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Stunning Rejection of Navalny in Latest Polls


Two recent polls will be jolting for the jabbering sycophants of Aleksei Navalny.  In one, by Levada, Russians overwhelming reject Navalny’s calls for a Duma vote recount, telling pollsters they believe the Duma will do just fine as presently constituted, with no need to change.  In a second, by VTsIOM, not one single respondent said s/he would vote for Navalny for president if the election was held this weekend, while Putin’s support inched higher and closer to a majority. His approval level rose higher still.    Add to that the spectacular failure of a demonstration in support of opposition activist Sergei Udaltsov, where only a tiny fraction of those who signed up to attend actually appeared on the protest square, and you can clearly see the utter emptiness of the Navalny movement, which is really nothing more than a relatively small personality cult.

5 responses to “Stunning Rejection of Navalny in Latest Polls

  1. Ben ⋅

    Russians have not human moral standards for their sacred supreme power . They can evaluate the superman macho,not the Batman. So it`s so easy for the ruler-Putin to “zachistit” (clear) the political plathform. So the problem of democratic president election I see in the far perspective.

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  3. If you believe these “polls”, I got a bridge I want to sell to you!

    Russians sure sound like Americans these days, real busy teary the opposition to bits…look even Sarah Palin back stabbed Bachmann to death in public.

    Remember a people get the leadership they deserve, the Russians have KGB goon Putin and American Hippies have their Kenyan cannibal to bash them into the ground.

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