was in response to a Tweet from McCain which read: “Dear Vlad, The Arab Spring is coming to a neighbourhood near you.”

Like a typical neo-Soviet goon, Putin is attempting to conceal his own horrific policy failures and plunging public support by lashing out at any foreigner who comes into his gun sights.  These glimpses into what is really going on in the “mind” of the man who has his finger on Russia’s nuclear button are genuinely terrifying, but not less so than the policy failures themselves.

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