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Obama as Enemy of American Values

On American Thinker, Kim Zigfeld pulverizes Barack Obama and his Ambassador to Moscow Michael McFaul for their craven support of   the Putin regime, which has helped Putin become president for life.  On a Washington Post blog, Jennifer Rubin points out that Obama’s government actually congratulated Putin on his “victory.” It’s a new low in American history.  And on Pajamas Media, Kim puts the hurt on the Western mass media for its repugnant misreporting on the opposition movement, exposed by the dominating return to power of Vladimir Putin. She explains that their desire to help Obama look good is part of the reason for their mis-reporting.

Obama’s response to Russian human rights atrocities in Syria, where it is helping to murder women and children by the hundred, and Russian human rights atrocities at home, where it has just conducted a rigged election and anointed a proud KGB spy as president for life, has been truly shocking and outrageous. Instead of condemning these Russian atrocities, Obama responded by rewarding Russia by promising to repeal the Jackson-Vanik amendment, which was passed to punish the USSR for its own similar human rights atrocities.

America stands without moral leadership, helmed by a figure similar to Neville Chamberlain who will sell out American values to her enemies in the hopeless search for appeasement.

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