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Russia’s Frozen Soldiers

Nezavisimaya Gazeta reported [Russian-language link] on August 17, 2012, that the Russian military is 600 million rubles in the red to its gas and electric suppliers, and as a result thousands of military personnel and their families will go without heat this winter — including those in frozen wastelands like Murmansk where plunging temperatures can be fatal.  The Secretary of Housing for the Moscow Region Herman Elyanushkin is quoted as stating that 40% of  Moscow-based soldiers and their families had no heat last winter, and the situation was likely to be repeated this year.

The reason for the frozen soldiers is, according to the military, frozen funding in Moscow.  In addition to a lack of money to pay for fuel, there is also a lack of funds to maintain heating equipment, so boilers are breaking down and not being repaired or replaced.  The military claims it needs the whopping sum of an additional 70 billion rubles to properly heat the residences of its soldiers and their families.  The Kremlin, it seems prefers to devote funds to building new and better nuclear weapons, and is prepared to watch Russian soldiers and their families freeze.  The question of why Russia’s supposedly booming economy doesn’t have enough funds for both projects remains unasked.

According to the Russian paper, Dmitri Medvedev gave an order on June 26th that all heating issues were to be resolved by the end of last month, but nothing was done and now regional political leaders are sounding the alarm bells.

Of course, the fact that the Russian military got an additional 70 billion rubles would by no means assure that Russian soldiers would be treated in a humane manner.  After all, Transparency International and many others have documented chapter and verse that Russia is by far the most corrupt major civilization on the planet, so even if there were a major infusion of funds its likely that they would only be stolen by corrupt bureaucrats and officers long before being used to purchase heating services.

And let’s be clear about who’s really to blame for the suffering of Russian soldiers:  The craven citizens of Russia themselves.  Russia has universal conscription, so all Russians are perfectly well aware of the how badly their sons are treated when they are forced to enlist.  They know about the brutal hazing rituals called dedovschina, they know about the lack of heating and poor food, they know about the slave wages and the slave labor on behalf of officers who profit handsomely.  And yet they do nothing. They will not even stand up for their own children, and prefer to allow their government to brutalize those children and compromise the national security.

That is Russia!


12 responses to “Russia’s Frozen Soldiers

  1. Rare_F5_Twister ⋅

    “The military claims it needs the whopping sum of an additional 70 billion rubles to properly heat the residences of its soldiers and their families.”

    “Military” is kinda vague term, in fact it’s the minister of defense personally who claims that. Why Russia’s Minister of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov wasn’t included in the Magnitsky list. He had been leading the Federal Tax Service at the time when the tax fraud exposed by Magnitsky took place. He should be included in the list at the first place. But he is not and the US should be blamed for that.

    • larussophobe ⋅

      First and foremost, President Obama should be blamed for aggressively seeking to block passage of the law entirely. There is no doubt that Americans should be ashamed of themselves for electing Obama, who has betrayed American values and sold out those in Russia who fight for democracy.

      • Beetlejuice ⋅

        American values=Business first, investment secured, profits incoming. Nothing more. Obama has done the exact opposite of betraying American values in Russia.

  2. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Best Russian ever…”Naftaly Aronovich Frenkel” (Architect of the Gulag System). He saved the life of billions of people by working to death tens of millions of Russians who would have otherwise destroyed civilization! On the down side, he gave Stalin a yearly growth rate of 25% a sterling performance for slavery as a system…but no matter, Khrushchev would soon waste it all…Putin is a proven psychopath, even Stalin did not use poison isotopes or nerve agents to get rid of opponents(pick-axe to the head for Trotsky was only fair) so it’s only a matter of time that he completely lose it and put a Naftali in charge…Then it’s popcorn time!

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

      >> Proven psychopath >>

      Takes one to know one, eh?

      Ming: Clueless, yes. Merciless, nah.

      • MCC ⋅

        Hey kleine schwaine aka ruskiye barakhlo – the russian army is truly a shining example of putin’s unparallel success; first ‘belka i strelka’ a DOG FOOD being a staple diet of the fearless russian army, and now; the poor russian ‘soldiers’ freezing to death; what next, dearlie? ‘Krokodil’; a russian version of afghan heroin for every soldier to keep russian ‘army’ going…

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        Any interesting toilet dissertations, mccusa?

        Cada joven polaca muy guápa
        Estará una puta del papa

        Thanks for agreeing and laughszczting with me.

  3. Beetlejuice ⋅

    All this, and what does Kim have to show for it? A picture from the Winter War. A bit outdated, don’t you think?

  4. mingthemerciless ⋅

    I would have used a picture of one of the corpses of KGB agent Abu Nidal’s victims, his very own folks…

    Since, being ay-rabs, thus incompetents, Abu and gang could not get hold of any live Djooz for their torture school, so, they played short straw and worked on each others until there was only Abu Nidal left!!!

    Pretty “interesting” tortures too…russian and arab haters would have loved it…for instance, Abu Nidal buried his agents alive in a coffin with a pipe sticking out. Then he used a funnel and he filled the coffin with battery acid via the pipe…or dropped a grenade down the pipe…that sort of jolly things!

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