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Julia Ioffe and her Campaign of Lies about Russia

Julia Ioffe


Julia Ioffe and her Campaign of Lies about Russia

If there were to be a photograph next to the paragraph in the Pajamas Media Wikpedia entry that explains why PM was formed, it should be a photograph of New Yorker “reporter” Julia Ioffe, who also writes for Foreign Policy.  She’s the very worst MSM Russia journalist on the planet. She’s the disease, and PM is the cure.

On June 11, 2012, security forces acting at the order of Vladimir Putin carried out close to a dozen deeply disturbing raids on leaders of the Russian democracy movement and their families, seizing computers and other things they believed to be evidence of illegal activity. The move smacked of the USSR, and once again, of course, the Obama administration did nothing about it.  That morning, we tweeted among other things that the Russian government’s answer to Voice of America, the RT broadcasting network, had in reporting on the story apparently stolen a photograph from the website of an opposition activist.

The raids came in the wake of Putin’s signing a new law providing for draconian sanctions (a year’s pay or more) for opposition figures who violate Putin’s edicts about how protest can occur.  They seem to signal that Putin intends to use the same tactics with the current opposition forces that he used with Mikhail Khodorkovsky:  jail in remote Siberia on trumped-up charges.

Four hours later, Ioffe issued a totally false tweet lambasting RT for failing to report the raids at all.  We sent her a tweet, copying others, exposing her lie (it was retweeted by the boss of RT), but she didn’t correct the record much less did she apologize even though we explicitly called upon her to do so. Her ultimate response was a declaratory “I didn’t notice it” and “it should have been bigger.”  It may be a bit unfair to expect her to have done anything more, because Ioffe not only blocks my tweets but hides her Twitter feed from me, the better to prevent me from catching her in gross misstatements of this kind.  Had she been reading our Twitter feed, of course, she would never have made such a reckless misstatement in the first place.

[NOTE:  The link given above to Ioff’e’s tweet might not work for you. Ioffe actually hides her Twitter feed from the world, and certainly from La Russophobe, so that her torrent of disinformation cannot be easily spotted and challenged.  How a “reporter” can justify a decision like that is well beyond our powers of comprehension. Unless she allows you to see it, you’ll have a hard time checking on what she says as well.]

Ever since the parliamentary elections back in December gave rise to a burst of futile and in fact rather laughable series of street protests against Putin, Ioffe has been banging the propaganda drum in favor of the “movement,” many of whose members are her personal friends (a fact she virtually never discloses to readers).  Without the slightest concern for the actual facts, on a daily basis she issues false statements about the movement and its enemies that are designed for one purpose, to bolster its success.  She has seen this “movement” evaporate before her very eyes, and seen a brutal neo-Soviet crackdown proceed despite it, yet she has not corrected her errant reporting or apologized.  Any respectable publication ought to disown her.

As a folks who despise the malignant Putin regime and all it stands for, we find Ioffe’s conduct odious beyond words.  Far from helping the opposition movement, Ioffe’s “journalism” represents a toxic poison slowly seeping into the infant movement’s blood stream and destroying it.  In fact, if one were given to such suspicions, one could easily think her a Kremlin plant.  When Ioffe first began blogging about Russia we were among her biggest fans, and touted her blog’s fresh perspective on Russia.  We were unutterably stunned to see the decline in the quality of her reporting in the wake of the protest demonstrations, which are led by numerous individuals who are Ioffe’s personal friends.  She completely lost her ability to discern and report objectively, and totally has been totally mischaracterizing events in Russia ever since.

Ioffe published a piece about the Putin raids on the opposition in the New Yorker three days after they occurred.  In it, she paints opposition figure Ksenia Sobchak, daughter of former St. Petersburg Mayor Anatoly Sobchak, mentor of Putin and one of the most corrupt figures in Russia’s tormented history, as a heroic victim of oppression forced to urinate and parade in a negligee before the prying eyes of Putin’s goons.  She passes over the fact that Sobchak was found to have nearly $2 million in cash stuffed into dozens of envelopes in her Moscow apartment as if it were a common occurrence, blithely taking Sobchak’s word for the fact that she simply doesn’t trust Russian banks.  When writing about opposition figure Aleksei Navalny, she paints the raid as an attack on his children and aging mother.

Ioffe routinely ignores the fact that the ranks of the opposition movement are fleshed out with scary neo-Nazis and Communists.   She ignores that Navalny himself is a rank Russian nationalist who shows no sympathy for the women and children Russia is butchering in Syria or for homosexuals being persecuted within Russia.  Sergei Udaltsov, who Ioffe also depicts in her piece as an innocent victim of the raids, is a skinhead who makes Navalny look like Gandhi by comparison. She ignores that Sobchak is the Russian version of Paris Hilton, if that is Hilton were the spawn of Bernie Madoff.  Not once has she attempted to confront any of these opposition figures with their faults, even though she purportedly has easy access to them.

Ioffe ignores the more reasonable figures in the opposition ranks, people like Vladimir Ryzhkov and Vladimir Milov and Oleg Kozlovsky because their names and deeds don’t move newsprint the way Navalny’s and Sobchak’s do.  She ignores the fact that the opposition movement is highly sexist, elitist, confused and disjointed because people like Navalny and Sobchak are simply not qualified to lead it (Milov and Ryzhkov are both seasoned political office holders and Kozlovsky, an academic, is well versed in Western political thought).

In other words, Ioffe sends out the message that the Russian opposition is led by competent, reasonable people who are capable of bringing healthy democracy to Russia, when this is the opposite of the truth. In so doing, Ioffe undercuts any effort to replace this ragtag collection of freaks with more serious-minded people who actually might accomplish something. Which is, of course, exactly what the Kremlin would wish her to do, and that may explain why Ioffe is left so free by the Kremlin to do it.

Back in December 2011, Ioffe published an article in Foreign Policy crazily entitled “The End of Putin” and pitching Aleksei Navalny as the man who would bring Putin down.  But now the world has seen Navalny’s movement crumble, with him facing criminal charges that could send him to prison for a decade just like Mikhail Khodorkovsky. And it has not heard a single word of apology from Ioffe for her wild-eyed inaccuracy.

As a result of misleading reporting like Ioffe’s, the Russian opposition has generated no clear, much less competent, leader and no coherent political agenda. It has wholly failed to extend its reach beyond Moscow, or indeed within Moscow beyond the weird little cadre of yuppies, commies and skinheads it started out with. In fact, it’s ranks have shrunk rather than expanding.  As a result of Ioffe, Putin’s allies have a straw man figure whose statements are so easy to dismantle and expose as propaganda that it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.  Others, like me, who make much more cutting criticism of the Putin are harmed as a result.

Nor does Ioffe have a single critical word to say about the Russia policy of Barack Obama. Our sense is that Ioffe is just as much a partisan of Obama as she is of Sobchak and Navalny, and so she won’t mention the fact that Obama’s “reset” policy has his administration cuddling up to the very figures of evil Ioffe seems to devote her life to excoriating (without reference to the facts).  The New Yorker, of course, is virtually a campaign bulletin for Obama, so the fact that they like Ioffe isn’t too surprising.  Even the New York Times has published significant stories documenting the failure of the reset, but the New Yorker has yet to lay a pencil on the facts.

What’s more, you can be sure that if a figure in the Putin regime were found with millions in cash apparently earmarked for payoffs in his apartment, Ioffe would pounce rabidly on that information to condemn the Kremlin and denounce its efforts to pay for support, comparing the Kremlin unfavorably to the opposition which purportedly relies solely upon member loyalty.  Trust me, she’s written that many, many times.  But when such information turns up about the opposition, Ioffe suddenly feels the issue isn’t worth mentioning.

It’s hard to tell which appalling motive explains Ioffe’s misconduct. Is she actually a partisan of the opposition forces, issuing propaganda in the manner of Josef Goebbels in the hope of helping them gain leverage? Or is she simply an ambitious MSM journalist out to gin up any kind of story she can in order to sell newsprint and advancer her career with the august publications who line her pockets?  Then again, perhaps she’s just killing two nasty birds with one stone.

What’s most stunning, of course, is the reckless manner in which the New Yorker and Foreign Policy continue to publish material that is nothing less than propaganda. It’s not as if they are unaware of the deep faults in her reporting; I’ve peppered the New Yorker pages where Ioffe’s material appears which such notifications myself. But they don’t seem to care.  They allow her to go on beating a drum of propaganda that is not only inaccurate but highly harmful to the interests of the very people with whom Ioffe seems to be in sympathy.

Little wonder, then, that the public doesn’t correctly understand the policy situation where Russia is concerned, and finds it hard to identify the horrific mistakes being made by the Obama administration in that regard.

34 responses to “Julia Ioffe and her Campaign of Lies about Russia

  1. Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

    Keep on yapping, pea-brains. Being myself an intelligent person, I couldn’t possibly care less about your misgivings with regard to the Western bloody Corporate Media — an absolute non-issue for any sane person indeed. However, let’s be perfectly clear on this one:

    Vladimir Putin and his government has a groundswell of support for cracking down on the West’s fifth column of vile traitors and thieves. Khodorkovsky should have been put to death without compunction, and the less prominent “oppositionists”/”dissidents”/whatever should have been thrown out of the country for good.

    All in all: Deeply regret to inform you, dear LR team, that Democracy in Russia is infinitely more receptive to the will of the Russian people than to the will of the West and its half-witted, useless parrots.

    • Bohdan ⋅

      Manturd Limppenis – what you “an intelligent person?” Ooh ha, ha, and ha! you are funny, you communist liar. The word is “dumb” as ‘intelligent’ definitely does not apply to you, comrade buffoon.

      Face the facts, chump, you are starting to sound so ridiculous with your distorted views about V(iper) Putlin’s and his oppressive ruSSia. But in fact are but a figment of your warped, fabricated and wild imagination – so typical of a commie brainwashed little pea brain like you.

      And talking about “half-witted, useless parrots” – here I understand that you are talking from personal experience as it concerns your communistic upbringing. Da, da Tovarish! back to the Siberian GULAG for you to undergo more brain washing sessions.

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        Does Vladimir Putin have, as I claim, a groundswell of support among the Russian people to put down the scum the West has on its payroll — yes or no?

        Keep on yapping, stupid idiot.

        • Bohdan ⋅

          Stop braying like a jackass of commie propaganda trash. It makes you look even stupider.

        • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

          Next to some extraordinary Psheks and Ukros here, most people look appallingly stupid indeed. However, they’re still usually honest and decent enough to find a sensible answer to a plain question. Extraordinary Psheks and Ukros not so; not even when aforesaid question should be of fairly high significance to them. “The discreet charm of the bourgeoisie” at work here maybe?

          • Beetlejuice ⋅

            What’s funny about the two (Polish and Ukrainian patriots) is that they play the “Best friends forever against evil Russia” role as if its reality. Twice by my count in the 20th century the two bitterly fought each other over disputed land. It was really ugly during WWII.

            • Bohdan ⋅

              Well, well comrade Cockroach Turd, so you think that ” the two (Polish and Ukrainian patriots) is that they play the “Best friends forever against evil Russia” role as if its reality. Twice by my count in the 20th century the two bitterly fought each
              other over disputed land. It was really ugly during WWII.”

              Why don’t you tell us how many times your beloved fascist ruSSia has been in wars since the end of WWII, and still is by proxy, you brainless and brainwashed septic tank!

              At least the Ukrainians or Poles did not disguise their land mines like little green butterflies for the Afghan children to pick up and get killed or maimed, like your beloved fascist ruSSians did, you brainless septic tank piece of lying trash. Go on deny this fact comrade, as it is you that has lost touch with reality, just like your good buddy Manturd LimpPenis.

              Bah! what a wasted piece of space you two are!!!

  2. Softie Manfredo sez: “Being myself an intelligent person”…

    Saying that in front of a mirror, dear Freddie, it must be hard not to laff!

  3. Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

    Kim, honey: Could you please help your hapless acolytes out on the straightforward question below, thanks.

    Does Vladimir Putin have, as I claim, a groundswell of support among the Russian people to put down the scum the West has on its payroll — yes or no?

    • Bohdan ⋅

      Just how many times must I repeat myself? Definitely NO, NO and NO! tovarish Manturd Limppenis, the rat brained commie imbecile!!!

      I need another good laugh, so tell me once again how smart you think you are, but in fact aren’t. I bet you flap your useless arms – like your ridiculous mouth – and fly around like an obnoxious maggot carrying fly?? – yes or no? tovarish.

      • Q: How do you know Psheks or Ukros have come across highly intelligent people?
        A: By the sheer sensation and mutual disgust evoked by the encounter.

        Q: How can you tell a Pshek or a Ukro is intelligent?
        A: In fact, you can’t. In order to preserve social peace, aforesaid Pshek or Ukro must keep it secret.

        Q: Why do the Psheks and Ukros hanging around here add so many invectives and insults in nearly every post?
        A: Average Psheks and Ukros never mature beyond the age of 13.

        EXTRA EXERCISE (Psheks and Ukros not expected to try it): A right-angled triangle the hypotenuse of which equals 10 length units comprises a square whose side equals 3 length units. Hence, one of the square’s diagonals starts in the right-angled corner of the triangle (as an angle bisector) and ends on its hypotenuse. Calculate the two other sides in the triangle.

    • Bogdan from Aussie ⋅

      Not for long. Not for long, Manfi Fotzgehirn mein Freund.

      Just wait to see what’s going to happen when the prices of oil and gas fall below Putin’s otherwise low positioned ar$e.

      As first you shall see the work on the WATAZKHA’s billion dollar palace in Crimea being stopped and he shall have to relieve himself in the traditional Russian-style lavatory at babuskha’s nearest public “rest room”, he…he…he…

      There he will have opportunity to talk over his newest strategy of pulling Rosha out of economic morass with his Primeminister Skunsayev (formerly Medvedev).

      Most probably he will have to beg the government of Luxemburg (where he has hidden his billions stolen from the Russian people) for asylum as NASHIS will no longer willing to expose their own ar$es for him.

    • Bogdan from Aussie ⋅

      It came to my ears that after the RUBEL collapse, Puntin and Skunsayev are planning to introduce new Russian currency.

      It’s name shall be: Piervyj Experimentalnyj Revolucjonnyj Dollar.

      In abreaviation: PIERDOL…

  4. Beetlejuice ⋅

    “Little wonder, then, that the public doesn’t correctly understand the policy situation where Russia is concerned, and finds it hard to identify the horrific mistakes being made by the Obama administration in that regard.”

    Russia is an ally of the USA. Nobody in the U.S gives a rats ass about what goes on in Russia, anymore than they care about what goes on in Mexico.

    • Bogdan from Aussie ⋅

      A change of leadership in Russia: Putvedev – Mevedin – Putvedev – Medvedin – Putvedev – Medvedin…

  5. “Nobody in the U.S gives a rat’s ass about what goes on in Russia, anymore than they care about what goes on in Mexico.”

    Can’t argue with that…but nobody is an ally of Russia, except terrorists in general…

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

      “Terrorists” in the language of Westish means “Class enemies of the bourgeoisie”. This has a HUGE impact on the numbers involved; hence it’s no idle threat, if for a different reason than officially stated.

      • Bogdan from Ausiie ⋅

        Von Fotzen, the most notorious and most genocidal terrorist organisation in history of humanity is your own much loved CzK/NKVD/KGB/FSB. There is no ohter definition of terrorism needed. The Soviet terrorists from KGB have more than twenty milion victims on their bloody claws.

        Well… maybe they are not the biggest murderers after all.

        Chinese “Peoples Liberation Army” the main instrument of Mao Tze Dong’s terror that claimed more than seventy milion victims is even worse than KGB.

        Perhaps it will give you a bit of a comfort.

      • Again, for the Psheks’ betterment:

        It’s plain to see
        The KGB
        Did quite a few things right
        It kept us free
        From slavery
        Not hesitant to fight

        It would be fine
        If Western swine
        Could all just be wiped out
        The sun would shine
        On Earth divine
        No parasites would shout


    • Beetlejuice ⋅

      Russia’s most important allies are the USA and most NATO members in general. I guess in a sense, you’re finally right for once. Don’t get hurt patting yourself on the back.

  6. Finish your Poutine, Manfred, your brain lack nourishment!

    With Vlad Stalinovitch’s KGB, you only ate after your fist ton of gravel was transported!

    For more than seventy years, until the overthrow of communism in 1992, the Soviet government could enter any house or factory and simply take people away – to secretly execute them, or send them into exile or to one of thousands of prison camps. It is impossible to find a single family in Russia untouched by the evils of totalitarianism.

    Everyone was afraid; quiet with suspicion, and frozen with fear. Total fear lead to an almost perfect system of exploitation: forced labor. This was the sole source of economic might in the USSR. Both repression and the chain of camps known as The Gulag were necessary to keep it going.

    Perm-36 was one of the most notorious of the camps. It played a special role: it was one of three camps where some of the most famous dissidents served time in the 1970′s and 1980′s.

    The maximum security area was for “repeat offenders” – dissidents who had served time before. Here, in near-complete isolation, the “zeks,” fasted in protest and fought strip searches, earning stints in the “shizo,” or cold punishment cells.

    Sadistic guards used the terrible winter as an instrument of torture to break their health and spirits. They lived in terror of catching a cold; they were so weak that any illness could prove fatal. Guards played on that fear, often forcing prisoners repeatedly to submit to strip searches in the cold – sometimes five times a day.

    The unremitting cycle of hunger strikes and punishment often was fatal. The “politicals” were buried next to criminals, many of their graves marked only by a number on a post – the ultimate power of the state to render them invisible.

    “…Every minute of camp life is a poisoned minute…”

    • “Zeks” of Perm-36

      Vasyl Stus was one of three of the most prominent dissidents of the camp. He was a Ukrainian poet, nominated by Heinrich Boll for the Nobel Prize in 1985. He died at Perm-36, a month before the prize was awarded. The exact cause of his death is still a mystery.

      Another Zek, Levko Lukyanenko, was also well-known. A lawyer by profession, he created the underground organization, the Ukrainian Working Class and Peasant’s Union. His goal was to hold a referendum on Ukrainian self-determination, as defined by the constitution.

      Levko was sentenced to death for his activism, but ultimately given clemency – 15 years in prison. Upon his release, he worked for the Helsinki Ukraine Group, and was sent back to the Gulag for 10 more years in the camps and 5 years of exile. In 1991, he authored the law that gave the Ukraine independence.

      Lithuanian Balis Gayauskas spent over 38 years in camps and prisons. He was first arrested by the Nazis in 1943, when he was a student. Four years later, he was seized by the KGB and thrown into a Soviet concentration camp where he was held for 25 years.

      After his release, he became a human rights advocate, and was sentenced to 10 years in the camps and 5 years exile. Released in 1991, he was instrumental in saving the KGB archives in Vilnes from destruction. Between 1992 and 1996, he worked to create a new state security committee in Lithuania.

      Other activists such as Natan Sharansky, Sergei Kovalyov, and the writer Vladimir Bukovsky were among the over 2,000 dissidents and artists imprisoned at Perm-36 in the 1970′s and 1980′s.

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        Deeply regret to inform you Ming that ALL your numbers — convicts, sentences, fatalities, whatever — are long since outdated. According to the highly renowned SBPS (Standard for Bourgeois Practice with Statistics), each time the ‘über-horrors’ of the USSR are being recycled there shall be a 10-fold increase applied to each and every number corroborating the bourgeois message. Hence, to comply with SBPS, you’d have to throw in at least two trailing 0’s, dolt.

  7. mingthemerciless ⋅

    You filthy communists have spent your life in fear of ending up swinging from the lowest branch or the lightpoles in town…

    Dont you worry, YOU WILL SWING!…I swear to make sure of hanging as many as I can!…

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

      Sounds interesting. I mean, didn’t your much revered betters and their hired pseudo-intellectuals proudly proclaim End of History twenty-odd years ago? Your petty bourgeois hysteria and imbecility seem to be out-of-touch with the ruling class, dolt.

      By the way, did you see the math exercise which I put into one of my posts the other day? Show us your invincibility for once. Or is maths below your intellectual tenacity, perchance?


  8. Ugi Zoponov ⋅

    Julia Ioffe = Young, sweet, cute, intelligent

    L.R. = Fat, smeggie, constipated, PMS, neurotic.

    I rest my case.

    • Bohdan ⋅

      Ugi Zoponov – what “Julia Ioffe = Young, sweet, cute, intelligent” ??? What mind bending drugs are you on comrade – LSD??? Or is it the somogonka that has pickled your feeble brain.

      What Julia Ioffe, young sweet, cute and intelligent? Wow, are you sick in the head, for instance she has no brains, and neither is she cute or sweet. And as for “L.R. = Fat, smeggie, constipated, PMS, neurotic.” – proves beyond any reasonable doubt what an idiotic or brain damaged baboon you really are.

      Listen comrade baboon, I know quite a few Russian females and the outright majority of them are very attractive, slim and intelligent! Similarly, for your limited information I find L.R. extremely intelligent and witty! and I’ll bet my bottom dollar, quite attractive too.

      So comrade Moscal, don’t judge L.R. by your mother! To do so is another big, big mistake that is your existence in this life,

  9. Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

    Vladimir Putin = Decent, honourable, intelligent, perspicacious statesman

    Kim Zigfeld and her acolytes = Rabid, despicable Anglo/Pshek/Ukro drooling imbeciles.

    I rest my case too.

    • Bohdan ⋅

      Your case comrade simpleton ManTurd LimpPenis, is hopeless and worthless , like your existence on this planet.

      What “Vladimir Putin = Decent, honourable, intelligent, perspicacious statesman.” Only proves what a Turd Brain you really are, bereft of any logic or decency.

      Next you’ll be telling us that, that mass murderer of tens of millions of communist USSR’s comrades was the kindest leader ruSSia ever had! one that would not even hurt a flea.

      Face the facts comrade swede, you are one hell of a lying and wasted space.

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