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Rogozin Declares War

“Iran is our neighbour. And if Iran is involved in any military action, it’s a direct threat to our security. We are definitely interested in the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. But at the same time, we believe that any country has the right to have what it needs to feel comfortable, including Iran.”

That was newly promoted arch-nationalist Dmitry Rogozin, speaking to reporters in Brussels last week.  Now a deputy prime minister, just one of several new hard-liners brought into the Putin cabinet to support a crackdown in the run-up to presidential elections in March, Rogozin is speaking for the Kremlin.

And the Kremlin was saying, in other words,  not just that Russia supports Iran in its efforts to obtain nuclear weapons, but that it will view an attack on Iran as an attack on Russia.

So much for the vaunted Obama “reset.”  The only thing that has changed since Obama became president is that Russia now sees it faces a weakling who will do nothing as Russia obliterates democracy at home and sows the seeds of discontent abroad, seeds which undermine the West and its values while at the same time working to drive up world oil prices so Russia can profit.




5 responses to “Rogozin Declares War

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  2. Ben ⋅

    Both Russian and Iranian threats are made for the interior use: to rise the “patriotic” wave.

  3. Well, last time Russia sent aids to an ally in trouble, Serbia, who just lost Kosovo to the muslims thank to that other cretin Slick Willie Clinton, the ship convoy of food and ammo got stuck in some Greek harbor, out of fuel. Eventually, they had to sell the contents of the holds to buy bunker diesel to be able to limp back home, red in the face…Serbia collapsed, not having a friend in the world…as russia dont count apparently.

    No doubts that the Mullahs take Putin’s friendship with a grain of salt….Vladimir being just about as reliable as his fellow communist Hussein Soetoro O’Bummer!

    • MCC ⋅


      Russia started desintegrating durIng the assent of Solidarity in Poland in the early eighties – the desintegration process NEVER stopped; those pathetic statements e.g., Russia’s Republics of Tatarstan, Chechnia, Inguashetia, Dagestan; or better still, Russia’s Republic of Karelia show how desperate and truly idiotic Russia is.. WHAT ABOUT CHINA’S REPUBLIC OF SIBERIA…On the international arena Russia is beyond barbarity and obscenity, siding with the bloodiest regimes of the world. Russia’s decline is inevitable, irreversible and simply revolting. Let the world enjoy this unbelievable , grotesque performance.

  4. Proof

    Rogozin cannot be referred to as an appropriate person. He’s Russian imperialist, or whatever you call it.

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