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Through the Looking Glass in Russia

Remember when the Russian opposition was telling you that their inability to get crowds on the streets in cities outside Moscow didn’t matter, because the capital city was where power changed hands and it was fine to focus on Moscow?

That was then.

Now, the Russian opposition is telling you that Moscow doesn’t matter at all, because they can win mayoral races in obscure minor cities like Yaroslavl, in the frozen north above Moscow, and thereby seize power from Putin.  How exactly this will happen when (a) they’ve never yet won even one such race and (b) mayors have no power whatsoever is not something the opposition cares to discuss.

The opposition also apparently thinks it can bring down Putin by convincing the world not to buy Pringles, Pampers and Tide from Procter & Gamble. But the opposition has no network of relationships with forces outside Russia which could generate international support for such an effort, and these days they can’t even get 1,000 people on the street for a protest demonstration so it hardly likely they can dent P&G’s revenues inside Russia.  Even if they could, the point of the boycott is to punish NTV for its brutal documentary smearing their protest efforts, and being controlled by the Kremlin NTV can easily replace such revenues from a myriad of sources.

It seems like was only weeks ago that he opposition was talking about forcing a new Duma election, pressing Putin into a runoff election, and bringing hundreds of thousands of supporters onto Moscow’s streets.

That’s because it was only weeks ago.

Now, they are talking about mayors and soap.


One response to “Through the Looking Glass in Russia

  1. Tipun ⋅

    Spot on, Kim.

    I think Russia is so deeply infiltrated by FSB that only collapse of the country will change it.

    Maria Salye, prominent Putin critic, who had documents about his dealing in St.Petersburg major office, died today in St. Petersburg. She was not very young but how convenient to die now, when repressions increased after “election”. We will never know how exactly she died.

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