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3 responses to “Turns out Internet Won’t Save Russia

  1. Augis

    No, internet will not save Russia (or China – even if it wasn’t censored). There is a number of reasons for that:
    1) The presence of free information does not mean that there are people who are willing to “consume” it. Most people are quite indifferent
    2) TV propaganda reaches more people
    3) Internet is a platform not only for democrats, but also for nationalists

  2. Augis

    Oh, forgot to add…
    For the next elections – the situation might be different (I hope) and maybe internet will become a catalyzer for changes.

  3. grainz ⋅

    Yeah, right, the internet will not save Russia, a fishing rod will not catch fish, and a hammer will not build a house; these all are just tools.
    Who cares about saving Russia anyway?

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