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Putin Teaches Russia a Lesson

Here’s part of what the Russian dictator recently told journalist Masha Gessen in a private interview recently published by the Russian website Bolshoi Gorod:

Это как с амфорами. Потом все начали кричать, что амфоры были подложены. Ну конечно, они были подложены! — он засмеялся над идиотами, которые вообще могли подумать, что это не так. — Но я же зачем нырял? Не для того, чтобы жабры раздувать, а чтобы люди знали свою историю. Вот даже вы, наверное, с вашим образованием, не знаете, что там, в этом месте, раньше был каганат, что степные народы приняли иудаизм. А потом все начали писать, что я, как мудак, достал подложенные амфоры. Но кто-то же начал читать!

“It’s like what happened with the amphorae. When the pictures came out, they all started shouting that amphorae were planted. Of course, they were planted!” He laughed at the idiots who might have thought it could have been otherwise.  “But what was the reason for my dive? Not to give my lungs a workout, but to help the people of our country learn their history.  I suspect that even you, with your lofty education, were not aware that in that location there used to be a khanate and that the steppe peoples converted to Judaism.  But they ignored all this, and depicted me as some kind of asshole who went around planting amphorae to trick people.  But meanwhile, the Russian people started reading their history!”

If this were any other world leader besides Putin, it would be hard to believe these statements were actually made.   But anyone familiar with Putin doesn’t even have to see his name in text in order to immediately recognize the speaker.

Putin is now so immune from accountability that he simply doesn’t care what he says or who hears him.  He feels perfectly comfortable openly admitting that he repeatedly lies to his fellow citizens, and equally at ease using the course language of the street thug he used to be.  His contempt for his fellow citizens is palpable. He believes the only way they can be educated is with trickery and deceit, the way a person might hide medicine in her dog’s food dish.

What other brazen lies has Putin told his fellow citizens?  How can he believe that Russia, any more than the USSR, can survive as a nation when its very foundation is based on falsehood? Rusia’s roads are getting more dangerous by the day, and Putin’s response is to launch a neo-Stalinist purge of the Duma.  Instead of developing policy, he develops lies and strategies to liquidate anyone who confronts him about them.

Nothing else could have been expected from handing unchecked power to a proud KGB spy.  If Russia repeats the mistakes of the past, it will repeat the pain of the past.


36 responses to “Putin Teaches Russia a Lesson

  1. Rare_F5_Twister ⋅

    I don’t see anything of the street thug language except maybe, just maybe, for the word “asshole” in that text. Any proof that Putin ever used the word “asshole” or the like before? At least a couple examples, please.

    • larussophobe ⋅

      Good lord what planet are you on? Putin prides himself on talking that way, and the Internet is FULL of such examples, starting when he said he’d “mochit” the Chechens in their outhouses and continuing when he joked about rape in the presence of the Israeli prime minister.

      Meanhwhile, don’t you are AT ALL about the fact that Putin openly admits he is actively engaged in deceiving and lying to the people of Russia?

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        No, honey. Around here at LR’s, we feel our invincibility and infallibility getting more corroborated and solidified with each passing day — you’re doing a marvellous job (not).

        • larussophobe ⋅

          Well you sure are a chip off the old Putin block. He admits he lies to his fellow citizens, and you admit you don’t care. What a country! No wonder it doesn’t rank in top 110 nations of the world for life expectancy!

      • Rare_F5_Twister ⋅

        “Putin prides himself on talking that way, and the Internet is FULL of such examples…”

        Yeah, I know about those examples you are referring to, they are well documented. However the word “мудак” allegedly used by Putin in the private conversation with Masha Gessen is much more offensive than ANYTHING he openly said before. That’s why I requested more examples of him reaching that level of vulgarity. Please, make no mistake that an “asshole” = “мудак”, it’s not. Technically they might bear the same meaning, but “мудак” is really a level up in profanity. It’s a word from the “mat” spectrum. So it’s really unusual for Putin to openly say that. We have to keep an eye on that story, Masha Gessen looks kinda offended. So who knows, it might turn up in a couple days that she just made that “мудак” up.

        “Meanhwhile, don’t you are AT ALL about the fact that Putin openly admits he is actively engaged in deceiving and lying to the people of Russia?”

        I surely do care. I find it totally embarrassing.

        • Bogdan from Australia ⋅

          You know what Mister Twister?

          Your commitment to the detail is as admirable as it is pathetic.

          If in Russia there was a glorious enjoyment of FRRE MASS-MEDIA and Kim would have the ability to go there and check all the facts your sallivating yourself over her every small stummble would be fully justified.

          But she obviously cannot go there.

          On the other side you NEVER use your apparent wisdom to match your otherwise petty criticism of Kim with any meaningfull assesment of Putin’s totallitarian and criminal regime.

          That is a resuld of a COWARDICE as I suppose.

          That makes you a DISHONEST participant in a discord where the imperfect rules apply.

          In the effect, you do a GREAT DISSERVICE to the long suffering Russian people for whom I have so much pity and sympathy.

          • Rare_F5_Twister ⋅

            Bogdan, I never cavil about anything that requires a trip to Russia to be verified. A ten minutes research over the Internet is sufficient to double-check most of the facts. It’s just that simple. Attention to details is important, especially when a far-reaching conclusion is made on a tiny piece of misinformation. I don’t see what else to discuss here: Don’t wanna look like an ignoramus – double check your facts. Period.

            “On the other side you NEVER use your apparent wisdom to match your otherwise petty criticism of Kim with any meaningfull assesment of Putin’s totallitarian and criminal regime.”

            You can’t say that (and the rest of what you highlighted in capital letters) because I do that from time to time. However, tell me please, how exactly does this blog help Russian people? Assuming that the blog is in EL.

            • Bogdan from Aussie ⋅

              We don’t know how much and we may never know.

              However, the blog is a part of the neverending struggle to maintain the vigiliance and awareness about inhumanity and outright barbarism of totalitarian regimes…

              In contrast to the ignorance which is the totalitarianism’s best ally…

              • Bogdan from Aussie ⋅

                P.S: If the price of oil falls below 50-60 $ per barrel and Putin’s arse catches the fire then the educational value of Kim’s blog will raise sharply…

      • Beetlejuice ⋅

        You’re one to talk, darling.

  2. Bogdan from Australia ⋅

    Free Mass-Media
    discord = discorse

  3. Speaking of Russian roadways, it is pretty hilarious…yes indeed, we have that kind of “Russian” road in Canada to small native villages in the far north…

    The difference is that they are called “WINTER ROADS”.

    Once frozen, a pass with a Caterpillar tractor make them smooth as a baby’s ass. Then supplies for the rest of the year are trucked in cheaply as long as they remain frozen…summer times, they are abandoned and emergency stuff is flown in by airplane.

    Nobody, but nobody would even use a trail bike over these mud holes…WE AINT FUCKEN COMMUNIST RUSSIAN IDIOTS!!!

    Look like Russians never heard of or cannot afford rock crushing machinery to build up road beds:

  4. Even mobster molls get stuck in the crap…notice the very expensive english Land Rover off roader…

    But then look at the tires!


    no wonder they’re stuck!

    Russians sure dont do maintenance, just like the Arabs!!!

    Now, look at the imported road grader…

    moving the mud one side of the road to the other…

    Are they hoping to make bread with it?

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

      Manfred Steifschwanz on behalf of Vladimir Putin:

      Ming, Ming, why don’t you give me a call?
      Ming, Ming, happiest clown of them all

      So please, Ming, merciless people such as you are most definitely not expected to be afraid; let alone shy.

      • MCC ⋅

        Do have have phones in russia???????

        • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

          Yes, yes, have have phones phones in in Russia Russia, Pshek, Pshek.

          • Bogdan from Australia ⋅

            Dear Manfi, your presence on this blog, so much filled with wisdom and love is indeed priceless.

            We are grateful for you to be here.

            Nevertheless, your origin still remains puzzling to us and that keeps our minds in a permanently discomfortable or even painful state.

            Please, stop playing a mysterious hero from our dreams.

            Are you:

            1. Swede

            2. Russio

            3. Krautfresser?

            Or you are, as I suspect, a former STAZI operative who managed to obtain (by fraudalent means) a Swedish citizenship and then decided to chose the neo-Soviet paradise as your place of a residence?

            Are you happy to live under the boot and whip of Putin’s neo-Soviet regime?

            How much has it costed Putin to buy your ar$e?

          • MCC ⋅

            I don’t think so, I don’t think so, barkhlo, barakhlo…..

            • What are you using when you’re allegedly “thinking”, silly Pshek? Deeply regret to inform you that I make phone calls to Russia every once in a while. Psheks, mind you, are renowned for overall backwardness, most notably in the form of vile, ardent Catholicism — lightyears away from science and technology in any meaningful sense of these two words. Russia’s scientific contributions are beyond a Pshek’s mental capabilities by a very long shot.

          • Je suis très flatté vraiment par votre curiosité, chers amis. Pour faire court, la réponse correcte c’est la première parmi les alternatives données. En fait, les Suédois sont considérablement capables d’apprendre des langues différentes — par rapport à la moyenne globale, bien entendu.

            Mais quant à l’insinuation que je “jouerais les héros mysterieux” — voilà qui est de dire des bettises. Sachez que j’ai depuis longtemps révélé ma nationalité sur ce forum prodigieux. Le seul problème en ce qui concerne tout ça, c’est qu’il y a ceux qui réfusent tout court d’accepter ce simple fait: Manfred Steifschwanz, c’est un Suédois.

  5. Manfred dumb Sveede of a wife upon learning he hurt his ass on a children ride, she sez:
    “Now Mon Freddie will know the pain of sitting on one’s ass after
    having to put up with his stupid dick!”

  6. Dmitry ⋅

    all other benefits of the blog aside, machine translation of Putin’s speech is so wonderfully machine…

  7. Beetlejuice ⋅

    “Nothing else could have been expected from handing unchecked power to a proud KGB spy.”

    Actually its the KG-used-to-B

  8. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Mon cher Alfred…ils ne disent pas des “bettises”, c’est vous qui êtes “bette”!!!

  9. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Alfred being here the official spelling nazi…

  10. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Alfred Betterave, guéri toi toi-même!!!

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