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Racist Russians Ruin Euro

In a new low for Russia, which is saying a lot, after defeating Czech Republic at the Euro championships in Poland this weekend Russian fans waved neo-Nazi flags,  launched a racist attack on a dark-skinned player for the Czechs and then bloodied match stewards who tried to keep order. Later, Euro officials imposed a massive penalty on Russia for its barbarism.

People around the world gaped in slack-jawed horror as barbaric Russians threatened, even in victory, to turn the championships into a bloody pogrom.

How can this country possibly have been deemed fit to host the Winter Olympics in 2014?  When will the world realize the horror it has invited, and stop this madness?

The world’s athletes are headed into a meat grinder.  Any dark-skinned athlete, coach or official will be subject to brutal attacks. Terrorism is running rampant, and public transportation from airplanes to buses is suspect.

To allow the Sochi games to continue would be an act of international suicide.

65 responses to “Racist Russians Ruin Euro

  1. how do you know they are Russians. And where is the Nazi flag

  2. Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

    Not one flag — Nazi, Russian, or otherwise, and “pogroms” usually involve quite a few fatalities, mind you. Even if one accepts the usual crap from ever peaceful, angelic West — should the Sochi Olympics have been conditioned on the manners of Russia’s soccer fans during the European Championship? Western imbecility and depravity never ceases to astonish.

    • larussophobe ⋅

      It says “threatened” a pogrom you hopelessly illiterate troll. And the flags were all over the stadium while the game was being played, as the reporters who witnessed it clearly stated in our published links. Learn how to read before you try to write.

    • Haha, stupid woman: To threaten a pogrom is something quite different as compared to a street brawl with a miniscule number of perpetrators and victims. But as the overwhelming majority of Yanks, you’re driven by bigotry superimposed on outright imbecility. Football has never been the strongest talent of Yanks — nor will it ever, God be thanked.

      Your second claim is even more “brilliant”. Where were the Nazi flags? Didn’t see a single one during the 2 hour broadcast.

      Learn how to watch and think before you try to bring up a topic.

      • larussophobe ⋅

        So now you admit your first “comment” was hysterically inaccurate. And instead of retracting and apologizing, your “response” is to replace that comment with an even more illiterate and absurd statement? You are indeed a perfect reflection of the ape-like ignorance that is Putin’s Russia. Instead of calling for reform and the end of racism, you promote its continuation. That is why Russia continues to be a backwater, with an average life expectancy that doesn’t rank in the top 100 countries of the world.

    • Victoria ⋅

      Hey katsap – since when the football funs organize the political demonstration in the host country during sporting events. – it must be the first one. It was so crudely organized provocation – russian ‘fans’ marching through streets of Warsaw with red flags and hammer and sickle. IT WORKS IN RUSSIA NOT IN POLAND. By the way, Poland scored a goal two minutes before the end of match.. PRICELESS…

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        Was “geht” in Arschau und Pschekistan? Antwort: Nichts.

        Mon petit: Tu devrais voler à Smolensk 🙂

        • MCC ⋅

          Hey, russkyie baraklho, let me book for you a one way ticket on the flying coffin called sukkhoy – Idonesia Airport – Indonesia Vocano…..i

  3. Reith ⋅

    Yes, I agree with Manfred here, this post is impossibly moronic and selectively critical. La Russophobe is certainly accurate when she describes herself as watching these events all slack-jawed, since I can only assume that is her default pose, but it is presumptuous of her to apply that imagery to others.
    On the sporting theme, I wonder why this menopausal loon hasn’t got on her Sharapova bandwagon this week.

    • larussophobe ⋅

      What do you mean “here” you mendacious ape? You NEVER agree with, so stop lying and implying that you do.

  4. Reith ⋅

    Hoho, I should have read beneath. Sure enough, the mad old crow has indeed been on about Sharapova, who is apparently now very lucky indeed. Go figure!
    Funny, La Russophobe’s trick used to be claiming Sharapova as a product of U.S. training whenever she did well, but to dismiss her a dirty talentless whore when she did badly. Getting a bit rusty, by the looks of it.

    • Victoria ⋅

      sharapova left long time ago her native siberia – why o why sharapova lives in the USA? Her native siberia with magnificent roads, perfect infrastructure, sunny climate and total freedom wasn’t good enough for her – what is wrong with her – she prefers that decadent America???

      • Rysskiy chelovek. ⋅

        Просто в пиндоссию из России уезжает две категории недолюдей. 1.Жиды 2.Дегенераты. На жидовку она не похпжа, остается второе.

    • larussophobe ⋅

      This post isn’t about Sharapova, you illiterate troll. Can’t you at least try to get some small clue? You make Russia look like a nation of hopeless, helpless baboons.

  5. MingtheMerciless ⋅

    Ah! A nazi russkie…And I thought the cheka had them Vlassov type all disemboweled…where is bolchevik Manfred Softdick when you need him? Hiding under the bed?

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

      ¿ Qué ?

      • Victoria ⋅

        Katsap, just to refresh you memory; vlasov army – the biggest collaborators in the history – 3 million of soviet soldiers just changed the side and, overnight, became nazis. So, f##$%c off Lituania, Latvia and Estonia ….they simply were figithing the soviets and their barbaric occupation..

        • T’es sûr qu’il ne s’agittait pas de 3 milliards d’hommes, mon petit Pchèque? Plus de conneries sur Katyn?

          Quant aux pays Baltes, ils sont presque anéantis par les banques de mon pays; la Su… Tu oses deviner lequel?

          • Victoria ⋅

            Russan barakhlo, the massacre of Polish officers in katyn by the russian/mongolian hordes had nothing to do with the greatest case of collaboration in the world’s ;history – 3 million russians just changed the side overnight and from the soviet slaves became the nazi slaves. Unfortunately, there was a problem, a total and utter contempt for everything russian. Gitler for a long time refused to incorporate the soviets into the German nazi army fearing the destruction of purity of German army by the russian – how flattering…

  6. siberian_troll ⋅

    the sooner siberia come under american rule the better

    • Bohdan ⋅

      Interesting comment siberian_troll.

      If that’s the case, me thinks that it will be a race between them and Sino communist China to see who gets there first? With the clear winner, I suspect, being the Chinese.

  7. siberian_troll ⋅

    then it must be done something to give advantage to America.

    • Bogdan from Australia ⋅

      Dear Friend Siberian Troll; It looks like that moment is arriving albeit very slowly.

      Even if a prospective Republican candidate Romney is a total dupe and a hypocrite, he will try to win hearts and minds of the cretinised and confused Yanks by directing America towards the energy indpendence (after having stolen that strategic idea from Sarah Palin). Almost immediately after he issues the Presidential order of freeing America’s enormously vast energy resources, the entire strategy of Putin and OPEC of creating the oil/gas mega-cartel with the Rosha as its potential leader, in order to keep the prices of oil and gas artificially high, shall COLLAPSE and Putin’s willing and enthusiastic slaves will face again the inglorious prospect of walking around with their a***s naked.

      Subsequently, Putin’s artificially inflated popularity shall begin collapsing even faster and it is possible that he will face the fate of LITVINIENKO (it would serve Putin right).

      Then it shall be possible for the brave SIBERIANS to chose between the fate of Chechnia or fate of Alaska.

      You could join Alaska and demand to have Sarah Palin elected as your new Governor and she would make you the happiest people on the EARTH.

      Greetings from Aussie

      P.S: I can already hear the grinding of our Nazi/Kozi/STASI friend Manfi Fotzenschwanz’s teeth…

      • Bohdan ⋅

        Bogdan from Australia, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if our Nazi/Kozi/STASI mutual fiend (the letter ‘r’ omitted on purpose) of infamy, Manfi Fotzenschwanze is actually toothless, on account of him gnashing his teeth so often in his insane rages that he has worn them out totally.

        An image of him that springs to mind of a toothless American redneck from the backwaters of the Ozark mountains.

        By the way, as an item of interest, what state do you reside in Australia? Are you a Sandgropper, or a Territorian, Banana Bender, Cockroach, Gum Sucker, Crow Eater or Taswegian?

        Catch ya later mate.

      • Haha, seems like La Russophobe has turned into some really nice and hospitable Australian B&B = Bohdan and Boredan Inn.

        Soyez tranquils, les gars! Lire vos conneries-sans-cesse ne me fait pas éxactement perdre les dents. Plutôt, c’est mon Steifschwanz qui devient un peu “incorrigible” à ces occasions. Quant à la perspective de la Sibérie joignant le territoire USien, il éxiste un petit problème: Autant qu’on le sache, la Sibérie n’est pas habitée par des Russophobes, ou qu’en pense mccusa?

        • Bohdan ⋅

          Give up Monsewer Limppenis. Your communist ravings, rantings and shriekings only show you up for the trashy imbecile you really are.

          What chump?? It’s all 0K for you to rubbish LR and her staff, for doing an excellent job. And yet when the truth is written about you, you revert to a spoilt, hurt brat crying out at the so called injustice. This comrade just proves how far divorced you are from reality.

          Go back to what you excel at, which is brown nosing that soviet murderer called Putin! you know the one that your feeble brain idolizes.

          Finally turd brain this is an English language blog, so just what are you trying to prove – how mentally unbalanced you are! no need, as we already know that. Besides I do not waste my time in using Google translator (like you) to impress who, The answer I suspect can only be yourself.

          • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

            Der Name dieses Blogs ist auch Französisch, Schafskopf. Und dafür bin ich ganz überzeugt, daß unsere beliebte Kim sehr gern einige Beiträge auf Französisch auch hätte, ja?

            • Bohdan ⋅

              Mansewer Limppenis, the STASI thug showing up his true DDR colors again.

              Tell me why you brainwashed communists never use your real name only a made up alias. I know communism is a big lie, so is that why you lie about you identity too, or is it because it is an impossibility for you to be truthful? And to boot you picked a pornographic name for yourself. Now that just proves that you are sick, real sick in your ‘Schafskopf’ comrade.

              I’m starting to suspect that in real life you are a fat, bald and short cretin who takes his frustrations out in this blog.

              And the last word ‘ja’ in your tirade is definitely ‘eine “nein?”‘ You see I did study German for two years in High school, but my knowledge of that language is basic. It is nowhere near your level Herr Stasi thug. ” Das ist richtig – jawohl!”

        • Victoria ⋅

          hey russkiye barakhlo – who lives in siberia – there some small holes in the ground all over that vast territory where some drunk, hungry, russian slaves live with no electricity, no running water and no gas…On the other side -there are over a billion Chinese – they keep crossing the non-existant russian-chinese border. So Chinese are retaking their territory stolen by russia only hundred years ago with russia watching helplessly….By the way that Walk to Canossa or putin’s visit to Chine made it official – RUSSIA IS THE PROVIDER OF COMMODITIES TO CHINA..

          • Это ты на этой афише, mccusa? Кто о чем, а вшивый пшек о бане…


            • Victoria ⋅

              manfred – russkoye barakhlo – this embarrassing and humiliating act of total submission to China’s might performed by this pathetic dwarf putin has been watched with total delight all over the civilized world……….

              • Silly Pshek in Arschau masquerading as “all over the civilized world”. On this basis, it’s definitely true that the whole civilized world agrees with selfsame Pshek in Arschau. Psheks are smart people, mind you 😀

                • Victoria ⋅

                  stupid russian katsap ‘all over the civilized world’ EXCUDE russia, of course… case you didn’t know. By the way I cannot understand the ‘rasist russians’ attacking central asian muslims all over russia, while russian themselves are half mongolian. Look at your ugly faces; start with lova tolstoy, great writer – a grant you that but he truly looked like a missing link…

                  • kulen ⋅

                    Russians are mixed with lappish people, poles are mixed with jews and armenians. Whats worse?

                    • Victoria ⋅

                      lappish people – russian are 60% mongols and 40 % russian – but what does it mean russian?? russian salves, russian pathetic clowns, russian kleptocratic barbarian murderes or simply eurasian….

  8. Ugi Zopnovovinski ⋅

    RE: L.R.’s comment:
    “What do you mean ‘here’ you mendacious ape?”

    NOBODY says “mendacious”….this is unacceptable.
    Nobody uses that word.
    Please be more constructive & precise with your insults.

    Sometimes you post pretty good ones, like “illiterate baboon”
    but mendacious ape is way out there…nobody says that.

    This is unacceptable.

    • Bohdan ⋅

      Ugi Zopnovovinski, you obviously hang around with the wrong crowd, because if it is – as I strongly suspect – Putin’s Russophobes then say no more, all is clear.

      But getting back to your ridiculously irresponsible remark that “Nobody uses that word.” mendacious – I beg to differ, as it is used often especially so in the upper crust area.

      What “is unacceptable” is people of your limited mental caliber trying to teach people the English language when they themselves do not possess a sound grasp of it.

  9. Ugi Zopnovovinski ⋅

    So tell me “bohdan”

    Are you a self-taught c*cks*cker or did your
    mommy teach you how to suck c*ck?

    Just wondering

    P.S. Have A Nice Day………haha!

    • Bohdan ⋅

      Neither you crude, foul mouthed and lame brained Communist liar.

      Your big mistake is that you judge me by yourself. Bad, bad mistake – but then what can be expected your existence is a big mistake too.

      Say ‘hello’ to your prostitute mother and as for your father I bet she doesn’t know which of her clients he is?

      Finally do have another look on the mirror! that will be a big haha!

  10. MingtheMerciless ⋅

    Manfred claim to be a native from Sveeden…

    These people are usually called “DUMB SVEEDES”!!!

    Plus con que “Manfred Pissette Molle”, tu meurs…

    • Bogdan from Australia ⋅

      There is another possibility though.

      I’ve been wondering why such a degenerate filth that stinks with STASI fetor would be residing in Sweden.

      Let’s remember that STASI led by the demon called Marcus Wolf was the most succesful espionage/sabottage/terrorist agency in Europe. It had (and still possibly has) the dirty tentacles spread over the entire continent and beyond.

      For example, it is now a public secret that STASI participated in an assassination on the Pope John Paul II and had some prior knowledge about impending assassination (by Wolf’s own admition) on John Kennedy.

      It is possibel that some Swede, cretinised and infatuated with socialism (that country is thoroughly infected with such types), working on some high position in Swedish Foreign Ministry and of course being a STASI SPY and COLLABORATOR enabled Herr Fotzenschwanz to emigrate to the country of the “once were Vikings”.

      After a collapse of the “WORKER’S PARADISE” with the East German haracteristics (invert any expletive here) a great number of the best sons and daughters of the “working class” managed to leave the capitalistic hell that followed.

      For example the GREAT Erich Honecker himself, together with his bitch Margot managed to get asylum in Chile, governed at that time by the socialist regime. He did it, of cousre to escape the responsibility for the misery he has wrought on his East German subjects.

      Isn’t it paradoxical that South America has became the favourite place of asylum for both German Nazis and Kozis?


      • Bogdan from Australia ⋅

        admition=admission – apology – Bogdan

      • Bogdan from Australia ⋅


        • Bohdan ⋅

          Yes guys interesting information, very interesting.

          But referring to the latest of EUFA games, I note that ‘almighty Putin’s’ Russia got done 1-0 by the Greeks.

          I now wait with abated breath to hear “Manfred Pissette Molle” version of the event. No doubt it will be full of the lies that he breathes and regurgitates ad nauseam from his fairy tale world.

          So come on Mansewer, give us your warped and twisted view of this event? I, for one am all ears.

  11. MingtheMerciless ⋅

    Manfred Pissette Molle remind you of Israel Shamir, AKA Joran Jermas, AKA Adam Ermash, a KGB spy born in Siberia’s wasteland who first went, like Manfred (who know where Manfred was crapped out?) to Sveeden, married “wives” all over the place, a fervid neo-nazi and professional anti-semite
    who had the the chutzpah(FRONT TOUT LE TOUR DE LA TÊTE!!!) to move to Israel and vomit his nazi and communist merde all over the world FROM ISRAEL!!!

    Maybe one day them Jews will grow a spine and hang this disgusting rat from the nearest lamp post!!!

    Let’s hope for our part that Manfred Pissette Molle choke on his own lying nazi-commie-mussie bile!!!

  12. MingtheMerciless ⋅

    Israel Shamir(like Manfred) is the ugliest monkey face
    ever to be blighting this planet:

    Immediately after dropping that turd,
    his poor mother died of dysentery!

    • Bohdan ⋅

      Aah MingtheMerciless, just simply love your sense of humor! These words “Immediately after dropping that turd,
      his poor mother died of dysentery!” brought me out in fits of laughter. Your accurate description of our mutual pain in the neck made my day,

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

      Chaaaansoooon d’amoooooour

      I think it was Dmitry (a most perspicacious and affable Russian guy who used to contribute here) who made the following sober assessment:

      “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people”

      It’s about you guys 🙂

      • Bogdan from Australia ⋅

        You’re right von Fotzenschwanz.

        But what ideas can be discussed with the enslaved, infantilised, infatuated with totalitarian regimes mind like yours?

      • Bohdan ⋅

        Manfred Pissette Molle, your quote “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people” being made by a Russian shows just what a lying, dumb and stupid ignoramus you are!!!

        This quote, word for word perfect, was originally made be an American President’s wife, well before imbecile Dimwitry was born, and it made world head lines. Now I’m not going to let the cat out of the bag and tell you who she was, you dumbo will need to do some homework to find out who it was.

        Let us now face the facts that not only are you a stupid ignoramus, but you also are a damn liar, because you excel at rubbishing all the sane contributors on this magic blog. But then, when they point out the truth about your stupidity, you have the audacity to cry “wolf.” Return to your beloved RT and/or Pravda, you truly belong in those trashy crap propaganda disseminating rags.

        And by the way, the last word in your first paragraphs – “RAPPARAPPARAAA”? I take that’s the sound your backside makes when you sh*t yourself with infantile rage. Ja, hahaha Tovarish.

        Oh! by the way this lady also made the following quote ““No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” A quote that you earned and richly deserve!

  13. MingtheMerciless ⋅

    On every single thread, Manfred Pissette Moller call someone “Pshek” as if it was the ultimate insult…Out of curiosity, I looked “Pshek” up on Google…nothing but a few peoples proud of calling themselves “Pshek”…mostly Dimitris or Ivans…Russians, quoi! Nothing derogatory whatsoever!
    (Except being Russian!)

    So maybe Manfred got beat to rat shit in a bar by a jealous husband called “Pshek”???

    Quit harrassing the little Ladies when you’re drunk, Manfred,
    beside, remember your “Pissette” is “molle”!!!

  14. siberian_troll ⋅

    Sara Pailin much more attractive person than Putin. sad fact siberian majority still russian patriots.

  15. siberian_troll ⋅ another russofobe russian-languaged site in more biting manner. countless articles reveal degenerate nature of russian people its creator Sergey Melnikoff former soviet civilian, fought on side of Afganistan tribes against soviet invasion. crazy brave man.

  16. siberian_troll ⋅
    Su-27 flights forbidden after crash under Petrozavodsk. russian state lost legitimacy i think even chinese allow fewer fails.

  17. trollistan ⋅

    I seriously believe that considering Russia’s state of economic affairs, the Russian tourism ministry should start offering vacation packages to skinhead types. Suggested catchline: “Welcome to Russia, Where every day is race-riot Friday.” It would be a niche-tourism, just like gay tourism and sex tourism.

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