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A Treacherous Bastard Named Mark N. Katz

Mark Katz, Vile Traitor

What can you say about somebody who has been blogging for more than a year and whose blog has barely collected 2,500 hits in all that time, and no comments (DR, for contrast, is less than a year old and has nearly 50,000 hits and over 750 comments)?

Whatever it is, that’s what you’d say about George Mason University Professor Mark N. Katz.

Then take a look at, where he tries to hawk his book  about Iraq and Afghanistan. It looks like it’s been thrown together by a four-year-old, and touts the good professor’s publications in lofty forums like “Fair Observer” and “New Zealand International Review” and “The Bangladesh Daily Star” as if they were something to be proud of. Yikes.

In terms of book sales, his tome does not rank in the top six hundred thousand on Amazon and has only been reviewed twice. Ouch.

Can it be any kind of surprise, then, that this hysterically insipid loser has published an op-ed piece in the Moscow Times that is full of outrageous misstatements about Russia?

Katz claims in his “analysis” that the U.S. is doing the same thing in Bahrain that Russia is doing in Syria, and concludes that the U.S. can’t try to stop Russian barbarism in Syria until it stops its own barbarism in Bahrain.  In other words, he’s helping Russia to go on committing genocide in Syria, including the butchery of women and children.

In a stunningly dishonest propaganda diatribe, Katz totally ignores the two critical differences between Syria and Bahrain, focusing only on what he weirdly believes are similarities.  Katz ignores the fact that the U.S. is doing nothing to block international pressure on Bahrain the way Russia is directly flouting worldwide opposition to the Assad dictatorship.  And Katz ignores the fact that there is no genocide in Bahrain, only a dictatorial crackdown.

There’s much more, of course.  Bahrain has a population of 1.2 million, while Syria has a population of 20.4 million.   Bahrain is an insignificant backwater in the Middle East, while Syria is a key power player.  Bahrain is not giving massive aid and comfort to the rogue, terrorist-supporting regime in Iran the way Syria is doing, nor does Bahrain threaten Israel in any way, shape or form. To the contrary, Bahrain has been a bulwark of opposition to Iranian terror. If Syria is hiring American policemen to help reform its law enforcement mechanisms, the way Bahrain has done, we must have missed it.  If Russia had anything to do with forcing Syria to reform in this manner, we’ll eat our hats. In fact, Russia could not do so because Russia’s own law enforcement mechanisms are at least as corrupt as Syria’s. In fact, if anything, it’s Syria that need so to send supervising cops to Russia.

It’s hardly even possible to grasp the full scope of Katz’s bizarre fantasy that Russian and U.S. “naval bases’ in the two countries are similar. In fact, Russia has no navy to speak of and its “base” in Syria is a ridiculous sham, while the U.S. has an enormous strategic presence in Bahrain.  In other words, it would be far, far more difficult for the US to walk away from its base than for Russia to abandon its own.

Katz also chooses to ignore, of course, that the U.S. is a thriving pluralistic democracy where Russia remains a backwards dictatorship.  He totally ignores that Russia itself brutalizes its own population the same way its close pal is doing in Syria. That doesn’t matter to him either, it seems.

Let’s be perfectly clear:  The argument that there is some type of moral equivalency between U.S. policy on Bahrain and Russian policy on Syria is a Kremlin argument. It is the classic, neo-Soviet way in which the Russian dictatorship always seeks to justify its barbaric support for dictatorship abroad.  This argument seeks to blunt international criticism of Russia’s Syria policy, and in so doing to help Russia continue to support the genocidal actions of the Syrian dictatorship, just as it has consistently done throughout the Middle East.

And this American is offering that argument. He’s telling the world that American is just as bad as Russia, so America should sit down and shut up and let the blood continue to flow in Syria so Russia can line its pockets with arms sales and spiking oil prices.

There’s only one word for doing that:  treachery.

15 responses to “A Treacherous Bastard Named Mark N. Katz

  1. Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

    Needless to say, Yankistan most definitely is nowhere near Russia in terms of depravity, insanity, and vile degeneracy. The US is an outright peril to the species. Putin and Russia have a huge task to take down this evil monster. As regards the Middle East it’s neither Syria, nor Iran or even Bahrain that should be wiped off the map but the Zionazi statelet. Basic stuff, mind you.

    • Victoria ⋅

      Hey, russkiye barakhlo, Please DO give some details about russia’s tasks to take down the USA. I predict that the Russian ‘NATO’ including such military giants as Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc. will have NO problem with destroying the whole Western Civilization, especially with the magnificent 40-year old military hardware which the West keeps seeing during the annual russia’s humiliation called the ‘Victory parade’. I could imagine that the russian army – being fed with the DOG FOOD – would be ferocious in attaching the West… woof, woof….

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        Psheks like psychobabble with little to no variation — way to go!

        • Victoria ⋅

          russkiy katsap, you are agreeing with me in this simplistic, crude and vulgar russian way – I know it is difficult for you to do it in a more civilized way…

        • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

          Interestingly, my English skills are, ahem, ‘fairly superior’ to those of our grovelling Pshek. English teaching at Pshekistan’s Lycées de Merde Pure Catholique apparently leaves a lot to be desired. mccusa is lucky to have found a pen friend such as me — talent, humour, and compassion. Who knows — some day, even such a hapless dolt such as mccusa will catch up (or ‘katsap’ as the Psheks put it) 😀

          • Victoria ⋅

            katsap-barakhlo – I know I know, just to change the subject to avoid the obvious – to face pathetic, humiliating, slow but inevitable demise of the ‘russian empire’. A propos, is russian navy preparing itsel to take part in the destruction of the West as well ?? Of course, even ‘kursk’ – on the secret underwater mission – will take place in this ‘heroic’ enterprise – what about the russian air force – kaneszno!!- the six wobbly, old helicoters hovering over the red square during the ‘victory parade in moscow’ will pulverise the whole Western air forces…..have another glass of a contaminated russian samogon you stupid russian moron…..and keep us amusing….

          • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

            You should try to find some Russian pen friends too, naughty little boy. According to what my Russian workmate told me, Psheks are quite all right as long as they dispense with their silly delusions of grandeur.

    • Eulate

      There was a time were there was an Evil Empire. This empire was called the Soviet Union. In fact there are now three evil empires: China, Russia and Iran are the Three Evil Empires.

  2. Don Cox ⋅

    Although the Syrian regime is much more brutal than the one in Bahrain, the two are quite similar. Both are monarchies drawn from a minority, and both are determined to continue their rule.

    ( I know Al-Assad calls himself a President, but he is really a hereditary monarch.)

    • Victoria ⋅

      The whole point in the syrian fiasco is simple – it is a total russia’s defeat and humiliation – RUSSIA IS OUT OF THE MIDDLE EAST FOR GOOD…Russia’s modus operendi is very simple and predictible; create a conflict, keep the confilct frozen, ignite it to make it a hot, start slauthtering people and THEN; SET UP A SUMMIT TO DISCUSS THE PROBLEM, IT WORKED IN THE PAST. But, unfortinately, NOBODY attends the russia’s summit – Russia is treated as it should be – the third world declining, ex-super power with a low grade civil war going on all over the dying empire – hey kremlin people – you will NEVER EVER get to the top to match even in the smalest way the ONLY POWER IN THIS UNVERSE THE USA – read my lips….

  3. MingtheMerciless ⋅

    There we go again, as Ronald Reagan would say…Manfredo’s marotte seem to be calling people “Pshecks”…

    Googling “Psheks”, it seem it is nothing but a family name by people with a Russian first name like Boris or Ivan.

    In the life and time of Manfred “Pissette Molle” the vodka drinking Bolshevik, there must have been a Psheck” that gave him a memorable beating…is there any other explanation, dear national-socialist Manfredito?

      • Бохдан — мой бедный маленький дурак: действительно, это все после две недель?? Ты даже глупее, чем я думал. Tупоумная мелкобуржуазность — ура!

    • Bohdan ⋅

      Well said for a change Manturd, Limpdick! as compared to you MingtheMerciless is most certainly a “great genius.” So what does that say for you, nothing in the real world – as you are nothing more than a brain damaged communist parasite.

      What has me beat is why you pollute Sweden and ‘sponge off’ her good nature? Go to your beloved Putin’s Russia, as I’m sure they will welcome you with open arms. Why I mean a man of your experience, especially so the defunct STASI of the defunct Deutsche Demokratische Republik would be of great help to your fraternal brothers in Putin’s ruSSian KGB!!!

      Let’s be perfectly honest with each other comrade, you and I realize that the Nazi ‘Gestapo’ was but a babe in the woods when compared to the atrocities committed by your beloved STASI and/or KGB – but I look at it positively as ‘one down, one to go.’

  4. Beetlejuice ⋅

    You’ve been asleep in la-la land, Kim. The U.S had indeed been supporting the government in Bahrain (as well Egypt and Tunisia) while they were gunning down protesters (woman and children among them). Didn’t you see how troubled Obama was when his lackeys Ben Ali and Mubarak were overthrown? No of course not, you’ve yet to get a brain, scarecrow. The only “international pressure” given to these dictatorships was “everybody please calm down”.

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