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Obama and his Russia Problem

Things are getting pretty hot in Barack Obama’s Russia kitchen these days. He’s catching hell from all sides.

First came the Washington Post, where seasoned Russia analyst Jackson Diehl called Obama’s Russia policy “misguided.”

Next came Vladimir Frolov, a former Russophile, who said that Putin’s inauguration was “ridiculous” and “Orwellian” and based on the “Big Lie.”

Then opposition leader Garry Kasparov condemned Obama’s cowardice on Russia, saying Putin wants to rule like Stalin and Obama is helping him.

Finally opposition leader Oleg Kozlovsky compared the US response to crackdown in Belarus  to that in Russia, and found that while the US confronted Belarus in similar circumstances it remained silent when Putin took the same actions in Russia.

In other words, one after another Russia-watchers of every stripe  are siding with Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio and the Republicans over Russia policy, rejecting the craven cowardice and failure of Obama and his key Russia advisor Michael McFaul.


15 responses to “Obama and his Russia Problem

  1. Rus ⋅

    “Then opposition leader Garry Kasparov ”

    Very funny. LEADER. Of what opposition? You really think that Garry, Nemtzov and other “marsh” clowns possess real force? They entertain us, and that is all. Still they spend taxpayers money. American taxpayers certainly. The American government allocates this money for democracy development. But as a result this money gets to pockets of ours political losers, like Nemtzov, Kasparov, Yashin and others. They spend the American money for parties in expensive clubs and for girls. And when means come to an end they again asked: ” give me money for democracy”. And the American management again gives them money. It is very ridiculous. Very much. For all those years that passed from disintegration of the USSR you didn’t learn to understand our affairs. Unfortunately. Unfortunately for you certainly. But we very well studied you.

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

      Kasparov, Nemtsov et consortes may have the money but, sadly, they lack the astuteness, braveness, and brain capacity of Kim Zigfeld. If only…! 😀

      • Bogdan from Australia ⋅

        Her Schweinscheiss, judging after your name and your insane rants that betray your as infantile as slavish infatuation with totalitarianism, you must be a disgrauntled former middle-ranking STASI operative (those high-ranking did rather well) venting your frustration on those who are trying to open your runny eyes.
        I met once once of such a subhuman creature in Switzerland right after the reunification of Germany.
        Despite having received thousands of Deutschmarks (those better ones) from capitalists and traveling around the Europe wiith his wife in a new BMW, he was virtually foaming from hatred against the new reality.
        You are just like that communo-fascist animal I’ve met; binging on your own quasi intellectual excrements…

        • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

          Any thoughts about your singing career, Boredan?

          • Bogdan from Australia ⋅

            Herr Schweinscheiss, you are raging because your little fithy world in which you could torment people and destroy their lives with impunity has collapsed and thus you have also lost your own purpose in life.
            Forget about past and Putin. He is not going to rebuilt your socialist paradise. As soon America embarks on the way towards the energy independence, the articially inflated prices of oil and gas will go tumbling down and Putin will have not a dime to finance his mad strategies.
            Das is ein Lied ich fuer Sie singe…

          • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

            Q: Is it Russia or is it Boredan that teeters on the brink of collapse?

            A: Neither. More specifically, Russia is nowhere near it and Boredan is long since past it.

            • Bogdan from Australia ⋅

              Schweinscheiss, your boss (or rather one of your bosses) Marcus Wolf, when asked shortly before his death, who has assassinated John Kennedy, answered: “Ask Castro…”
              General Jon Micheil Pacepa has written broadly about that.
              What do you think about that possibility?
              Try to make at least one meaningful statement before your own death. That would somehow compensate for your worthless life

            • Bogdan from Australia ⋅

              By the way Schweinscheiss, have you seen the German movie “Other People’s Lives”? It is about a STASI officer who sow the light and paid for that with his career.
              See it, maybe you learn something

            • Boredan: Unlike yours, my commitment to the fate of USian presidents is absolutely negligible. If revolutionary Cuba was somehow involved in Kennedy’s assassination, that’s well and good. In my view, USians — gender, age, complexion, and social status regardless — are pure offal that should be killed off for the sake of the Planet’s very survival. Take that.

              • Bogdan from Australia ⋅

                Well, that makes you a true SCHWEINSCHEISS…

                End of the story.

                • Beetlejuice ⋅

                  And this is what makes you just as emotionally unstable as Kim, and just as much with Scheiße für Gehirne. Someone with the most outlandish theories other than apocalypse like General Pacepa hardly deserves any credibility for his pseudo-intellectual babble. Let us know when you take Manfred’s advice and form the Spice Boys in Australia.

  2. Obama does not have a Russia problem. On the contrary, Obama lets Russia do whatever she wants. In essence Putin runs the show and both he and Obama know it. A weak, cowardly and politically correct leader in the US is just what the Kremlin needs. Given the fact that before he became president Obama had very little political experience, a limited knowledge of foreign policy and no knowledge of tough Russian, hard-ball politics Obama remains an amature in Putin’s eyes. All is well and good, then. Let Americans re-elect their wobbly, politically correct president. This will certainly benefit Putin and further his geopolitically ambitions.

  3. k ⋅

    I’m curious. Does Ms Kim support Romney solely on the basis of his supposed foreign policy? Does she support his domestic policies as well?

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