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Russia Rejects Christmas

Both Russian “President” Dima Medvedev and Russian “Prime Minister” Vladimir Putin attended church services on Russian Orthodox Christmas, which occurs on January 7th. But very few of their fellow citizens followed their lead.  A shocking 90,000 people did so in Moscow, less than half the number that went to church in St. Petersburg, a city one-half Moscow’s size.  And across the country in Russia, just 2 million people went to church — barely more than 1% of Russia’s population.  Nearly 100,000 security forces were marshaled to keep these worshipers in line, lest the church’s words in support of the protest movement lead to Russians getting out of hand.

It appears, then, that very little has changed in Russia since Soviet times. The country is ruled by a proud KGB spy and the vast majority of Russians reject religion. Those who do not are closely supervised by governmental forces. If there is one change, it is that now Russia’s rulers rather than seeking to wipe out the church are instead seeking to manipulate  it for their own purposes.  Thus, even though Patriarch Kirill warned the Kremlin to heed the concerns of the protesters, he also issued a stern warning to the protesters: “If demonstrations ahead of the 1917 revolution had ended in the expression of peaceful protests and had not led to a bloody revolution and a fratricidal war, Russia would have had a population of more than 300 million and would have challenged or maybe even surpassed the United States from the point of view of economic development.”

9 responses to “Russia Rejects Christmas

  1. irmatvep ⋅

    So it appears that contrary to what Vatican officials say, Russia still hasn’t been properly consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Shouldn’t we be witnessing mass conversions to the faith if this were true? Also were is the peace Our Lady promised?

  2. Don Cox ⋅

    This seems like good news to me. One of the biggest problems in the world today is religions.

    I think that figure of 1% is about the same as in Britain.


  3. Ptitz

    What you say here is nonsense. If anything, church had received evermore funds ever since the union collapsed. You can call it manipulation or whatever you like. But attitude of people with regard to religion and how they practice it is very different in Russia and the western world. Russia is essentially a secular state and it should remain so. They have succeded in separating church and state, unlike some western states that just pretend that they did. But yet, there is no kgb agent with bloodied hands standing over you as you go to the church. And as for Christmas, it is not a majorly celebrated holiday in orthodox Christianity. Unlike Easter, for example. With all respect, the comment that you make here is misguided and uninformed.

    • MCC ⋅

      Ptitz, are you drunk with contaminated russian samogon or high on afghan heroin, dearie, russian orthodox church is the right arm of the russian government – Kiryll patriarch of Russia recently went to Libanon and Syria, to ‘pray’ – translation; to take out the weapons of mass destruction, moved from Iraq in a great hurry just after the collapse of Sadam’s regime – kiryll is kgb operative first and patriarch of russia second. We should NEVER forget that world orthodoxy is GREEK ORTHODOXY, and has nothing to do with the disgrace and abberation called russian orthodox church……

  4. babushka ⋅

    where is my comment ?

  5. Anonysquirrel ⋅

    According to the propaganda machine of the Moscow Patriarchate, 85% of Russians are “Orthodox”, and the ROC has 165 million believers worldwide. The usual lies, of course. There are about 140 million people in Russia and even on the MP’s own figures 65% of Russians claim to be Orthodox – no more than 90 million. How many of them have even heard of Jesus Christ, one does indeed wonder.

    And Patriarch Kirill and his “sidekick” Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev want to lord it over the rest of the Orthodox world!
    God help us all.

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