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Pseudo-Russian Carries Russian Flag in London

It has been announced that so-called “Russian” Maria Sharapova will carry the flag for Russia at the opening ceremony of the summer Olympics this year in London.

Can Russia sink any lower?  Maria Sharapova repudiated her country long, long ago. She traveled to the USA as a child and that is where she learned to play professional tennis, from American teachers.  She never returned to Russia to reside, and she is going to marry a non-Russian.  She is a full-time resident of the United States, where she owns real estate and pays taxes. She has hardly ever played for the Russian team, and when she has done so it has been without distinction.  She virtually never visits or spends time in Russia, much less does she even consider such a thing as living there.  When she speaks on the tennis court, she speaks English.

What’s more, Sharapova is an absolute scam, as we have said many times she should be called Shamapova.  Her so-called “victories” have come only due to pure dumb luck, when she has appeared in tournaments and watched all her serious competition fall by the wayside of its own accord, no thanks to her own wretched, one-dimensional play.  Even worse is her godawful, appalling, unbearable screeching on the court, which gives a bad name to the women’s game as much as her unwatchable play.

Is this really the best person Russia can offer the world to represent it at the Olympics? If so, that is a sad commentary on the state of this pathetic country. What about all the real Russian athletes, who live and train in Russia and work with coaches who do the same?  They have every right to be outraged by this absolutely insane decision on the part of Russia’s Olympic Committee, and to feel that their country is an even more hopeless mess than ever.

14 responses to “Pseudo-Russian Carries Russian Flag in London

  1. siberian_troll ⋅

    sinking lowest does not wave russia since 1917 when passive homosexualist and mass murderer Lenin with boyfriends came to power. the sooner war begins with NATO, the better. there is chance of punishing current regime.

    • Beetlejuice ⋅

      That must make you excitied.

      The only problem with you calling for a war between Russia and NATO is that you know damn well you’d be standing in a yellow puddle if you were called to the front line. Besides, NATO has no desire much less plans to go to war with their Russian business partners.

  2. Auriga ⋅

    Why so butthurt? You write about Sharapova more then about the rest of Russia

  3. Rare_F5_Twister ⋅

    Enough Sharapova, Kim! I’m tired of that asshole. I agree with what you say about her, but please stop posting things your audience is not even remotely interested in. Write about floods in Krymsk.

    • larussophobe ⋅

      What’s there to say about that, really? Once again, the Kremlin disregards the lives of citizens, and once again the citizens respond like lemmings and do nothing about it. It happens so often, it’s hardly news.

  4. Yes, a bunch of monkeys get drowned, and generally behave like animals…black…white…same thing.

    However, white victims in Louisiana only used 01% of resources and recovered swiftly…easy to figure, black Americans are a nation of state parasites just like Russians!

    • Beetlejuice ⋅

      Remember this ignoramus, Kim, the next time I see you whining about blacks in Russia being beaten by skinheads. You clearly have the same ignorant filth on your side.

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        But those Russian skinheads are not contributing to Kim’s magnificient blog, mind you Beetlejuice. With regard to the blog’s extraordinary power, depth, sophistication, and lucidity, Ming is seond only to Kim — or maybe not.

        PS. Initially, I intended to write “shrewdness”, but realized the risk of it being perceived as a “backhanded compliment” meaning “an aggregation of apes” — hence “lucidity” above /DS.

  5. Sniveling preciosity is not synonym with intelligence, Manfred Softdick!

  6. And you are a mincing coprophile katamite, Manfredo Cocksucker!(Even if there is nothing wrong with that, as Seinfeld said)

    I know, it is PC to hate djooz like Seinfeld for you commies…but remember that your buddies the sand nigger nazis also hang you faggots with all the construction cranes they can gather every week ends!

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

      Well, if nothing else you do sound like an Ashke-Nazi, Ming. Do you consider your intelligence to be above or below the Ashke-Nazi average?

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