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Romney Roars on Russia

Here’s what Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney had to say about Russia in his acceptance speech last week:

President Obama has thrown allies like Israel under the bus, even as he has relaxed sanctions on Castro’s Cuba. He abandoned our friends in Poland by walking away from our missile defense commitments, but is eager to give Russia’s President Putin the flexibility he desires, after the election. Under my administration, our friends will see more loyalty, and Mr. Putin will see a little less flexibility and more backbone. We will honor America’s democratic ideals because a free world is a more peaceful world. This is the bipartisan foreign policy legacy of Truman and Reagan. And under my presidency we will return to it once again.

That’s pretty awesome, heartening stuff, and goes to show how radically American foreign policy can be transformed by an election.  Not once in Russia’s entire history has the pathetic country ever transferred power between ideological opposites like Obama and Romney, while America has done it over and over again, most recently moving from George Bush to Obama.  You know how right Romney is from Russia’s frenzied reaction.

Romey has it exactly right on Russia, as he has done from the start.  While Obama has done nothing but lie about Putin’s malignant regime, Romney and other Republicans like Marco Rubio have been working on a responsible policy based on American moral leadership.  They see the clear threat posed by the Putin dictatorship to American interests, and they are prepared to take dramatic action to reverse the failed and cowardly policies of Barack Obama.

It’s about time.  For too long, America has betrayed its values in Russia, turning its back on the opposition movement and watching that movement disintegrate and wither as its leaders are murdered or jailed.  For too long, America has been unwilling to stand up to Russian barbarism because its craven president wanted to claim he had “reset” relations with Russia and turned an enemy into a friend. For too long, America has pursued the policies of Neville Chamberlain where the polices of Ronald Reagan were wanted.

It’s about time for America to turn out the cowards of the Obama regime and tender power to leaders who will make America rise up and live out the true meaning if her creed.


55 responses to “Romney Roars on Russia

  1. Rere_F5_Twister ⋅

    Roars? What an irrelevant word. “Little less flexibility” and “backbone”, those words are light years away from being a roar.

    • larussophobe ⋅

      You could not be more mistaken. He said that Obama has betrayed the bipartisan policy of Truman and Reagan to betray fundamental American values and American allies. In essence, he called the POTUS a traitor. He chose to specifically highlight Obama’s policy on Russia in the most important speech of his life. It’s a declaration of war.

    • MCC ⋅

      Dear Friends, I was reading the article below at the moscow news and crying at the same time – volodia putin did it again; read it and enjoy..

      Putin helps endangered cranes escape Russian winter
      by Alina Lobzina at 05/09/2012 17:13
      Disguised as a crane, President Vladimir Putin is going to guide a joint of highly endangered birds to their winter habitation.

      The alpha dog of Russian politics has previously helped tigers, snow leopards, whales and now will fly a glider to show the way to hand-reared Siberian cranes, presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov confirmed to Interfax on Wednesday.

      To be recognized by the young birds as the leader of their joint, Putin will have to wear a beak, a white robe and a helmet, Yury Markin, head of the nature reserve where Siberian cranes are bred, told Russkaya Sluzhba Novostei.

      • Bohdan ⋅

        Yes MCC, that Yuri Markin must whole heartedly believe that the average Russophile is stupider them he is.

        Sure you and I, and every sane person knows that! but to be that stupid, well the mind boggles at the thought. Say no more.

        • MCC ⋅

          poor putin a duck on crack…

          • Bohdan

            Can you imagine how brainwashed and brainless his admirers are to believe all this ridiculous soviet era propaganda about this thieving KaBeGist is, who is only interested in continuing, at all costs, his obese plundering to become the richest ‘swoloch’ in the history of mankind.

            Never mind that the majority of Russians eke out a living just to survive.

            Ah yes average comrade baboon tell me again, what a magic paradise we live in!

            • MCC ⋅

              Poor volodia really is a laughing stock of the world, it is beyond pathetic but what a pleasure to watch it….duck on crack indeed……

      • Rare_F5_Twister ⋅

        Are you OK there? Personally I don’t see anything that could make anyone cry while reading that article. Nothing new, Putin is a 60 year old boy, everybody knows that. Actually I had been expecting him to join the ISC crew for a couple days.

  2. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Get a rubber Obama head! Squeeze your anger away!!!

    • larussophobe ⋅

      Can we get one where the eyes and tongue pop out when you squeeze it?

      • Ugi Zopponovo ⋅

        There are actually stores in NYC that sell a doll which will perform any bodily function if you squeeze it in the right place.

        They have a special “LR” doll too.

        It doesn’t eat or drink because it’s constantly talking & the doll is also constantly urinating & defecating for a realistic life-like effect.

        • MCC ⋅

          I saw the putin doll; it doesn’t eat or drink because it’s constanting talking & the doll is also constantly urinating, defecating. The putin doll is more expensive because it also rapes little boys….Have you seen this one Ugli Zapponovo????

  3. Bogdan from Aussie ⋅

    I hope that Romney will be a good president, however I’m rather suspicious of the motives of the man who began his fight for the CHAIR already in 2008 by backstabbing the conservative movement’s greatest hope – Sarah Palin.

    I’m afraid that Romney’s main task is to keep the status quo where the “establishment” will keep its dirty little privilegies, avoid being held accountable for the horrendous debt inflicted on the American people and manage the PARSITIC sector of American society somehow better than Obama.

    There is also a clear sign that Romney and his cohorts are doing everything to distance themselves from the real conservatives represented by the TEA party and its the facto leader, Sarah Palin.

    It has it’s price as the enthusiasm for Romney/Ryan team is much smaller than for McCain/Palin in 2008.

    For exapmle: Palin’s acceptance speech was watched by fourty million people while Paul Ryan’s only by twenty million.

    The reforms needed to put America back on the track towards prosperity are so massive that I don’t believe that Romney has enough conviction, courage or willpower to embark on them.

    It looks like the team Romney/Ryan will treat America like a doctor giving cancer stricken patient a pain relieving drugs when the painful operation is necessary.

    • Beetlejuice ⋅

      Goddamn, you really are an idiot. Sarah Palin was McCain’s Achilles Heal in the last presidential elections. Most Americans find her to be incredibly stupid, she’s a dumb redneck whose foreign policy is based on her being able to see Russia from Alaska.

      “It looks like the team Romney/Ryan will treat America like a doctor giving cancer stricken patient a pain relieving drugs when the painful operation is necessary”

      Yeah, and the patient and his family are gonna be completely bankrupt after the necessary painful operation.

      Did I ever mention that I live around the corner from a street named after the Polish community?
      It’s called DEAD END.

  4. Bogdan from Aussie ⋅

    Appart from that and considering the extent of Obama’s failure, Romney’s position on the electoral field is not that much impressive and his ascendancy can be easily lost.

    So far he has spent much more money and effort to denigrate and insult his former opponents in conservative movement, and Palin in particular than attacking Obama himself.

  5. siber_troll ⋅

    Britain has officially introduced and referred to the embassy in Moscow the names of Russian officials and security forces, who are banned from entering the country in connection with the Magnitsky – who died in jail a lawyer who investigated multibillion fraud.

    this day worth become official russian holiday.

  6. freeland ⋅

    I know very few people take this blog of fear and hate seriously and I think Romney gas slowly been pasting itself into the same light. For example Romney and Obama’s polices on the middle shield r quite similar the only differences r the scale, position and how much you can antagonise the russians. All this to protect none us soil from new non existant missiles and warheads. I don’t think even idiots buy this none sense.

    • larussophobe ⋅

      If you were not so illiterate you’d know we are talking about RUSSIA on this blog WHICH IS ABOUT RUSSIA, not the Middle East. Your unsupported statement is absurd on its face. Romney proposes to challenge Russia as Reagan did, for example on the issue of giving weapons to Syria and nuclear technology to Iran, while Obama wants to ignore Russia as it continues to support terrorism and dictatorship throughout the region.

      This is a blog that “hates and fears” Russian dictatorship, which is slowing destroying Russia just as the USSR was destroyed by dictatorship. You “love” Russian dictatorship, and as such you are one of Russia’s worst enemies, working to hasten the downfall of the Russian nation.

      • freeland ⋅

        The missle defense shield has everything todo with the middle east or do I really have to post some links and quotes to show that?

        You quoted directly what Romney said about Obama abandoning Poland etc in regards the missile defence shield. I responded to it what’s the big deal?

        The reality is, Romney is completely disingenuous since both their policies are quite similar with only subtle differences. However the reality is Iran nor any non allied middle eastern country has the ability to even reach the missile defence shield in Europe. Infact the only country with the ability to reach the missile defence shield is Russia and according to the Pentagon’s Defense Science Board its useless against Russia ICBM’s. Even if it was, there would not be anywhere near enough of them to counter an attack the scale of which Russia could launch. Then considering the US invited Russia to join the missile defence the entire thing is pointless and Obama and Romney both know it. Then we have morons claiming this is a great change in policy towards Russia though the reality is this is more about taking more hard earned dollars from the already stricken US tax payer and pushing it into the hands of the US Military contractors. Very similar in style to how Putin works isn’t it. Whether it be Obama or Romney who pushes this through they will end up with a healthy bank balance.

        Russophobe means “a person who feels intense and often irrational hatred (Russophobia) for Russia” – free online dictionary. Its not your place to redefine a language.

        Just because I can expose your ill-rational hatred of Russia and should your expansion on cold war rhetoric dating back to the 60’s does in no way show support for Putin.

        Infact these style blog’s based on hatred do nothing but strengthen Putins position. I was in Vladikavkaz 1 week after the South Ossetian war, people there saw when the 58th Army moved to the Roki tunnel. They saw the inaccuracies in the western media and believe it lies to them as much as state control media in Russia. They see the support for many oligarchs who in reality are nothing more than murderers who raped the country while people starved. Khodorkovsky deserves a lot more than the 8 years he got yet western media portrays him as some sort of saint. Russians know who and what he is. Then there is the Russian opposition who care little of Russia and are largely engaging in self promotion so they can sell books in the west.

        I have talked to many people in Russia who see and live with the real problems in Russia such as corruption etc However these people, the true Putin opposition are being alienated by the west by often inaccurate, insulting stories and the widespread promotion of murderers and thieves. Maybe Putin will send you guys a la russophobe a little gift for extending his Presidential terms.

        • Yulia ⋅

          “the widespread promotion of murderers and thieves”. Thank you for true words. Very often, this is the only real result of so called “western help” to russian people.

          • larussophobe ⋅

            Yes, Russia itself of course without foreigners would be pure and clean like the newest snow. The fact that Transparency International documents Russia to be the single most corrupt major civilization on the planet is only due to the acts of evil foreigners, who also destroyed the glorious and innocent USSR.

            • freeland ⋅

              This is the naked idiocy of la russophobe on show for all to show. Transparency International accepts funding from many western government departments. Hardy independent. No doubt Russia has a corruption problem though its strange how many Americans can ignore the corruption in their own country. Since your big fans for Reagan maybe I will mention the name Oliver North, Alcee Hastings or Lawyergate(if you really must I can point out hundreds of cases of corruption), The list of US corruption is as long as anyone’s. The only difference is the Russians know it.

              • larussophobe ⋅

                Talk about naked idiocy! You attack TI, one of the world’s most respected institutions, and then you ADMIT that Russia has a massive corruption problem. You HAVE to, since DMITRI MEDVEDEV THEN PRESIDENT OF RUSSIA has openly admitted it. Please put down the vodka bottle before you write!

                The fact that other countries have SOME corruption doesn’t excuse the fact that Russia is DOMINATED by corruption in every aspect of life. Just try dealing with a Russian cop! More corrupt than the criminals!

                • freeland ⋅

                  I haven’t attacked any institution I have simply stated facts.
                  This is from their website. “Transparency International receives funding from a range of donors, including government agencies”

                  Though I am interested in how you seam to think you can speak for the world? I doubt many people even know who Transparency International are.

                  I have on many occasions said that Russia has corruption problems. I however also say that the United states and every country I have looked at has corruption problems. Unlike you however making will allegations about Pussy Riot and state intervention without any evidence what so ever I have provided instances of proven corruption. In regard to the Iran-Contra not only where those involved in selling TOW missiles to Iran and using the money to fund the Contra in Nicaragua. The Contra supported by the US committed just about every violation of basic human rights including the murder and rape of women and children. The ICJ ruled that the US had violated international law. The corruption and lies was evident at every level of the US legal and political system.

          • MCC ⋅

            Yulia, so the ‘western help’ made russian people murderers and thieves – dear, russians are born thieves and murderers – these are your national characteristics…look at your short but barbaric and pathetic history….

            • Это ты на этой афише, mccusa? Кто о чем, а вшивый пшек о бане…


              • MCC ⋅

                you stupid russian baboon – let’s look closer at the ‘soviet/russian ‘afish’, attached above; what does it say?? Let’s translate’ DOWN WITH PROUD, ARISTOCRATIC, SOPHISTICATED POLAND. POLISH ARISTOCRATIC MASTERS WANT TO STRANGLE PEASANT/PROLETARIAN RUSSIA’ DEATH TO THE POLISH ARISTOCRATS!!!. What a perfect example of barbaric, cosmic russian inferiority complex!! And thanks for perfect desciption of Aristocratic Poland. By the way, tyour picture would look better if you could show your better profile….

              • A Katyn a day
                Should keep Polaks at bay

                Have you found any Russian pen friends yet, mccusa?

                • MCC ⋅

                  You said it SO well; you are correct; Poland is truly mangificent, aristocratic country…Thanks….

                  • MCC ⋅

                    Let me give you an example of Polish superiority – russia’s first female tsarina was 100% Polish. She was Katherine 1st, born Marta Skowronska to a catholic, peasant family and ended up marrying russia’s greatest tsar, peter the great. She was also an 18th century hooker – so Polish illiterate peasant and a hooker was good enough for the greatest russian tsar..She ruled russia for about four must admit it was pretty amazing….

                  • Don’t be so self-denying and humble, my precious little Pshek. YOU are the truly shining example of Pshek superiority for all the world to see; second only to God and, possibly, the Pope.

                    Given your infatuation with toilet dissertations, mccusa, the following should be right up your alley, addressing Pshekistan’s Policies on Hotel Standards:

                    Q: Why is there no toilet tissue in the American’s hotel room?

                    A: As soon as the Yank flushes the toilet, a buckload of savvy students at the nearby Catholic Boarding School starts a most fierce competition to get there first to provide intimate hygiene services orally. The winner literally takes it all!

                    • MCC ⋅

                      Let me repeat; ‘the first female tsarina of russia was born catholic and 100% Polish, she ruled over all russia and apparently was pretty good monarch. I hope the russians muziks appreciate it ….

                    • MCC ⋅

                      you got confused again, russkiy katsap – it is not infatuation – it is an unssuccessful attempt to teach revolting russian masses that the toilets exist in the civilized world and russians should learn how to use them – first, though you have to build them …

                    • MCC ⋅

                      I understand your russian frustration adn ambarrassment being rulled by a illiterate Polish peasant and a prostitute – the choice of your greatest tsar pioter velikyi – ouch…It is almost as humiliating as being under the mongols for half a millenium……

                    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

                      Jesteś zbyt głupi, aby zrobić jak prostytutka, mccusa. Nawet Watykan może pomóc.

                  • Follow-up on the above Hotel quiz:

                    Q: What will be the reward awaiting the three most outstanding students at the end of each semester when the “hotel scores” have been counted?

                    A: A trip to the Vatican, dedicated to

                    (i) necrophile practices with the Ex-Pope’s corpse for the winner


                    (ii) sex slavery modelled on the Spanish inquisition for the runner-ups.

                  • Finally, mccusa, before I let you have your say: Were you a top student at the Catholic Boarding School, hence making your way to the Vatican according to the curriculum I’ve just presented?

                    • MCC ⋅

                      By the way, I read in the Polish newspaper that the Bulgarians removed the monument of russian tsar aleksander II, apparently for repair the tsar is falling off the horse. After the renovation the monumpenht will be relocated…

            • freeland ⋅

              Can you actually read. There are thieves and murderers is every nation including Russia. The so called help I and Yulia have referred to is clear. I posted the comment Yulia quoted and just because I have exposed you as a liar already does not mean you should be afraid to respond to me directly. I call this freelandphobia so don’t twist the meaning please.

              The point is all the west promotion thieves and murderers like certain oligarchs or warmongering like Saakashvili doesn’t help the true opposition in Russia and only strengthens Putins position. If you had been to Russia or talked to ordinary Russians instead of getting your facts from CNN etc you would already know this.

  7. mingthemerciless ⋅

    The population in America have been completely brainwashed by Obama’s bolchevik press against Sarah Palin…they did not have the time to work on Romney…yet…You just wait!

    Too bad, Alaska was more corrupt that Nigeria or Russia and Sarah Palin was their first honest politician…She was cleaning up the stables when that creepy Kenyan cannibal forced her out in a judicial coup with over 10,000 lawsuits to bankrupt the state…Really, Alaska did not deserve Palin and they are back into their disgusting sewer with sordid mobsters in charge just like in Russia or Chechnya…

    Courage is not Mitt Romney’s forte, but at least he has the reputation of an honest and competent administrator, in contrast to the illegal alien buffoon in the White House now!

  8. siber_troll ⋅

    there are signs of blurring american electorate too many voters without civil consciousness. that’s why communist Obama became president. i think it is part of the old soviet plan born in 1970-s.

  9. siber_troll ⋅

    famous in eastern bloc bolgarian sybil Vanga, mouthpiece of the Soviet secret police, told last american president will be 44th and black. United States will perish during economic crysis during and after his rule.

  10. mingthemerciless ⋅

    “Russophobe means “a person who feels intense and often irrational hatred (Russophobia) for Russia””

    It is an understandable attitude given that the Soviet Union(Russia) has utterly destroyed fully one third of the nations and put the rest under siege for many decades…

    All so-called Colonial Empires in Africa where actually benevolent enterprises that cost Europe gigantic sums of money for nation building…there is not one single colony that was profitable…Russia and their Cuban stooges came in and supplied primitive criminal tribesmen with machine gun and destroyed the whole continent, leaving nothing but smoking ruins.
    Now Africa is rapidly slipping back to cannibalism, thanks to Russia.

    Even today in South America, there is not a week that the police is not finding secret warehouses full of Kalashnikov machine guns and bomb and drug making chemicals smuggled in by the thousands of KGB submarines…

    • freeland ⋅

      First and foremost the Russian Federation is not the USSR.

      As for your nonsense such as Colonial Empires in Africa where actually benevolent enterprises maybe we can look at these actions. I suppose if I where African I would consider slavery as benevolent. Or maybe the native Americans wiped out by smallpox infected blankets used a biological weapon on a regular basis. Is giving someone smallpox benevolent. Maybe the Indonesian and Indian slaves who build the cape town for the Dutch or those keep in concentration camps by the British considered their imperialist masters benevolent. Maybe we will talk about he British benevolence afford to the Irish under British imperialist rule with the penal laws and destruction of a culture. Maybe we should ask the Aboriginal people in Australia how they where ethnically cleansed from their lands by economic policies and force.

      As for the arms trade to Africa the united states sells more arms to third world dictators than any other country. With the 5 permanent members of the UN security council being the 5 largest arms dealers.

  11. siber_troll ⋅

    hatred for Russia is rational

  12. siber_troll ⋅

    chinese government closely tied with Kremlin, they admit russian superiority in closed meetings. there must be another way of fast finishing Russia.

  13. siber_troll ⋅

    legendary dissident Valeria Novodvorskaya suggested surrender oil&gas to America for freeing Russia from Putin and any other communist dictator. a genious idea

  14. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Hey! Freeland dizzy bimbo…first, people where enslaved in Africa by cannibal tribes for the meat…then they sold the surplus meat to ARAB slave traders…90% of african slaves where shipped north where most perished crossing the Saara. Only a small fraction was sold to French and English slave ships working for the Caribbean sugar plantations.

    Since most African slaves perished in the Sahara, the slave based muslim economy used the Barbary Pirates to scour Europe’s coastlines to capture White Christian slaves.

    Medieval times where called the dark ages because the muslims enslved fully one third of the Europeans, killing most of them of mistreatments rapidly.

    The slaves in America where sold for thousands of dollars because they where rare…so they all survived but the christian slaves in the umma where all murdered, after being all raped, tortured and dismembered!

    Capt. William Bainbridge paying tribute to the Dey of Algiers. Gradually in the 18th century slave raids became less frequent, but the Barbary pirates continued to enslave captured crews. Payments in ransom and tribute to the Barbary states amounted to 20% of United States government annual revenues in 1800.[14]

    In response to the Hazara uprising of 1892, the Afghan Emir Abdur Rahman Khan declared a “Jihad” against the Shiites. His large army defeated the rebellion at its center, in Oruzgan, by 1892 and the local population was being massacred. According to S. A. Mousavi, “thousands of Hazara men, women, and children were sold as slaves in the markets of Kabul and Qandahar, while numerous towers of human heads were made from the defeated rebels as a warning to others who might challenge the rule of the Amir”. Until the 20th century, some Hazaras were still kept as slaves by the Pashtuns; although Amanullah Khan banned slavery in Afghanistan during his reign,[80] the practice carried on unofficially for many more years.[

    Your buddy muslims still practise slavery and thousands of Russian women are sold to the arab beasts with Putin’s gang complicity!

    • freeland ⋅

      How pathetic is this excuse. The African holocaust was not so bad because the Muslims where worse. What a pathetic excuse. Between 1650 and 1900 around 10.4 million slaves where exported by your so called benevolent empires thrusting generations of people into slavery. You are a joke.

      • mingthemerciless ⋅

        The slaves imported to America all survived to be that nation of parasites living on welfare today in the ghetto sewers of their own making…All the thirty million or so slaves kidnapped in Europe over a millenium by the Barbary pirates all perished of rapes, torture and hunger, none survived!

  15. mingthemerciless ⋅

    “First and foremost the Russian Federation is not the USSR. ”

    If it waddle like a duck, if it quack like a duck, it is a duck!

    Putin’s Russia is no different than the Soviet Union…The Soviet Union itself was a creature of Stalin to try to take control of the United Nation by having multiple votes of basically slave “soviet” nations…

  16. siber_troll ⋅

    Aleksandr Georgievich Semenov patented an efficiently disgusting weapon system. Using his method, soldiers inside an armoured tank, under battle conditions, can dispose of their biological waste products in an unwasteful way: encasing those materials, together with explosives, in artillery shells that they then fire at the enemy.

    As the projectile leaves the tank, it removes what would eventually have become a source of stinking misery for the poor soldiers who, in combat, could be forced to remain sealed inside their vehicle for several days.

    That misery transfers directly, forcefully away through the air, smacking into and dabbing onto the enemy.

    This method of warfare aims to kill the enemy’s spirit and psyche.
    breakthrough reflects Russian soul, a desire to cover up shit anyone who dared to question Russia

  17. Ugi Zoppon ⋅

    RE: “That’s pretty awesome, heartening stuff”

    If you think conservatives are going to bring the world any good news, you are dreaming.

    RE: “For too long, America has betrayed its values in Russia”

    What the hell are you talking about?
    F*ck Russia!
    Russia has its own Gov’t…..the U.S. owes nothing to them.

    RE: “and tender power to leaders who will make America rise up and live out the true meaning if her creed.”

    Oh I see…you want the Americans to “rise up” and solve all of Russia’s problems. Russia, Russia, Russia, that’s all you’re about LR, isn’t it?……….F*ck Russia!

    Russia is a nation of drunks, corrupt cops, & chess players.
    None of them will be thanking LR for her efforts, either.

    You think about that.


    • mingthemerciless ⋅

      Dont forget drunken cops and murderous mobsters ruling over starving masses so effeminate dwarvish kiddy diddlers like Stalinovich Pooty Poot Poutine can live it up mounting little boys and shit!

      • MCC ⋅

        I remember the horrific scenes in Moscow, during Yeltsin’s rules – kgb, ordinary criminals, thieves and officials were kicking out and discarding thousands upon thousands of elderly, defenceless men, women and children from their homes leaving them homeless and declaring moscow the city of rich people. As for putin his last pathetic performance – putin the duck on crack – shows us that his hendler , mr. pieskov messing up his daily shots of drugs….

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