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The Failed Policies of Obama and McFaul send Navalny to Siberia

Over on Pajamas Media, Kim Zigfeld explains how the totally failed policies of Barack Obama and Michael McFaul have led to the prosecution of leading opposition figure Aleksei Navalny, who is now facing exactly the same fate as Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the last man who tried to directly challenge Putin for power.

38 responses to “The Failed Policies of Obama and McFaul send Navalny to Siberia

  1. Beetlejuice ⋅

    Obama and McFaul couldn’t care less about the anti-Putin opposition, anymore than the Republicans. When you’re somebody like Putin who’s practicing American values more so than Americans, the U.S tends to tollerate a little thorn on the side.

    • Bogdan from Aussie ⋅

      I have to agree; DEGENERATE “americans” don’t care about what DEGENERATE “russians” do to the opposition.

      NOBLE Americans (and Australians too) very much care about what Putin and his DEGENERATE cohorts do to the NOBLE Russians who happen to be in an opposition to Putin’s inhuman regime.

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        To which the corollary question becomes what the “nobles” outside and inside Russia have to offer her people in return. The Yeltsin years might have got something to do with how your silly nostrums are being perceived, sweethearts. And the tender, loving care the West in general and the Anglo-Americans in particular seem to have for other countries rich in natural resources maybe could have been a little eye-opener too.

        Western imbecility and depravity — keep up the good work 🙂

        • Bogdan from Ausiie ⋅

          You pathetic, ignorant cretin.

          Gorbaczov years, Jelcyn years, Putin years all of them have been orchestrated by your friends from KGB/GRU.

          Anything evil that has happened during all those years lies on the dirty, bloody hands of KGB/GRU you moron as they have NEVER lost the real power in Russia.

          Trying to justyfy Putin’s grab of power and his barbarism in executing is like accepting a second generation SS Sturmbahnfuehrer becoming the German Chancelor and “governing” Germany with “iron fist”

          Hitler after all, was also very popular. It didn’t make him right, you slave.


          • Bogdan from Aussie ⋅

            You ridiculous, ignorant crap.

            Felix Dzierzynski was a Belorussian nobleman, so he was as Polish as was Rokossovski.

            It doesn’t discredit the noble Belorussians though who are fighting the degenerate, corrupt, inhuman and pro Soviet regime of Lukaszenko.

            In the same way Dzierzynski has nothing to do with FREE POLES. He was also condemned and hated by the pre-second war Poles as a Lenin/Stalin’s henchman and a mass murderer.

            Appart from that, Bloody Felix is your’s idol Putin’s hero and not mine, you brainless slave. His statue still decorates the mega-prison Lubianka is.

      • Beetlejuice ⋅

        Define “Noble American”…what ever your definition is, I can tell you, boy, there aren’t very many of them. What do Australians do, threaten to invade Russia? Or recognize Chechnya’s independence perhaps? I know. They support Russia’s application to the WTO. In other words, Australians don’t give a flip about it.

        • Bogdan from Aussie ⋅

          Cockroachpiss, you certainly don’t belong to the group I call NOBLE AMERICANS but you certainly belong to the sullage that defiles the great country of United States Of America.

          Fifty thousands noble American, Canadian, British, Polish saillors have lost their NOBLE lives while delivering the cargo to the mass murdering regime of Stalin during the second world war in order to help this regime to survive the German onslaught.

          Appart from this, you moron, nobody is threatening to invade Russia. There is no need for this.

          Very soon the Romney’s new regime (as cowardly and spineless as it shall be) will embark on the strategy of moving America towards the energy independence (after having stolen this idea from Sarah Palin). This move will cause the artificially inflated prices of oil and gas to collapse and the DEGENERATE regime of your hero Bloody Vlad Putin will have no money to finance it’s inhuman and in effect anti-Russian policy.

          • Beetlejuice ⋅

            “Cockroachpiss, you certainly don’t belong to the group I call NOBLE AMERICANS”

            Neither do I. I’m an atheist, a progressive thinker rather then upholding religion-induced bigotry against my fellow man, don’t want government telling me what to do in my own bedroom, I feel that health care is a human right and that a woman has the right to make her choice.

            “Appart from this, you moron, nobody is threatening to invade Russia. There is no need for this.”

            I was being sarcastic, shit for brains. If your hero Romney wins the U.S economy will plunge to an all time low, Americans will be forced to move to Canada just to find some type of work, which will eventually result in Canada having the same immigration policy on Americans as the USA does on Mexicans.

            “your hero Bloody Vlad Putin will have no money to finance it’s inhuman and in effect anti-Russian policy.”

            Vladimir Putin is NOT my hero, you simple-minded fool. I’m actually a staunch supporter of the Chechen rebels (whom the U.S has labeled “terrorists”), and Chechnya’s independence as I am supportive of Palestinian rights against Zionist terror. You really are a VERY ignorant person. And for my next joke:

            A Russian is walking down the street when he sees a Polak with a very long pole and a yardstick. He’s standing the pole on its end and trying to reach the top of it with his yardstick.

            Seeing the Polak’s ignorance, the Russian wrenches the pole out of his hand, lays it on the sidewalk, measures it with the yardstick, and says, “There! 10 feet long.”

            The Polak grabs the yardstick and shouts, “You idiot Russian! I don’t care how long it is! I want to know how tall it is!”

            • Beetlejuice ⋅

              One more thing: ANSWER MY QUESTION.

              What is your definition of a “noble American”? In your own words, please. Just don’t hurt yourself. That would just break my heart.

              • Bogdan from Aussie ⋅

                Idiot. I gave you an example and your “brain” still didn’t manage to switch on.

                That’s because you haven’t got any…

                P.S: Go to the Pajamas Media blog and listen to the phenomenal Bill Whittle who is talking about the sub-humans like you hating their own country.

                The term for such pathology is OIKOPHOBIA.

                You are an OIKOPHOBE of the worst, most revolting kind.

                All LEFTISTS are oikophobes.

                Or it is also possible that you are the member of the degenerate, chuvinistic group called La Razza.

                It would explain you insane rant about the alleged mistreatment of the Hispanic illegals in the US.

                • Beetlejuice ⋅

                  Goddamn, you really do have shit for brains. So basically to be a “Noble American” I have to ship aid to Putin’s Russia through Georgia risking my life, huh? Idiot.

                  “The term for such pathology is OIKOPHOBIA”

                  I’m in the USA, I was born here. You’re from Poland, and yet you’re all the way down in Australia. If I hate my country, I’ll admit it. You on the other hand choose denial, that’s worst. And I do hate those lying thieving bastards who rule the USA.

                  “Or it is also possible that you are the member of the degenerate, chuvinistic group called La Razza…It would explain you insane rant about the alleged mistreatment of the Hispanic illegals in the US”

                  La Raza Unida hasn’t been an influential party since the 1970s, dumbass. I’d tell you more about racism in America; but I don’t want to overload some degenerate. You’ve got enough on your plate with hating Russians and Aboriginals.

                  Did you hear about the Polish athlete who won the Gold Medal?
                  He went home and got it bronzed.

                  What happened to the Polish hockey team?
                  They all drowned during spring training.

                  I’m happy to congratulate Poland on her latest invention:

                  Listen, do you have kids? Because if you do, please show them this:

                  • Bogdan from Aussie ⋅

                    Cockroachvomit, the mere fact that you have been born in America, doesn’t make you a good American.

                    You defile that great country not only with your insane, America denigrating rants but with your very own presence.

                    Appart from that, your brainless scumbag, I don’t hate Russians.

                    I hate those dregs who are leading that unlucky country and her even more unlucky people towards the abyss – the KGB/GRU scum under the leadership of the degenerate called Putin.

                    Neither do I hate Aborigenes, you moron.

                    Thanks to the failed social policy of the degenerates from the Australian Labour Party (you are a lefty, I know) those ancient people are nearing the end of the long road towards the self-destruction.

                    In fact those are leftists and their even more degenerate alies from the Green Party who hate and despise the indigenous tribes and only use them as a pawn in their dirty political play and in order to keep the power as long as possible and to steal as much as possible.

                    You are as ignorant about Australia and Poland as you are about America.

                    • Beetlejuice ⋅

                      Like I said, I’m not tied to the theocratic principles of the Republican Party, which pretty much spells out your definition of a “good American”.

                      “Appart from that, your brainless scumbag, I don’t hate Russians…Neither do I hate Aborigenes, you moron.”

                      Bullshit. I’ve seen your comments generalising ALL Russians in general for the Putin regime. What the hell do you care, you’re in Australia. Besides, a right-wing nutjob like you would certainly bag in Aborginal as a “Communist” whenever he demanded equal rights.

                      “You are as ignorant about Australia and Poland as you are about America”

                      You are not only ignorant about all of the above, but of the world and history in general. You’ve FAILED MISERABLY to ever prove your arguments about any topic, but resort to cheap insults, which is a common reaction after being backed into a corner due to inferior intelligence. That being the case:

                      Did you hear what the Polish guy did after locking his keys in his car?
                      He had to use a coat hanger to get his family out.

                      How about that Polish admiral who wanted to be buried at sea?
                      5 of his sailors were digging his grave.

                      Speaking of the Polish Navy, how do you sink a Polish battleship?
                      Put it in water.

                      Did you see the Polish submarine with a screen door?
                      Don’t laugh, it keeps the fish out.

        • Bohdan ⋅

          Listen Cockroach Turd! the only reason that Australia supports “Russia’s application to the WTO” is because the Prime Minister (bitch) Julia Gillard is an avowed communist!!!

          Furthermore, the Australian people did not vote her into that position! she was slotted into it by the faceless communist comrades in the Labor (US Democrat) party’s Caucus after the election. But wait until the next election, she and her beloved ‘Labor Party’ will be bombed out of office. As all the State elections held by some states since the Federal election have resulted in a dismal vote for the Labor party, and hence it being routed out of office by the Liberal (US Republican) party.

          Don’t believe? Well just wait and see until the next election comrade. As that bitch, who gets 90,000 a year more then your Barack Obama, will be on the scrap heap of History!

          • Beetlejuice ⋅

            Julia Gillard is a social-democrat, shit for brains. Funny, I don’t see the whole of Australia on the streets protesting the government’s decision in supporting Russia. You don’t even know what a Communist is, for the reason being that you’re a simple-minded fool. For that reason I can see how agonizing it is for you to live in a “Communist” country like Australia. See, outside of Poland, its common knowledge that a Communist can only be head of a Communist country. Conservatism is dying out slowly. You should’ve seen Mitt Romney’s pathetic show at the grocery and hardware store, making an ass of himself.

            How many Poles does it take to change a light bulb?
            3. One to stand on the chair and hold it, and the other 2 to spin the chair.

            Why did the Polish couple decide to have 4 children?
            They’d read in the newspaper that one out of every five babies born in the world today is Chinese.

            How many Poles does it take to kidnap a child?
            12. One to kidnap the child and the other 11 to write a ransom letter.

            A Russian and a Pole go hunting in the woods. A hot naked woman appears. The Russian guy starts drooling fountains and says “Goddamn, I could eat her!” And the Polish guy shot her dead.

            • Bohdan ⋅

              Thanks for dispelling any doubts that I had as to your outright stupidity, comrade Septic Tank, (which by bthe way are full of shit comrade, so that your shit brain pales into insignificance!), the classic redneck. So face the music comrade, you are a classic Septic Tank redneck. PERIOD.

              Your knowledge of Australian history and everyday life is woeful Septic Tank. But then that is you and nothing will change that. Try instead to get your head out of your ass and see the real world, you piece of turd, and a prize one at that.

              Now getting back to your stupid brainless ‘sayings,’ let’s get them right.

              “How many Poles does it take to change a light bulb?
              3. One to stand on the chair and hold it, and the other 2 to spin the chair.” – wrong, wrong and wrong comrade Septic Tank!! the real joke goes like this – How many communist septic tank rednecks does it take to change a light bulb? 100. One to stand on the chair and hold it, and the other 99 to spin the house round, cos the house has no cement, wood or whatever floor as it is built directly on the soil.

              “A Russian and a Pole go hunting in the woods. A hot naked woman appears. The Russian guy starts drooling fountains and says “Goddamn, I could eat her!” And the Polish guy shot her dead.” And so the Russian had a feast on raw meat as no one had as yet taught him about the advantages of cooking with heat.

              The other two quotes of yours I’ll ignore as they are so woeful as to be treated with the contempt that you so richly deserve.

              Bye, bye septic tank redneck, your stupidity knows no bounds, you gross ignoramus!!

              • Beetlejuice ⋅

                Again, reacting like the little ignorant turd you are after being backed into a corner again. A redneck is someone like you: conservative, religion-induced, ignorant, and badly educated. Your comback is as weak as your shit filled mind. That being said, your hatred of Russia is truly a mystery. Putin himself is a born again christian and Russian society is more conservative than any you can fantasize about in your wet dreams for Australia.

                Since you’re obviously intuned with what your head is:

                Why did Poland buy 50,000 Septic Tanks?
                So they can invade Russia when they learn how to drive them.

                How do you ruin a Polish party?
                Flush the punch bowl.

                How does a Polish mother teach her son to wear his underwear?
                Yellow in the front, brown in the back.

                Good source of natural gas: did you hear about the classic movie they made about Polish guy who went to Mexico and ate nothing but beans?
                Gone with the WIND!

                “And so the Russian had a feast on raw meat as no one had as yet taught him about the advantages of cooking with heat.”
                But outside Poland when a guy says “I could eat her” (refering to a hot woman) it means oral sex; not cannibalism. Get it right.

                • Bohdan ⋅

                  Aah foul mouthed comrade septic tank, the Ozark Mountains redneck, aka as Cockroach Turd – the brainless Scheissekopf, has woken from his alcoholic stupor/haze and is spreading what he is best at – unbelievably stupid communist trash!

                  For your information you lying commo jerk, I have never said that I hate Russians or Russia. In fact, and I realize that your pea brain cannot comprehend this, I have numerous Russian friends, unlike you who has none, ‘zilch,’ – so choke on that scum. I do, though, hate your beloved but murderous communists and their evil and repressive regime like a plague, and I realize that you are too stupid to work this out – as the brain washing that has been enforced upon you has left you a brainless vegetable.

                  Another thing comrade vegetable, I’ve been to the United States several times, as too have I been around the world several times. Never in my life have I come across such an fat and obese nation. In fact I can picture you at this moment a fat, obese and stinking slob stuffing his face with countless Macdonald’s hamburgers, drinking gallons of sugar loaded ‘coke’, and who sponges off the welfare system on unemployment benefits. Right comrade?

                  Comrade brain dead and foul mouthed fatso! do excuse me but I have no inkling of reading or answering all those stupid
                  ‘jokes’ that your feeble brain concocts up. The only suggestion I make is don’t try being a comedian as in that field you will also be a dismal failure. Stick to your welfare untermensch slob, as in that sense you are at least guaranteed of being fed.

                  PS comrade Turd, I have only been to Russia the once. But the one thing that sticks out in my mind is when we were walking on one of the streets in Moscow, when suddenly a women in front of us squatted down raised her dress and started to urinate in front of us, in broad daylight. In hindsight, your drunken wife, I assume! Right comrade?

                  • Beetlejuice ⋅

                    Wow! So much time on one love letter. I’m flattered, but if I wanted to be showed by terms of endearment and sexual fantasies I’d have asked your woman. In any case, your obvious frustration, hatred, and anger towards me are quite amusing to say the least as you remain impotent regardless of how hard you try. But had you been on a stage the judges would’ve opened the trap door under your feet. You seem to be oblivious to terms such as Communist and redneck. But being the former requires explanations beyond your comprehension I’ll explain the latter.

                    A redneck is: 1) a white person, and I’m NOT white (I won’t tell you my ethnicity since your impotent position is more amusing to me). 2) generally uneducated and speaks improper English, I hold a BA in modern history and I fix 747s for FedEx. 3) usually a staunch conservative, voting Republican (Mitt Romney), racist, backwards, religion-induced (like you); whereas I am a progressive. I believe in free universal health care, women’s, minority, and immigrant rights; as well as gay rights (including marriage). 4) an overweight blob that spends time on the couch stuffing his/her face with chips and watching golf; yet I do mixed martial arts which requires me to be as fit as can be. 5) a country music loving hick, whereas I’m a New Waver.

                    In any event, if you had Russian friends, you would be supporting a pathetic conservative blog that universally labels ALL Russians as being scum of the Earth. I don’t like the Russian government any more than you do, as I said I support the Chechen rebels…oh sorry “Islamofascists”. In any case, you represent every feature of an American redneck; but none more so than your lack of intellect and maturity resulting in your inability to back up any statement you make with an argument. That being the case:

                    Why did the Polish guy throw his clock out the window?
                    He wanted to watch time fly.

                    How do you know you’re flying over Poland?
                    You see toilet paper hanging on clothes lines.

                    Speaking of flying, how about the new automatic parachutes in Poland?
                    They open on impact.

                    Two bank robber (an American and a Pole) rob a bank and make off with a full bag of money to their hideout. Once there, the American says, “Damn, that’s a lot of dough”. The Pole preheats the oven on Bake and throws the money in.

                  • Alternative rendition, just for a lark:

                    Q: How do you know you’re flying over Poland?
                    A: It really stinks to High Heaven (possibly for the reason already given).

                    And here are still a few others:

                    Q: What the hell are PSHEKS (!!!) doing far, far away in Siberia?!?
                    A: As the Psheks know the world, all roads lead to Rome.

                    Q: Why is maths so archaic in Pshek education?
                    A. Staunch, devout Catholics don’t accept any Devil’s inventions such as Arabic (“Islamofascist”) numerals. Roman numerals it shall be.

                    Q: Why did the heroic Pshek fail to escape Siberia by crossing Bering’s Strait to reach freedom on its eastern shores?
                    A: For all his fervour, he wasn’t able to walk on the water.

                • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

                  Bohdan, honey: Don’t waste your time writing those dull, foul-mouthed, lengthy posts. They are boring, unimaginative, and — except for Psheks and Ukros — grossly immature to adults. I think you should commit yourself 100% to maths in general and trigonometry in particular. The implications of your discoveries with regard to the sine and cosine functions are truly staggering! Hence, you could well turn out to outperform even the Russians in a highly renowned, real science. That would be a very classy reward indeed for your Russophobia, mind you.

                  • Beetlejuice ⋅

                    I say let him keep writing those letters. His time and devotion to proving his immaturity and ignorance is nothing less than amusing. Just don’t tell him that math is a piece of cake. The last thing we want is him eating his homework and quizes.

                    • Bohdan ⋅

                      Cockroach dung, the redneck fat slob from the Ozark Mountains – would you like to re write that mumbo jumbo so that any sane man can understand it.

                      Back to the pig pen where you live comrade.

                    • Bohdan ⋅

                      Listen Cockroach Dung, no need to get upset when I proved what an idiot ManTurd is mathematics wise. You know just like you are.

                    • Bohdan ⋅

                      As an after thought! I cannot get over the fact that you three, i.e. ManTurd, Cockroach Turd and Rare_F5_Twister remind me of the “Three Stooges.”

                      The only difference is that the real Three Stooges played dumb and were funny. But you three are dumb and are pathetic at whatever you write.

                    • Rare_F5_Twister ⋅

                      Bohdan, and what kind of turd are you? Bugdan the Bugturd I think it’s a good name for you to bear. You are a big Bugturd, twenty six pounder.

                  • Bohdan ⋅

                    Once again ManTurd Dickhead, from the communist dungheap, no need to prove your stupidity. You have already done so most admirably.

                    • Beetlejuice ⋅

                      What’s the difference between a pig and a Pole?
                      You can eat the pig.

                    • Bohdan ⋅

                      What Beetlejuice, you don’t take the pig to bed. I was led to believe that the Ozark Mountain Rednecks were famous for that, as they love the noise that the pig makes, like when it squeals.

                      Don’t believe me, then watch that Burt Reynold’s movie “Deliverance.” By chance, was that you and the pig in the very early stages of the film?

                    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

                      Really? How so? Am I in the wrong for holding Putin in higher respect than I do you, honey? Or for seeing Russia as infinitely superior to Uncle Sam’s silly playthings? Or for inviting you smugly to come a cropper by your silly dabblings in the realm of maths?

                    • larussophobe ⋅

                      Well, seeing as how Putin is a mass-murdering, thieving psychopath trying to emulate Stalin and bring Russia once again to her knees, yes you are wrong.

                    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

                      Lots of luck to Putin and Russia. The West is a stinking swamp of mass-murderers, thieves, and psychopaths to boot. Putin and Russia have a huge responsibility to take down this evil monster once and for all.

  2. Next article from Dear Kim:
    “Rubio argues that the U.S. must recognize that Russian interests are diametrically opposed to our own and that Russia will not act for the global common good. Rubio calls Russia “increasingly belligerent” despite four years of “reset” by the Obama administration”

    Well said, Kim!

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

      For being a statement of Kim’s, it’s almost sensible but still highly ridiculous. Yes, Western supremacy masquerading as “global common good” and lamentations about Russia’s “increasingly belligerent” attitude towards a bankrupt West hell-bent on perpetual warfare should arguably impress the forever delusional Western petty bourgeoisie. However, don’t confuse yourselves with the world at large.

  3. Because stirring shit every possible ways in the Middle East to keep fuel price high for Russian oligarch’s bank accounts is good for humanity? The USA dont really need the sand nigger’s oil…fuel price in the USA is $3.50 a gallon while it average $10.00 in most of poor countries…and that is also good for Manfred and his bolcheviks as they hope to take power in poor countries and rule as part of the marxist oligarchy…meanwhile hundred of millions slowly die of hunger thanks to the subversive rats like Manfred Bolchevik here!

  4. High fuel prices caused by the KGB-FSB machinations equate high food prices and widespread famine in poor countries…bravo, mon F-Raide, vous ĂŞtes le parfait petit malthusien nĂ©o-nazi…

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