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Russian Lies and the Lying MSM Liars who Tell Them

Kim Zigfeld’s latest column on Pajamas Media exposes the incredible, breathtaking miasma of lies recently promulgated by the mainstream media outlets in regard to the protest activity taking place in Russia this month.

Let’s be clear: The so-called “movement” (1) exists only in Moscow, (2) has no agreed leader or even leadership, (3) has no significant fundraising, (4) has no recognized political party, and (5) wields an agenda that consists of demanding that crazed Communists and rabid Russian nationlists be given (even) more votes instead of United Russia.

Granted, it’s better than nothing, and maybe it’s the best Russians can do. But to write over and over, as the MSM “journalists” have done, that it is going to change anything in Russia is incredibly dishonest and a betrayal of basic journalistic ethics.

2 responses to “Russian Lies and the Lying MSM Liars who Tell Them

  1. exe ⋅

    Sorry, but America because of its action has ceased to be an example to us. I completely free private life, but there is a problem for the development of Russia – corruption, it is a fact.

  2. Tamala Pultorak ⋅

    MSM is really great for maintaining a good joint health. MSM is said to help in maintaining healthy hair and nails too..*”*`

    Till next time

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