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Putin, Krymsk and the Neo-Stalinist Meat Grinder

You hardly needed to read this report on the horrific flooding in southern Russia which has killed nearly 200:

Officials have acknowledged they were aware of the dangers posed by rising waters, but failed to deliver that information to the residents of Krymsk, the city of 57,000 devastated by the flood.

You already knew it was the case.

It is the same each and every time something like this happens in Russia, just as it was in Soviet times.  The government of Russia, embodied by the Kremlin and its hoard of proud KGB spies, simply does not care about the lives of ordinary Russians.

And it does not care for one simple reason:  Those ordinary Russians don’t demand to be cared about. They turn a blind eye as their government commits all manner of atrocities, from invading Georgia to murdering Anna Politkovskaya.

In fact, at best they turn a blind eye. At worst, they stand and cheer, or turn in their neighbors, actually carrying out such barbaric acts.  And they continue to elect and reelect Putin and his KGB cohort, and continue to allow them to roll the clock back on human rights.

Even as the reports of horror in Krymsk were rolling in, it was also being reported that the Russian Duma was putting the finishing touches on brutal new measures to block foreign human rights support and crush the Internet, the two last remaining vestiges of support for the Russian opposition movement. Also moving in the Duma is a law that would, in effect, make criticizing Putin and his cadre of demons a criminal offense, just as in Soviet times.

When Russians act this way, it’s very hard to feel sorry for them when natural disasters brutalize them.  There was a time when we saw Russians as innocent victims of their government, as oppressed by it as we were. But now, it’s hard not to see them as perpetrators, collaborators, and part of the problem, not the solution.

49 responses to “Putin, Krymsk and the Neo-Stalinist Meat Grinder

  1. bill ⋅

    The Ottoman empire of the 21st century.

  2. mingthemerciless ⋅

    China has practically taken over Siberia as we speak…

    Soon the new Chjnese Golden Horde will vacation in Crimea
    like the Mongolians used to do…Russians will shiver in the dark and maybe the New Khan will use Putin on all four as a coffee table!!!

    • siberian_troll ⋅

      i think Russia true horde here, according to historical data orthodox tatar cavalry went serve to Moscow in XV-XVI century where they became new aristocracy. Russia uses militiary mongol doctrines until current moment: large amount of troops, mass terror on local population and huge taxes disruptive to possible resistance.

  3. siberian_troll ⋅

    unofficial value of Krymsk deaths 6400, official 150. what methods regime used to hide bodies?

  4. siberian_troll ⋅

    i heard one of the leaders of Afganistan antisoviet resistance was killed by suicide bomber last year. it means Kremlin has long memory and not refused from Afganistan invasion yet. expansion of the horde is permanent. or eternal.

  5. Ugi Zoponov ⋅

    “They turn a blind eye as their government commits all manner of atrocities, from invading Georgia to murdering Anna Politkovskaya.”

    Are “they” really turning a blind eye, or are they scared to death about contacting the police-state gov’t?
    It is the latter & you know it.

    Stop adjusting logic for your convenience!

  6. siberian_troll ⋅

    while Krymsk people meet with governmental abuse Kremlin intended deliver gunships to Syria

  7. Roger Hellbourne ⋅

    You guys are full of it. Always makes me laugh, brightens my day to read your paranoid comments. Keep it coming.

  8. Beetlejuice ⋅

    At least you can still go to a movie theatre in Moscow and not get shot up by some fanatic unlike in America–abc-news-topstories.html

  9. Beetlejuice ⋅

    “The government of Russia, embodied by the Kremlin and its hoard of proud KGB spies, simply does not care about the lives of ordinary Russians.”

    I knew Kim Zigfeld and her Russophobic club members had something in common with Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin.

  10. mingthemerciless ⋅

    The Obama’s Occupy Wall Street movement brag about the shooter being one of their own “Black Bloc” professional terrorist rioter…just more beetlejuice pissers…

    • Beetlejuice ⋅

      “Obama’s Occupy Wall Street movement”….LOL! Make some room for Romney’s Peace Movement, and David Duke’s Multiculturalist movement. [as Beetlejuice] It’s show time.

      You’re more full of shit than a manure truck. Try again when you find something unedited by photoshop.

  11. Seen on a cockroachcrap communist site:
    (picture of a bunch of communist Black Bloc terrorists with the same kind of military boots destroying a store)

    Then Black Bloc scumbags scream:
    AH! Proof that every act of terror they blame us for is actually police provocateurs!

    As if buying a dozen lot of military surplus boots made these terrorists policemen!

    Stop insulting our intelligence, cockroachcrap, the “peace movement” and National-SOCIALIST David Duke are all marxist fronts! (And muslim terror supporters!)Look up “Jacque Doriot” Communist, Pacifist and National-Socialist,
    all rolled like you scum into a ball of disgusting crap!

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

      Kleinbürger — hast du Angst?

    • Beetlejuice ⋅

      I’m noting your lack of intelligence, Ming The Moron. And your extremely high level of ignorance, talking out of your ass. It is clear that the concept of Communism, pacifist, and militant conservative christians are as familiar to you as the bible is to a donkey.

  12. Jacques Doriot, pacifist communist leader, was yelling with his Bolshevik troopers; “We shall not die for Danzig!”(Secretary of the French Federation of Young Communists)
    Overnight he went(with German money)NATIONAL Socialist(same difference…a cockroach is a cockroach)
    And soon, Doriot was creating the Legion des Volontaires Francais…a section of the Waffen SS Charlemagne…
    But the German cockroaches did not like the cloporthes francais and soon a strafing Spitfire turned Doriot into a pink cloud in a countryside ditch…GOOD RIDDANCE OF BAD PACIFIST GARBAGE!

    I see Manfred is a spelling lil nazi…how fitting!

    • Beetlejuice ⋅

      Again, you’re just pulling things out of your ass. And its funny you accusing others of being Nazis when according to your post on the Russian flood disaster you share the same views as the Nazis regarding people of color. Like a Nazi, you’re an ultra-conservative, Ming The Moron. Your mother must’ve been a professional weight lifter to have raised such a big dumbell like you.

  13. Communist ignoramuses dont like being equated with nazis(national-socialists) as if the Ribbentrop pact never existed(it is hilarious to read the communist’s and the nazi’s excuses for the peace that made Stalin the Hitler’s supplier for Europe’s conquest)

    In the USA for sure, most commies are also flaming homosexuals…so happened that ALL the high ranking German nazis where also homosexuals…

    • Beetlejuice ⋅

      To equate the Nazis with Communists is very imbecilic (you’re the WINNER), considering it was the Red Army who smashed the Nazi hordes. Nazi Germany was a conservative paradise, they hated gays and people of color (your second prize). If I was a Communist, does that mean I’m getting you aroused? You know what they say about homophobes: the biggest ones are the ones in the closet. The Nazis were the biggest defenders of the German family, including criminalization of abortion and women being submissive to men (Kinder, Kuche, Kirche: Children, Kitchen, Church). The Hitler-Stalin pact was Stalin’s own stupidity that involved him practically handing the USSR on a silver platter to Hitler and saying Bon Appetit. And who cares about Jacques Doriot, he was a bad seed that later helped the Nazis in their christian crusade against the USSR. I don’t even know why I’m explaining this to you, your senior year was obviously the 6th grade.

      • Bogdan from Aussie ⋅

        You pathetic, ignorant and generally brainless Beetlesh*t. National Socialist German Worker’s Party. What don’t you understand? What has it to do with a conservatism, you moron?

        In fact, Hitler himself toyed shortly with the communism right after the WW1 when he was an active member of the group of German communists (COZIS) who attempted to create the Communist Republic of Bavaria.

        If you bothered to emplyy your decaying brain, you would find an information in numerous sources and recently in a lenghty article in the German Lefty “Der Spiegel”.

        Hilte’r’s closest pal at that time was Ernest Roehm who himself was also a COZI.

        It was their anti-semitism that drove Hitler and Roehm from the German commies and led to create their own version of socialism – national socialism.

        Also, you stinking leftoid crap, shortly before the demise of Weimar Republic, Stalin has sent a letter to Thalmann, the boss of German commies to cooperate with Nazis in a destruction of the republic.

        Find an article tittled “Nazis and Cozis” in Der Spiegel published some two years ago and have a read.

        • Beetlejuice ⋅

          We’ll let’s see Bogdan from Asshole: A far right-wing conservative party who started off totally based on the reactionary elements of the working class. It is clear like your boyfriend Ming, that terms like Communism, fascism, capitalism are just popular terms to which you know jack shit about. The Nazi ideology: racism, anti-semitism, sexism, homophobia, anti-abortion, anti-woman, strict family laws, religious fanaticism, nationalism. What’s not conservative about it, no-brain? Hitler always looked at Marxism as a “Jewish poison” that infected the purity of the “aryan race”. The Nazis took power from no one in 1933, but had power handed to them by the German capitalists, tycoons, counts, barons, and aristocrats. Germany’s largest steel tycoon even gave the Nazis 3 million Reichmarks. Nazism is militant conservative, and a more extreme brand of capitalism. Maybe when you get to Oz you can ask the Wizard for a brain, Scarecrow. All that Nazi bashing, and yet I’m sure Stepan Bandera is your ultimate hero. Stay away from history, little one. It’s not for the ignorant and mind constipated such as you.

          • Bogdan from Aussie ⋅

            You pathetic ignorant and moronic Beetlepiss. Why don’t you dig into Der Spiegel’s archives to read about the history of the cooperation between Hitler and Stalin but salivate yourself about some unspecified German industrialist who has given Hitler Geld to Hitler without mentioning his name?

            And speaking about funding socialism; Those have been German GELD from the Foreign Ministry that helped Lenin and his sub-human cohorts to launch the Bolshevik “revolution”.

            During the WW1 Germans have also helped Lenin and his band of criminals with a diplomatic cover to allow them to be smuggled to Russia via Finland and helped them with food and other material support to survive in Petersburg.

            Without German GELD the so called “proletariat”revolution in Russia wouldn’t have survived even a few days.

            You self deluded COMMUNO-FASCIST CRAP!

            Appart from that I’m from Poland originally so Bandera is by no means my hero like Beria for you for example.

            • Beetlejuice ⋅

              The Hitler-Stalin Pact is a well known fact that no one with a brain denies. You don’t need to read Der Spiegel for that. That has nothing to do with Lenin. The German’s did NOT help Lenin. They just wanted to get him the hell out of Germany so he didn’t stir people up there; but rather in Russia so he could close the Eastern Front. Read some history, imbecile, but I don’t think that’s possible, and here’s why:

              What happened to the Polish national library?
              Someone stole the one book

              Speaking of reading, did you hear about the Polish guy who studied for 5 days?
              He was scheduled to take a urine test.

              The other day I asked little Piotr Polakowski, “What’s your favorite subject in school?” He said, “Mathf.” I said, “Piotr, there’s no F in Math.” Piotr said, “Yes, there is. Take a look at my report card.”

              Talking about math, why did the Polish student eat his math test?
              Someone told him it was a Piece of Cake.

              Last week I saw a Polish kid at school with a ladder. So I asked him, “What’s with the ladder?” He said, “I’m trying to get to High School.”

              Why did the Polish kid carry his bike to school?
              His mom told him it was too far to ride.

              • Bogdan from Aussie ⋅

                Beetlecrap, typically for the slave of COMMUNISM with a totally washed and disfuctional brain you are refusing to listen to the truth.

                I mention Der Spiegel because it is lefty piece of a journalistic crap, however even they have enough consciousness to publish the truth from time to time.

                For that reason I direct you to that magazine not expecting you to reach out for any meaningful book dealing with the subject of communism.

                Read something and learn something you ape before attempting to make another ignorant comment on the matters you have no idea about

                • Beetlejuice ⋅

                  “typically for the slave of COMMUNISM with a totally washed and disfuctional brain you are refusing to listen to the truth.”

                  I’m not a Communist, you ignoramus. I just read history, and with that I can make my own conclussion in disproving the romantic popular side of history. But you’re making progress I see. You’ve pretty much shut up about the Nazi not being conservatives. I’m proud of you, son.

                  “For that reason I direct you to that magazine not expecting you to reach out for any meaningful book dealing with the subject of communism.”

                  You first, little Bogdan.

                  “Read something and learn something you ape before attempting to make another ignorant comment on the matters you have no idea about”

                  Again, you first. But apes are smarter than Poles. Speaking of which, you’re Catholic, right? Can you tell me how we know that Jesus wasn’t born in Poland?
                  Because they couldn’t find three wisemen and a virgin in Poland.

                  • Bogdan from Aussie ⋅

                    You pathetic little totalitarian ape called beetlesh*t.

                    You are wrong in every sentence.

                    Firstly, I don’t denigrate you because of your nationality, religion or colour of your skin.

                    For that very reason you have no invitation to denigrate me for being a Pole, you degenerate, rasist, chauvinistic pig (apology to pigs).

                    Secondly I’m an atheist but has never lost a love nor respect for Christianity.

                    I know that the totalitarian dgenerates like yourself have no problem with killing unborn children in mass as they have no problems with murdering people in general and in their milions.

                    After all the communist regimes and their assiociates have murdred 100 milion of them in a XX century.

                    Thirdly, you have wrongly interpreted my comment about Hitler and Nazis proving that your brain is in a total decay.

                    Of course, you moron, Hitler and Nazis were LEFTISTS.

                    For that reason they have been supported by the commies, cocialists and fascists of the pre-war Europe when invaiding Poland in 1939.

                    That all for you, you sub-human degenerate leftoid crap.

                    I’m not going to waste more time for you.

                    • Beetlejuice ⋅

                      “Firstly, I don’t denigrate you because of your nationality, religion or colour of your skin.”

                      That’s because I’m American. 😉 But you would if I had been born Russian now wouldn’t you? Your racism is based on rage and ignorance. I counter that by more imaginative and comical methods, hence the Polish jokes. Can’t appreciate good old American humor, huh?

                      “For that very reason you have no invitation to denigrate me for being a Pole, you degenerate, rasist, chauvinistic pig (apology to pigs).”

                      Did you hear about the Pole who walked into a doctor’s office with a pig? Doctor said, “That is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.” Pig says, “I know!”

                      How about the Pole who walked into a bar with a duck? Bartender says, “Get that stinking, dirty pig out of my place!” Pole says, “You stupid idiot, this is a duck!” Bartender says, “I was talking to the duck!”

                      “Secondly I’m an atheist but has never lost a love nor respect for Christianity…I know that the totalitarian dgenerates like yourself have no problem with killing unborn children in mass as they have no problems with murdering people in general and in their milions.”

                      Then, you’re what I call a fake atheist. Someone who denies the existence of God but is a champion of forcing religious instituted dogma down the public’s throats. Who’s gonna take care of a baby that can’t be provided a good life, or is born with diseases? Right-wing nutjobs like you? Please! You’d just let them run wild in the streets and support cop terror against them.

                      Do you know what happaned to the Polish anti-abortion terrorist that tried to blow up a car while the doctor was in it?
                      He burned his mouth on the exhaust pipe.

                      “Thirdly, you have wrongly interpreted my comment about Hitler and Nazis proving that your brain is in a total decay…Of course, you moron, Hitler and Nazis were LEFTISTS.”

                      I’ve already proven to you that Nazis were right-wing militant conservatives, you’ve proven NOTHING on your end and just keep repeating the same crap like a parrot. Just empty statements. You’re truly an ignorant person.

                      By the way, you know what they call a pimple on a Pole’s ass?
                      A Brain Tumor

                      “That all for you, you sub-human degenerate leftoid crap.”

                      Truthfully, I love Poles. I really do. The other day I told this Polish acquantance of mine, “Don’t ever change, buddy!” A month later I said, “I didn’t mean your underwear!”

                      How did the Polish mother teach her son which way to put his underwear on?
                      Yellow in the front, Brown in the back.

        • And what good is the non-stop raging and fuming of some God-forsaken psychotic Pshek émigré in Australia, spouting pre-fabricated tripe about 20th century history?

          Sorry, lad: You Psheks, wherever you may live, are REALLY one of the most despicable, delusional peoples on this planet. Forever grovelling before Western imperialism for your sick joke of a national ego. The Soviet government under Stalin’s supreme leadership was ABSOLUTELY CORRECT to accept Nazi Germany’s proposal of a non-aggression treaty between the two countries. The cowardly Psheks, true to their instincts of lying and stealing, joined in the stabbing of Czechoslovakia right in the wake of the infamous Munich agreement. And the Psheks’ so-called “government” in exile during the war years was barely more than a coterie of British lackeys.

          Hitler and Stalin would have made a sterling service to Humanity, had they made a terminal partition of your worthless country of birth, Bogdan. The Psheks owe what little civilization they have at present to Germany and Russia/USSR.

          • Bogdan from Aussie ⋅

            Degenerate, sub-human Manfi Fotzenschwanz. Have you enough courage to tell that publicly that the NAZI/KOZI pact was also right about the extermination of Jews? After all, the Nazis began rounding up and exterminating Jews when the DEGENERATE collusion between both INHUMAN regimes was in a full swing and Stalin was more than happy to watch the European Jews being mistreated.

            However such a cowardly sub-human NAZI/KOZI/ STASI ape like yourself will NEVER say it openly that Hitler was also right in conducting a holocaust because the Jews would give your stinking sub-human ar*e such a kick that you would die in the air.

            But the end of your beloved neo-Stalinist regime of that sub-human with a rabid fox’ snout that they call WLADIMIR PUTIN is slowly coming to the inglorious end and he won’t be able to hide even in his BILLION DOLLAR palace in Crimea.

            Very soon the prices of the oil and gas shall be in a free fall, even if that pathetic piece of political crap – Mitt Romney wins the election, as he will embark on the strategy of the energy independence of America. He has already created (after stealing that idea from Sarah Palin) a special team of experts who are working on just that.

            Such a rabid NAZI/ KOZI/STASI ape like yourself is detecting the change with the instinct of an animal hence the vulgar, gutteral venting of your anxiety and attacks on those who are telling you bitter truth.

            • Beetlejuice ⋅

              “DEGENERATE collusion between both INHUMAN regimes was in a full swing”

              I don’t know. I think a regime where abortion, contraceptives, birth control, and sex education are illegal qualifies more as DEGENERATE and INHUMAN. Like Poland, the Vatican’s own Iran. But that’s just me.

            • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

              Auschwitz was a Nazi/Pshek joint venture. Hitler’s judgement was quite correct, at least with regard to the Psheks’ moral stature. During the time of Communist rule, there was NO such thing as extermination camps in Pshekistan. After “liberation”, the Psheks are at it again happily hosting CIA torture dungeons alongside Catholic boarding schools. Nice people, these Psheks.

              • Bogdan from Aussie ⋅

                Little Manfi Scweinscheiss, extermination camps was in fact the join venture between Stalin’s commies and Hilter’s nazis.

                Hitler’s SS operatives used to visit Soviet Union’s Gulags to learns how to exterminate great numbers of the people.

                They have just applied slightly different methods.

                While Stalin preferred the slower one by overwork and hunger, Hiter invented the faster one by gassing in KZ’s.

                You should be aware of that historical fact you “international” degenerate.

                My father remembered the soviet trains laden with the gods crossing the border with the Third Reich just only hours before the German invasion of the Soviet Union.

                Such was the love of Stalin and his slaves for the Nazis.

                You does seem to be quite unhappy that your favourite mass-murderer Josif Stalin hasn’t succeeded in murdering all Poles.

                But don’t worry, the reign of your another favourite mass-murderer, Wladimir Putin is coming to an end.

              • Beetlejuice ⋅

                No, that’s not true. Auschwitz was a Nazi crime. However, the AK fight with the Nazis was not politican, just nationalist. The race laws didn’t bother them, just that there were Germans implementing them. The AK was just as racist and anti-semitic as their Nazi opponents.

                • Bogdan from Aussie ⋅

                  You cretin. AK’s arm Zegota established specially to help persecuted Jews managed to save 120 thousand of them from the gas chambers.

                  The most prominent member of that organisation was the nurse Irena Sendler credited with savings more than 2500 Jewish babies and children.

                  Irena Sendler was nominated to the Nobel Peace Prize two years ago but the idiots from Nobel Comitee decided to hand that otherwise worthless award over to the degenerate-lier and global worming scam peddler Alber Gore.

                  Polish operative of Zegota Jan Karski allowed himself to be imprisoned in Auchwitz in order to gain the first hand informations about the mistreatment of Jews in the Concentration Camps. Karski and his pal Jan Nowak-Jezioranski risked their lives to smuggle report about their observations to the West.

                  It was the American Jewish Diaspora that dismissed the Karski/Jezioranski report as a lie and it was also ignored by Rosevelt administration.

                  The only Western leader who praized that report was Churchil.

                  Read something, learn something about Poland’s history you brainless creep befere you make another ignorant comment.

                  • Beetlejuice ⋅

                    “”We Jews had mixed feelings about this mission because the Home Army was anti-Semitic. It had rejected many Jewish men and women who were qualified to enter its ranks”
                    –Yossel Epelbaum, Taking Risks: A Jewish Youth in the Soviet Partisans and His Unlikely Life in California

                    “Anti-Semitism was widespread among the fighters of Armia Krajowa and of the grouping National Armed Forces (Narodowy Sily Zbrojne — NSZ). Jews were regarded as a ‘pro-Soviet element’ –- they were persecuted and killed. In the spring and summer of 1943, Jews were subjected to all this in Lipichany, Naliboki, Rudensk, Naroch’, and Bryansk forests.”
                    –Leonid Smilovitsky, Ph. D., Diaspora Research Center of Tel Aviv University; “Jews and Poles Among Belorussian Partisans” page 129

                    The Endeks even welcomed the Nazi final solution. Hell, it saved them the trouble…not.

              • I re-iterate: Auschwitz was a Nazi/Pshek joint venture whose Western-style business came to a halt thanks to the Soviet Red Army. The Psheks’ silly distortions of history just forms part of their congenital lying and repulsive grovelling before the powers that be in the West.

                Bogdan, mon amour, listen carefully: It’s outright laughable to see a Pshek trying to play “The Semitophile Game”. A really stupid pretension thinly superimposed as some foul, smelly cosmetics upon arch-reactionary nationalist Catholic white supremacy and anti-communism.

                Now, will staunch, devout Catholics also swallow the West’s commitment to HBTQ? 🙂

  14. Of course Stalin was right, it was extremely lucrative to supply the Nazis and make Europe conquest possible…Yozip was turning into a real little mustachioed Nazi himself!

    Problem was, Yozip forgot to read “Mein Kampf”, where it is clearly stated that Slavs where the same as Jews and needed to be exterminated!

    If Hitler had not screwed up his generals every step of the way…there would be no more Slavs today that there is Jews or American Indians…a few, parked in reservations…Did not Friedrich Nietzsche say that the real supermen where the Jews? Then it is sure that Hitler would have kept a few alive in special ghettos…he was partially Jewish, was he not?

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

      For the third successive time: That’s >> were >> not >> where >> , dolt. You should be able to differentiate between the two by their respective pronunciation. More specifically, >> where >> is an interrogative pronoun; e.g. “Where are you?”. As for >> were >> , it forms part of the conjugation of the verb >> to be >> in its imperfect tense:

      I was
      You were
      He/she/it was
      We were
      You were
      They were

      Slow learner, eh?

  15. There you have Lev Bronstein(Leon Trotsky)
    the bosom buddy of Lenin, escorted by the Kaiser’s own secret service generals(nothing is too good for the master spy-saboteur) the idol of today’s communists(Unlike Manfred here, all the young wipper snapper terrorists of the Black Bloc think Yozip was too “conservative” and they all worship Bronstein)

  16. For the edification of our local bolcheviks…indeed communist and nazi are synonym…just listen to any muslim jihadi…they are all BOTH!!!

    At the Ribbentrop pact’s time, Stalin the paranoid had murdered all his officers, so he contracted the German army to train a batch of new ones…Germany had the best army ever in those times(before Hitler fucked it up)

    So look up these dictionary booklets given the Germans to get around in Soviet commiestan,( Ukrainian & Russian…only Iryna can tell us):
    “the printing of the book was approved on May 29, 1941, when there was not even the slightest suspect of a German attack. Germany and the Soviet Union were allies, and stood in the most friendly relations. They were over the distribution of Poland and the other border states, and were supplying row materials and military technology to each other. In these circumstances what was the reason of establishing such a phrasebook for all the staff – для бойца и младшего командира, for the privates and corporals – of which they could have taken use only in case of an invasion of Germany?”

    “The most obvious answer would be that perhaps the Red Army was really about to invade Germany. But we learned that this was out of the question, and what is more, the German attack found the Soviet Union absolutely unprepared. “Stalin chose to ignore the warnings of his own intelligence services, and he did not want to provoke Hitler. His generals were likely to tell him only what he wanted to hear, so that he believed that the position of the Soviet Union in early 1941 was much stronger than it actually was. Besides, he also had an ill-founded confidence in the Molotov-Ribbentropp pact which had been signed just two years before. He also suspected the British of trying to spread false rumours in order to trigger a war between Germany and the USSR.” ”

    Where does this road (street) lead to?
    Where is another road?
    How can one get to …?
    Show me on the map, please.

    Which road leads to the river?
    Can one cross the bridge with a van?
    The depth of the river?
    The width of the river?

    Bolchevik Pope and German SS officer…homo lovers!

    Where are other crossings?

  17. No dffference between nazis and commies…

    No wonder Hitler’s Germany used the Swastika…it was the Bolchevik Motto before the hammer & sickle.

    Here’s a real Bolchevik passport with Swastika as main logo:

    Bolchevik currency:

    Stalin came up with the Hammer and sickle symbol to diffentiate himself from Hitler…before, all revolutionary butchers used the swastika to mass murder everybody!

    • Ming, like most ardent Westerners, just doesn’t have the intellectual tenacity or the integrity it takes to dispense with the nostrums of your rulers. Forever spouting worthless tripe learned by rote is how a grovelling petty bourgeois usually “understands” politics/history/society in general.

      If one were to translate Ming’s silly babble into something less artificial and unimaginative, we’d arrive at something like:

      >> I, Ming the Merciless, am indispensible to myself. Damn anyone who would place indispensable ME in some ¤ @ # £ labour camp. German Nazis are below indespensible me, as is everybody else >>

      I have a sneaky feeling Ming is struggling — as far as his petty bourgeois cowardice allows him to — with the corollary question as to how the world would be affected by indispensible Ming’s internment. The correct answer or, rather, a clue to it reads “Ming who?”

  18. Face up to it Manfred, your dear Sovietism is dead…even Maoists are capitalist now, even the future Mao, Xi Jinping, the rival of Bo Xilai, have amassed a fortune of a trillion dollars…A THOUSAND BILLION DOLLARS! Socialism is dead as a Dodo!
    Socialist plutocrats STEAL ALL THE MONEY and suckers like Manfred die of hunger as communist slaves!!!

    Babble all you want, Manfred, you are the walking dead!

    • Beetlejuice ⋅

      You know that Europe has universal health care, right?

      Doesn’t that make them Communist? I mean, you people call Obamacare “creeping Communism” when all it was was putting health care onsale, sort of like a One Day Sale at Macy’s.

    • It’s the Russophobes doing all the psychobabble here. I’m just in for some refined amusement at your expense.

  19. In Soviet times, Russian dentists where installing wooden teeth to Russians…of course, the KGB officers where secretly crossing the border in Berlin to get real artificial teeth installed by OUR dentists…the “progressive medicine” of Mon Freddie’s dear Soviets where actually nothing but baboon’s babble that nobody else ever recognized as real medicine but mere Stalinist retarded witchcraft!

    • Beetlejuice ⋅

      I guess you learned that the hard way. Care to show us your teeth?

      Progressive medicine is medicine that exists outside the USA. Soviet, Cuban, British, German, Canadian, Dutch, Brazilian, Argentine….you name it.

    • Ming, you mean they put your brain where your teeth used to be? That’s what you get for not tending to intimate hygiene, naughty little boy. However, it’s good to hear that your brain was put to work, at long last 😀

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