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47 responses to “Obama gives the world a Neo-Soviet Russia

  1. Anti-russian ⋅

    Neo-soviet? I think it’s probably a neo-nazi russia, because of there’s lots of neo-nazi skinheads in there. Russia is the place where the most corrupt and stupid ideologies takes place, like communism, neo-nazism, etc.

  2. Iryna Harpy ⋅

    Obama gives the world a Neo-Soviet Russia?????!!!!

    What planet are you living on? The USA has been building the self-same system for decades! Try keeping up with what’s happening:

  3. Iryna Harpy ⋅

    Obama & Putin are running mandatory workforce skills classes for their staff together. Nice little exchange program!

  4. siberian_troll ⋅

    80% of american congressmen hidden communists, said i feel world in trouble

    • I’ll surely be elated to wipe out AT LEAST 80% of all American congressmen and — as far as the population is concerned — perhaps exceed this proportion. Is it a deal?

      Who would have thought one would come across fellow ardent Anti-Americans over here at LR’s ? Seems as if there’s hope even for Western imbeciles even when masquerading as residents of Siberia 🙂

  5. Rocky Barks ⋅

    Yuck! Just the ‘c’ word itself makes one sick. How can anyone in this day and age still believe in such an utopian idea, after it was compromised by the generations of mass-murderers, torture-happy sadists, provocators, blacmailers and all the creepy crawleys?! Let them out / in in their massive numbers to infest the whole world with their insatiable greed and endless cretinous lies?! The congress bums are hoping to get some backhanders for doing ‘bizzness’ with the post-sovietsky-russkis? Call them what you like, they are all petty crooks, ripping apart whatever was not nailed to the floor in the falling down Russia -Mother-of-Elephants-and-All-Other-Grand-Things, – basically speaking, as nothing is solidly screwed down there, anything can be turn into cash and stashed away in the Swiss banks, (or, somwhere safe enough, where the cowboy-commis would not get their mitts on the hard-earned hard currency of the good and loyal puty-poo’s boys and girls). They do invest in the West, sure thing, so, who cares about their compatriots back home, why bother, if they let their putties-pussys strip them all naked, or just? OK, let’s give them whatever they want, the world is not enough, let them have the Moon as well, and the rest of it all…

    Oh, why can’t the congress commis get their heads together and drop something instantly effective down that cosy puti-nest, bake a nice and fluffy omlet for a really healthy breakfast for the good guys? What a show that could be, wow! To watch the whole lot of the ‘Lubianka boys’ (aka KGB/FSB creeps) flying away with a lot of dosh into the outer space forever, leaving our poor planet for good – this is a DREAM! Come on, Mr Obama, get real, if this is too radical of a dream, get your think-tank to find a better solution, don’t play silly-billies with the gangsters, you are not gonna win a bean with them around, sharing their ‘sharapovas’ to prance around an LO stadium is not making your union any more useful to a man or beast. Useful idiots are always plenty, if the congress is full of them, – send them all to Russia, minus a salary, let them tend for themselves there, learn the language, the ‘kultura’, to sink or swim in the puti-mess for as long as it takes to join or leave their ideology practitioners in Moscow, Peterbourg, etc., why not? Jobs are plenty there for the friendly Americans and it will help to get many jobless people into Congress, they just might be a bit more clued-up and have more common sense, one never knows, why not give it a try, Mr Obama?

    • Iryna Harpy ⋅

      This forum represents the most ignorant & reprehensible demographic: those who think Stalinism & so-called Western Representative Democracy have anything to do with Communism or true Representative Democracy.

      Doesn’t anyone here get it? These terms are just catch-cries for bollocks! Neither ‘system’ represents anything other than the interests of the plutocracy.

      If you think you can shudder at one ‘system’ & appeal to the other ‘system’ you are seriously deluded.

      What a farce! Reds under the bed or Western Imperialism. There’s not a jot of difference.

      Wake up & start thinking outside of the propaganda.

      • Beetlejuice ⋅

        Iryna, don’t try to make sense out of these imbeciles. Rocky here wouldn’t know the difference between his mom and an NKVD interrogator. His definition of a Communist is a Wall Street business man who leans a bit towards the center from the right of politics. What you are witnessing here is the mind of the American conservative. Don’t let it get to you. Just sit back and enjoy a good laugh.

        • Iryna Harpy ⋅

          Cheers, Beetlejuice! Don’t be concerned on my account. I treat this forum with the same respect as I do YouTube. Every now & then it’s entertaining to tweak a nose or two. I’ve been recovering from a bout of the flu so I can only attribute writing this to a moment of delirium where I mistook it for somewhere over the rainbow. Next stop: YT. I have some ‘serious’ trolling to do! 🙂

          • Beetlejuice ⋅

            Not really. On youtube you can actually argue on topics that actually make sense. I’m just here right now because I need a good laugh, and Kim Zigfeld tops anything I can find at a grocery store checkout counter.

  6. mingthemerciless ⋅

    No government at all and you are ruled by small time mafias like in Somalia…But everywhere, Big Government under whatever label have been flourishing…civil servants, police, Army personnel spending more and more on themselves and on huge nonsensical projects until everybody is bankrupt and professional rioters…(i,e. Somalia types of Mafias) are ruling the burning streets…it was seen in Greece lately and underground sources report that China is having massive riots(8,000 a day!) that are kept secret by the estimating 200 million unemployed that are slowly dieing of hunger…Meanwhile
    China’s Vice President Xi Jinping has amassed a fortune of a thousand billion dollars, the biggest in human history, has 30 fake address ABANDONED mansions each worth thirty million dollars…I also see Canadair and Gulfstream are selling thousands of flying yatches worth a hundred million each to the ruling world’s Oligarchies(Bureaucrats) so they can look at us all from seven miles up in the sky traveling between marble palaces…

    Most likely there is coming an apocalypse that will rival the war Hitler and Stalin had together…wait till Putin realize
    Xi Jinping have seized Siberia and kicked all the Russians out(Chinamen are extremely racists…ask anyone who has been to China!)…See what a cornered rat does…Putin has thousands of working nukes…and the invasion of Siberia by China is the only outlet that the Red communists have for their rioting masses!

    Google the expulsion of Bloomberg News(owned by the billionnaire Mayor of New York)from China over the revelations of the corruption of the future President of China, it’s current Vice-President Xi Jinping.–finance.html

  7. mingthemerciless ⋅

    If you have any doubts about Xi Jinping, remember Bo-Xilai’s disappearance…
    He was next in power, but made the mistake of trying to resurrect the Maoist Red Guards to fight the oliguarchie’s corruption…and the big guys then remembered looking at
    party members forced to eat their own livers in public during Mao’s big purges…Bo Xilai’s wife was accused of poisoning her English boyfriend, like if a little perversion bothered the Chinese Communist party apparatus…we all remember Mao had a whole orphanage of baby girls he could rape and murder at will and he was never bothered!

  8. mingthemerciless ⋅

    CPUSA (Communist Party USA)official outlet was called”New Party”…guess who was member?
    O’Bammy was a cokie then…is that an excuse?

    These socialists are real ingrates, after O’Bummer tossed a few trillions their way! Should he have tattooed a swastika on his forehead like Charlie Manson(The swastika was an early bolchevik symbol, check it out!)

    • Beetlejuice ⋅

      You’re obviously nothing more than a tabloid-reading imbecile.

      The swastika is an ancient symbol which has been turned into a symbol of evil in the 20th century by militant conservatives in Germany led by Adolf Hitler. Study, kid.

      • Iryna Harpy ⋅

        Hahahahahaha! If Ming picks up on this you’re in for some fun! He’s a buddy of mine & we’re both a little desperate for some trolling at the moment. Don’t underestimate his intelligence, his knowledge & his ‘merciless’ ability to drive you crazy for the sake of his amusement. The right wing rulz, KO!… or duz it?

        • Iryna Harpy ⋅

          Incidentally, Beetlejuice, you can find me @ YT as irynski (you’ll know it’s me because I’m Iryna Harpy on my channel). Drop in & say hello!

  9. Auriga ⋅

    Obama is your Gorby, sitdown, relax and see how your country gets dismantled

  10. Kim ZIgfeld and her acolytes would make non-stop miracles if only somebody could have them catapulted right into the Offal Office. Quite often, pure drooling imbeciles actuallly do turn out to possess an eerie, subconscious sense of practicality. Vladimir Putin — beware! 🙂

  11. Beetlejuice ⋅

    Actually Manfred, Kim may be right. Check this out:

    Russophile American sent a Putin thug against another American.

    • Iryna Harpy ⋅

      Bwahaha! I went on a tour of the Pentagon. It’s easy to get lost in Disneyland, but if you follow the map, it’s easy to find: right next door to Fantasy Land.

  12. siberian_troll ⋅

    nice fight

    • Beetlejuice ⋅

      Wait until you see this. Putin is even sending Russian children to the USA to destroy American familes

      • Iryna Harpy ⋅

        You mean he’s sending them to Hollywood to ensure there are enough child actors to play in Hollywood schlock. That’s pure evil!

        • Beetlejuice ⋅

          Both videos are for poking fun at this blog. Isabelle Fuhrman is an American actress playing a Russian orphan. The previous video is from The Punisher (2004 movie). The Russian is played by American professional wrestler Kevin Nash.

          • Iryna Harpy ⋅

            Er, yes. I did only JUST manage to pick up on that, although it nearly went over the top of my head. Thank you for assuming that I’m completely vapid. Naturally, being a female, my brain is only the size of a peanut. In fact, my husband has to boot up the computer for me because anything technical is too difficult to grasp.

  13. Way too sophisticated for LR’s Chief Execrable Offal, given the opera music. Should do with some inarticulate Western noise, though.

    • Beetlejuice ⋅

      The opera adds to the scene’s thrill. But in Kim’s case, yeah, something like Jessica Simpson or Paris Hilton would be more to her liking.

  14. I can just imagine Betelgeuse spitting beetlejuice on Manfred Pissette Molle!

    • Iryna Harpy ⋅

      Bwahahaha! How is it that I KNEW you wouldn’t be able to resist.
      Wait a minute. I have to make a cup of tea & get my smelling salts lest my peanut-sized brain gives out on me. Don’t say anything too clever… after all, you know you’ll have to reduce it into bite-sized morsels of information for me.

      – Dumb redhead with big boobs.

    • No, you can’t. You’re way too dense to imagine just about anything that hasn’t been pre-digested and handed down to you by courtesy of the Corporate Media. However, what’s definitely most laughable about you Western supremacists is your total inability to dispense even with the most obnoxious, silly habits of the typical fascist rabble — to wit, raging and fuming. Spiritual kinship indeed.

      • Iryna Harpy ⋅

        I beg your pardon, Manfred. You’re obviously not one given to actually reading people’s comments before pouncing down their throats having judged them on a cursory glance & elicited what YOU wish to elicit. No doubt, you haven’t even noticed the fact that I referenced an article from WSWS: hardly mainstream corporate media! I’ve noted that your friend, Beetlejuice, felt compelled to explain the ‘humour’ in his attached vids to me. Enlighten me, oh great ones, as to who is the supremacist here? There’s nothing quite as pleasant as being assumed to be one of Untermensch. Yes, spiritual kinship indeed.

      • Iryna Harpy ⋅

        So, what’s your 5 year plan on this, Manfred & Beetlejuice? Do you anticipate the Global Revolution & expect that the plethora of pseudo-Socialist factions are all going to hold hands & skip happily – in peace & harmony – into the sunset together? If history has taught us nothing else it is that revolutionary centralised governments simply end up mimicking the very forms of governance they purportedly sought to demolish. We end up with the same systems, the only difference being that the hierarchy has been replaced by different people with the same hunger for power. A centre of governance is necessary, but decentralization is the key to true democracy as opposed to totalitarianism. The process of continuous assessment & scrutiny is the only practical key the masses have in our quest for true Representative Democracy. Nice idea. Now, we only have to address the issue of reconstructing the current world economic system… but, hey, let’s not sweat the small stuff!

    • Iryna Harpy ⋅

      I know this one! This is My Brain Just Scuttled Away explaining what a small head is to his Man Friday. Are all of their conversations this scintillating, Ming?

  15. Manfredo Pissettemolle call everything that give him heartburn “Fascist” or “nazi”…notwithstanding Godwin laws, he should be reminded that Bolshevik currency and passports sported a huge swastika in the background!(look it up on google!).

    Also, Ernst Roehm, Adolf Hitler’s homo pimp in Vienna and the architect of the gay nazi party(National-SOCIALIST) considered himself and the nazi party as BOLCHEVIK FIRST!(just like Manfred here)
    Roehm quote:
    “Adolf is a swine. He will give us all away. He only associates with reactionaries now. His old friends aren’t good enough for him. Getting matey with the East Prussian generals. They’re his cronies now. Adolf is turning into a gentleman. He’s got himself a tail-coat now. Adolf knows exactly what I want. I’ve told him often enough. Not a second edition of the old imperial army. Are we revolutionaries or aren’t we? Allons, enfants de la patrie! If we are, then something new must arise out of our élan, like the mass armies of the French Revolution. If we’re not, then we’ll go to the dogs. We’ve got to produce something new, don’t you see? A new discipline. A new principle of organization. The generals are a lot of old fogeys. They never had a new idea.”

    To Hermann Rauschning about Adolf Hitler in May, 1933. Quoted in “Hitler: Study of a Revolutionary?” – Page 82 to Page 83 – by Martyn Housden – History – 2000

    DIDN’T HITLER GO TO THE DOG? Eh, Manfredo?

    • Iryna Harpy ⋅

      Pity I can’t give you KARMA for this one, Ming. I’ll just have to write a ‘touché’ & a ‘kudo’!

      • Iryna Harpy ⋅

        D’ya think Manfredo has earned himself a pink swastika for this lively attempt at a bitchy burn? I’m going to give him a red elephant stamp & a red star for effort.

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

      Yankee drivel
      Void and trivial

      • Iryna Harpy ⋅

        Oooh, what a burn! Now that was easy. How about making an attempt at answering my questions above? I’ve given you an indication as to my stance… why don’t you have the courtesy to respond in some manner?

  16. Big boobs have a very smart red head on top!

    Hum…no, not that one…THAT ONE!!!

    If you wonder what I look like…there it is(less 400 pounds)

    Now, in all fairness, Kim should post a picture of herself too!!!


    • Iryna Harpy ⋅

      Are you really interested that interested in seeing her CT scans?

    • Iryna Harpy ⋅

      Oops. Don’t know what happened there. Kind’o took the pow out out of it. Obviously, it was meant to read:
      Are you really that interested in seeing her CT scan?
      Yep, it’s officially a klanger.

  17. Iryna IS actually a red head…I forget about the eyes…
    You’ll have to ask her:

    • Iryna Harpy ⋅

      Loved this the moment I saw it! You even managed to keep the upside-down crucifix dangling over my forehead! I actually put in contacts called ‘Angelic’ in order to accommodate Ponce de Pissettemolle’s religious fervour. I guess they just don’t make me look terribly angelic (hehehe). You know what colour my eyes are: sort of a pooh-grey!

  18. Look like we lost our gay Jacobins “Sans-Culottes” couple here…your boobs must have scared them away!

    Maybe they are members of the same club Obama and Rahm are attending in Chicago…Rumor has it it took the “contributions” of the whole “Men’s Club” to get Mochelle Robinson-Obama knocked up!

  19. “Yankee drivel
    Void and trivial”

    Wonder what that has to do with the embarrassing Ernst Roehm quote???

    Yankee? Ernst Roehm went abroad to help the Bolivian Army get beaten up by Paraguay in the “Chaco war”…nothing very glorious there, Paraguay having only one quarter the strength of the Bolivians but still managing to win!

    Yes, socialists always screw up!

  20. These “Socialists” are all the same…from “The Pink Swastika”:

    In “Germany’s National Vice”, Samuel Igra wrote that as a young man Hitler “had been a male prostitute in Vienna and Munich” (Igra:67). Lending credence to this is the fact that for quite a long time Hitler “chose to live in a Vienna flophouse known to be inhabited by many homosexuals” (Langer:192). That “flophouse” was the Meldemannstrasse Hostel. Hitler’s long-time “gay” friend Ernst Hanfstaengl identified this residence as “a place where elderly men went in search of young men for homosexual pleasures” (Machtan:56). “It was an open secret at the beginning of the 20th century,” adds Machtan, “that municipal hostels for homeless males were hubs of homosexual activity…[where many young men] kept themselves afloat by engaging in prostitution. Hitler spent over three years in this environment” (Machtan:51).
    This would help to explain Hitler’s close relationships to his purportedly homosexual patrons Dietrich Eckart and Karl Haushofer. Rector writes that, as a young man, Hitler was often called “Der Schoen Adolf” (“the handsome Adolf”) and that later his looks “were also to some extent helpful in gaining big-money support from Ernst Roehm’s circle of wealthy gay friends” (Rector:52).
    But Hitler was apparently not involved with homosexuality solely to survive financially. Even in his pre-Nazi years, most of Hitler’s reputed homosexual encounters were consensual meetings in which no money changed hands. Machtan suggests that each of Hitler’s longer-term relationships in his youth — with Reinhold Hanisch, August Kubizek, Rudolf Hausler and Ernst Hanfstaengl — were homosexual “love affairs.”
    There are numerous other incidents (“one night stands”) in which Hitler was purported to have been the solicitor and not the solicited one. Eugen Dollman, former member of Himmler’s staff and one-time Hitler interpreter, cited testimonies from the files of the Munich vice squad in which a series of young men identified Hitler as the man who had “picked them up” on the streets for homosexual relations (Machtan:135ff). Dollman himself was also homosexual (ibid.).
    Additional allegations addressed homosexual conduct by Hitler during the first World War. The so-called “Mend Protocol,” a document prepared by German military intelligence under Admiral Canaris, contains the testimony of Hans Mend. Considered highly credible, Mend had this to say about Hitler:


    Meanwhile, we had gotten to know Hitler better. We noticed that he never looked at a woman. We suspected him of homosexuality right away, because he was known to be abnormal in any case. He was extremely eccentric and displayed womanish characteristics which tended in that direction….In 1915 we were billeted in the Le Febre brewery at Fournes. We slept in the hay. Hitler was bedded down at night with “Schmidl,” his male whore. We heard a rustling in the hay. Then someone switched on his electric flashlight and growled, “Take a look at those two nancy boys.” I myself took no further interest in the matter (Ibid:68)

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