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Roland Garros Recap: Russian Ruin and Starstruck Sharapova

In a shocking confirmation of how quickly and how low Russian women’s tennis has fallen, there was only one Russian woman in the top 20 seeds at this year’s French Open tournament at Roland Garros, and only four Russian women were among the grand slam event’s 32 seeds.   A country that just a few years ago routinely accounted for a quarter of seeds and multiple top-ten entries has fallen from grace in a jaw-dropping manner.

Two of the four seeds, Pavlyuchenkova and Petrova, lost in the third round of the tournament, leaving only #2 Maria Sharapova and #26 Svetlana Kuznetsova to hold up the national flag in the fourth round.

It’s telling that the only Russian woman seeded in the top 20 was Sharapova, who has lived all her life in the United States and was taught to play tennis by American coaches. Not long ago, some sports pundits were predicting that Russian women would soon “dominate” the sport, but in fact Sharapova is the only “Russian” player to ever achieve any really noteworthy victories in Russia’s entire history. And Sharapova is about as Russian as hot dogs and apple pie, and it’s very clear even her achievements are much more due to good fortune than great skills on the court.  In every way that counts, she’s an American.

Meanwhile, in her fourth-round match Kuznetsova was blown off the court, failing to win a single game in the first set and barely making a struggle of it in the second. Kuznetsova struck a horrifying 38 unforced errors, more than twice as many as her opponent (who was not seeded in the top 20), and won well less than half of the points when she got her first serve in.   So, once again, this left only Sharapova, the non-Russian Russian,with a chance of getting to the quarter finals. Would Sharapova luck out once again?

She would.

We documented how Sharapova displayed her customary dumb luck in Italy before arriving in Paris, neatly avoiding having to play any of the major seeds she was drawn against before reaching the finals. And her dumb luck continued in Paris, where she avoided both the #9 and #22 seeds she should have had to face before reaching the quarter finals. Instead, in her fourth-round match Sharapova faced lowly world #42 Klara Zakopalova, a player who had never made it as far as the third round in a decade of trying at Roland Garros.

Unsurprisingly, Sharapova easily beat Zakopalova, who failed to put up any struggle at all, and then in her semi-finals match she faced world #4 Petra Kvitova, who in her own semi-finals match had barely managed to squeak past world #142 Yaroslava Shvedova of Kazakhstan after being down 2-4 in the third set.

In five prior meetings, Kvitova had beaten Sharapova only once when Sharapova did not forfeit, albeit that one match being a one-sided drubbing at Wimbledon last year. Two of Sharapova’s three match wins against Kvitova came in straight sets.

In other words, Sharapova drew a player she had dominated and who was playing at her very worst level. Amazing, isn’t it? And what’s more, due to the utterly wretched state of the women’s game at present, by beating Kvitova Sharapova could take over the number one ranking, making her the so-called best player in the women’s game.

And that wasn’t the half of it. Sharapova knew going into her match with Kvitova that should she prevail and reach the finals she would face a player, Sara Errani of Italy, who was not ranked in the top 20 players in the world.  That’s right — every single one of the top-twenty ranked players in the opposite half of Sharapova’s draw had already been eliminated, including the #1 and #3 players in the world, leaving Sharapova with a mere patsy for an opponent should she reach the finals.  This meant that Sharapova was all but guaranteed to complete a career grand slam, winning each of the four grand slams at some point in her career, if she could get past Kvitova.

The match between Kvitova and Sharapova, two former Wimbledon champions, shaped up as an epic battle to which tennis fans might have looked forward with relish. But that dream was shattered. Kvitova collapsed in pathetic fashion, playing like a qualifier, and then in the final Sharapova received an utterly non-competitive performance from Errani, who played like an amateur. Errani has one of the weakest, most pathetic serves in the women’s game, and had reached the finals only because of a spectacularly bad performance by her top-ten opponent in the semifinals, with her opponent striking more than 50 unforced errors.

In her first set with Errani, Sharapova struck three double faults to none by her opponent and eleven unforced errors to four by Errani.  But her unworthy opponent’s shots were so feeble that none of it mattered, and Sharapova raced out to a 3-0 lead.  Errani actually managed to break Sharapova’s serve despite being overmatched in every conceivable way, and then held serve twice to force Sharapova to serve for the first set at 3-5. Sharapova closed out the set, overpowering Errani as if she were a child.  In the second set it was more of the same, with Errani dropping serve in pathetic fashion to open the set and allowing Sharapova to walk off with the title without a struggle.

So Sharapova completed the career grand slam and retook the number one ranking, and in so doing she signaled that the women’s tennis game is near ruin. Great matches seem to be a thing of the past now, and titles are won by players who are a little less embarrassingly horrible than their opponents. This is the age of the Russians.  If you compare Sharapova to the other champions who have completed the career slam, it is palpable that she does not belong in their company. Sharapova’s one-dimensional power game and banshee-like shrieking on the court make her matches almost unwatchable, and seeing her lay claim to grand slam titles she does not deserve because of her remarkable good fortune is depressing, not compelling.

24 responses to “Roland Garros Recap: Russian Ruin and Starstruck Sharapova

  1. Bohdan ⋅

    Well said LR, and I cannot disagree with your comments. So to the point and on the spot factually.

    The only thing that Sharapova excels at, is her shrieking.

  2. Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

    >> The only thing that Sharapova excels at is shrieking >>

    Haha, coming from one of LR’s ardent, howling baboons, the above judgement strongly reeks of ‘professional jealousy’. Sharapova is, in all likelihood, appreciably wealthier than you. Try to equip yourself with some, shall I say, ‘complementary talents’, dolt.

    • Bohdan ⋅

      Mansewer Limpdick the communist troll at his brainless worst still. Wow do you go on with your senseless drivel and do you excel at making up propaganda, try to remember comrade that you suffer from verbal diarrhea and nothing will ever change that fact. Your motto undoubtedly is that “stupidity is a virtue.”

      You have to also remember Herr ex Stasi thug that your original German fascist regime went the way of the dodo and will never return. So your thuggish services are no longer required, nor will they ever again be. So learn to live with this! as your services like your reasoning powers have too gone the way of the dodo.

      In the meantime enjoy your stay in the perma frosts of your new adopted Sweden, they obviously have not caught up with your past yet. I’m sure the wild animals that abound there around you will listen to your worthless tirades on the soviet mass murdering communist dictatorship that you so idolize, you ad nuaseam shrieking imbecile.

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        Pretty amusing this taint about “verbal diarrhea” — after all, a few lines from me do a truly marvellous job in eliciting a dull, foul-mouthed, lengthy response from “one of LR’s ardent, howling baboons” 😀

        • larussophobe ⋅

          Just out of curiosity, is ANYONE who opposes us a baboon? Or are they all intelligent, reasonable people, and only those who support us are baboons? Have you EVER called ANYONE who opposes us a “baboon”? And, are any of our supporters reasonable? Let’s say, just for instance, the New York Review of Books? Or all they ALL baboons?

        • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

          Actually, as far as your adversaries who participate here are concerned, the answer is a plain, unambiguous “NO”. Of course, we may be outraged because of your vile and imbecilic mendaciousness, but we rarely throw tantrums, sweetheart.

          • larussophobe ⋅

            Yup, just as we thought. You believe all criticism of us is fair and reasonable, all support is deranged. In other words, you are a sociopath, and as such a perfect reflection of the degradation that is Putin’s Russia.

          • Bohdan ⋅

            Mansewer Softdick,
            What’s the matter comrade, does the truth offend you? Well it’s too bad, so get used to the hard facts of life, that you only excel in shrieking out your lying verbal diarrhea.

            I cannot help but notice about the fixation that you have about baboons? because I would never in a hundred years dream of calling you a baboon, as these primates are far more intelligent then you ever were or ever will be. And I also bet that they look more human then you ever did or ever will, and finally that a female baboon wouldn’t even give you a second glance as a partner because even by their standards you are just too plain ugly.

            So crawl back to that hole in the Swedish permafrost ground, your hovel of a home, and have another swig of your brain damaging ‘somogonka’, You’ll feel better tomorrow morning when the effects of the alcoholic stupor wear off.

            By the way comrade Softdick, I have as friends, have met and have seen many photos of Russian women and they are invariably very attractive. So your lying jibes about the ‘ugliness’ of LR’s Russian ladies carry no weight in my case. But do tell me about this insane detestation of yours, is it because all the Russian ladies that you asked out for a date, 100% knocked you back and you now have a blind hatred for them as a result? Is that right? Go on be a devil and tell me, I promise not to tell anyone once you tell me. A hearty LOL.

    • Victoria ⋅

      hey russkiye barakhlo – where did maria make the money – in siberia, you stupid russian baboon?? Surprise, surprise In the ‘declining’ West, dearlie…I don’t think she is going to relocate back to sh#$%t hole called russia any time soon…

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        Did she attend a Catholic Whoring School in Pshekistan, perchance?

        • Bohdan ⋅

          Mansewer Limppenis?

          So what’s wrong with a Catholic Whoring School? At least the product gives pleasure to ugly guys like that no sane and decent woman would be seen dead or alive with, you know like the likes of you! Yuk, and yuk.

          But, instead why don’t you tell us about your so called beloved communism, you brain dead imbecile! Yes do tell us about the misery and heartache it has caused to the millions subdued “comrades who supposedly live in the freest and luckiest paradise, (i.e. GULAG0 ” or better still tell us how your beloved communists murdered and plundered their own innocent men, women and children in the tens of millions, all in the name Russian communism.

          Come on now do tell, you brain dead ‘commo jerk’ as I am all ears. But I won’t hold my breath, as I know you will, as usual, ignore these fact of life.

          By the way, I would be intrigued by you telling, or describing your experiences in the STASI, now that would be interesting – for a change – that is when compared to the average propaganda diarrhea you vomit, ad nuaseum .

        • It’s plain to see I’ve got you right under my thumb — maybe even under my Steifschwanz. After all, it does take a fair amount of intelligence, talent, and humour to enjoy refined amusement, let alone to provide it. To me, you Psheks and Ukros turned braindead, militant Westerners sound like adolescent boys throwing tantrums or, rather, like a bunch of angry down-and-outs reluctantly sharing that precious bottle on the park bench. And, even more significant, you just can’t skip your obsession with “Who-is-Manfred-Steifschwanz”, whereas I have absolutely no obsession whatsoever with your antecedents.

          Lastly, Catholic Whoring Schools are tolerable to me as well. It’s Pshekistan that should perish — preferably in a terminable partition between Germany and Russia. Pshekistan = Worthless country, worthless people, worthless faith.

          • Bohdan ⋅

            Face the facts Mansewer Limppenis, you are just a shrieking raving lunatic. So full of his own feces that it is just unbelievable. Keep up your worthless verbal diarrhea, it speaks volumes for your lack of any “intelligence, talent, and humour to enjoy refined amusement”

            Dream on, dream on you wasted space.

          • Chaaansooooon d’amooooour

            Next to the blog barfs of deranged Psheks and Ukros, the above ditty looks all but sophisticated 😀

            • Victoria ⋅

              manfred, russkiye barakhlo, the Polish and Ukrainian people can read simple russian minds – the poor russians know very well how inferior they are to Europe so those poor pitiful slaves play the superiortity card by invading, slaugtering other peoples and culture. The Russians think that the barbarity they inflicting upon other make them civilized Europeans…

              • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

                Next to the world’s brightest Pshek, everyone comes out as a simple-minded, poor, pitiful slave, mccusa. Don’t be shy like some unfortunate Pshek in Smolensk 😀

  3. Bohdan ⋅

    And another thing you piece of brainless communist indoctrinated turd, for the the greatest part of my life I have been a Boss who employed staff that worked under my control.

    Experience taught me that the good workers never had to beat their drum to tell me how good they were. This fact could be ascertained by the quality of the work they performed.

    Whereas the idiots, whose work was invariably below standard, were always telling me how good (they thought ) they were hahaha. You know just like you do all the time about your stupid self.

    Its time that you faced the truth, namely that you sadly were born retarded, and you will die retarded as there is no cure for your malady.

    So comrade bird brain tell me once again how good, smart or intelligent you are. Oh you are a joke, haha and ha.

    • As I just told you, your antecedents are TOTALLY IRRELEVANT to me. Couldn’t possibly care less. But it was nonetheless fairly predictable that “the discreet charm of the bourgeoisie” would be on display all right:

      >> for the the greatest part of my life I have been a Boss who employed staff that worked under my control >>

      Oooh, I’m flabbergasted. How could I ever believe in anything but unconditional surrender to somebody who is a long-time BOSS ? Meritocracy reigns supreme, after all.

      To put it bluntly, my class prejudices have been appreciably corroborated. To wit: the Western petty bourgeoisie and its hangers-on merely amount to a despicable, infantile, and semi-educated rabble whose living standards and self-esteem are kept artificially high because of Western tyranny.

      • Bohdan ⋅

        Mansewer Limppenis What my “antecedents are TOTALLY IRRELEVANT to” you? But of course they are, you are “TOTALLY IRRELEVANT” as far as the human race is concerned. Bravo for once you got that point straight.

        Comrade, do you realize that when you rave on and shriek ad nauseum how smart you think you are, you’re actually proving what an imbecile you really are. I realize that you cannot help it as you are a classic example of a brain dead and brain washed communist “untermensh.”

        Just take your medication for your psychosis – which you obviously have been skipping – and tomorrow you will feel better, by being sedated to your appropriate level of a harmless zombie.

        I see from your trash, that coherent thinking is not part of your limited ability. Is this because you are still mad about loosing your job in the DDR, but then that is life, so get used to it. The sooner the better for you and especially mankind.

        PS next time you bump into your idol, midget Putin, give him a hug and kiss. He deserves it having comrades of your limited intelligence on his losing side.

  4. MingtheMerciless ⋅

    Manfred is so full of it, he cry brown tears!!!

  5. MingtheMerciless ⋅

    To resume, humanity have been ruled by Oligarchies since time immemorial…humanity survived by “trickle down” left over by the greedy bastards.
    However, the worst oligarchies are the ones promoted by Manfred and his gang of merry socialists…hardly any “trickle down” with the “Nomenklatoura” scumbags…the average Chinaman, Cuban or Korean has to make do with ten dollars a month while the “Manfreds” engrangent(Stow away) ten million dollars a month…

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