A Treacherous Bastard Named Mark N. Katz

Mark Katz, Vile Traitor

What can you say about somebody who has been blogging for more than a year and whose blog has barely collected 2,500 hits in all that time, and no comments (DR, for contrast, is less than a year old and has nearly 50,000 hits and over 750 comments)?

Whatever it is, that’s what you’d say about George Mason University Professor Mark N. Katz.

Then take a look at MarkNKatz.com, where he tries to hawk his book  about Iraq and Afghanistan. It looks like it’s been thrown together by a four-year-old, and touts the good professor’s publications in lofty forums like “Fair Observer” and “New Zealand International Review” and “The Bangladesh Daily Star” as if they were something to be proud of. Yikes.

In terms of book sales, his tome does not rank in the top six hundred thousand on Amazon and has only been reviewed twice. Ouch.

Can it be any kind of surprise, then, that this hysterically insipid loser has published an op-ed piece in the Moscow Times that is full of outrageous misstatements about Russia?

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Racist Russians Ruin Euro

In a new low for Russia, which is saying a lot, after defeating Czech Republic at the Euro championships in Poland this weekend Russian fans waved neo-Nazi flags,  launched a racist attack on a dark-skinned player for the Czechs and then bloodied match stewards who tried to keep order. Later, Euro officials imposed a massive penalty on Russia for its barbarism.

People around the world gaped in slack-jawed horror as barbaric Russians threatened, even in victory, to turn the championships into a bloody pogrom.

How can this country possibly have been deemed fit to host the Winter Olympics in 2014?  When will the world realize the horror it has invited, and stop this madness?

The world’s athletes are headed into a meat grinder.  Any dark-skinned athlete, coach or official will be subject to brutal attacks. Terrorism is running rampant, and public transportation from airplanes to buses is suspect.

To allow the Sochi games to continue would be an act of international suicide.

Roland Garros Recap: Russian Ruin and Starstruck Sharapova

In a shocking confirmation of how quickly and how low Russian women’s tennis has fallen, there was only one Russian woman in the top 20 seeds at this year’s French Open tournament at Roland Garros, and only four Russian women were among the grand slam event’s 32 seeds.   A country that just a few years ago routinely accounted for a quarter of seeds and multiple top-ten entries has fallen from grace in a jaw-dropping manner.

Two of the four seeds, Pavlyuchenkova and Petrova, lost in the third round of the tournament, leaving only #2 Maria Sharapova and #26 Svetlana Kuznetsova to hold up the national flag in the fourth round.

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