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Russia’s Newly Redesigned Olympic Rings for Sochi 2014

From Georgia to Pussy Riot, Boycott Sochi 2014 Now!


186 responses to “Russia’s Newly Redesigned Olympic Rings for Sochi 2014

  1. Auriga ⋅

    Pussy Riot are very good icon for rusophobes.
    Nor lyrics, nor any vocal to speak of, famous for groups sex orgy in the museum, pushing broiler chicken into, well, pussy, as an act of art. Several such performances in churches before.

    • larussophobe ⋅

      And yet, Russia made them look good and now the whole world hates Russia because of it. What kind of government does Russia have? What kind of people?

      • Auriga ⋅

        Well, I don’t care about what gays around the world think.

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        “The whole world” = Kim Zigfeld and her proud, awesome acolytes! Nice try.

      • freeland ⋅

        No the ignorance of the western media made them look good in the west. They completely ignored the beating to death of a 16year old in Bahrain on the same day. I guess all Russia has to do for good publicity in the west is let US and British oil companies rape their natural resources. Maybe I should put on a pink mask and start throwing cats at Madonna in protest of her ignorance.

        • MCC ⋅

          freeland; I have some news for you – russia dropped totally from the radar – in the USA russia is considered a third world nonentity… The russian slow disintegration is simply pathetic; in order to be in the news, Russia ‘activates’ the frozen conflicts and start local wars; and then when number of countries are involved, russia calls for the ‘summit’ ..Haven’t mr. lavrov [in reality mr. karapet karapetiantz – tibiliskoy ormiaszka] noticed that EVERYBODY IGNORES russian ‘summits’…??

          • freeland ⋅

            The Russia slow disintegration really. I have been in Russia during the 90s and I have been recently and I know which one I would rather live in.

            Considering poverty is now over 15% in the US while in Russia the poverty rate is 13%. Russia’s has been as high as 20% in just 1998 while the US poverty levels are now sitting as far back as the 60s. Then we could look at the US public debt that is a massive 64.1% GDP while Russia’s is 8.4%.

            Russia activates frozen conflicts, your still not going on about Georgia 2008 a war the EU now admits was started by Georgia.

            I can understand your post after all its a regurgitation of the anti communist witch hunts of the 60s. The stuff you have posted is obviously nonsense and honestly I don’t even think your convinced.

            • MCC ⋅

              freeland, may I suggest you visit Siberia where the poor russian slaves live in pure 18th century; in holes in the ground, no electricity, no running water, no gas; hungry, drunk and without any hope of change…. According to the French documentary recently made about Siberia; inhabitants of Siberia eat meet ONCE A YEAR. I am sure you will enjoy all of these and the perfect weather too…

              • freeland ⋅

                Actually I have been to Siberia on two occasions now and I am now trying to determine if your now blaming Putin for Stalinism now. Maybe you should be talking about the labour camps that exist today in the US. Or Military Order Number One which empowers the US to detain any citizen or non citizen of the US without evidence and detain them in a forced labour camp or isolation camp where they are routinely exposed to torture techniques such as water boarding.

                According to my own eyes I can see many of the 700,000 homeless people in the US begging for any food at all.

                Clearly unlike you I have been to many places in Russia including Siberia and anyone who has been there recently can easily see the billions of investment in the region, not only from private enterprise but also government. Funny how many Russophobes have clearly never been in Russia.

            • MCC ⋅

              freeland, putin and medvedeeve adminted that if russia didn’t attack Georgia – Georgia would have been already a member of Natol…

              • freeland ⋅

                what complete and utter tosh. Its not in the hands of Putin or any Russian politician to decide if Georgia joins NATO or not. Georgia started the war and not only is this now accepted by the EU but its also widely accepted by almost everyone bar the few little Russian haters who didn’t stop repeating the rhetoric since the 60’s.

                • MCC ⋅

                  Read my lips, dorogoy katsap, Russia invaded Georgia in order to prevent Georgia joining NATO. The vivid pictures of russian dirty, hungry and drunk soldiers stealing toilet seats and black and white TV sets from Georgian population are for ever instill in the world’s conscience. By th eway, perhaps once in a while you russians should try to have some selfrespect and tell the truth…

                  • freeland ⋅

                    lol, what complete and utter nonsense. I mean this is just complete and utter drivel. The EU has already ruled Georgia fired the first shots. Here’s a statement from the US Ambassador to Russia John Beyrle.

                    “Now we see Russian forces, which responded to attacks on Russian peacekeepers in South Ossetia, legitimately, we see those forces now having advanced on to the soil of Georgia; Georgian territorial integrity is in question here,”

                    In-fact the issue of who started this little war isnot in question by the EU, NATO, COE or the US.

                    Again another poor conclusion you jumped too, I am not Russian.

                    So come on show me the vivid pictures of Russian soldiers stealing toilet seats?

                    I will show you vivid video of Georgian soldiers firing grad rockets and tank rounds on a civilian population. The grad rocket attack is what started the war a fact accepted by even the dogs on the street of the US and Europe.

                    • MCC ⋅

                      you can keep repeating these lies – the fact remains russian invaded Georgia. The end of discussion….

                  • freeland ⋅

                    Your a liar and just regurgitating Saakashvili’s rhetoric word for word without actually checking the facts is a dangerous game if you do not want to be portrayed as a liar. I know you can’t show any of these vivid images of Russian soldiers stealing toilet seats because you have not seen any and your just lying.

                    “The shelling of Tskhinvali (the South Ossetian capital) by the Georgian armed forces during the night of 7 to 8 August 2008 marked the beginning of the large-scale armed conflict in Georgia,”

                    “There is the question of whether [this] use of force… was justifiable under international law. It was not.”
                    – Report by Swiss diplomat Heidi Tagliavini and her team of 30 experts for the COEU

                    I have provided quotes from the EU from the US ambassador to Russia and can provide many more official statements showing Georgia started the war. It completely destroys your Russia started the war lie. You know it to be a lie yet you keep regurgitating it. Though this is good as any clear thinking objective mind will see through your irrational hatred of a country, its culture and people. Your hatred discredits your own posts which are obviously brimming full of old rhetoric, propaganda and just downright lies feed from the internet and other third parties.

                    The other tactic of name calling and jumping to assumptions in a pathetic attempt to discredit people is just childish and well shows the level of your intelligence.

                    Now that you have been clearly exposed and discredited that’s the end of the discussion.

                    • MCC ⋅

                      freeland/beetlejuice/manfred – [three for price of one]. Thanks for agreeing with me and the rest of the world – RUSSIA ATTACkED GEORGIA TO PREVENT GEORGIA FROM JOINING NATO. Just before the invation of Georgia, russians told North Ossetians that they will be united with the South to create independent Ossetia. That is modus operendi of russia since the inseption of russians state in 17th century. By the way, what IS GOING ON IN SOUTH OSSETIA – what is going on with the Ossetinian population – are there ANY of them left there or it is just a poorely run russian military outpost…By the way picures of drunk, dirty russian soldiers STEALING TOILET SEATS, AND BLACK AND WHITE TV SET FROM THE GEORGIAN POPULATIONS BECAME THE STANGARD IMAGE OF RUSSIA….

                    • freeland ⋅

                      lol, I couldn’t make you look more stupid than you make yourself MCC. Though don’t worry I am still waiting for you to post these so called vivid images. Where are they? Come on post a link for us all to see?

                      If the Russian state always had some modus operendi to join North and South Ossetia as an single state as you claim, considering they and Georgia where part of the Russian Empire and then USSR since 1801 why did they just not do so?

                      Maybe you can explain to me how Russia can keep any country from joining NATO? When the truth is only NATO can stop other countries joining NATO.

                      Considering Wolfgang Richter military advisor to the OSCE mission who was in Tbilisi at the time German Defense Minister Franz-Josef Jung that Georgia to an extent had lied about Russian troop movements. The real reason Georgia cannot join NATO is its president internationally is not trusted and viewed as reckless.

  2. mingthemerciless ⋅

    On the other hand, this catholic cross cutting in Kiev, Ukraine by supposed “Femen” in “support” of the Pussy Riot look awfully to me like a Putin provocation inspired by Putin’s orthodox pope puppets…keep them cat lick “little russian” arsies in line…

    • Bogdan from Aussie ⋅

      I have to agree Ming. I saw the report in Englishrussia blog and was infuriated at the first impulse but after a while I realised that it was nothing more and nothing less than the communo-fascist and putlerist/yanukovitshist provocation.

      The Femen are stupid but their objective is rather different from mindlessly destroying Catholic symbols.

      Appart from that, I believe that they (Femen) know that it is an Orthodox church that is collaborating with both Ukrainian and Russian regimes and not the Catholic one.

  3. MCC ⋅

    By the way, speaking of Sochi, one can predict the medal distribution for russia – half gold, one silver and four brown ones the bronze ones I mean…..russians are great in winning the bronze medals ……and declaring themselves absolute winners….

  4. Beetlejuice ⋅

    Two things:

    1) Since I brought it up to Bodgan’s dismay, little Kim hasn’t been able to shut up about the punk band Pussy Riot. Sensationalism is lucrative when it works in your favor, yet both hate Pussy Riot’s American and Australian counterparts with a passion.

    2) Politics and games should not be integrated. The Olympics are about competition in sports, not politics. Those who use Olympic games to promote their politics need to fuck off, and shut the hell up. You don’t like where the Olympics are being held, well that’s your problem, now isn’t it?

    • Bohdan ⋅

      Listen ‘dear darling and brainwashed’ Beetlejuice, It was your beloved Soviet communists that brought ‘politics’ into the sport arena! and before them it was the Nazis in the 1936 Olympics.

      Now that the whole world follows suit, that these dictatorships set, especially so by your beloved and inhuman soviet USSR, you cry wolf??? Come off the grass child, I mean what planet are you from?

      Or is it a condition of your release from the GULAG holiday camps in the Siberian permafrost, that you will only sing the praise of this ‘wonderful’ system.

      • Beetlejuice ⋅

        Well, evidently the Soviet communists still have influence over you then. More than me anyway, being that I’m American without any political convictions: except equal rights. But dickheads like you call that “communism”, in that case: guilty. You know, one of my favorite Oingo Boing songs explains your condition:

        • Bohdan ⋅

          You might be an American “Cockroachurine” but that’s where it ends. Face the facts comrade, you are a feeble brainwashed communist provocateur, and you will die in this sad state.

          Sing the “Internationale” a few more times, it will make you feel better.

          And if you think I’m going to waste my time watching your psychedelic trash! you are stupider then I actually gave you credit for.

          • Beetlejuice ⋅

            I suggest you stop trying to call me names, because you obviously suck at it. You don’t have the knack for it. Like I told your boyfriend, Bogdan, I also suggest you stop using words like “Communists” to which you do not know the meaning of. But then again, a weak-minded villager like you raised on only religion can only reduce yourself to such ignorance.

            You already waste your time talking out of your ass on this blog, so I figured why not. Your mom is an olympic weight lifter, isn’t she? She’d have to be to have raised such a dumbell like you.

            How many Ukrainians does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
            None. In Chernobyl, one just holds the bulb and it glows by itself.

            What’s the difference between the USA and Ukraine?
            You commit a crime in America, and you end up in prison. Commit a crime in Ukraine, and they make you president.

            • Bohdan ⋅

              Aah Cockroachurine spoken like the dumb and brainless communist propaganda lying Ozark redneck you really are. Right comrade!

              As for talking about parentage, I bet that you don’t even know who, of the countless flower hippies your dimwitted mother slept with, is your father. Have another puff of the marihuana, you’ll be back in LaLa land, so that you can keep on dreaming on and on.

              As for Chernobyl, Ukraine got that trash of a reactor from your beloved Russia, when it was part of the greatest murder machine the world has ever experienced, you know your beloved communist U.S.S.R.

              The only thing I agree 100% with you, dear retard, is your last paragraph. But then what can be expected from an ex communist regime that knew how to cook the voting figures. After all it was your idol, J. Stalin that said it did not matter how the voting went, “all that mattered was who counted the votes.” So answer this point, comrade redneck?

              • Beetlejuice ⋅

                “As for talking about parentage, I bet that you don’t even know who, of the countless flower hippies your dimwitted mother slept with, is your father. Have another puff of the marihuana, you’ll be back in LaLa land, so that you can keep on dreaming on and on.”

                Well, I’m hoping its not your dad. I remember my mom talking about how she had a transsexual who was hotter than your mom and had a bigger thing than your dad. It was sometime before the last time your dad gave your mom $20 for a good time in a cheap motel room where you were conceived.

                “As for Chernobyl, Ukraine got that trash of a reactor from your beloved Russia, when it was part of the greatest murder machine the world has ever experienced, you know your beloved communist U.S.S.R.”

                I’ll thank the USSR for giving me a good joke. Speaking of which if you’re interested in getting out of that 3rd world landfill called Ukraine, I’ll take you in. I’m trying to save on my electric bills so you’ll be holding the light bulb in every room I’m in. In return I’ll treat you to a McDonald’s happy meal every night. Sound good?

                • Bohdan ⋅

                  Wow do you rave on Cockroachurine!!! Real unadulterated soviet and hippie trash. You just left out, in your disjointed and hallucinatory diatribe that your psychedelic pigs can fly.

                  Like I said, have some more puffs on your mind bending ‘Mary Juana’, then and only then will you progress from the ridiculous to the sublime – comrade communist hippie.

                  Face the music fatso redneck, you are one hell of a wasted space!

                  • Beetlejuice ⋅

                    I just enjoy putting you in your place. At the same time, amused at you trying to insult me with terms that you don’t even know the meaning of. I could have 20 puffs of marijuana and still make more sense than you in a sober condition. If i’m a redneck, and still able to put you in your place intellectually or verbally…well, a redneck being one of the lowest forms of life in America…that pretty much shows where you stand. Do yourself a favor and go get laid for once. With a Ukrainian girl, you’ll kiss my ass for taking my advice.

                    • Bohdan ⋅

                      Rave on, rave on Cockroachurine.

                      For your information – bird brained imbecile – my wife IS UKRANIAN. And a very sexy, beautiful and slim one at that. When we go shopping, I still cannot – to this day – get over the stares she gets from total strangers. As it is a fact of life that guys do not stare or look twice at ugly women!!! Similarly, with my own ears I have head comments about her from total strangers like, “My, you are beautiful,” or at one Malanka new year’s ball these vivid words “Wow, Cinderella has just walked in!” So eat your worthless heart out comrade Redneck, Septic Tank. Because like a true ‘commo’ you are lying again, oops I mean still. And sadly you will continue to lie, like all communists do, after all that is to be expected as their evil system is one hell of a huge lie!!! Right comrade.

                      Listen Jerk, I have been to your beloved U.S.A. on a number of occasions, where to this day I cannot get over how ugly and fat the average American woman is. Not to mention how ignorant they all are about the going ‘ons’ in the rest of the world. Just look at the stupid comments made by your brainless politicians on rape. God help America if that Republican idiot, Mormon Romney get’s elected president.

                      Give me beautiful Canada any day. I also cannot get over the influx of American citizens that are forsaking your hell hole to resettle in Canada – says something, does it not??

                    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

                      Haha, sounds 100% like a Ukrainian rendition of “Beauty and the Beast”. Is your wife as impressed by your intellectual tenacity as were your erstwhile employees, Bohdan? Anyway, if she is highly intelligent as well, then maybe she could have a glance at that little trigonometric problem I gave you before. But, then again, this also involves the risk of her putting you mercilessly in your place, “Boss” 🙂

                    • Bohdan ⋅

                      Aah Manturd, the brainless ex Stasi vegetable swede. At your worst, still writing that worthless soviet propaganda trash. But first, you tell me about your beloved murdering Russian communist scum, the NKVD, and how they murdered 10’s of millions of innocent children, women and men. And then I’ll look at your fantasy question. But be real when you answer, none of your unbelievably stupid verbal diarrhea that you excel in.

                      But I’m positive that you wont, as you are too dumb and brainwashed to be able to think for yourself. You feeble piece of wasted flotsam of humanity, you know like that speck of fly sh*t on a ceiling.

                    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

                      Have you heard that beautiful German Christmas Carol “Oh Tannenbaum”, Bohdan? Here is an English rendition for your erstwhile employees:

                      Our Ukro boss
                      Our Ukro boss
                      Is just a flat-out, total loss
                      His mind is dull
                      And rotten-ripe
                      An empty skull
                      Spouts worthless tripe
                      Our Ukro boss
                      A total loss
                      The first who should be fired

                      The boss’s wife
                      The boss’s wife
                      Could well be worth a happier life
                      Her husband yells
                      In front of screen
                      “MY WIFE’S, HELL’S BELLS,
                      A BEAUTY QUEEN!!!”
                      The boss’s wife
                      A happier life
                      A husband more inspired

                      Seriously , Bohdan: Instead of promoting your wife around here, you would be appreciably better off if you paid due attention to your matrimonial duties switching off that bloody PC.

                    • MCC ⋅

                      manfredthe beatlejuice – you should get in line, keep you head down and don’t speak unless you are spoken to….get it, ruskiye barakhlo???

                  • Beetlejuice ⋅

                    Really? Can you tell me the name of the pimp you bought her from? I want one too, but she’s gotta be bisexual.

                    So how about that? I’ve made you go against EVERYTHING you believe in, and talk shit about the USA. I knew we had something in common, I don’t like American girls myself unless they’re…well, lets put it this way: on a different level above “american christian family values”, if you get my meaning. Thankfully, my girlfriend is Czech.

                    “God help America if that Republican idiot, Mormon Romney get’s elected president.”

                    But that is what you, Bogdan, MCC, and Kim want. I don’t want that. Again, I’m a New Waver and I’m NOT white, much less a Republican. I hate christian conservatives with a passion. So I’m not a redneck, shit-for-brains. I congratulate you on the start of your change. I’m very proud of you. 🙂

                    • Bohdan ⋅

                      Wish I could say the same for you, but sanity precludes me from doing so.

                      Your sentence “So I’m not a redneck, shit-for-brains.” had one word too many and at the same time left out one extremely important word!!! Your sentence should have read! “So I’m a redneck, with shit-for-brains!”

                      It’s important to get your English right, comrade turd-for-brains. So that all the sane readers of this magic blog get the right idea from the start.

                      I also cannot help but note what a crude, foul mouthed jerk you really are. What’s up comrade are you suffering a relapse of sanity, as there was not your usual volume of foul mouthed tirades.

                      There’s hope for you yet.

                      Finally, to borrow your terminology “shit for brains” comrade. My wife’s parents, who have celebrated their golden wedding anniversary, are very religious and a pleasure to know and call my in-laws. Hence it only proves what a liar you are to insinuate that she was a pro! Naughty, naughty little child – what were you judging her by your mother, wife or both, and what’s more it also indicates your personal caliber of acquaintances. Lucky, lucky you – yuck.

                • MCC ⋅

                  ‘third world landfill alled Ukraine’ really, manfred the beetlejuice, what about mayak region, czeliabinsk, region, magnitogorsk region – the most dangerous places on earth – where radiation is as high as in Chernobyl just after the explosion, another russian ‘success’ – In those free regions, three generations of monsters are being born…..just to refresh your memory…..

          • Beetlejuice — debes tener en cuenta que nuestro mentecato ucranio, según su propia exposición ridícula, ha trabajdo durante mucho tiempo como EMPLEADOR, hombre. ¡Alabado sea Dios por la meritocracia!

            • Beetlejuice ⋅

              Manfred—-lo sé. Y eso es lo que me mantiene regresando. Mensajes patéticos de Kim sobre Rusia, y estallidos de Ming, de Bogdan y de Bohdan y su nombre infantil de llamada cuando se enfrentan con un argumento intelectual es simplemente hilarante.

          • Beetlejuice ⋅

            Bohdan this is perfect for you, and the lyrics are:

            Only a lad, You really can’t blame him
            Only a lad, Society made him
            Only a lad, He’s our responsibility
            Only a lad,He really couldn’t help it
            Only a lad, He didn’t want to do it
            Only a lad, He’s underprivileged and abused

            It’s not his fault that he can’t behave
            Society made him go astray
            Perhaps if we’re nice he’ll go away
            Perhaps he’ll go away

            • Bohdan ⋅

              As a poet you are a real wasted space, comrade redneck.

              • Beetlejuice ⋅

                Thanks for the compliment, but I’m not Danny Elfman. I wish I were. Those were the lyrics to the song I posted 🙂

                Your definition of a Communist is clear: anyone from an actual Communist to someone who leans slightly towards the center from the far-right. But its clear you don’t have a clue what a redneck is. A redneck is in ignorant white American who is very uncultured, very right-wing conservative, pro-war, and VERY christian. I’ve got a Masters degree in history, I’m very cultured, I’m a progressive, anti-war, and staunch anti-christ. I’ll shit on your bible. The only difference between you and a redneck, little Bohdan, is that you’re Ukrainian and a redneck is American.

                • Bohdan ⋅

                  Hey fatso redneck, you darling hippie, Septic Tank! remember that self portraits are always well colored. But only by the lame brained idiot that does the coloring.

                  The way you praise yourself is just like that other communist comrade imbecile, Manturd Limppenis. Yea sure I know, “birds of a feather flock together” – so what’s new? Nothing comrade, as you have admirably proved beyond a reasonable doubt what a classic Ozark Mountains redneck you really are.

                  Also try to remember that the bulk of my life I have been a boss. Where I always found the biggest and most useless idiots used to tell me how good they were. Sound familiar! so keep on digging yourself in deeper in the sh*t, as it must be just below your nostrils currently.

                  • Beetlejuice ⋅

                    “Hey fatso redneck, you darling hippie, Septic Tank! remember that self portraits are always well colored. But only by the lame brained idiot that does the coloring. ”

                    Great job on the coloring book, shit-for-brains.

                    “as you have admirably proved beyond a reasonable doubt what a classic Ozark Mountains redneck you really are.”

                    What I have proven is that you are a dumbshit conservative christian no-brain like a typical American redneck. Proof? Look at all of your posts…and you inability to post or reply to anything with a good argument.

                    “Also try to remember that the bulk of my life I have been a boss. Where I always found the biggest and most useless idiots used to tell me how good they were. Sound familiar!.”

                    Yeah, where? At a landfill outside Odessa where all of your subordinates are homeless drunks waiting for the 6 months overdue paycheck? Bravo, boss.

                    “so keep on digging yourself in deeper in the sh*t, as it must be just below your nostrils currently”

                    Sounds like in invitation to our family reunion. I can marry your sister if you direct me to the pimp that trafficked her 😛

                    • Bohdan ⋅

                      Ooh you do rave on darling ‘Fatso’ redneck. Have another dozen McDonald’s whoppers, followed by gallons of Coca-Cola mixed with your home made ‘gut rot moonshine’, and then puff on your ‘mary juana,’ you wasted space of a Septic Tank.

                      Tomorrow when you wake from your stupor, you’ll feel better. Trust me comrade, hahaha!

                      And by the way, next time you write, try to do so while while sober. You wont make such a jackass of yourself. Failing that do get your six year old daughter to write your next “Job Application” as I’m sure that she will do far, far better then your above lame and irrational one! Which by the way sounded like your life story. Right comrade.

                      ‘Meanwhile back at the ranch’ and to the drawing board for you darling comrade fatso, you ‘hunk’ of a slobbering slob! Go on be a devil, tell me how many ton you weigh – I promise not tell anyone, – hahaha.

                • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

                  Next to you, Bohdan, an otherwise useless idiot would appear all but sophisticated. I mean, is throwing foul-mouthed, unimaginative tantrums crucial to become a boss in Ukraine? Your employees must have considered you as beyond redemption and below contempt, regardless of their individual levels of aptitude.

                  • Bohdan ⋅

                    Comrade Manturd the Dickhead! (I bet you wear a polar neck sweater to hide the circumcision mark around your neck – right comrade). Listen carefully ‘sweetheart’ you don’t need to keep on proving what an imbecile of a communist propagandist you really are! as you have proved that point most admirably on every occasion that you post to this blog.

                    The difference between me and you, comrade goon, is that I write the truth whereas you are a lying jackass. So get used to this simple fact/truth rather then posting ad nauseam your nauseating fairy tale communist trash, which only a feeble minded and brainwashed communist imbecile would believe.

                    Why don’t you, Instead, tell us all about the 10’s of millions of innocent children, women and men that your beloved communists slaughtered like diseased cattle in the name of those mass murderers – you know – that scum Lenin and Stalin.

              • MCC ⋅

                Bohdan, I didn’t realize that beetlejuice/manfred is in such a serious conditions…Heh, heh, heh…

                • Bohdan ⋅

                  Yea MCC, you and I (and all the sane contributors to this blog) know it!

                  But “beetlejuice/manfred” don’t and never will.

              • MCC ⋅

                Shall we give, the poor retard, a stalin’s price for litarature’ – [stalinskuyu litarurnuyu premiu] let’s hold the ceremony in lubianka….

            • MCC ⋅

              Oh my god , gououspodin pomilyui another poem…..

            • MCC ⋅

              dearie, stop humiliating yourself.. on the other hand keep writing, keep writing, poor thing…

  5. Auriga ⋅

    After all there is real opposition party in Russia, bold enough to oppose Putin and see Truth about Russia,
    Creative Party of Freedom of Thought led by Lev Sharansky.
    Briefly its political agenda is
    1) Put Puting to trial, lustration of all communists and putinists.
    2) Compensations to all the victims of bloody regime: Latvia, Poland (Katyn and Katyn2 – murder of Lech Kaczynsky), Ukraine, Georgia, Chechens.
    3) EuroAtlantic choice for Russia. NATO entry after the revolution. Barbaric and useless russian army should be reduced in size.
    4) Rights of LGBT.
    And more.

    They are actively preparing for democratisation of Russia with no compromisses with bloody regime.

    • Bohdan ⋅

      I wish the “Party of Freedom of Thought led by Lev Sharansky.” all the best and hope they succeed.

      But knowing how evil that KaGeBist Pootin is, I suspect that he will use all the illegal resources available to him, and/or he can muster to literally hang unto power at all costs.

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        He should indeed hang them, after flogging them first.

        • MCC ⋅

          flogging and hanging, russkiye barakhlo, is Monsieur Putain’s preferrable sexual activities besides raping the little boys, of course…

        • To me, that sounds infinitely more like Roman Catholic practices. Your Catholic Whoring School miseducation should have made that perfectly clear, should it not?

          • MCC ⋅

            You probably can explain why russian orthodox believers, while making the sign of cross, touch their genitalias – from forehead, to genitalias, left are and right arm – how revolting guospodin pomilyui …

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

      Haha, they should also cede Siberia to the Yank baboons, prohibit the Russian language, ask Kim Zigfeld for permission to opine on just about anything. THEN we can certainly approve of their Western subservience credentials.

      Seriously, unless they’re making fun of delusional, imbecile Westerners they should be lynched without further delay.

      • Auriga ⋅

        Of course, Empire of evil has seized control over Siberia unlawfully denying it to Civilized humanity. This great historic unjustice should end – after revolution Siberia will join the family of Civilized nations and join NATO, while Russia will be reduced to proper historic borders of Moscov principality.

      • MCC ⋅

        There is no need to cede Siberia to the Yanks, while Siberia is being retaken by its rightful owner, China, in case you overlooked it, dearie. What do you mean, dear russkiye barakhlo, prohibit the russian language??? What is the point – when the russian language is fast becoming just a local dialect, in case you overlooked it, dearie…And last but not least, the lynching [of the russians, of course],without further delay, will be done by Chinese; you got it wrong, again….

        • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

          You tell the silly “dissidents” that, mccusa. People on the West’s payroll are not very likely to be even remotely interested in promoting any alleged interests of China. Pshek psychobabble never ceases to amaze.

          • MCC ⋅

            China is retaking Siberia; the stolen territory by russia just hundred years ago. – Chinese just keep crossing the non-existant chinese-russian border….

          • MCC ⋅

            Yeah right – ruskies are sh@#$ing in their panties – while watching chinese crossing the border; by the way, this has been going on since the early nineties….Katsap psychobabble never ceases to amaze….

          • MCC ⋅

            Siberia is being retaken by China without single shot being fired by horrified russia,

            • Bohdan ⋅

              Russia should send its ‘wonder’ brain Manturd the vegetable swede, to the bargaining table.

              The poor and unfortunate Chinese will then be bogged down in answering his useless and irrelevant propaganda questions to the point of stalemate and nothing will happen.

              Or as his mass murdering idol Stalin used to answer – hehehe.

        • Beetlejuice ⋅

          So you’re more of an anti-Russian than an anti-communist; very impressive. But any anti-communist would quiver and recite every prayer he ever knew to God that China would not grow. Of course you realize that if that happens, the godless Chinese PLA would then have God’s white Poland for breakfast. The Chinese would lose more men fighting the Care Bears than fighting the Polish Army.

          • MCC ⋅

            I didn’t know that russia is SO scared of China – come to think of it russia SHOULD BE…. The world is being prepared for the chinese take over of russia. – let have hun.. By the way you should remember 1920, when budionny and his mongolian russian hordes were running east with their tails between their legs, after being defeated by the Polish Army. in 1920 Poland saved christian Europe, again…

            • Bohdan ⋅

              MCC, sadly Beetlejuice wont remember that far back. His mental capacity, or should I say more accurately the lack of it, precludes ‘it’ from learning outside of his hippie/communist brainwashing propaganda.

            • Beetlejuice ⋅

              I wouldn’t know, I’m not in Russia, nor am I Russian. I’m just saying that the Chinese PLA can walk over Poland as if they were doing a military show in Beijing.

              Actually, what I recall is that Pilsudski wanted to steal half of Ukraine which had gone Soviet, and extend Poland’s borders to the Baltics. OPERATION: KIEV. The Red Army saved Soviet Ukraine and sent the Polish Army running with their tails between their legs. Poland’s borders remained unchanged and they just wasted the lives of their waste of skin soldiers. Even with God on their side. In addition the Polish Legion was completely DESTROYED by the Red Army at Krasnoyarsk. God’s Poland lost, not the Red Army. What was funny about this war is that Pilsudski allied himself with the very SAME Russians that annexed Poland into the Russian Empire 123 years prior.

              • MCC ⋅

                hey beetlejuice, you MUST BE russian, you are SO stupid – listen carelfully; in order for China to walk over Poland, Chinese will have to totally destroy russia, you brainless baboon. And as for Ukraine, the red army ‘saved’ Ukraine and then starved to death 10 million Ukrainians. I highly recommend the book called ‘Bloodland, Europe between HItler and Stalin’ by Yale University professor, Tim Sneider…Desperate Ukrainians tried to leave Ukraine and the russian brothers sealed the Ukrainian borders; those millions of people had nowere to escape and were murdered by barbaric russia. Then the soviet government resettled about 5 million ethnic russians in the Eastern Ukraine…At the end, all the nameless Ukrainian victims of russian barbarism have been vindicated – just go and visit moscow and you will enter CENTRAL ASIAN MUSLIM CITY…. As far as the Polish victory against bolshevik russia in 1920; I agree, dearie, it is difficult to accept the total defeat and humiliation of the soviet army;and most importantly, the death of the dream to conquer Europe…..

                • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

                  Don’t believe you there, mccusa. Psheks and book reading are mutually exclusive unless R > 3, where R denotes the ratio of illustrated pages to pure text pages. You’re merely trying to sound authoritative for a change, amusingly by referring to some pre-fabricated Western “academic” tripe from what passes for an Anglo-Saxon “prestige university”.

                  Poetry time — here goes:

                  I’d rather meet a Russki
                  Than ugly, vile Pilsudski
                  I loathe the scum Kaczynski
                  And strongly hail Dzerzhinsky
                  The Ex-Pope now is mating
                  With Hitler and with Satan

                  • MCC ⋅

                    TOWARIPRSZCZC FREELAND/BEELLEJUICE/MANFRED – THE ‘stalinskaya literaturnaya premia’ was given to you. The ceremony will be held at the entrance to the gulags in magadan, dress wormly, russkiy katsap…

                • Beetlejuice ⋅

                  I don’t give a rat’s ass what the PLA would do to Russia. What I’m saying is that the Chinese PLA can have the Polish Army for breakfast, and would walk over Poland’s corpse faster than you can finish the first line of the lord’s prayer.

                  “As far as the Polish victory against bolshevik russia in 1920; I agree, dearie, it is difficult to accept the total defeat and humiliation of the soviet army;and most importantly, the death of the dream to conquer Europe…..”

                  I’ve proven you wrong, and you’re clearly impotent to back your end up. Just like Bogdan and Bohdan, you lack any intellectual skills. You know as much about history as the Pope knows about consensual sex.

                  What does it say on the bottom of every coke bottle in Poland?
                  Open other end.

                  How do you know if a loan shark is Polish?
                  He lends you all his money, and skips town.

                  How do you know a Pole has been using your computer?
                  There’s whiteout on the screen.

                  MCC, did I mention that I live just around the corner from a street named after the Polish community?
                  It’s called DEAD END.

                  • MCC ⋅

                    beetlejuice, even if you ‘don’t give a rat’s ass’ what china will do to russia, in order to attack Poland China will have to [en passant] pulverize russia – it is a low of physics. A propos, those jokes above, in order to have any funny meaning, you should replace world Poland with Russia – you will see the difference, dearie..

              • Bohdan ⋅

                And why, don’t you tell us about how the Poles defeated the barbarian Red Army in Poland and how all all these brave comrades ran ‘helter skelter’ with their tails between their legs all the way to their U.S.S.R., with not even the dogs being able to catch them.

                After all comrade hippie, fair’s fair, right.

                • Beetlejuice ⋅

                  I already did. Learn how to read, dumbass.

                  By the way, what do you call it when a Ukrainian goes on a diet?

              • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

                Beetlejuice, hay que admitir que la verborrea majareta del pobre pcheque aquí es prueba de la superioridad de Rusia sobre Polonia. Cada vez que este mierda se da cuenta que ha encontrado a una persona que se caga en su rusofobia y — sobre todo — que sabe también una cosa o dos del mundo, nuestro bobalicón pcheque saca la conclusión que su adversario es ruso. En mi opinión, es una fijación reveladora.

                PS. mccusa — as a devout Catholic, you should appreciate reading texts in Spanish, one of the most beautiful Latin languages in the world /DS.

            • Beetlejuice ⋅

              One thing I’ve always admired about Poland is that they’re always united. Against the Russians, against the Germans, against the Ukrainians, against the Lithuanians; you gotta hand it to the Poles, they REALLY sick together. Do you know why?
              Because snot is a great adhesive.

              Did you hear about the Polish immigrant who opened a big jewellery store after one year in America?
              He had a crowbar

              • MCC ⋅

                Did you hear that in the sixties in the soviet russia, in the spirit of openness, central committee of communist party decided to open a first strip club in moscow. All ballet dancers, actresses and KGB whores were competing for the position of a streaptease girl. The whole soviet union was mesmerized, every happy proletarian from magadan to konigsberg was voting; and the overwhelming victory went to Praskovia Shmuilova Podsierob, age:71, 200 kg, piano legs with varicose vains, and lovely golden teeth in the front. Her victory was attributed to her sexiest feature, recognized by the whole soviet union; SHE PERSONALLY NEW LENIN…

                • MCC ⋅

                  Did yu hear the story about geroy yurii gargarin – he travelled all over the world ‘admired’ by all…His visit in Poland, though, had a slightly different outcome. Total shock upon arrival in Warsaw – our dear geroy gargarin had broken nose, two black eyes, broken arms, cuts and bruises all over his body. Apparently, although totally drunk, gargarin managed to put up a mighty fight against all twenty KGB men who were pushing him into the rocket…

          • Bohdan ⋅

            So!!! “you realize that if that happens, the godless Chinese PLA would then have God’s white Poland for breakfast. The Chinese would lose more men fighting the Care Bears than fighting the Polish Army.”

            Do you realize for one moment what a ‘smart’ thing you have just written. You have admitted that to do so the Chinese have defeated (whipped the ass of Putin’s) communist Russians and gangster Yanukovych’s Ukrainian regimes?? Well said, comrade hippie Beetlejuice, as that would be an excellent epilogue to have those gangsters swinging by the neck from light poles in Moscow and Kyiv.

            Yes indeed, well said. For once you have actually said something intelligent – so there’s still hope for you! If I may say so, “wonders will never cease.”

          • MCC ⋅

            anti-russian IS anti-communist NO DIFFERENCE…

      • MCC ⋅

        there no need to prohibit the russian ‘language’ this language is DYING OUT FAST…

    • Beetlejuice ⋅

      1) Considering this party’s name, all that they would do is somehow turn Putin’s cronies against him; as goes any color-coded “revolution”. Highly unlikely since he enriched them all. In which case the best this Lev could offer is a return to the Yeltsin years.
      2) Stepping into the present, none of Stalin’s men are alive today. Even if they were, Putin is head of “free Russia” and therefore he’s not subject to compensate any of Stalin’s victims. As for the Chechens, every western government supported Putin’s actions in Chechnya.
      4) Gays in Russia have not a shred of sympathy from western governments, Russian society, and especially not for the Russophobes on this blog. This is one area where they support Russia in, even if they refuse to admit it.

      • Beetlejuice ⋅

        Ooops! I forgot about 3.

        3) If you look at history, any army that entered Russia to change it by force achieved the exact opposite. They ran with their tails between their legs. NATO would be no exception. Besides, they would never do it. Russia has been such a valuable ally to them (despite being a pain in the ass at times).

        “Russia needs NATO and NATO needs Russia”
        –former NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, 21 June 2009

        • MCC ⋅

          The USA will leave Afghanistan soon to make russia totally volnurable to free inflow of afghan heroin that already decimates russian society. Neither NATO nor the USA need russia….

          • Beetlejuice ⋅

            Evidently, the West’s leaders strongly disagree with you. Heroin has been flowing past all Afghanistan’s border at ten times the quantity as it did before the U.S arrived. That’s the only thing they improved in the country.

            • MCC ⋅

              Let me give the historical context to the problem of Afghan heroine. Soviet accupying army in Afghanistan destroyed totally the flourishing Afghan agriculture in order to starve the afghan population and subsequently made the afghans soviet slaves… Soviet, of course, succeeded..but the Afghan reciprocated beautifully, in order to survive they switched to mass production of poppies. And thirty years later, Afghan heroine, or ‘krokodil’; the cheap russian version of heroin, is decimating the whole russian population…Can one imagine the better revange..??????

        • MCC ⋅

          Of course, nobody should invade russia, according to the russian proverb – gavna ne nada trogat potomu szto eto vanyayet…..

        • Bohdan ⋅

          Ever heard of the Mongol invasion of Russia that lasted centuries? darling Cockroachurine.

          Besides you delude yourself with false grandeur to even contemplate a Russian victory if it were to battle the mightiest nation in the world, the U.S.A.

          I can imagine the debacle that would be for Tsar for life – Vova Pootin and his crooked KGB cohorts. On second thoughts, nah forget that as, they would be running away so fast that the hounds wont even be able to catch them.

          • MCC ⋅

            You are right, Russian tribes had lived peacefully under the mongol Golden Horde’s total control for about 5 hundred years. It meant that russian women were raped by the mongols for half a millenium. Then, the greatest hero in russian history, Ivan the Terrible, ‘liberated’ russian tribes and celebrated the liberation in the perfect russian way – slaughtered 1/3 of the russian population ….

          • Beetlejuice ⋅

            The Mongols invaded Kievan Rus which consisted of a TINY FRACTION of what Russia is today, you dumbass. Another history lesson for you, little one: the Red Army in the Russian Civil War pummeled the U.S military plus 16 others in addition to the White Army. The USA today cannot afford another war especially against one of its most important business partners like Russia. By the way, how is your sister? Did sleeping Beauty find her American prince after that 3 day drug induced sleep?

        • MCC ⋅

          America dropped russia like a hot potatoes – what the USA has got to do with the third world country like russia with dying population, low grade civil war..and pathetic military – the laughing stock of the world. No more ‘summits’ with the USA I gather….

        • MCC ⋅

          Speaking of russian NATO, manfred the beatlejuice. This most powerful military alliance in the world with the military giants like armenia, belarus, kazakhstan, [I think, uzbekistan is out] with the russian military hardware [built just] 50 years ago] is truly endengering the world peace….

      • MCC ⋅

        beetlejuice, don’t you think that, at least, the millions of russian victims should be compensated by their barbaric government for inflicting on its own nations the unimaginable barbarity. On the other hand, I know for sure, that my country, Poland, has such a deep contempt and disgust for EVERHTING russian that Polish victims WOULDN’T touch russian money. It is simply a matter of honor, pride and dignity….

        • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

          A Katyn a day
          Should keep Polaks at bay

          Cada joven polaca muy guápa
          Estará una puta del papa

          • Bogdan from Aussie ⋅

            Now the true origin of the raging Manfi der Rote Ratte has finally been revealed.

            In 1937 Joseph Mengele visited Soviet Union and at the order of Stalin himself had sex with Trofim Lysenko, Salin’s chief biologist.

            Stalin’s objective was to create the super-master race consiting from the best German and Russian genetical elements.

            It was after Lysenko’s another equally genial and innovative experiment of crossing humans with monkeys has failed.

            A few months later Manfred Steifschwanz was produced (during the genial reign of Stalin everything was possible and achivable, you know…).

            One of the features of the super-Untermensch Manfi Arschenstein is his multilanguage skill acquired at the special courses for the STASI/KGB agents, he so enthusiastically gloats about.

            Otherwise his brain is a blob of fermenting excrements…

            • Bohdan ⋅

              Bogdan talking about Stalin, strange how the soviet photographers were never ever allowed to show photos of Stalin from the front where the full length of both his arms were hanging straight down by the side of his body and the difference in their lengths was obviously visible.

              This was because this murderous Georgian misfit’s left arm was quite visibly shorter than his right arm. Now the Nazi regime had no compunctions in showing up this deformity. You want confirmation of this fact, just look up the German photos of the “historic event” when Foreign Minister Ribbentrop flew to Moscow to sign the “non-aggression pact” with V. Molotov, and which was signed in Stalin’s presence.

              All soviet photos of Stalin showing the length of both arms tended to show the left arm bent at the elbow, so that this deformity in communism’s gift to humanity was not obvious.

              • Bogdan from Aussie ⋅

                Of course Bohdan my Friend. Where do you thing Tolkien got his idea of Orcs from?

                Obviously by watching undoctored photos of Stalin.

                Observe also a striking similarity between Manfi Krasny Rab and some of the most “intelligent” Orcs from Lord Of The Rings and in particular those that has been created by Saruman by crossing Orcs with fell humans.

                One of those half-bred was described in one of the scenes in Bree as a Saruman’s spy.

                The most characteristic feature tying the real sub-humans like Manfi and those created by Tolkien is their willing and even enthusiastic subservience to their lord, owner and tormentor Putin- Sauron.

                Although Tolkien have always been sternously denying any connection between his phenomenal novel and a real life, there is no doubt that the entire plot of the LOTR relates to the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany as the two tiers of EVIL.

                • siber_troll ⋅

                  i have to admit fact that current russian government ethnically mongols. just look on Lenin’s asiatic portrait. i found it is copy of medieval picture of mongol horde horsemen. Tolkien’s book inspired by ancient, global, eternal conflict of West and eastern despotic empires.

              • MCC ⋅

                We have to remember that the murderous Georgian was warshipped by the entire russian nation – during the war the picture of stalin was on every russian orthodox icon – stalin became deity…Can anyone explain this???

          • It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Four very short lines from Manfred is worth more than the eight-fold amount of full lines from the Pshek and the Ukro.

            Oh, and how about this one:

            Q: How does a Polish soldier commemorate Katyn?
            A: By first damning Putin and then shooting himself.

            • Speaking of Mengele-Lysenko offspring, Mon Cher Freddie Fred…

              Does that mean Mon Fred is Ma Frida?

            • MCC ⋅

              russkye barakhlo, we in Poland commemorate something else… – the ‘victory parade’ in 1945 in moscow. Although there is a different aspect that fascinates Poland – the ‘victorious russian army’, pathetic, revolting slaves, goosestepping directly from the red square to the gulags. Marching without any resistance, pride, dignity, or honor, being humiliated and destroyed by their own barbaric governments – PIRCELESS!!!

              • Beetlejuice ⋅

                But the Polish Army still tops Russia in being pathetic. for instance:

                How do you stop the Polish Army on horseback?
                Turn off the carousel.

                Why did the Nazis canquer Poland so fast?
                They marched in backwards, and the Poles thought they were leaving.

                • MCC ⋅


                  • Beetlejuice ⋅

                    Well, the Polish Army can. After all if what you describe, any country with God on its side that can fall to these men so darn quickly is MUCH MORE PATHETIC. Big fucking deal, Georgian soldiers did the exact same thing to Ossetians and Abkhazians.

                    • MCC ⋅

                      manfred the beattlejuice – too much of th econtaminated russian samogon AGAIN???!! –

                    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

                      Any interesting dog food or toilet dissertations, mccusa? Thanks for agreeing and laugszczing with us.

              • Слушай и смотри, слабоумный пшек — это демонстрация патриотизма высочайшего класса:

                Слава России (и к черту с Польшей) !

            • Bohdan ⋅

              Face the music darling swede, with your vegetable brain, you are one hell of a wasted space.

              I’m also starting to believe that the reason for your short articles of – “Four very short lines” is on account of your mental retardation. RIGHT comrade.

              PS You know your slipping, what no mention of your self (but mis)-diagnosed mental grandeur?

          • MCC ⋅

            I can feel that ‘russian pride’ when our kleine schwaine aka obosranyi russki riab talks about russia’s own barbarity in Katyn – but you underestimate yourselves – Poland reminds you that russia’s greatest achievements are the slaughter houses for Russia’s OWN slaves – WHAT AN ACHIEVEMENT TO DESTROY YOUR OWN NATION – by millions, methodically, perfidiously, during the time of peace – and then pretend that NOTHING HAPPENED….

            • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

              What was wrong about Katyn, “proud” Pshek? Shooting down Pshek military personnel doesn’t pose any problem whatsoever to the civilized world, least of all in the context of a gargantuan, armed conflict.

              Now, repeat after me, Bogdan & mccusa — in unison, s’il vous plaît:

              A Katyn a day
              Should keep Polaks at bay

              A corollary question: Not a Pshek myself, does the merit of my overall judgement on Pshekistan vary depending on exactly which other country I come from? Be sure it’s highly amusing indeed to watch your impotent rage and confusion regarding my descent: Russian, German, Swedish, whatever.

              • MCC ⋅

                beattlejuice/manfred – repeat after me, dearie, russia truly needs a supervision – the Chinese are coming you will go back to be a nice obidient slaves as during your 500 years of mongol’s supervision…

              • MCC ⋅

                How give a f#$%k about your origins…but uzbek/russian/czukczi sounds about right….

              • MCC ⋅

                what was wrong with gulags ‘proud katsap’ slaughtering millions upon millions of useless russian animals doesnt’ pose any problem whatsoever – russian lives are worth less that lives of rats…

              • MCC ⋅

                may I suggest the courses of mandarin???

              • MCC ⋅

                German, Swedish – wishful thinking, dearie, your are russian/mongolian born in the gulag…would it be kolyma, magadan or vorkuta …

              • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

                Ho-hooo, talk about driving our слабоумный пшек instantly über-bonkers! One (1) hard-hitting, highly perceptive post from Manfred elicits no less than five (5) blog barfs of witless raging and fuming from mccusa!

                Mon petit: I think you should try to find some Russian pen friends too. According to my very affable Russian workmate, Psheks are quite all right as long as they dispense with their silly delusions of grandeur.

                So, once again: Thanks for agreeing and laughszczing with me, Pshek. Don’t try to land in dense fog in Smolensk 😉

                • MCC ⋅

                  Speaking of landing, russkiiy katsap, during Putin’s recent visit to Kazakhstan, poor volodia who always travels in the flying coffin called Iliushin, CRASH-LANDED at the airport in Kazakhstan. And here comes ‘russian technical genius’ and great sense of ‘security’. Putin, while traveling, is ALWAYS, accompanied by another empty Iliyushin plane. So, our hero volodia walked out of from the crash and change one flying coffin to another…

        • Beetlejuice ⋅

          Auriga doesn’t think so, and evidently neither do you. You as a Pole should be the LAST PERSON talking of pride and dignity. Poland is the only country in Europe without contraceptives, birth control, abortion, and sex education; and the highest rate of teen pregnancy on the continent. Poland is a Catholic Iran.

          How do you know a Pole has been in your backyard?
          Your garbage cans are empty and your dog is pregnant.

          What happens when Poles don’t pay their garbage bill?
          They stop delivering.

          • MCC ⋅

            We have the same jokes in the soviet occupied Poland – they were about the happy, smelly soviet proletarians from sovetskiy soyuz…failed again, dearie????

            • Beetlejuice ⋅

              Well, I only do American jokes.

              Did you hear about the Polish family that froze to death outside the theater one winter?
              They were waiting to see the movie “Closed for the Winter”.

              A Polish man goes to a whore house. The Madam is out of women but, since the guy is Polish she thinks she can get away with a blow up doll and he will never know the difference. Being a bit nervous because she has never tried this one before, The Madam waits outside the door. The Pole comes out in five minutes. “How was it?”, asks the Madam. The Pole replies, “I don’t know. I bit her on the tit and she farted and flew out the window!”

              • MCC ⋅

                Yeah right you are american, manfred the beattlejuice. Let me guess; uzbek/russian mother, czukczi father yeah it makes you 100% american – you stupid baboon….

              • MCC ⋅

                you made a typo, change Polish to Russian – ithe joke will sound correct – dorogoy obosrany kasaglazyi russkiy riab….

          • MCC ⋅

            Have some selfrespect, dearie, you are showing to us how revolting and retarded you are with your soviet style lies. By the way, Poland is doing great; the only EU country that came out of the crisis with flying colors, business is booming, more and more foreign investment coming in to Poland. Russia, on the contrary, only twenty years ago was saved from starvation by the USA. Russia of twenty years ago looked like the poor part of Kalkuta with untouchables, starving and begging for food. In Russia there is no contraceptives, no birth control, abortion are being performed on the kitchen tables by the amateur gynecologist, millions of bezpryzornych, millions of russian orphants that nobody wants – russia is truly the sh#$%t hole of the world…

            • Beetlejuice ⋅

              “Have some selfrespect, dearie, you are showing to us how revolting and retarded you are with your soviet style lies”

              Yeah right. Look at you, Polak. Can’t support any of your arguments if it would’ve saved Poland from a Russian invasion.

              “Russia of twenty years ago looked like the poor part of Kalkuta with untouchables, starving and begging for food. In Russia there is no contraceptives, no birth control, abortion are being performed on the kitchen tables by the amateur gynecologist”

              Well, Russia obviously has a good excuse. What’s Poland’s? Oh, wait. I know. Because it violates God’s laws. God has decided who is rich and who is poor, right?

              • MCC ⋅

                what was russia good excuse – russia’s total and cosmic stupidty and barbarity and humongous inferiority complex???????

          • MCC ⋅

            since when the russian/mongolian slaves who marched to the gulags like pigs to the slaughter, courtesy of their barbaric governments, are permitted to talk about dignity. ……

          • MCC ⋅

            How do you kinow A RUSSIAN has been in your backyard: Your garbage cans are empty and your dog is pregnant.

            What happens whe RUSSIANS don’t pay their garbage biil: They stop delivering…

          • MCC ⋅

            Russia is in mourning – the members of duma in its entirety perished during parliamentary session – the branches of the tree they were sitting on broke – they all died heroic death……

      • MCC ⋅

        Chechnia will be independend one day as will be Dagestan, Ingushetia, Tatarstan, and the rest of non-russian nations under the russian yoke. Karelia, of course will be Finish again, and Konigsburg, the thousand-year old magnificent hanzeatic city on the Baltic will rejoin Europe again. Siberia is already Chinese….

        • Beetlejuice ⋅

          Not while your bosses: the USA and the rest of NATO support Russia’s “territorial integrity” against the Chechen “Islamofascists”.

          • MCC ⋅

            MANFRED/BEATTLEJUICE – They are not islamofascists – they simply want an INDEPENDENT CHECHNIA – what’s wrong with this? NOTHING…

          • MCC ⋅

            The whole North Caucasus, Tartarstan and ALL so called, ‘autonomous’ republics are fighting for INDEPENDENCE from Russia. It is called civil war….dearie….

      • MCC ⋅

        manfred the beetlejuice, Did you forget the gay Malenkov, known as Stella, the member of the central communist party in the twenties and thirties….Russia has a hero to warship….

        • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

          “warship” — ¿ qué ?

          The above subtlety leads us right to the following question:

          Q: Why do Psheks pour cereals into their firearms?
          A: They’re doling out cannon fodder

  6. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Well, we went to the sandbox to fuck up Islamists after the Soviet went bankrupt and left.

    Now, Bin Laden and his Muj are dead, we too are getting the hell out of there, but seem that them Tally Ban have got into the Opium business….which is a BIG PROBLEM for the Russians.

    No two way about it, Putin will have to re-invade the hideous dump to clean it up of the druggies…or he will have to nuke the poppy fields…I’d favor nuking the hell out of these creeps…I wonder what Mon Freddie Fred would favor…nuking or raping their asses to kingdom come?

    We’ve seen what “Nation Building” has had for results with muslims…more beheadings, hangings and stoning!

    • Bohdan ⋅

      Ming, I’ll bet that our fiend “Mon Freddie” will settle for “raping their asses to kingdom come?” As this will, no doubt, be right up his twisted and bizarre sense of rationale.

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

      Q: Why is Ming in a state of permanent fury?
      A: He’s come across intelligent people where he hadn’t expected to.

      Q: Where does Ming truly belong?
      A: Most poignant question. God and Satan are at each other’s throats to be spared the specimen.

      Q: What’s the most striking difference between Ming on the one hand and Jews/Blacks/Muslims/Communists on the other?
      A: Ming is unconcerned with intimate hygiene.

      Q: What’s the most striking difference between Ming on the one hand and cockroaches on the other?
      A: Cockroaches like bathrooms.

      Q: Is there anybody in this world who truly adores Ming?
      A. What an extraordinarily silly question — of course Ming does.

      • Bogdan from Aussie ⋅

        That once for all settles the things; Manfi’s place is DEFINITELY in a mental hospital.

        I’d suggest you to make an appointment with a psychiatrist.

        • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

          Thought initially that it was exactly what this fabulous blog was all about, honey. But here, I seem to be appreciably more intelligent and sensible than the staff proper, ha!

        • Bohdan ⋅

          You’re 100% right with your comment that ” Manfi’s place is DEFINITELY in a mental hospital.”

          Any sane person after getting all those insults, would realize that they are on a losing streak, i.e. betting on the wrong horse, and would do something to correct the matter.

          But no not Manturd, he’s too dense for that. But then brain damage is always permanent and cannot be reversed. Sure it can be controlled, but only if “Manfi” takes his regular doses, which he obviously isn’t.

          Maybe someone should write a letter to the biggest lunatic asylum in Sweden, and advise them that naughty, naughty “Manfi” is skipping his regular doses.

      • MCC ⋅

        A russian is talking about intimate hygiene; guouspodin pamiylu!!!!. I still remember the russian version of intimate hygiene – the walls in the kurskiy vagzal’s toilet; covered with excrement; up to the ceiling, layers upon layers all in shape of human hands and Lenin’s portret hanging on this richly ‘decorated’ wall. I thought that word ‘bathroom’ doesn’t exist in the russian vocabulary…..

  7. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Instead of blathering nonsense, mon Freddie Fred, answer the question: What would you advise Putin to do with the muslim Pashtuk rats poisoning the Russians with opium?

    Maybe that is too much to ask from a communist’s feeble mind…

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

      I think Vladimir Putin should turn himself to Ming the Clueless and Kim ZOGfeld for a jolly good laugh — why?

      • MCC ⋅

        putin is turning into lenin’s corpse – he looks more and more like lenin – should we replaced lenin with volodia putain in the mauzoleum…

        • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

          Can imagine what you look like, Pshek.

          • MCC ⋅

            Don’t change the subject, ‘russkaya svinia; putin looks more and more like the corpse of ‘vsiegday zyvyi’ lenin. I saw that horror myself – the lenin’s mummie I saw had black nails – horror of horrors…

            • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

              Haha, trochę głupia: The subject was “Russia’s newly redesigned olympic rings”. What has your witless psychobabble got to do with that any more than my replies?

          • MCC ⋅

            this ‘intelligent’ answer says yes, Putin is turining into Lenin and SHOULD be burried in mauzoleum…spasiba katsap…

  8. mingthemerciless ⋅

    It seem too late for our Freddie Fred…Pashtuk smack seem to have destroyed his mind, already enfeebled by communism…

  9. mingthemerciless ⋅

    I suppose we wont have krokodil Freddie for long, Pashtuk smack is too expensive for a mere commie…no wonder the krokodil make no sense, look at him:

    ‘At the gas cooker stands a thin man called Manfred. His matchstick arms hold an enamel saucepan lid over the burner. On it are crushed tablets of Sedalgin, an analgesic rich in codeine.’

    The whole kitchen squeals as Manfred runs a blade over the lid, scraping off the reduced codeine. Witch rolls it into pellets as knobbly as a human brain. Manfred starts bashing a plastic bottle on the tabletop and he explains, ‘You’ve got to pound it. He’s mixed ecstasy and soda. In a minute he’ll warm the petrol. You can only use ninety-two octane, low-grade. We run all over the place, asking them, begging them, but people are so greedy … “

    • MCC ⋅

      Thank you, thank you, thank you for showing the real russia….

    • Bohdan ⋅

      Yes indeed very disgusting photos of that “REAL” communist ruSSian utopian state.

      No one can tell me otherwise, but I believe wholeheartedly that, the reason this evil empire picked on the color red for its flag was on account of the rivers of blood it shed exterminationg those innocent children, women and men.

      The silence is always ‘deafening’ from Manturd the Stasi swede, when the truth about his beloved paradise is raised. Yes indeed his stupidity knows no bounds, but then he is not that stupid as to pack up and immigrate to his beloved ruSSia of Pootin and his KGB cohorts.

      Hark Manturd, I can hear Pootin calling you! pack up comrade and walk to your beloved ‘paradise.’

  10. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Shuster reports that Krokodil has spread the fastest in the poorest and most remote parts of Russia, like Vorkuta, a former Gulag prison camp about 100 miles (161 km) north of the Arctic Circle. The winters there last eight months of the year, and …

    (a) The young people there are in a constant state of boredom.
    (b) Most of them drink.
    (c) Few of them work, the same as in hundreds of towns and villages across Russia’s frozen north.

    The final product is often an impure, orange-colored liquid, with this impurity causing skin irritation, a scale-like look, and eventual destruction of the skin.This is likely due to the presence of hydrochloric acid still in the final liquid solution prior to injection, with the red phosphorous playing a role in furthering sickening the user.

    According to Shuster, “The ‘rotting’ (experienced by users of Krokodil) explains the drug’s nickname. At the injection site, which can be anywhere from the feet to the forehead, the addict’s skin becomes greenish and scaly, like a crocodile’s, as blood vessels burst and the surrounding tissue dies. Gangrene and amputations are a common result, while porous bone tissue, especially in the lower jaw, often starts to dissipate, eaten up by the drug’s acidity.” (Simon Shuster, “The Curse of the Crocodile: Russia’s Deadly Designer Drug,” Time Magazine, June 20 2011)

    And the pervasive smell of iodine…

    All the putinists would have to do is ban codeine but they dont care…

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