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13 responses to “Hope Springs Eternal in Autumn

  1. michelle ⋅

    Wow. Your hatred of all things Russia smacks of the worst Randian fears. In this case, a beautiful Slavic girl dancing is spoiled by petty jealousy of a sexless American Frumperton, possibly , just maybe, the Janet Reno style female who wrote the caption will be saved by a real muzhik.

  2. Wow, your hatred of someone you have never met even as you claim to condemn such hatred is a type of hypocrisy of which only the worst Russian nationalists are capable. The fact that you care nothing for this poor girl’s dim future in a country that doesn’t rank in the top 100 nations of the world for life expectancy and is gleefully returning a proud KGB spy to power indicates real, true hatred for the people of Russia and their welfare. Your comment about her being “Slavic” with NO factual basis WHATSOEVER is highly illustrative of classic and virulent Russian racism.

  3. Jessica ⋅

    Wow! I don’t know much about your site and I never will, but you seem to be a wee bit negative. I am an American and I have lived in Russia. I almost was jailed there as a matter of fact and lived through the putsch of 1993. I don’t really understand why anyone would devote so much time to negativity. I am watching with real concern as to what will happen this week in Russia. Have you ever been there? What did they do to you to inspire this? Perhaps there is a blog post you can refer me to. I was a student there and I loved it. My brother was a Mormon missionary there and he loved it. I ♥ Russia, but I’m not clueless about her problems.

  4. al ⋅

    You are going to die pretty soon from all the crap that is constantly accumulating inside your sick body and even sicker mind. Look what happened to Breitbart…Go outside, breath some fresh air, live a little.

  5. Tipun ⋅

    To Jessica and al – clearly you will scream with despair and die of fear if you woke up one morning and found out that your citizenship is changed to Russian. If you won’t die, somehow, you will pray for people like the owner of this blog, idiots.

  6. hussywee

    Очень интересно, спасибо.

  7. OMG ⋅

    Whats wrong with this girl and her future? Did I miss smth about Russia? Or maybe this whole site is a joke?

    • larussophobe ⋅

      What’s wrong? She’ll grow up in a country where the average adult lifespan does not rank in the top 100 nations of the world. Her life will be short. She’ll be poor, because the average wage in Russia is just $4/hour. She’ll be sick, and at risk of being killed by car or fire far more than people in other countries. She won’t be free. She’ll watch TV controlled by her government, that tells her lies about her president darting tigers and finding Greek urns when he did no such thing. So she’ll be ignorant. She’ll be corrupt, more corrupt than any other little girl from a major country, forced to pay bribes for basic services. If she dares to speak out, she’ll be arrested like Khodorkovsky or killed like Politkovskaya.

      You should learn more about Russia before you speak.

      • Tipun ⋅

        So true, Kim, so true.

        Unfortunately it seems to me, because of all these nuclear weapons, US and other countries can’t really influence Russia. So Russians live like slaves with crazy lunatic master leading them to catastrophe.

  8. Anton Uralsky ⋅


    • MCC ⋅

      Anton Uralsky what language do you speak sounds and looks like serbo croatioan??????

    • MCC ⋅

      Anton uralsky or is it this local dying dialect called russian language, by any chance??? By the way dearie, you better learn the chinese language soon as your future masters are at the gates – believe me you will be better off under the chinese control – russia’s only HAPPY time was under the GOLDEN HORDES of Mongolia; they treated russian tribes very well, I grant you mongols were raping russian women for over half a millenium BUT THEY DIDN’T SLAUGTHERED YOU BY TENS OF MILLIONS IN GULAGS AS YOUR BARBARIAN RUSSIAN GOVERNMENTS DO….

  9. Bohdan ⋅

    With one solitary word you have shown up yourself for the average foul mouthed and brainless Moscal that you really are.

    Why don’t you instead tell us how great your mini Stalin, comrade Putin, is, and how well he treats his nation and it’s comrades. Ha, ha and ha.

    Or were you actually referring to him and his beloved ruSSia? i.e. “From Russia with love.”

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