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Masha Gessen Jumps the Rails

On December 26th Russia pundit Masha Gessen published two hilariously dishonest and utterly deranged comments about the Moscow protest movement recently, one on a New York Times blog and one on a blog operated by The Guardian.  It’s precisely this kind of gibberish that makes it impossible to take the Moscow protesters seriously.  After all, if they’re really so powerful why is it necessary to use so many fantastic lies and so much absurd hyperbole when discussing them.

On the NYT, Gessen writes about some YouTube videos made by the Moscow protesters, claiming they are amazing and powerful images that bring one to tears. What she doesn’t care to mention is that the video she links to has less than 3,000 views.  In other words, hardly anybody else in the world cares about them.

On the Guardian, she gets even scarier. Her piece there is headlined “Vladimir Putin’s world is falling apart” and in it she claims that Russian media has “lost its fear of Putin.” The she claims: “Most people I know do not have actual working television sets.” It’s a telling comment, because most people in Russia get their news from TV since a clear majority of Russian citizens lack any access to the Internet.  So, in essence, Gessen is admitting she really doesn’t know what she ‘s talking about.  In bizarre fashion, Gessen herself doesn’t post a link to the YouTube material she claims she saw, nor does she make the slightest attempt to prove her claim is true by citing even one other example, much less one from the dominant national broadcasters (her example comes from upstart NTV).

Gessen’s pathological diatribes highlight the reckless manner in which anti-Putin journalists have responded to the Moscow protests, blowing them utterly out of proportion and totally ignoring all their obvious, life-threatening defects.  It’s ironic, of course, that they adopt neo-Soviet tactics in attempting to destroy Putin’s neo-Soviet state, and what they actually accomplish is to weaken the movement due to lack of self-criticism in the same way that the USSR was weakened and destroyed.

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