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Putin the Communist

“We want and will live in a democratic country, where everyone has the freedom and space to contribute talent and labor, his efforts.”

You may think those are the words of Lenin or Stalin, but they were the words of Vladimir Putin (whose name sounds suspiciously like that of his Communist forbears) during his inauguration address to the nation on Monday.

So now we have a clear understanding of what Putin means when he says “democracy.” He means the same thing Lenin and Stalin meant. Not that people can choose their rulers and their nation’s course, but that they can deliver their labor to the nation’s service unfettered.  Mind you, not a word is said about receiving compensation for that labor, only about providing it to the nation.

That is exactly what they said in the USSR.


17 responses to “Putin the Communist

  1. For once, you’re actually onto something here at LR’s, but as usual you don’t exactly get the gist of it, due to your incurable and irreversible Western brainrot. Putin is in fact a most worthy disciple of Lenin and Stalin, and his immense popularity at home and abroad is the irrefutable reward hereof. In short, Putin — just like Lenin and Stalin before him — inherited a country brought to its knees by the vile, deranged scum of Western imperialism and made Russia prosperous again. This is also an immense source of joy and relief outside Russia as well. Imbeciles like you are fooling nobody with at least half a brain.

    • larussophobe ⋅

      So you feel that, as with Lenin and Stalin, the result of Putin’s actions will be national collapse and humiliation? We agree!

    • Beetlejuice ⋅

      How so? Lenin and Stalin headed a socialist state. Putin heads a capitalist state.

  2. Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

    Yes, hopefully. The issue here is WHAT political entity is most likely to collapse, lady. Care to guess?

  3. Don Cox ⋅

    How can he be a “worthy” disciple of two mass murderers? It is like the Chinese in Africa being “worthy” disciples of King Leopold of the Belgians.

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

      Hmmm, that’s strange. Are you REALLY suggesting that mass murder is anathema to an average Westerner such as yourself?

      • Don Cox ⋅

        Mass murder is certainly anathema to me. So are imprisonment for political reasons, torture, and tyranny in general.

        What an “average westerner” would be like, I have no idea. I am English.

      • Lo siento, Señor Don Cox: Su respuesta no me parece seria.

        En primer lugar, el arte de carnincería y la glorificación de la guerra y la conquista (se llama en inglés “jingoism”, ¿ verdad ?) son rasgos característicos extremadamente predominantes en los países anglosajones.

        En segundo lugar, el occidental medio se imagina que el Tercer Mundo le debe el sustento de su vida mientras que Rusia le debe excusas sin fin por “crimenes contra la humanidad”.

        En resumen, los arrebatos de cólera occidentales contra Rusia y — sobre todo — contra el Presidente de este país están totalmente majaretas, jajaja.

  4. Don Cox ⋅

    Where does this “average westerner” live? Sao Paulo ? Reykyavik ? Toronto ? Athens ?

    There is no such thing as an average westerner.

    As for Putin, my objection to him is simple: term limits. I do not think anyone should hold the chief executive office in any country for more than ten years. After that time, even the best of men will be corrupted by power and surrounded by yes-men. His top priority changes from serving the citizens to staying in power.

    I don’t think Putin was a bad guy – he is no Stalin – but he has been in power too long. Ten years is enough.

  5. mingthemerciless ⋅

    “Putin is in fact a most worthy disciple of Lenin and Stalin, ”
    Say Manfred Softdick…

    Exactly, so you clowns prepare to feed on tree bark soup like the Norks and the Cubans.

    Note that the pre-Castro Cuba was the richest
    American Latino country…now they are just a bunch of starvelings in a desertified wasteland, thanks to cretins like Manfred the retardo bolchevik…

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

      Yankee drivel
      Void and trivial

      • Bogdan from Australia ⋅

        Manfred Schweinscheiss, you resemble the Orcs from Tolkien’s Lord Of The Rings; the worse they were treated by their owner and master Sauron, the more enthusiastic they became about him and his cohorts the Ringwraiths.

        Putin is a degenerate who is enjoying his short lived succes by terrorising the best strata of Russian nation and by taking the entire miserable country as a hostage.

        However, after Obama’s lost in November’s election Putin’s entire strategy of financing Russia’s “resurgence”by artificially inflated oil and gas prices will collapse and Russians will be again walking around with their naked a@@es.

        Subsequently, Putin’s artificial popularity will plunge and he won’t be able to find the refuge even in his bilion dollar palace in Crimea.

        Schweinscheiss, a slave (like you) shall always be a slave…

        • Beetlejuice ⋅

          Only in your warped fantasy, you simple-minded fool. If the Republicans win the November elections, America will degenerate futher into a third world theocratic country. I shudder to think how many new wars at the expense of American jobs and homes will come about.

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        Boredan — are you from Crete? You’re a cretin for all the world to see.

        Oh, and by the way, have you changed your mind as of late with regard to a fabulous singing career (the new rendition of Paul Simon’s “El Condor Pasa”, remember?)

  6. Русский человек ⋅

    Это не правада, не верте в эту херню!! Автор по любому является русофобом! Путин не диктатор! Что за хуйню вы тут пишите!? Он говорит демократия – а вы слышите диктатура! Переворачиваете слова как вам угодно! Это не правильно, это ложь! Автор – долбаеб!!

  7. Beetlejuice ⋅

    Why not? People like you think Obama is a Communist. The ignorance and lack of education here is nothing less than amusing.

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