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As the Internet Goes, so Goes Russia?

An interesting new poll from Levada (Russian-language link) reports that 63% of Russian citizens trust the news they hear on Kremlin-controlled broadcast television, while just 28% distrust it.

That figure, 63%, is exactly the share of the vote gathered by Vladimir Putin in the 2012 presidential elections.

Just 55% of Russians ever use the Internet, and only 43% of Russians trust the news they get from the Internet, according to Levada.  An even smaller number than that, a puny 24%, actually use the Internet to get the news.

So one could reasonably suggest that the more Russians use the Internet, the less they trust their government and the less likely they are to vote for Putin.  Little wonder, then, that Putin expresses so much animosity and suspicion for the Internet, saying he never uses it himself and thinks it mostly pornography.

One can also suggest plausibly that of the 55% of Russians who ever use the Internet, many use it very rarely due to its expense and the challenges of Russian technology.  One can also suppose that a disproportionate number of Russians using the Internet to get the news, and for other political purposes, are located in the more wealthy areas of the country, particularly Moscow.  That would explain why opposition politicians were able to generate much bigger crowds in Moscow than anyplace else.

These statistics show the increasing divide between wealthy Moscow and the impoverished remainder of Russia. They imply that nothing will really change in Russia until rich Muscovites decide to share their wealth with the nation.  Will they be willing to do so, or will class warfare again rise in Russia just as it did in pre-Soviet times, leading to radical upheaval and national collapse?

8 responses to “As the Internet Goes, so Goes Russia?

  1. mingthemerciless ⋅

    One positive comment about Putin’s Russia.

    While we have spent an immense effort and treasure trying to civilize a Muslim Umma that only think of killing us and enslave our children, the Russian and Chinese Oligarchs have the right attitude…ply the baboons with guns and encourage them to kill each others…so China get its oil dirt cheap from Iran and the market price shoot up enriching the Russian Mafia.

    Never mind that the Beslan massacre was supported by Putin Iranian allies. Never mind that Muslims have crept all over Russia and are preparing the big green night…there is as we speak Russian spetsnatz troops that have invaded Syria and are supporting the Allawite-Shiite regime and slaughtering the Sunnis.

    So, Putin have the right way with Muslims, help them kill each others, the true Bolchevik mind set.

    Russians may self destruct as much as they want, let them drag as many hell-spawn Muslims down with them!

    You have seen nothing yet, Rifaat Assad (Bashar’s uncle) once bragged of killing 80,000 muslim brothers during the Hama city repression.


    • MCC ⋅

      Putin is fighting the losing battle – I don’t remember the exact date but it was during the Polish presidency of the European Union that moscow ceased to exist for about three days – it was the end of ramadan celebration when muslims tooki over moscow TOTALLY – It was a sea of muslims bottoms celebrating while not a single russian was outside. THIS IS THE FUTURE OF RUSSIA, MONSIEUR PUTAIN…By the way, a question, do we know if russian army is stil eating A DOG FOOD?? Can you get more humiliated that that??????

  2. mingthemerciless ⋅

    You want to predict the future of Russia, just look at Cuba.
    Cuba was the most prosperous Latino nation under Batista, now Cubans are poorer than Zimbaweans…in forty years the chinless dwarf will still preside over a Slav version of Somalia where semi alive skeletons shoot at each others in the street…

    • Iryna Harpy ⋅

      Bwahaha! I think I’ll just refer to you as The Oracle from now on…

      The most amusing part of this is that both Putin & Castro were never communists. The only ‘ist’ about them is/was opportun’ist’.

  3. Bohdan ⋅

    Aah Ming the Merciless, must say that I enjoy tremendously your articles, especially so the ones that deal with the Muslim umma baboons and Putin’s bolshevik mind set.

    By the way the only two people that I know with that nickname are yourself and Aussie Lieutenant General Sir Leslie James Morshead (1889-1959), soldier and businessman, which in time became ‘Ming’. Who was given that accolade by his troops on account of his insistence on discipline and hard work.

    It is unreal how both the Muslims and the communists only oppress the nations (read Christians) that they enslave. As for the like of me I cannot see the people puttin’ up with oppressive Putin for much longer, or allowing the Muslims to continue their holy ‘Crusades’ against the Christians. Already I’m starting to hear of World War III, which will be fought between the Christians and the Muslims.

    Also your article about communist Cuba is spot on.

    Now MCC, maybe it’s fitting that the Red Army is being fed dog food, after all the hierarchy consists of a bunch of dogs who treat the common Russian Army conscript as lowly dogs, and hence the reason that they are fed dog food.

  4. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Discontent in Russia is fed by the same people of the “Occupy Whatever” movement.
    Their discontent, fed by big lefty statists like George Soros, Obama and Jane Fonda is that there is NOT ENOUGH state intervention, there is TOO MUCH freedom around!

    The Oligarchy surrounding Putin will be only too happy to oblige, just as they do in China, where the only freedom is economic, and in America, where the local Oligarchy, known as the “Limousine Liberals” is overwhelmingly Obamunist.

    As we speak, they are panicking, as Obama is proving himself to be utterly incompetent for leadership…so watch them trying to start race wars, suicidal race wars, since the coming riot damage will certainly NOT be repaired like they where in the past.

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