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Michael McFaul is an Obama-Sized Idiot

“All in the open, all the time. Secrets only reinforce stereotypes. Cold war over long ago. Our time to do differently.”

That was one of the first tweets by America’s new ambassador to Russian Kremlin, Michael McFaul. Just before that, he’d tweeted: “This is going to be fun.”

One has to wonder what news sources McFaul has been reading, if any.

Not his own country’s official mouthpiece, the Voice of America, surely. If he’d read that, he’d know that Russia was threatening war with the United States if the latter dared to send any troops to Russia’s bosom pal, Syria.

Nor the Washington Post, which reported that Russia was making similar threats in the event of any military incursion into Iran, Russia’s other bestie in the region.

Also not perusing Time magazine, which revealed that the Kremlin was accusing the U.S. of shooting down peaceful Russian spacecraft, just for spite apparently.

In fact, the news virtually overflows with conclusive proof that the cold war is far from over. Russia is ruled by a proud KGB spy who spent his life learning how to hate and destroy America. He is rehabilitating Stalin, he is restoring the Soviet national anthem, and he is engaged in an all-out assault on American values. He is massively increasing Russia’s military budget and aggressively seeking to reestablish the Soviet empire.

In fact, the only one who doesn’t know the cold war is still being waged is Barack Obama, whose propaganda line McFaul is eager to reiterate to anyone stupid enough to listen. Talk about an ugly American!


3 responses to “Michael McFaul is an Obama-Sized Idiot

  1. MCC ⋅

    I can see the ‘invincible’ russian army; the laughing stock of the world; in action; stopping at every tree to pee; after all those pathetic russian baboon-soldiers are being fed with the DOG FOOD. The russians are not only barbaric, kleptocratic murderers but at the same time a pathetic, pitiful clowns. Russia !! Keep amusing the West, before you sink into your own excrements…

  2. BaBushka ⋅

    the russian army may want to think twice about raping defenceless women as karma has sent about 2 million sex slaves from russia to Europe and the middle east since the fall of the cccp

  3. ipozn ⋅

    like the sex slaves the Nazi soldiers held in destroyed villages of occupied Russia and Eastern Europe, starting as early as ages 7-8.

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