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Russia, Nation of Doom and Failure

There were two horrifying news stories out of Russia last week for those who care about the fate of the world’s Olympic athletes in 2014.

First, in one of the most spectacular humiliations in the history of the Russian airline industry, which is saying quite a lot, the Sukhoi Superjet, supposedly Russia’s great hope to reenter the world’s aviation markets, crashed into a mountain in Indonesia while in the middle of a marketing pitch to show the world how great it was.  Remember when a plane crash wiped out an entire Russian hockey team? Is the world really going to subject its precious amateur athletes to this kind of barbaric risk in the world’s most unfriendly skies?

Then, Russia admitted that highly active and sophisticated terrorist operations against the Winter Olympics, to be staged in the Russian city of Sochi in 2014, are already underway.

The risks to the world’s athletes if they are foolish enough to try to travel to Sochi less than two years from now are almost too horrifying to contemplate. To reach the games, the world’s athletes will be faced with flying in the world’s most dangerous skies, and even if they manage to land safely they will essentially become targets in a shooting gallery on the streets of Russia.

Perhaps an even more horrifying story, though, was the account of Facebook signups for a so-called “walking protest” through Moscow in opposition to the return of the dictator Vladimir Putin to power.  Where tens of thousands were signing up just months ago, now the numbers have fallen by 90%.  Despite seeing all this horror, Russians quite simply just don’t care, just as they didn’t care in Soviet times.  They will let their government run amok.

Russia is simply incapable of protecting the athletes from all manner of horrors, ranging from the mundane to the obscene, and the leaders of the world’s nations are acting with ultimate recklessness in allowing their athletes to travel to Sochi.

NOTE:  This post has been translated into Russian and published by INOSMI.


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  1. Beautiful Russia ⋅

    I love Russia

    • mingthemerciless ⋅

      I dont like what look like a shit house aiming nuclear weapons at me! I see the Beslan children raped, tortured, dismembered and killed, then I see the butchers of the Kremlin sucking up to the terrorist financiers and organizers of the Beslan massacre in Iran and I think both Russians and Muslims soooo deserving of each others that I dont really have to worry,
      it will be like Hitler’s and Stalin’s love fest…GET THE POPCORN!!! As the Chinese say, it will be “INTERESTING”!!!

      • As for nuclear weapons: there are countries that own it; there are countries that don’t have it but want to; there are countries that don’t think about it at all; but there’s ONLY ONE country that ever applied it and proved its own insanity and dangerousness for the whole world. Under your logic, why don’t people of the world get together, destroy this mad country completely and sleep well? Russians don’t propose it and don’t wish it for you – why do you wish it for us?
        As for relationships between Russia and islam: first, Russia solved these problems completely several years ago; second, did your mom tell you that gloating is no good? What would you feel if you saw russians discussing 9/11 this way?

    • Billy ⋅

      Only one country of the all world can destroy Great USA..
      It is really true.. thats why author and others hate Russia, they are feel it ok)

      • XyuH ⋅

        Russia cant destroy broken coffee maker. Or for that matter Caucasian mujahadeens for the past 22 years. Also they are dying from AIDS pandemic and alcoholizm.

  2. rrr ⋅

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  3. ss ⋅

    Kim Zigfeld – Idiot

    • Ким Пидор ⋅

      Статья-провокация от стандартного болотного жида ))

      • larussophobe ⋅

        It’s odd how Russians consider the truth to be a provocation. That’s what they said in Soviet times, and look what happened to the USSR.

      • Victoria ⋅

        eto szto – ruskiy regionalnyi dialeket eto ze ne yazyk kak englikskiyi ispanskiy, kitaiskiyi ili arabskij…

  4. Russia ⋅

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    • mingthemerciless ⋅

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      I hope so…most girls do…but I suspect yours smell bad, so dont get your hopes up!

  5. Roman ⋅

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  6. begsby130 ⋅

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  7. Max ⋅

    hey zigfeldiot Russia more better than israel

  8. Dmitriy ⋅

    Notes from mad house … no comments

    • larussophobe ⋅

      You mean a super important Russian plane didn’t crash into a mountain? Russia isn’t the most dangerous country to fly in a plane? A whole Russian hockey team wasn’t killed in a plane? Prove it. If not, shut up, idiot.

  9. tatarin ⋅

    Kim Zigfeld – who are you, the bastard?

    At the beginning – without emotions…
    1. “Boeing” – didn’t fall?
    2. “Airbus” – didn’t fall?
    3. Unless after September 11 we gloated over?
    4. Unless we do not help with Afghanistan?
    Though America in every possible way harmed to us, when we were there?
    But all of us forgave…
    You think – from weakness? No, – from humanity!!!
    5. Unless investigation of failure ended? Then why you, the scumbag, do conclusions?
    6. Our countries could cooperate long ago normally if we weren’t disturbed by such freaks, as you!!!
    7. You such abrupt? Write to me on We will agree about a meeting. Only don’t say that I have against a freedom of speech! I want, that the press was responsible for the words! I am ready to arrive to any country of the world… But if you will not arrive – the whole world learns about your cowardice!!!

    And now – emotions…
    You simply goat!
    You shit!
    You aren’t the patriot of the America!
    You are the selling journalistic bitch!
    Any normal Russian woman with you even nearby won’t rise! It is sure that the clever American – too!!!
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    I badly know English, probably there are a lot of mistakes…
    But you – in 1000 of times are sillier! Let it is bad, but I know Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian…
    Well and Russian and Tatar – in perfection!
    And you know only how to sling mud!!!

    • larussophobe ⋅

      Why do you respond to problems in Russia by pointing to problems in other countries? Don’t you know that’s what they did in the USSR, and as a result they never fixed the country’s problems and the country collapsed and was destroyed? Do you want to do that all over again?

      Please don’t insult us by suggesting that Russia can elect a proud KGB spy who spent his entire life learning how to hate and destroy America and then cooperate with us and be friends. Putin loathes America and all it stands for. It’s an insult to our intelligence to suggest otherwise.

      • larussophobefucker ⋅

        Because those who point out our own problems to be perfect.
        And if the problem indicates a shit – all of his postsis are also shit

        • larussophobe ⋅

          You are a liar. It is not your problem, when you invite the world to Sochi. Then it is OUR problem. It seems you are illiterate. You should read the text before you comment and make Russia look like a nation of buffoons.

          • larussophobefucker ⋅

            We invite the world in Sochi but not lying scum. So you are not invited, relax. You do not have problems.

            • larussophobe ⋅

              You invite the world, but can’t protect its citizens. You will sacrifice them on the alter of Russian ego. That is pathological, and evil.

              • Русский татарин ⋅

                Почему не можем защить? А тот факт что спец службы раскрывают планы террористов и обламывают их!? А как на счёт того что Британия и Америка спонсирует кавказких боевиков и навернека подгоняет им оружие? Да это ваша страна тогда делает мир опасным! Опасным для всех!!!

            • Victoria ⋅

              let me think what countries will come to sochi – north korea, venezuela, island of nauru, iran, and russia aka obosranaya, yebannaya, golodnaya, piyanaya rosiiya..

          • Note: there are many russians in comments that call the author of the post an idiot. But no one told that all americans are idiots at all. But you see ONLY ONE man you don’t like, and it’s enough for you to insult the whole nation. Ain’t this a shame on you?

      • Vau ⋅

        One emotions. Thinking stereotypes. Russia – the unique country which prevented Englishmen and Americans to conquer the world. Centuries of mutual hostility can’t completely pass. Still we in hostility. Both parties reproach each other with such situation, reality aside. Upon – Russia defends, America attacks. Means of mass misinformation are in hands of the richest people. They govern the world, instead of Americans or Russian. Americans – struggle with puppeteers. They convince you that Russia is an aggressor that around all attack America. One country of the world has no forces to attack America. Attacks not weak on strong, and strong the weak. The main problem of America and the whole world is the federal reserve system! Individuals print world currency, instead of America. Your main bank is private!

        • Victoria ⋅

          vau, I totally agree that russia is unique; where else can you find a nation of total slaves that would march to the gulags by millions like pigs to the slaughter courtesy of russian barbaric government, where else can you find a nation that was only happy under the benevolent total control of the mongol Golden Horde until liberation russian style by ivan the terrible – he just killed one third of the whole russian population to celebrate the independence from the mongols that the way to go russia….

    • XyuH ⋅

      Yes, your english is truly sucks. That brings another question, how the hell did you read that article you responding to?

  10. Dmi1980 ⋅

    Author idiot.

  11. Rus34 ⋅

    ZOG many pays for such nonsense?

  12. Tricky ⋅

    If I don’t have life (just like Kim Zigfield doesn’t) I would create a web-site Dying Kim Zigfield. No doubts it would be much more informatory than this. First it would show a REAL process of degradation of a human being who has a talent, intelligence and capacities to spend her life in a better way rather than contain my wishfull thinking and partially selected facts to support my views. Second I would have much more chances too see the logical end of this “dying process” than KZ has about her subject.

    • Tricky ⋅

      sorry “who doesn’t have a talent intelligcne and capacities….

    • larussophobe ⋅

      Why don’t you create that site? Too lazy? It would be interesting to see how many people you can get to read it. If you actually tried, you’d find out blogging is pretty hard work.

      • Tricky ⋅

        As I’ve explained one of the reason why I will never create such a site is that I HAVE life with many much more interesting thing than trolling a cheap propagandist like you. And I’m afraid your words about “hard work” of running blogs just prove my previous words that you just fail to find youself in more meaningfull things and are forced to fill your life with these sensless activities begging for cheap attention.

  13. Martin ⋅

    Dying Kim Zigfeld)))
    This article is doom and failure of your brain.

    • larussophobe ⋅

      Sorry to disagree, but it’s the doom and failure of Russia. We didn’t crash our plane into a mountain, or create a boiling pot of hatred in the Caucasus ready to bring down the Olympiad. Russia did that.

      • Martin ⋅

        Kim Zigfeld? Is that you?))

      • Fragorian ⋅

        Looks like you don’t have problems at all))) no crashing planes, no violance… We’ve been hearing about “doom and failure of Russia” since the times of Peter I (no one cared about Russia before that) but Russia is still here

      • Tricky ⋅

        Please since when American planes and equipment have become crashproof? As to hatred and “boiling pots” I’m afraid the USA always did and do now enough too to raise hatred for it as any opinion polls worldiwide and 9/11 prove. Thus it is so stupid to hear such things from an American.

  14. globalea ⋅

    Oh, the well-known paranoid idiot with trisomy of 21st chromosome Kim Zigfeld! The columnist of a brainwashing piece of toilet paper “American Thinker” (aka “American Stinker”)! Who else could write such an idiotic and pathetic piece of crap? Only you! By the way, how is your “La Russophobe” blog doing? I should give you some credit – you made my day, ROFL! And I’ve never seen such a refined genuine russophobe like you (well, only Andre Glucksman can compete with you, but you’re sincere in your russophobia, he’s not). Keep it going, you make a lot of us Russian people laugh!

    • larussophobe ⋅

      OK, but you do realize that the article is based on several reports from the mainstream press, right?

  15. rsts ⋅

    Realy stupid fаgot.

    • larussophobe ⋅

      That’s a powerful intellectual argument you’ve made to show we are wrong. The world can see how different Russia is from what we described by reading your thoughts.

  16. Billy ⋅

    Just look around!! The Russians are coming. They’re right around)))
    The awful Putin again president…ha-ha-ha..))

    • larussophobe ⋅

      Do you think a massive plane crash and a hideous terrorist threat are cause for jokes? That’s really sad, if so. We pity you.

      • Billy ⋅

        Of course not !! Only one
        country of the all world can destroy Great USA..
        It is really true.. thats why you, author and others hate Russia, you are feel it ok)

        By the way, about hideous terrorism.. The Al-Qaida (now its main terrorist organization) was created CIA to oppose the USSR in the Afghanistan.

  17. yuri

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    • larussophobe ⋅

      Thanks for your helpful, thoughtful comment proving how very different Russians are from what we described.

  19. Anna ⋅

    a complete loser and an idiot Kim Zigfeld !

    • larussophobe ⋅

      Your substantive proof of Russia being a different country from what we described is most impressive!

  20. Tealc ⋅

    Kim you bullshit!!! Russia is great and wonderful country!!!

    • larussophobe ⋅

      Well, your evidence is certainly overwhelming! You must be right!

    • Victoria ⋅

      what a great country indeed, with russian slaves marching to the gulags by millions without any resistance, russian army eating the DOG FOOD, and moscow the capital which is, in reality, a central asian muslim city. You russians a so stupid you cannot see the end of you…

      • A number of prisoners in Russia is 2 times less than the number of prisoners in the USA, and there are no death sentences at all in Russia anymore. So where people are slaves and which country is marching to GULAG?
        As for soldiers eating dog food and muslim Moscow, someone has too much imagination, nothing more.

  21. nathan ⋅

    Gee, judging by the number of posts in God-awful English defending the sinking ship that is Russia, it’s like half of the Russians with access to the internet are reading this blog. The fact that so many Russians are so obsessed with their country’s greatness that they have to troll this blog says a lot about what a dump Russia has become (as someone who has lspent a lot of time in Russia and who has been living in the former Soviet Union for quite a long time at this point.)

    Trust me Russians, according to the educated members of your population that I have spoken to, you have about a decade before you need to give up the Caucasus for good, and maybe 2 decades before China completely controls the Far East. US and European power may be waning, but Russia is the Ottoman Empire of the 21st century – hopelessly backwards and doomed to lose its colonial holdings. And trust me, no Ataturk will be around to build a new state for you when shit really hits the fan.

    • Andor ⋅

      Nathan Scsharansky, those who live in a glass house should not cast stones. You own English is just a poorly translated by Google Russian version with running off sentences and very little sense in them. Ms. Zigfield’s pail of brown fluid has been translated in Russian with the hyperlink to this site. Thus, the Russian replies. As for you, the former Russians are the worst Russia-haters ever. Just watch that you don’t choke on your own VILE BILE.

  22. Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

    Nathan, you’re sorely mistaken here. Kim Zigfeld’s execrable blogging has elicited a HUGE load of richly deserved contempt as the prevalent response from her (mostly non-Russian) audience for quite some time. What we see in this particular thread is an exception with a great number of posts being submitted by Russians for a change. Hence, it’s definitely not the case that Russians pay any appreciable attention to Kim’s imbecilic nostrums, despite selfsame Kim’s noisy clamours to the contrary.

    • larussophobe ⋅

      You’re simply lying. Russia is the #1 country outside the USA contributing to our readership. And it’s interesting you fail to mention the HUGE load of richly deserved kudos our blog has received, including being cited by sources as widely diverse as the New York Review of Books, the Moscow Times and Little Green Footballs. We are by far the most heavily trafficked and commented-upon English-language Russia politics blog in world history. Your dishonest appraisal marks you as the useless, helpless, blogless nonentity that you are.

      • Haha, stupid woman. I’ll readily buy that Russia could well be the second largest readership contributor here, but as you –most likely unintentionally — admitted straight away: Yankistan surpasses Russia. That’s indeed your proud and most due “reward” for specializing in imbecilic, reactionary blog barfs in English, lady.

        Secondly, what I was obviously referring to above was the prevalent response explicitly ELICITED — get it, honey? — at your previous site “larussophobe”. Your own gutter posts there clearly show that you were taking due notice of the huge contempt and ridicule levelled at you. What’s interesting about this particular thread is that this time, you have quite a few Russians joining in to give you a good beating, albeit in less-than-perfect English alongside perfect Russian 🙂

  23. MegaMan1990 ⋅

    mr.Kim Zigfeld answer for what you write these nasty things about us. In Russia, many more will have to create one, but it’s not the reason. What do we hurt you?

  24. Alex ⋅

    Автор, как же мне хочется плюнуть в твою рожу

    • larussophobe ⋅

      That is a typical Russian reaction, the same with Solzhenitsyn. You can’t make a substantive response, so you want to kill or jail the writer, or put in him an a mental ward. Politkovskaya, Estemirova, all the same. It is barbarism. A nation so insecure cannot last long, just as USSR did not.

    • Victoria ⋅

      alex kakoi eto yazik po moyemu serbo-chorvackij – ruskij eto ne yazyk eto lokalnaya dialekt….

        • Victoria ⋅

          eto kaneszno regionalnyi dialekt no skoro ruskiye budut govoriz po kitaiskie …

        • Он не человек – он пшек.
          умны пшек – это не плохое сочетание, это нонсенс.

          • Victoria ⋅

            russkiy eto ne czelovek, eto griyaznye obosranye swinie, kotorye zyviot w govnie,

            • Rysskiy chelovek. ⋅

              Если вы считаете пиндосов и еврогеев людьми, то да, Русские не люди…Сама давно подмывалась, стерьлядь? PS: Свиньи в говне не живут-они каки соломой или землей зарывают.

              • MCC ⋅

                ruskich riabov mozna ubivat kak zviery – 40 millionov zdokhnulo v gulagach a seyczas nikto ob etim ne govori – eto pozor ob kotorym ruskiye ne khotiat govorit – eto tak nazyvayemaya ruskaya ‘gordost’ kak mozna ponyat lubov ruskih riabov dla stalina….vam ne nuzna svoboda vam nuznyi knut…

          • MCC ⋅

            ruskye barakhlo, mr. putin had a ‘near miss’ while flying the Russian made coffin ILand AN on his way to Kazakhstan – the fact that this news was leaked by the russians means that dorogoy volodia can meet his Maker sooner that he expects. If it happens; which it will, we in Poland will be truly crashed and will send SINCERE CONDOLENCES to the fatherless russians….

  25. Hallo from Belarus ⋅

    Автор, лечиться не пробовал?

    • larussophobe ⋅

      Interestingly, that’s the same thing the USSR said to Solzhenitsin.

      • Rus ⋅

        Solzhenitsin, Solzhenitsin. Ok, I am very glad that you are interested in our writers. But the USSR doesn’t exist any more. It would be quite good to provide fresher words of the author. For example, Solzhenitsyn statements about “Gorbi & Perestroika” : “the concept and consciousness of statehood then was rejected”. And about Yeltzin times: “immense robbery of the country and connivance to the state chaos”. But what he said about political course of Putin? He called it “rescue of the ruined statehood”. Solzhenitsyn was Patriot of Russia, and understood everything.

  26. mingthemerciless ⋅

    “Kim , youn are slave”

    Ahem…you just said she was Jewish…you slav!
    You where civilized by my ancestors, the Rurik’s people of Finland,
    when they saw they where wasting their time, they sold you lot to the ay-rabs, thus the name of your nation, THE SLAVE HUMAN CATTLE. My ancestors carried on elsewhere, conquering France, England then the world…nothing is good for you scum but the knout!(the cat ‘o nine tails!)

    • Rus ⋅

      “You where civilized by my ancestors”. Bullshit. Your ancestors was just mercenaries and called my country Gardarika – Country of the Towns. What civilization these savages could bring? Before Rurik, Ilmen Sloveni with their allies defeat varyags and expelled them for the sea. But after this victory, between ruling clans civil war began. To stop this conflict, elders invited Rurik, because he was independent warlord and he also didn’t belong to one of parties. And as to a word “slave” origin, it is one of the russophobic myths. You just a prey of this mythology.

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

      Saatana paskapää, turpa kiini. Rurik was no bloody Finnpajsare, he was a Hurri!

    • Rysskiy chelovek. ⋅

      Ким Зигфельд правильно пишет, что “уже ведется активная и изощренная террористическая деятельность”…Со стороны ,бандитского Сша и международного преступного синдиката под названием НАТО.Ну что ж, хомячки, пупки только не надорвите.Вся грязь вылитая на Россию скоро вас самих с головой накроет. ps: Вы ещё за индейцев ответите…

    • Victoria ⋅

      let me add – the russian tribes were under total mongol control for 500 years; it means that the russian women were raped by mongols for half a millenium – result; eurasian slaves that truly need a supervision. May I suggest that russian start learning mandarin chinese as soon as possible.

  27. emigrantka ⋅

    well everyone knows that the author is right… the only pity is that he is totally free of compassion…….

    • mingthemerciless ⋅

      Putin’s communists and their Cuban slaves turned Africa back to the stone age…cry me a river that everything the Russians touch turn to manure! Nazis, commies and mussies, all they beget is war, famine and pestilence! Kim is a girl, by the way, I’m sure she’s beautiful like Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin and Debbie Schlussel, all georgeous slayers of the Islamo-nazi-commie beast vomited from Allah-Satan’s hell!

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        Kleinbürger, hast du Angst?

        • Victoria ⋅

          manfred you must have gone through a very successful mental treatment; you no longer insist you are Swedish; so lilttle by little we will find out about your true origins..I strongly suspect you are the last generation of the old KGB operatives. We have a wave of the new ones e.g., Kiryll of russia, the Patriarch of russia is truly a rennaissance man full time patriarch and full time kgb operative – the last mission – ;unexpected need to go to Lebanon and Syria to ‘pray’ with the muslims and at the same time to get rid of the remaining weapon of mass destruction, moved to Syria and Lebanon from Irak just before the fall of Sadam arranged by evegnyi primakov – just before Sadam’s fall primakov visited syria about 30 times………..

  28. aleks1777 ⋅

    Americans more than anything to be afraid of Russia, it is not a banana country and therefore discriminated against despair

    • larussophobe ⋅

      Oops! They also said USSR was “forever”, right?

    • larussophobe ⋅

      Well, sure. Russia has a KGB president and nuclear weapons. Why not be afraid? Americans were afraid of the USSR, and look what happened to it. You want the same for Russia?

      • Billy ⋅

        for larussophobe:
        Open your eyes.. Just the facts:

        1) USA has more than 1000 military bases around the world!
        2) The greatest number of nuclear weapons is in the United States!
        3) Only USA used nuclear weapons against the civilian population ( Japan, Hiroshima and Nagasaki )
        4) Presently only the USA bombed the other countries.

        Did you know that ??!

        • larussophobe ⋅

          Billy, why are you trying to change the subject? Is it because you know you can’t win if you discuss the subject, Sochi and Russian air safety and terrorism?

    • Victoria ⋅

      aleks, may I remind you that only twenty years ago the Americans saved russians from starvation if it wasn’t for ‘Bushes chickens’ the surplus of food nobody wanted in America was given by Americans so you could live…Russia is not a banana republic – in banan republics generally they have enough food to eat.

  29. CrissCross ⋅

    Russia is forever. “Kim Zigfeld” is a dying, tired old troll.

    • mingthemerciless ⋅

      HA! HA! HA!

      Kim wield the knout!!!

    • Victoria ⋅

      I think chinese will differ from your ‘russia fo rever’ nonsense – chinese just retaking the whole siberia – the territory stolen by Russia; so slowly but surely russia will go back to its original shape – tripes aropund novgorod and moscow…

  30. Mine kampf ⋅

    For tatarin. I am Russian, thank you

  31. Vanguard ⋅

    Russia is a terrible shit-hole. As a Russian ethnically, I am very ashamed. But Kim, I think you’re confusing russians ( poor and oppressed people, occupied by ‘moscovites’ ) with “ex-soviets” ( russian speaking multi-ethnical mongrels that are controlled by the ex-communist elders (“nomenklatura”) ).

    In my opinion, the only way to solve this ‘situation’ is to separate north-west territories ( historical land of Novgorod Republic ) from RF, and build there normal, european nation-state. Without this ‘special russian way’ — which, i beliave, is other words for “asian hell”.

  32. nty ⋅

    Автор – непревзойдённый мудак и паникёр. Таких обычно пристреливают, чтоб не сеяли панику.

  33. chuvash ⋅

    Only a full heartless cretin can speculate about a death in a plane crash. When was happened the tradegy of 11 september 2001, Russia mourned with USA together. And nobody said that the U.S. is unable to ensure the safety of its citizens. However the resource entitled “Dying Russia” can only be a breeding ground for xenophobia and biased information.

    • larussophobe ⋅

      That’s just not true, many Russian rejoiced at 9/11 saying America got what it deserved. Please stop lying. Russia is ruled by a proud KGB spy who spent his whole life learning how to hate and destroy America, and Russia actively supports America-hating dictators in Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba and many others.

      Please stop lying.

      • chuvash ⋅

        Those who rejoiced is just mentally ill people, and we can find them in many states. Even so hateful for you, “KGB spy – Putin” was one of the first who expressed his condolences. It should be noted that Russia does not fully support the dictatorial regimes in states listed by you. For example the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has publicly many times condemned the violence of all sides in Syria and called for a peaceful solution of the problem. Our country also vetoed the sale of air defense systems to Iran and has suffered billion of dollars in losses. Russia has refused from many military bases the same in Cuba and Vietnam. It should be emphasized that the Russian business structures have old links and business contracts with those countries, and in this position is “nothing personal just business’.” U.S. shamelessly supporting dictatorial regimes in some Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, because it corresponds to U.S. national interests. Why then do you think that Russia can not do business in the same countries?

        • mingthemerciless ⋅

          Those who rejoiced is just mentally ill people
          And they run the neo-soviet “Russia”…all this anti-american hate campaign is run from the KGB-FSB of Stalinovitch Putin, the impaler. You Bolsheviks are such psychopaths that you cannot see that Hussein Obama is one of you bilge rats!

          • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

            USians are below us bolsheviks. Ergo: We don’t even engage with what passes for their President.

            • MCC ⋅

              Kleine Schwaine, do I have to remind you that your bolsheviks were decimated during the Polish-bolshevik war in 1920; biedniaszka budionny [hero of the soviet revolution] was running for his life – in 1920 Poland saved Christian Europe for the second time – the first time it was King John Sobieski of Poland in 1683 at the gates of Vienna…But I really shouldn’t bother the russians with European history

            • Sorry, Pshek: Your braggadocio doesn’t impress me the slightest. Boosting your non-existent ego by spouting worthless tripe centered around national delusions of grandeur is decidedly characteristic of, shall we say, lesser creatures. Would you like to hear some psychobabble about Sweden’s King Charles XII and the heroic deeds of his army in Pshekistan, mate?

              • Victoria ⋅

                it doesn’t have to impress you, sorry Barakhlo – these facts concern the European history ……

              • Victoria ⋅

                Sorry Barakhlo, what about heroic conquer of the russian tribes by the Mongol Golden Horde – and total submission of the russians to the mongols for half a millenium…Half a millenium is almost whole russian history….

      • Rysskiy chelovek. ⋅

        Зато вы негров вешаете.

        • Victoria ⋅

          russkiy chelovek; gulagi uze otkrytye dla ruskich riabov – eto putin skazal…

          • Rysskiy chelovek. ⋅

            Викусь, Ты такая злая… Почему? Муж мало ебёт?

            • MCC ⋅

              kakoi kulturny vopros, russkiye bednashki – vy vsiegda budete gryaznymi azyaticzeskimi riabami….

              • Rysskiy chelovek. ⋅

                А вы кем будете? Грязные америкоевропейскиие педики? Доиграетесь, гордые дерьмократы и эти “азиатские рабы” вам напомнят 45й год… Наша судьба-побеждать, а ваша быть побежденными.

                • Victoria ⋅

                  ruskiy obosranyi cheolviek, v 45 ‘velikaya sovetskaya armia poszla priamo iz krasnoi polszczadi v gulagi – eto ruskaya sudba byt golodnym, obosranym riabom, vsiegda na kolenach ….

                  • Rysskiy chelovek. ⋅

                    Знаешь в чем “прикол”? Я твой язык не понимаю, а ты блядина по РУССКИ лапочешь. Учи и дальше язык своих хозяев.ZOGовская помойка. Чао, надеюсь скоро исдохнешь.

  34. Jupiteria ⋅

    why so jealous? 😀
    dude, stop this hating-trolling-thing. you sound mad.
    PS: srsly, wtf? since when do the fun-houses have the Internet?

  35. soberrussian ⋅

    we certainly have many different problems in Russia. more than other countries. and we hard to solve it. depending on situation we use mind or force.we`ll make many mistakes on that way but soon result will be the country with vast territory(thank our wise and brave ancestors), natural resourses, up-to-date science and processing industry.and I dont think we ever lose any part of our territory-that probability is about the same as probability of nuclear war. we were able to completly destroy any country long ago but we didnt because we always appreciated peace

    • Vanguard ⋅

      >natural resourses, up-to-date science and processing industry


      Ethnic russians will no longer endure this shitty “empire”; strange as it may sound, but russia, in its essence, is anti-russian, so the only way to end all this drama is to divide this ex-soviet monster into the several sovereign national-states.

      • Rare_F5_Twister ⋅

        How old are you, kid? Or I’d better ask how long time ago have you been turned into human, my plain friend. I’m asking because you clearly remind me Sharikov from the “Heart of a Dog” by Mikhail Bulgakov. As Sharikov puts it: “Just take it all and divide”. Now you are suggesting the same thing, my cute little ex-dog halfwit.

        • Vanguard ⋅

          Ok, i’ll try to make it more simple:

          “russia” exploits russians. “it’s your fatherland, son. You need to die for it” — that’s the message.

          why me and other normal people, who wants to live a normal european-like life without those anti-western sentiments, should support this ex-commie putin’s gang? It’s obvious that we won’t be satisfied and sooner or later we’ll stand against this shit-hole called russia. The break up of russia is inevitable, it’s only the question of time.

          so we’ll do what every nation did before us ( polish people, latvians, estonians, ukranians ) — free ourselves from the tyranny of kremlin.

          Do you get it now? It’s natural desire for self-determination. I want my forefathers Novgorodian land free.

          >my cute little ex-dog halfwit.
          >how long time ago have you been turned into human
          >my plain friend


          • Rus ⋅

            А кто Вам сказал сударь, что Вам дадут построить какое то подобие независимого государства? Здешний комментатор mingthemerciless считает славян рабами, со времён Рюрика. А каких славян видел Рюрик? Правильно – новгородцев. Это он о ваших предках так сказал. И опираясь на помощь людей, считающих ваших предков рабами Вы собираетесь строить некую “независимость”? Вы видно очень наивный человек.

            • Vanguard ⋅

              Пусть говна навернёт.

              Хуже уже все равно быть не может, “расияне” — это уёбищно и отвратительно. Так уж лучше всё развалить и построить несколько нормальных государств. Или хоть к этому стремиться.

            • Victoria ⋅

              rus, leave Rurik in peace russian are simply mixture of russians and mongols…you will never be able to change it….

            • Victoria ⋅

              rus, ruskie imieut 80% mongolskoy krovi tak vy eurazians. Russians should be pushed beyond the Urals Mountains. They have nothing to do with European Culture….

              • European Culture = Pshek and Anglo drek. Russia should not pander to it.

              • Про 80% монгольской крови – брехня. Недавно таки проверили, не нашли ни капельки.
                As for pushing russians somewhere: there were attempts in the past. You know the result.

                • MCC ⋅

                  wyczeslaw, czerez 500 let mongoli trakhali ruskyie zenszczyne eto znaczit russkiye eto mongoly eto oczen prosto ponyat. wiczzeseeslawal…

                  • Rysskiy chelovek. ⋅

                    Какая то нестыковочка получается..Ведь ваши Западные ученные жиды, с пеной у рта доказывают, что 500 лет назад России не было, как могли монголы трахать Русских Женщин (кстати, пишется с большой буквы)? А понять и на самом деле просто: раз Русских не было, значит монголы трахали ваших-европейских женщин, вот почему у вас рождается столько долбоёбов как Victoria и вы MCC…

        • Victoria ⋅

          During the Polish presidency of EU strange thing happened in Moscow, Russian capital ceased to exist for about three days. the city was taken over by Muslims [80% oif Moscow’s population]. You could see the sea of Muslims not a single russian soul on the streets. This is prophetic, foreboding, and inevitable.

            • Victoria ⋅

              klaine swaine [are you still Swedish??; it was during the Ramadan in moscow, – summer 2011, Polish Presidency of EU – the moscovites of central asian origins just simply took over the city.- there was not a single policman on the street – russian slaves were scared to death…But just to cheer you up, the Afghan heroin is killing the youngsters of russia. You can call it ‘poetic justice’ – the soviet army, in order to put the Afghans on their knees, destroyed totally a flourishing agriculture of Afghanistan. The afghan turned simply to poppies and the result is simply fantastic – russian youth is being destroyed by Afghans – simply priceless!!!!

  36. Rare_F5_Twister ⋅

    larussophobe, the simple fact that you piled three unrelated stories together makes it look like you are worried about none of them, but your goal is to make lots of people shit another couple tons of bricks on you. Come on, you aren’t really worried about world’s athletes in Sochi 2014, are you?

    • larussophobe ⋅

      They are not the least bit unrelated. They show that Russia is an extremely dangerous place to hold the Olympics. Russia’s dangerous skies have already claimed the lives of AN ENTIRE HOCKEY TEAM and now Russia’s most sacred plane has crashed. Russia has been denying the threat of terror at Sochi, but now that threat stands exposed as a lie. And Russia’s so-called “opposition” says NOTHING about these threats to the Olympics.

  37. mirror holder ⋅

    Sorry, offtopic.

    I’m so tired of this bullshit. The main tactic of Russia is to focus only on bad things that happen with America, while at the same time ignoring all it’s own.

    You see, in America we rarely hear or read anything about Russia. We have our own problems to deal with. If I wanna read about Russia I have to look to The Moscow Times and dyingrussia for daily reports.

    I have a few friends in Russia and so I keep a Russian email on, and almost every single day there is at least one report on США (USA)

    Here’s one report (from about America urging Ukraine to release Tymoshenko and other cabinet members:

    And here’s the Russian comments about the article:

    Comment number one: “And all the prisoners at Guantanamo.” (BTW, the word “Pindos” is a derogatory term for Americans. And pretty much all of the articles tagged “США” have the same hateful tone)

    Yes, you’re right. What about Guantanamo? If you read a few articles in dyingrussia below this one you would see that Putin put the final touches on cementing in his place of power (probably for the rest of his life as he can pick and choose his potential competition) and your focus is on what America is doing.

    I remember not long ago when that American soldier went crazy and killed those sixteen civilians in Afghanistan. Of course that was truly awful. Now he is in NATO custody and will pay for his crimes, which is more than I could say for Russian soldiers. I read the comments on and Russians went completely apeshit with hatred, citing many other things that American soldiers have done in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, etc. Well war is hell and there are psychos on BOTH sides.

    I usually don’t reduce myself to this level.. but lets play the Russian “Point the finger game.”

    War in Afghanistan (2001-present)

    Afghan Civilians Killed: 12,500–14,700 (2001–2011)

    Soviet war in Afghanistan

    Civilians (Afghan):

    600,000–2,000,000 killed
    5 million refugees outside of Afghanistan
    2 million internally displaced persons
    Around 3 million Afghans wounded (mostly civilians)

    Crime in Russia

    Crime is three times higher in Russia than in America and yet we have twice the size of population.

    Children Suicides in USA

    In 2007, suicide was the third leading cause of death for young people ages 15 to 24.1 Of every 100,000 young people in each age group, the following number died by suicide:1

    Children ages 10 to 14 — 0.9 per 100,000
    Adolescents ages 15 to 19 — 6.9 per 100,000
    Young adults ages 20 to 24 — 12.7 per 100,000

    Children Suicides in Russia

    Russia has the world’s third-highest rate of suicide among teenagers ages 15 to 19, with about 1,500 taking their own lives every year, according to a recent UNICEF report. The rate is higher only in the neighboring former Soviet republics of Belarus and Kazakhstan.

    In recent years, there have been 19 to 20 suicides annually per 100,000 teenagers in Russia — three times the world average, Boris Polozhy of the respected Serbsky psychiatric center in Moscow said Friday.

    дедовщина (military hazing)

    Current situation

    Many young men are killed or commit suicide every year because of dedovshchina. The New York Times reported that in 2006 at least 292 Russian soldiers were killed by dedovshchina (although the Russian military only admits that 16 soldiers were directly murdered by acts of dedovshchina and claims that the rest committed suicide). The Times states: “On Aug. 4, it was announced by the chief military prosecutor that there had been 3,500 reports of abuse already this year (2006), compared with 2,798 in 2005”. The BBC meanwhile reports that in 2007, 341 soldiers committed suicide, a 15% reduction on the previous year.

    Union of the Committees of Soldiers’ Mothers of Russia works to protect the rights of young soldiers.

    In 2012, a draftee from Chelyabinsk region, Ruslan Aiderkhanov was raped and tortured to death by his seniors. The lone witness who testified against the alleged perpetrators, Danil Chalkin was later found shot dead in his military base. A contract soldier, Alikbek Musabekov was arrested in this incident.

    I think that is enough of the finger pointing at Russia. Won’t mention the heroin epidemic, rapes, the 14,000 women a year killed by their husbands, the millions of homeless and unwanted children or the billions upon billions of rubles stolen by self-elected officials.

    Yes. Let’s closely watch those evil Americans and document all their crimes against humanity while we ignore the chaos and inhumanity на дома.

    Russians should be angry. You should be fucking livid. But not at the writer of this blog. You should be angry at your own gullibility for so easily letting your attention be swayed towards others while you’re subjugated at home. I can already see the next ellustrator-type picture: a Russian man bent over with his pants down totally engrossed in Первый Канал, while Putin continually rams him from behind. Well, that figuratively is the picture of what’s currently happening. If anything you should thank the writer of this blog for showing you the truth. Have you ever even considered that her style of writing is fully meant to anger you in the hopes that masses of Russian people open their eyes and stand up together against oppression and corruption? But then again, slaves are slaves. Equally removed of conscience and decision. Perhaps life becomes easier when choices are gone.

    A friend of one of my friends is a journalist at the Kremlin-run Russia Today. This is one of his facebook posts from about a week ago:

    посмотрел в газетеру на полосе культура отдел литература и стало любопытно – почему так много русских писателей пишут под псевдонимами?

    Looked at a strip on culture department literature and was curious – why do so many Russian writers write under pseudonyms?

    Someone else asked a counter question:

    возникает встречный вопрос – почему так много русских журналистов не подписываются под статьями вовсе?

    there is another question – why do so many Russian journalists not sign their articles at all?

    This question still remains unanswered..

  38. Rare_F5_Twister ⋅

    If I swap Russia and America in the first two of your statements both of them would still hold true. Most of Russia-related information delivered to the American audience is a sort of sewage, mainly focused on diversity of bad things that happen in Russia. Same way most of Russians mind their own business and do not care about America.

    • mirror holder ⋅

      When you say “mind their own business and do not care about America” are you saying that they do not care about the news in America or just simply don’t care about what happens to the American public?

      I remember a bunch of news articles from last year and Russians cared enough to write over 1300 comments with approximately over 90% were filled with hate and hoping for blood and death. Here’s one of the articles:

      The Russian president cares enough to launch a huge anti-American campaign:

      I noticed that out of my entire comment the only part that you focused on was the first two sentences. The main point of my comment was the blind hatred that Russians have for America while at the same time Russia’s crimes against humanity have been at least ten times worse (and that’s an understatement) But you’ve also proved my other point more, as you’re focusing on everything except your own country’s serious problems.

      Has the American government started anti-Russian campaigns? You know, the type where every time they hear the word “Russia” automatically they become filled with hate. Do Americans have the television or radio repeatedly showing anti-Russian themes and topics to the point to where it seeps into their subconscious and automatically the feeling of hate becomes synonymous with the supposed idea of Russia?

      No. Of course not. But is that what’s happening in Russia with regards to America?

      Just as an experiment.. I wonder if you can find an American article about a Russian disaster (there must be thousands) where half of the number above (650) were happy about the ordeal and were hoping for the deaths of Russian civilians. Hell, I’d accept even 30 comments where Americans were cheering and hoping for the deaths of Russian civilians. I bet you wouldn’t be able to find even one article to fit the bill.

      Believe it or not, we don’t hate you. It’s not necessary for our president to invent enemies for the sole reason of diverting our attention while he strips us of our freedoms and robs us blind. In fact, we pity you. We hope that one day you’ll all smarten up, open your eyes and direct your hatred towards the fiend who truly deserves it.

      • Rus ⋅

        Учитывая Ваши многочисленные ссылки на русские ресурсы, я думаю Вы не будете возражать против ответа на русском языке.

        “Has the American government started anti-Russian campaigns?”

        Да, и это началось раньше 1917 года. Например помощь японцам во время русско-японской войны. В той или иной степени подобная политика поддержки антироссийских сил не прекращалась.

        “Do Americans have the television or radio repeatedly showing anti-Russian themes …”

        Ваша пресса пишет о России или плохо или очень плохо. Независимо, о Советской России, “ельцинской” или “путинской”. А высказывания политиков. Например Рика Санторума, который будучи одним из республиканских претендентов призывал убивать российских учёных. Я уже не говорю о типах вроде старого маразматика Маккейна или фанатички Пэйлин. Так что сэр держащий зеркало, рекомендую не только показывать его другим, но и самому в него чаще вглядываться. Только держите зеркальце крепче, а то увиденное может испугать не на шутку.

        ” We hope that one day you’ll all smarten up, open your eyes…”

        О, поверьте, 90е годы заставили нас и поумнеть и и глаза раскрыть. Тогда мы были открыты и настроены проамерикански. Но вы продолжали двигаться к нашим границам, несмотря на ложь в которую верил глупый Горби. Так что это ваша вина в том, что к началу тысячелетия градус антиамериканизма в нашем обществе стал больше чем во времена Советов. В СССР многие думали что антиамериканизм это обычная пропаганда коммунистов. В 90е годы мы поняли что это было наиболее разумным элементом в политике Советов.
        И возможно поэтому народ выбрал Путина. Не он начал антиамериканскую кампанию, скорее он следствие вашего отношения к нам и ко всему миру.

        • mirror holder ⋅

          All the way back before 1917.. but is it still in effect today?

          Rick Santorum.. wow) About Santorum, look at any reputable English newspaper and you’ll see that they’ve all condemned his comments and he is clearly looked on as being religious wacko. (though, not to say he doesn’t have a few equally crazy followers)

          Please forgive my directness, but about Russian media, Putin, and anti-Americanism… I think Anna describes it better than I ever could:

          “We are hurtling back into a Soviet abyss, into an information vacuum that spells death from our own ignorance. All we have left is the internet, where information is still freely available. For the rest, if you want to go on working as a journalist, it’s total servility to Putin. Otherwise, it can be death, the bullet, poison, or trial—whatever our special services, Putin’s guard dogs, see fit.”

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        Как обычно, слабоумных людей запада предположить, что Россия должна извиниться перед ними за “преступления против человечности”, в то время как третий мир должен им жизнь. Какие твари — проклятые паразиты.

        • mirror holder ⋅

          As usual, you completely ignored what was written and made up your own story. Please show me where I made any statements about Russia apologizing. Please show me anywhere I even alluded to the idea of Russia apologizing. Russia points their finger at America calling us murders and somehow ignores the democide, genocide, and mass murders Russia is fully responsible for.. “Не помню значит не было!”

          As you probably already know, Germany has this same huge anti-western mentality. But the difference between Germany and Russia – in Germany they’ve tried to completely wipe out all evidence of Hitler. In Russia, not only are you bringing back murals and designing notebook covers, you’re writing textbooks that say Stalin’s mass murders were entirely rational.

          Such creatures – damn hypocrites.

          • Deeply regret to inform you that not only is the entire world EXCEPT the moribund West saturated by rampant anti-Western hatred; the West exacerbates it with each passing day too. To summarise: There has never existed in the past, neither does it exist today, and nor will it ever in the future have existed one single country, regime, or culture which owes the West any compensation or apologies whatsoever, period.

            Spouting Western tripe learned by rote regarding Hitler and Stalin misses the point altogether: Hitler was a very Western politician, happily aping his Anglo-American forerunners with a view to make his fellow Germans prosperous by way of land-grabbing, lawlessness, enslavement, war, and racist genocide. However, Nazi Germany proved unequal to the task as the Slavic peoples — most notably those in the USSR under Stalin’s supreme leadership — would not have it.

            • mirror holder ⋅

              Are you implying that there is any single country, regime, or culture which owes Russia any compensation or apologies?) I’ve got news for you, most of the world is just as anti-Russian.

              As for your second paragraph, I’m not even going to reply on said “supreme leadership.”

              • Oui, c’est bien vrai, cher ami. Naturellement, je pense aux États-Unis. Les crimes commis — non seulement contre la Russie bien sûr, mais surtout contre le Tiers Monde — par son gouvernement sont assez pour justifier l’extermination tout entière et immédiate de sa population extrèmement hideuse et parasitaire.

                Quant à Staline, il a bel et bien mis fin aux plans USiens d’une guerre nucléaire contre l’URSS juste après la victoire soviétique contre l’Allemagne Nazie, grâce à l’approvisionnement rapide de ce genre d’armes par le Kremlin.

                • mirror holder ⋅

                  Your logic so is so off balance it’s laughable. Blindly ignoring facts doesn’t make them change or disappear. What you are trying to convey is by 20-fold ultimate embodiment of the idiom “the pot calling the kettle black.” You’ve been fairly effective at trolling up until now. Goodbye)

                • Well, at least I feel disposed to believe that Western military spending and overt belligerence do testify to a VERY sober assessment by the upper echelons of capitalist society of their own worldwide popularity. Or is bankrupting yourself through deliberate instigation of ceaseless wars some quaint pastime, perchance? Not that Western imbecility and depravity would disagree to it the slightest, but…

                  As regards “The Russian threat”, indeed that looks — ahem — ‘slightly different’ to Big Business than to the ever-gullible Western petty bourgeoisie. In the eyes of the former, the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact and the USSR proper only meant that previously inaccessible riches and swaths of land suddenly became opened up for grabs and military intervention. But with Putin’s ascension to power, Western corporate plunder of Russia’s natural resources and labour output has been masterfully defeated. Small wonder Russia in general and Vladimir Putin in particular infuriate the powers-that-be. The silly nostrums of the Corporate Media are, as always, eagerly picked up by the Western petty bourgeoisie; hence Kim Zigfeld’s “magnificient blogging”, ha!

            • Victoria ⋅

              manfred, your admiration of stalin is exemplary – russian slaves NEED to leader to be controlled, It has to be always non-russian. Come to think of it Stalin who was Georgian came from the long cultural christian tradition – so when Georgians were reading the bibile russians were still sitting on the trees. So Stalin is a perfect choice for Russia…

              • Мой маленький дурак,

                Очевидно, что у тебя есть значительными трудности с английским языком. Например, “leader” — это не глагол, а существительное. Следовательно, нельзя ставить “to” перед этим словом.

                Кроме того, благочестивые пшеки который ползают в ногах у Вашингтона должны знать, как пишется заглавие Священного Писания по-английски.

                Смотрите — грязный Пшек ползёт на полу. Что у него во рту? Кто о чем, а вшивый пшек о бане.

        • Victoria ⋅

          manfred eto po serbo-chorvatsku, nada zdejat perevod na anglijskiy yazyk. A propos, so called russiy yazyk eto prosto lokaln yi dialetk. Tu pmua;l eto ili net????

          • BIst du geil oder was? Gone back to your Catholic Boarding School again?

            Cada joven polaca muy guápa
            Estará una puta del Papa.

            • MCC ⋅

              Catholic Boarding Schools keep producing the elite of the European society for almost two thousand years. The high and mighty of this world, regardless of their religions, keep sending their children to those schools to simply have them civilized. It is as simple as that; it is totally incomprehensible for poor russians.. probably because the russians are out of the civilized zone…

      • Rare_F5_Twister ⋅

        When I say “most of them don’t care about America” I mean they don’t care about anything America-related. Anything. At this time I would expand it by saying that they equally don’t care about any other place in the world which is well outside their immediate neighborhood. Not all of them, but most. The same is true for the American population. The majority of them don’t care of what’s happening outside their small world.

        Please stop reading comments under articles at and the like. It’s seems that you don’t even realize what kind of
        people post them. Lazy and underpaid office monkeys,
        teens, students and various semiсonscious fuckers just to mention a few. You’d better rerank your sources.

        As to so called anti-American campain allegedly started by Putin. Well that is not anti-American campain in my understanding. That’s just ranting and raving and blowing-off steam and all hatered you see on internet is just a reflection of the westrn anti-Russian attitude. The real anti-American campain would involve undermining and subversive activities, support of terrorism against american civilians and military servicemen, undercover operations, regular and consistent military provocations… shit like that. That’s what I would call an anti-American campain.

        I focused only on two sentences of your entire comment for several reasons. First of all, I found that only those two worth commenting since the rest of the entire comment is about the “point the finger game” as you called it, and you can’t really engage me in that game, I’m not interested. Second of all, your comment was very very long. And finally, Russia is not even my country as you incorrectly concluded, that’s why I’m not going to oppose every spoonful of sewage poured on it.

        Has the American government started anti-Russian campaigns? Yes absolutely. Anti-Russian campain was started many decades ago and continues now and on.

        I’m not going to comment the rest of your post because your final conclusions are based on vomiting masses released by a bunch of dimwits from I think you should relax, perhaps some sort of sedative may help you?

        • mirror holder ⋅

          “Please stop reading comments under articles at and the like. It’s seems that you don’t even realize what kind of people post them. Lazy and underpaid office monkeys, teens, students and various semiсonscious fuckers just to mention a few. You’d better rerank your sources.”

          It’s actually RIA Novosti, (a major news agency. Kremlin-run of course) but I refer to it as to demonstrate that every time someone logs into their accounts, it almost never fails that США is almost always a daily topic. Whereas to say in comparison, yahoo mail (and others) use many different sources and aren’t mutually following Russia’s every action under an electron microscope. Hence why I read this blog and the The Moscow Times.

          “As to so called anti-American campain allegedly started by Putin. Well that is not anti-American campain in my understanding. That’s just ranting and raving and blowing-off steam and all hatered you see on internet is just a reflection of the westrn anti-Russian attitude. The real anti-American campain would involve undermining and subversive activities, support of terrorism against american civilians and military servicemen, undercover operations, regular and consistent military provocations… shit like that. That’s what I would call an anti-American campain.”

          Well that simply “blowing off steam” (as you call it) strangely increased five-fold around the same time as the election by carousel voting. Though guess I must agree with you that a “real” anti-American campaign would include support of terrorism against the west. In fact, I believe your interpretation would be most applicable towards journalists within Russia’s borders, not to mention:

          So you’ve effectively persuaded me to downgrade my position from Russia being anti-American to at best using the west simply as misdirection to at worst – general disfavor. As for America being anti-Russian, just ask them. Most replies would be akin to: “No, but I know they hate us.”

          “I focused only on two sentences of your entire comment for several reasons. First of all, I found that only those two worth commenting since the rest of the entire comment is about the “point the finger game” as you called it, and you can’t really engage me in that game, I’m not interested. Second of all, your comment was very very long. And finally, Russia is not even my country as you incorrectly concluded, that’s why I’m not going to oppose every spoonful of sewage poured on it.”

          “I’m not going to comment the rest of your post because your final conclusions are based on vomiting masses released by a bunch of dimwits from I think you should relax, perhaps some sort of sedative may help you?”

          My response would be similar if I was faced with facts and known that any attempt to refute them would only be an exercise in futility – as proof with your apparent use of an ad hominem)

          “Has the American government started anti-Russian campaigns? Yes absolutely. Anti-Russian campain was started many decades ago and continues now and on.”

          I apologize for answering a question with a question.. but do Americans hold a similar view of Russians in light of these supposed anti-Russian campaigns? Refer to answer above.

          The American government would have to crackdown on the myriad of independent media sources (mostly radio and the television as that’s all most Americans pay any attention to anyway, right?) and make a few blatant examples of what happens to investigational journalists who forget their place and have the audacity to report the truth.

          • Rare_F5_Twister ⋅

            “It’s actually RIA Novosti, (a major news agency. Kremlin-run of course) but I refer to it as to demonstrate that every time someone logs into their accounts, it almost never fails that США is almost always a daily topic.”

            Sorry, I can’t copy that. If we talk about true US related news I don’t see them in topics very often. And by the true US related news I mean those news which are not even remotely related to Russia at the same time. On the daily basis there are US related reports which are also related to Russia or russian interests. For instance: NATO/US in Afghanistan, McCain said this, Santorum said that, Obama did this, Clinton did that. You know what I’m saying?

            But let’s look closer at the report you provided as an example. It’s just a plain report, there is not even a minute trace of hate or gloat over the impending disaster (forget about the comments at And excuse me, that is a major event, severe weather disaster, why should the russian media fail to report on that?

            I have noticed an interesting difference between US and Russian reports. To summarize my observations. Russian made report example: America is expecting an enormous hurricane. President Obama called the nation to take it very serious and be prepared…Plain facts, simple and tells the story. American made report example: Russian made Sukhoi superjet crashed in Idonesia. Superjet is a last hope of Russian president Putin who is the former KGB spy who recently regained power due to fraudulent elections…. And when I read something like that, I’d say Fuuuuuuck you !!! What the hell Putin, KGB and elections doing here?

            “My response would be similar if I was faced with facts and known that any attempt to refute them would only be an exercise in futility – as proof with your apparent use of an ad hominem)”.

            Well said. It’s nice to exchange words with you.

            “So you’ve effectively persuaded me to downgrade my position from Russia being anti-American to at best using the west simply as misdirection to at worst – general disfavor.”

            Have I? Cool. Great. ))

            “As for America being anti-Russian, just ask them. Most replies would be akin to: “No, but I know they hate us.”

            But how would they know that they hate them? An average american person does not even speak or read in Russian language. They are just told so!

            • mirror holder ⋅

              “I have noticed an interesting difference between US and Russian reports. To summarize my observations. Russian made report example: America is expecting an enormous hurricane. President Obama called the nation to take it very serious and be prepared…Plain facts, simple and tells the story. American made report example: Russian made Sukhoi superjet crashed in Idonesia. Superjet is a last hope of Russian president Putin who is the former KGB spy who recently regained power due to fraudulent elections…. And when I read something like that, I’d say Fuuuuuuck you !!! What the hell Putin, KGB and elections doing here?”

              Yes, but are you talking about major media or someone’s personal blog in this example? Photo and placement bias notwithstanding, the majors don’t use direct methods, and especially not when reporting tragedies.

              “But how would they know that they hate them? An average american person does not even speak or read in Russian language. They are just told so!”

              Opinion polls.

              [According to a CNN/ORC International Poll released Monday, 24% of Republicans and independents who lean towards the GOP say Romney is their most likely choice for their party’s presidential nominee with Gingrich at 22%. Romney’s two-point advantage is well within the survey’s sampling error.]

              They hold their own polls and also cite others such as the BBC world country opinion poll. I think usually in the format of the top two or three, then whatever number that the U.S. was placed.


            • Good point, Rare_F5_Twister. And that USian “report” proves irrefutably — in case somebody really hadn’t figured that out — that Kim Zigfeld is just another braindead Western zombie parroting the Corporate Media. Beyond redemption, below contempt. Yankee drivel, void and trivial.

            • Victoria ⋅

              let me explain it to you; russia dissapeared from the radar LONG TIME AGO and is considered a third world country with dying population, rotting nukes which are ONLY danger to russian population. A third world country that is desintegrating in front of our eyes….

  39. Malj4i6kebal4i6 ⋅


  40. Timur (Siberia) ⋅

    I read it all and realized that this feud, between the Americans and Russian.
    For you we have alcoholics, threaten the world, doing all the slaves, the technique we have breaks, explodes, and we do not value the lives of others.
    You are for us fat, you only care about profits, stupid and want to take over the world to learn to live and take away the oil.
    But just because such politicians. surely there are those who do not want to live in peace? Raise children and to breathe the air?? The fact that all this want, but want etog the expense of others. That is why the war. Now, the information war. I do not want this war was, and then to fight with those who are reading this message. Do you really want it??

    • Victoria ⋅

      timur don’t flatter yourself – there is no feud between the both countries. USA is the only global super power and poor russia is a third world country with dying starving population. Tell me timur from siberia when did you eat meat last time; according to statistics abandon russians in siberia eat meat ONCE A YEAR. By the way, timur, in case you don’t know OIL IS EVERYWHERE – russian oil. unfortunately is the most difficult to extract and to do so russia totally depends on Western technology. You should know it by now; unless being hungry all your life change the way of thinking….

      • Well, i’m from Siberia too; i don’t kmow where did you find these statistics but if i were you i didn’t trust that source anymore. Siberians eat meat twice a day.

        • Victoria ⋅

          timur, there was a French documentary recently, they interviewed some emaciated russians from siberia – they said they eat meat ONCE A YEAR….Perhaps you are talking about CHINESE SIBERIA, that Siberia that is being retaken by Chinese…..

      • Timur (Siberia) ⋅

        Victoria, you sleep! You have been given the wrong information. if I have the internet, then it can not be meat? Did you read 1984 by George Orwell? advise. can understand the country in which you live. You just need an enemy.

    • Victoria ⋅

      Timur there is NO feud between America and russia – dla amerikantsov russia priamo ne suszczestvuyet…

  41. Фанат ⋅

    Ребят, скажите честно, кто заказчик? ЦРУ, ФБР? А так, все ооч толково, красавцы, хотя, модератора все-ж надо было проплатить – некоторые посты реально за гранью, а ваши специ работают как надо – классные аргументы, видно что хорошо подготовились.

  42. Pingback: Ким Зигфельд троллит Россию перед играми в Сочи | Paradoxal Art

  43. russian man ⋅

    На хую вертела вас Россия и вертеть будет! Все на хуй, злобные троли!

    • mirror holder ⋅

      In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

      And the cycle continues.. accusing others for crimes you yourselves commit)

  44. The Russian ⋅

    EAT SHIT) We’re different that’s true! But if we’re not like you, country of fat ugly women and burgers, that doens’t mean we’re gonna die) Ahahaha Lols! What doesn’t kill us! Makes us stronger!))) So you can go and eat your tasty burgers, touch your fat women, and keep talking about democracy) You attacked almost every country in the middle east for no reason, youre complete egoists in economy by printing dollars and fill the world with empty economy, and you’re putting missiles next to our borders!)) Fuck yea! This source shows me that were going right way)

    • Victoria ⋅

      the russian, you are going right way indeed – back to the horrors of gulags, starvation, denunciations, and total lack of humanity. But russians are not human so good luck in maganan, vorkuta, kolyma you will be slowly dying for ‘non-existanta russian empire’….

  45. Ming the Merciless ⋅

    Lately, we hear that the Sukhoi Superjet Chief Pilot advised he was descending to 6,000 feet where there was a 7,000 feet mountain. As a pilot, this thing happened to me a few times but you are paid to be on the watch for such a mistake…it’s called position awareness in aviation parlance.

    As you can see by all the comments here, poor Russians
    are severely lacking in ”Position Awareness”…
    (Cant wait to watch the Russian and Chinese communist Oligarchs tossing nukes at each others over Siberia!)

  46. Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅


    • Bohdan ⋅

      Yes Mansewerfred Limpdick! that “WAS” a real descend into the annals of Russian history for that pilot. Sad, very sad that Russki fuehrer for life Vova Putin was not a passenger on it, what a boon that would have been for mankind.

      Ah well there may be another chance for that. And pretty please apply for a free flight on that same flight, it will be good riddance for two birds of a feather with the one stone.

  47. MingtheMerciless ⋅

    The latest from “Der Spiegel”:

    (Typical Russian idiots!)
    “”a half-naked passenger wielding a shiny, silver trident made his way into the cockpit. Sergey Dolya, a 39-year-old Russian travel journalist and aviation blogger, had bared his chest, tied on a long white beard and donned a crown made of silver paper.

    Dolya had slipped into the role of the god Neptune north of Jakarta, the Indonesian capital. “I imitated an equator-crossing ceremony 10,000 meters above sea level,” he says. “Usually only seamen do that.””

    “”While in clouds, passenger airlines are supposed to maintain a 1,000-meter safety buffer from mountains — a rule that Captain Yablontzev apparently violated. “The crash casts a spotlight on the mind-set of Russian aviation,” says Heinrich Grossbongardt, an aviation expert based in the northern German city-state of Hamburg.””

    “”What’s more, one photo taken by the blogger Dolya right before the flight suggests that the automatic terrain warning system was turned off. The photo shows part of the instrument panel in the plane’s cockpit, and the button corresponding to the warning system clearly shows a “fault” message and that it is deactivated.””

    “”In March, Konstantin Mokhna, Aeroflot’s deputy chief engineer, humiliated Sukhoi when he complained about “technical problems” and delays in replacement-part deliveries. To corroborate his complaints, Mokhna cited some embarrassing figures: Instead of being able to keep his Superjets in service for the industry average of eight to nine hours a day, he could only use them for 3.9 hours per day. “For potential buyers, these revelations are even more unsettling than the crash in Indonesia,” says New York-based aviation expert Richard Aboulafia.””


    During the Jarujelski regime in Poland, with ONE Arrow Air DC-8, and three crews, we replaced the whole LOT Polish Airline!!!
    All their Russian Ilushins where grounded due to FIVE crashes!!!

  48. MingtheMerciless ⋅

    Proof, at Pan Am terminal, during it’s dying day, our DC-8 with LOT Polish markings:

  49. Bohdan ⋅

    Ming! proves that the Poles are ‘not just pretty faces.’

    Experience (History) has taught them a sad lesson about the safety or airworthiness of Russian aircraft. Which, let’s face the real facts of life, possess a very dismal record of air safety.

    On the numerous occasions that I have traveled in what used to be republics/colonies of the USSR, made it a policy of only traveling by bus or train. Surprise, surprise I am still in the land of the living.

    Sure I used to fly in from either Vienna or Frankfurt and back, but the aircraft were always of American manufacture, as in McDonald/Douglas.

    A good friend in Ukraine, who served in the Air Force, always warned me never to fly in a Tupolev, as they were known as flying coffins.

  50. kevin ⋅

    Hey larussophobe, there are evidences that the ATC in indonesia is to blame. They were doing shits in the control tower. Plane was fine. It was indonesia’s fault, and the weather. Boeing airbus etc have also crashed, but does it make them bad? Not really. Infact, there were some boeing crashes that involved faulty design.

    About athletes, well the terrorists killed israeli athletes in Berlin, but germany arent bad, are they? About the corruption, well they are corrupt.

    Racism, wow you guys are such a racist. You sound like Hitler. I thought that it would be better if Hitler killed your grandparents in conc camps so you wobt be born today.and then hitler can kill himself

  51. Thanks a lot for utilizing time to publish “Russia, Nation of Doom and Failure | Dying Russia”.
    Thank you for a second time ,Larhonda

  52. However, 300zx window replacements can be classified into 3 main typesOutside
    installation 300zx window replacements:- When there is one thing
    I have heard lately is that Canada has remained relatively unscathed through this whole economic turmoil.

    I wonder if I ran ads in the paper in New Orleans

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