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Hillary Rodham Clinton, Traitor

Last week, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton traveled to Vladivostok and told the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin that he would have two magnificent gifts under his Christmas tree this year:  First, America would bestow additional trade benefits on Russia, and second it would ignore Putin’s outrageous human rights record and would do all it could to block legislative efforts in the USA from confronting Putin about them.

And how did Putin thank Clinton for her shameless appeasement?   He soundly repudiated any possibility that Russia would assist the United States in grappling with the forces of dictatorship and terrorism in Syria and Iran. This forced Clinton to conclude the U.S. would have to work outside the purview of the United Nations if it wanted to stand up for democracy and peace in those two rogue states.

Clinton is, of course, in full reelection mode, in cowardly fashion doing the bidding of her lord and master Barack Obama. So she will lie, cheat, steal, do whatever it takes to make that happen.  And if she needs to throw American interests, democracy and world peace under the bus in order to make that happen, so be it.

These are the wages of appeasement. The world saw what happened with the likes of Hitler were treated in this way by the Chamberlain government, and it cannot expect anything different from Putin.  The craven Obama regime is inviting Putin to obliterate democracy within Russia and support terror and dictatorship throughout the Middle East, as long as it helps Obama maintain the pretense that he has “reset” relations with Russia.  This is misconduct for which the USA will pay a heavy price in the future, just as Chamberlain’s Britian did during the blitz.

6 responses to “Hillary Rodham Clinton, Traitor

  1. Ugi y.k. Zoppuv ⋅

    L.R. is maddeningly jealous of Hilary, that’s all it is.

    BTW Hilary is still First Lady of the U.S. and “traitor” is an
    English term used ONLY for the worst of people.
    If Hilary was the “worst of people” she wouldn’t be
    First Lady or Secretary of State, now would she?

    P.S., if you don’t take down this
    article, we’re not going out for Ice Cream this Friday.

    • Bohdan ⋅

      Listen Ugly Zhoppa, you stupid baboon! Hilary is NOT, and I repeat NOT, “First Lady of the U.S.!!”

      That title belongs to Barack Obama’s wife, Michelle Obama, AND ONLY HER!! got it dumbo. PERIOD.

      The only time Hillary Rodham Clinton was first lady, was when her husband Bill was president of U.S.A. many, many years ago – you know of the Monica Lewinsky, deep throat fame, where he categorically denied having had sex with her. That lying bastard, hahaha.

      She is the current “Secretary of State” and will continue in this position, provided B.O. wins the upcoming American presidential election.

      P.S. You definitely will not be going out this Friday, and most definitely will not be getting any Ice Cream.

  2. All these riots are coordinated by Huma Abedin, Hillary’s personal assistant and Ikwan’s (Muslim Brothers) top leader…

    Since she’s also Hitlery’s homosexual Lesbian lover, Hill has to be in the know, and yes, that make the hideous hag a traitor!

  3. Proof is that only Hillary and the Abedin bitch knew where that ambassador was going to be and they got a coordinated mortar attack the minute they arrived at the safe house!

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