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The Russians are Russia’s Worst Enemy

Once again, the craven denizens of Russia have shown that they are by far the greatest threat to the survival of their country. They make Hitler look like Peter I.

I could have said this was another election stolen from the people, but I won’t.  The people have stolen this election from themselves. Such a turnout is a disgrace and an incredible help to fraudsters.

So wrote Russian blogger Viktor Troinov of the recent spate of local elections held in Putin’s Russia.

Only one in twenty eligible voters went to the polls to support Yevgenia Chirikova’s bid for Mayor of Khimiki, despite a massive avalanche of publicity from the glitterati of the Russian opposition.  Nationwide, two thirds or more of the electorate stayed home and ignored elections which the opposition had claimed were their new focus.  United Russia brutally crushed the opposition virtually everywhere, winning massive landslides in all regional and gubernatorial polls.

In the time of Stalin, Russians turned a blind eye or informed on their neighbors. They did not resist, they did not fight for their country’s future. The result was that the USSR collapsed into rubble. And now Russians have learned nothing, and they repeat the same ghastly error.

Once again, the leadership of the opposition has been proved totally fraudulent.  Yet another promise has been broken. First we were told they would force new Duma elections. It did not happen. Then they would force Putin into a runoff. Nope. Then they would vastly increase their street demonstrations. They did the opposite. And now, when they claimed that they would make up for all that failure by succeeding at the local level, once again they have utterly collapsed.  And through it all, there is not the slightest hint of introspection, of a change in leadership, of reform.

It is the beginning of the end for Russia.  As Leonid Bershidsky has written:   “The October 14 polls sent an unmistakable message: Electoral democracy as we know it is dying a slow, painful death under President Vladimir Putin.”  And make no mistake:  It is the people of Russia who are killing it, along with their children’s hope for a better, different life from the disastrous failure of the USSR.

37 responses to “The Russians are Russia’s Worst Enemy

  1. Ming the Merciless ⋅

    Marc Augier, AKA St Loup, the Waffen SS “Charlemagne”, in his book “Les SS de la Toison d’Or”, said that when he visited Germany, which was often, he never met a German that was not a naziI(suggesting that all opponents where either dead or in exile).

    In Russia, you will never meet a free man because the bolsheviks had nearly a century to kill them or chase them away.

    Beginning of the end for Russia?

    Question is, was there even a beginning? Did electoral democracy ever exist except for a few fleeting moment?

    • MCC ⋅

      Electoral democracy, Ming the Merciless, will make russia disintegrate in days. Every, so called Russia’s republic; e.g., Tatarstan, Ingushetia, Dagestan, Bashkiria, Birobidjan, Karelia [poor Finland] – the list is very long – will VOTE for independence, hence russia will cease to exist in the present form. Putin knows very well that domocracy CANNOT happen in russia; putin therefore opted for gulags, supression, intimidation and mass murder of those who wants out and don’t want to become the slaves of the Russian state…Bolsheviks killed the free menm I agree, but killing fields of russia started with the assent of the russian state in 17th century during the reign of bloody ivan the terrible and never stopped…

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        Creative as always, mccusa: “domocracy”. Arguably, in case the first ‘o’ had instead been a ‘w’ or an ‘r’, it would just have amounted to an everyday typo of the word ‘democracy’. But since there are no less than 5 intermediary keys between ‘e’ and ‘o’ on the keyboard (unless you’re relying on some weird Pshek rendition), all of a sudden you seem to have introduced a brand-new concept here which — at the very least — requires an explanation a little more clarifying than it “cannot happen in Russia”.

        Seriously, mccusa: Most of Humanity would take you and your compatriots for a bunch of extraordinarily silly fools. Pure bloody imbeciles. Corollary question: Is this somehow Russia’s fault?

        • MCC ⋅

          Poor pathetic russian beggar; manfred – nice try, dearlie, Your answer is perfect and pure russian/soviet/mongol cosmic idiocy, Where is your self respect, dearie? In your pants under your armpits tell…There is a limit to defend indefencible…Thanks anyway for agreeing with me. My comment is simply a reality check, which, I admit, is horrifying for the russians…..

        • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

          We have a fairly scientific problem to deal with here, dear Readership. Given that mccusa is an idiot, nay a pure imbecile, for all the world to see and the fact that Russia(ns) is all he cares about — to what extent can mccusa’s imbecility be attributed to the Russians?

      • Beetlejuice ⋅

        Actually one people the Bolsheviks killed were Russians (Whites) who annexed Poland 123 year before. But by that time Russian monarchists were Poland’s best friend, brothers in god, just like the Ukrainian Insurgent Army in WWII. Bolsheviks in the end smashed the Polish and White Army hordes and the 16 powerful armies that invaded; the rest is history. Questions class?

        • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

          Teacher, I have a question: How can you overlook the fact that Moscow is 80% Muslim and Siberia is being lost to China? That’s what some REALLY educated people in Poland say, and they’re dead serious about it!

          • MCC ⋅

            manfred, kakoy ti obosranyi vanuszczhyi bendashka you must be 100% russian; it means mongol, russian, czukczi, uzbek mixture. And yes siberia has been already retaken by its legitimate owners; Chinese, and yes moscow is 80% muslim and central asian. I can imagine russia in 20 years…putin in mauzoleum for the last 19 years, russian state totally controlled by Chinese and russian capital moved near chinese border….PRICELESS!!!

          • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

            Rząd światowy istnieje już od stu lat, a za jego nieformalne powstanie należy uznać 1913 rok. Ciągle jednak mówi się i pisze o jego „powstawaniu”, o „tworzeniu” Rządu Światowego, „Nowego Światowego Ładu”, „New Age” – „Nowego Wieku”. Za jego oficjalną namiastkę uznaje się tzw. „Ligę Narodów”, a po drugiej wojnie światowej – „Organizację Narodów Zjednoczonych” – karykaturalną atrapę niewi­dzialnych władców świata, pozbawioną jakiejkolwiek samodzielności; agenturalną ekspozyturę do terroryzowania wolnych niegdyś narodów. Jej kolejni przewodni­czący to marionetki Rządu Światowego, prywatnie – wypróbowani wolnomularze bez szemrania wykonujący każde polecenie „niewidzialnych”.

            Nie ma narodu bardziej doświadczonego zbrodniami Wielkiej Lichwy czyli Rządu Światowego, jak naród polski. Dramaty Polski XX wieku to krwawa lekcja na dziś i na przyszłość, którą pobieramy całkiem współcześnie, gdy piszemy te słowa – 2 kwietnia 2008 roku – nazajutrz po bezprzykładnej zdradzie popełnionej przez rządzący Polską Pol-Sanhedryn zwany „polskim” Sejmem. Zdradzie w po­staci ratyfikacji terrorystycznej, neo-bolszewickiej konstytucji nowego Eurołagru pod fałszywą nazwą „traktatu reformującego”.

            Co czeka Ludzkość jutro i pojutrze pod rządami globalnych łotrów Globalne­go Rządu, Globalnej Lichwy? Już dawno temu wypowiedzieli się na ten temat naj­bardziej eksponowani przedstawiciele tej międzynarodowej mafii rzezimieszków w białych kołnierzykach.

        • MCC ⋅

          yes, there is a question, what happened with over 100 millions russians? are they in ‘communist paradise’ floating over siberia, or were th;ey simply slaughtered by our own barbaric governments???

          • Rare_F5_Twister ⋅

            Вот ты и проговорился, тупой сибирский валенок.

            Manfred, look at that. Don’t you love those statement-department-like slips.

            • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

              Hahaha — yes, mccusa should indeed resort to his Siberian boots, treading VERY cautiously through the dark and cold Taiga in November with a nine-digit number of Russians floating all around him 😀

              Всем очень понравилась повесть, написанная этим писателем: Слабоумный пшек mccusa !

  2. ⋅

    Nobody cares die already

  3. Ming the Merciless ⋅

    Correct, no one care…Russia is the Tragedy horse:

    It has entered the trance in which it’s organs are shutting down!

  4. marduk ⋅

    well, in Murmansk, if the 50 euro prostitutes are anything to go by, russia is an unsalvagable third world shithole. A chap from the ship, an illiterate native from vanuatu bought two of them, a schoolteacher and a concert violinist, for the whole night, there are some places where russia is a world leader

  5. siber_troll ⋅
    new russian law against spies almost ready, any who contacted with foreigners can be jailed for 12 years. just admit this contacts dangerous for russian state security

  6. Ugi Zipnivskivich ⋅

    Good Morning LR Honey, here’s a
    new story you can work on, darling:

    “Pussy Riot women sent to camps”

    Naturally, you can report on this story & tell the world that
    Vladimir is sending little girls straight to Auschwitz to be
    grinded & melted down into lampshades or something.

    I’m certain that with your literary prowess you can
    teach the world just how evil Russia truly is and how
    heavily they will contribute to and perpetuate the new
    upcoming apocalypse/devastation/catastrophe.
    As soon as I saw this entry in BBC, I thought you would
    have jumped on this story already! What happened?

    Oh well, at least you & I have our love &
    nobody can ever take that away from us…:)

    Take care,

    • MCC ⋅

      ugi, auschwitz is gone for ever, soviet/russian gulags – [the only infrastructure that works in russia, by the way] – though, are well and totally operational – this is a matter of turning the keys on and open the millions of gulag camps for the russian population – nothing new though, as you may recall, this barbarity is being repeated over and over again – just to save the sh#$%t hole called russia. Putin just started; first the girls and the rest will follow – surprise, surprise you will be marching there too. Russian stupidity, barbarity, humongous inferiority complex and total lack of self respect is truly cosmic…..

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

      Hey, Ugi: Keep your greedy, greasy hands off my little lady — she’s MINE, or else…!! As a prodigious Steifschwanz, I’m next in line for everything, OK?

      • MCC ⋅

        kleine Shwaine/ russkiye barakhlo, According to the russian press, putin has serious back problem, he cannot walk and cannot sit for a long time; apparently the surgery is inevitable – I wonder what are the reasons of his ailments – too much of anal sex perhaps – just a ‘concern’ t from Poland….

        • Bohdan ⋅

          Do you also know MCC that at school ‘Putler’ was called “penguin” by his fellow school students. This info was supplied by his school teacher!

          One only need to look at him from the front when he walks towards the camera to see this swaying from left to right – just like a penguin does.

  7. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Cockroach sez:
    “Questions class?”
    Aren’t you and Fred Pissette Molle saying all the time that the Bolshevik’s Soviet Union is dead? That Stalinovitch Poutine is not responsible for their crimes and genocides? He still participated and is seeking(without much success) to restart the Tzar’s Empire…Is Vlad the Impaler better called Stalinovitch or Tsarevitch? Is he about to change his name to Vladimir Romanov?

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅


      Q: How many blog barfs of Ming’s does it take to explain anything serious?

      A: No more than, say, 5 of them. By then it should be crystal clear he has a serious mental problem.

      Actually, this blog inadvertently sheds light on the much criticized policy of the USSR to put bourgeois psychobabblers in mental hospitals. Ming is clearly a strong case in point.

      • MCC ⋅

        manfred, obosranyi russki katsap, What is going on?? First, Putin’s several crash-landings; most recent in Poland and Kazakhstan, and now that?? According to the russian press, volodia putin is very sick his spine is not functioning – poor little bastard cannot walk and cannot sit for a long time – russian president urgently needs a major operation – We in Poland are very ‘concerned’ what might have caused this ‘predicament’ – too much of anal sex, perhaps – Concerned people of Pland….

    • elmer ⋅

      Actually, Ming, the people themselves held up signs with the appropriate name for Vlad Dracul Putin.

      It is “PUTLER”, very cleary written on the signs.

      LR posted the pics quite a while back.

      The problem is – apparently the vast majority of Russians are very happy to put up with PUTLER, just as they were very happy to live a schizoid, vodka-soaked “life” in the sovok union.

      The vast supermajority of Russians .learn nothing.

      Thus – PUTLER, from the brave few who have learned and are still alive to talk about it before they are killed.

      NOTE – An opposition figure was just kidnapped off the street in Kyiv.

      Leonid Razvozzhayev

      He was seeking protection

      Ukrainian media reports say Razvozzhayev was applying for refugee assistance at the United Nations High Commission for Refugees in Kyiv on Saturday.

      He was taken back to Lefortovo prison in Maskva.

      In typical psychotic fashion, the Rooshans, through their official agency, report that he had already “confessed to organizing mass disorder together with his boss and other opposition members” in a purported ten-page document that has not been made public.

      “Confession” seems to have been, and to be, a really big thing in Rasha.

      “Confession” was very popular in Stalinist times. Millions and millions of people “wanted” to “confess” their way into the gulags under Stalin and later.

      Rashans, PUTLER – what a sick bunch of pukes.

  8. Bohdan ⋅

    Q: How many blog barfs of ManTurds’s does it take to explain anything serious? No! seriously comrades.

    A: No more than, say, 2 of them. By then it will be crystal clear that he has an extremely incurable and serious mental problem.

    Actually, this blog inadvertently sheds light on the much admired policy of the USSR not to waste funds on communist psychobabblers and instead lock them up permanently in mental hospitals. ManTurd is a clear and beyond any reasonable doubt an insurmountable case, proving this major point.

    Putin 1, Manturd 0.

    • Beetlejuice ⋅

      Did you hear about the woman who married a Chernobyl survivor? All her life she’d been afraid of the dark, then she saw him naked and became afraid of the light.

  9. siber_troll ⋅

    turans are worst enemies of all other “russian” ethniсities. they rebuild old horde codex: new law project in Duma promises 5 years imprisonment for criticizing party activities during and between electoral campaigns

  10. Twisted rat used to yell “HEIL HITLER”!!!
    Now the bilge rat apologize for Vladimir Romanov…

    The Tzar Nicholas with the rotten teeth was after the Jews, the pedophile dwarf is after all the Popovs…good riddance of bad rubbish!

    • Bohdan ⋅

      What do you mean Ming, by “”Twisted rat used to yell “HEIL HITLER”!!!””?

      It would not surprise me in the least, and ‘I’ll bet you my bottom dollar’ on that, that he also yells (at the top of his squeaky voice) ‘HEIL PUTLER’!!!

      Also there is no doubt in my mind that ‘kamerad’ Putler learned a lot from the East German Stasi (the successors of the Nazi Gestapo) when he served his apprenticeship there in the D.D.R.!

      Finally I also bet that he, Putler, is a closet, i.e, secret, Nazi.

  11. We love the Russians because they are unable to do anything right!

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