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Liar, Liar, Putin’s Pants are on Fire

Vladimir Putin recently concluded  a four-hour press conference in Moscow.  There were some interesting, even startling, developments.

Putin made a lengthy opening statement to the assembled press, including the following remark:  “I want to point out the stability of state finances despite the existing problems, of which we have many and I am sure we will discuss them later.”

During the press conference, the following exchange then occurred:

QUESTION: Sergei Brilyov, Moscow, Rossiya TV channel.

Mr President, at the beginning of the news conference, you spoke about stability.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: Did I? I hadn’t said a word about it.

QUESTION: You did.

At the end of your current term as president, you will have been in power so long that children who were born in your first year as President will become adults. Financial stability is a wonderful thing. But these 18 years – this is a special figure in Russian history; aren’t you concerned that stability could turn into stagnation?

In essence, the journalist called Putin a liar to his face.  Or maybe senile, unable to remember what he had said a few moments before?  Then the bold reporter went on to challenge Putin’s central premise, that he should be congratulated for achieving stability.  He confronted him with the question of whether Putin had actually given Russia stagnation.

One was reminded of Putin’s breathtaking gaff (or lie) when he claimed that a Pussy Riot member had participated in an anti-Semitic demonstration when in fact the event was pro-Jew. Is Putin losing it?

There was more. As Power Vertical reports:

A telling moment came when Putin addressed an adult journalist, Maria Solovyenko, by the diminutive, “Masha.” She came right back at him, addressing the Russian head of state by his diminutive, “Vova.”

Just. Wow.  Russian journalists standing up to Putin in this manner is unprecedented. One called him either a liar or a senile fool, while the other called him a child.

Of course, there was also plenty of fawning; one female journalist, for instance, gushed over Putin’s attractiveness and softballed him as to how anyone could claim he was sickly.  Between the two, they agreed it was obviously an opposition plot.

But the open lack of fear and even contempt with which some journalists regarded Putin was compelling and heartening.  If it leads to more and better reporting on Putin’s faults and outrageous crimes (during the interview, he essentially characterized himself as infallible), then Russia may have a future after all.

28 responses to “Liar, Liar, Putin’s Pants are on Fire

  1. siber_troll ⋅

    no future, no chance

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

      Упорно и настойчиво овладевать боевым мастерством, неженка.

      • siber_troll ⋅

        о чем речь, холоп?

      • siber_troll ⋅

        как я понял, цитата из воинского Устава. очередная русская профанация которую разоблачил Гитлер в 1941-м.

      • siber_troll ⋅

        финны в 1939-м, поляки в 1921-м, пуштуны в 1989-м. грузины в 2008-м. рабы плохие солдаты

        • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

          Иногда на лекциях так хорошо спится. Который это урок, старый болтун?

          • MCC ⋅

            The point is, that no matter how many nations/countries would russia try to destroy; the russians will be always russian/mongolian hordes, primitive, dirty, drunk, revolting and TOTALLY inferior to ANY other nation on this planet…

            • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

              Упорно и настойчиво овладевать боевым мастерством, неженка.

              • siber_troll ⋅

                мастерством рабов россия овладевала со времен Орды

              • mccusa ⋅

                manfred, obosranye russkiye barakhlo, stop using that totally useless local dialect you called ‘russian language’ – total waste of time. Have you already forgotten that twenty minutes after the collapse of the USSR all central asian republics dropped russian language and cyryllic alphabet….

              • siber_troll ⋅

                в Карибский кризис в СССР струхнули снизу доверху как только замаячил ядерный конфликт. с тех пор любимая советская поговорка “лишь не было войны…”. красные холопы.

                • mccusa ⋅

                  siber_troll you have to translate it….

                  • siber_troll ⋅

                    just mentioned during Cuban missile crysis Moscow demonstrated desire to live

                  • siber_troll ⋅

                    there were 3000 american nuke warheads agains couple hundreds of soviet. pity Kennedy denied american intervention to Cuba, beginning of global war against communism

                    • Beetlejuice ⋅

                      Incidently for the same reason China, Korea, and Vietnam didn’t go up in flames like Hiroshima and Nagasaki: U.S feared a Soviet nuclear counterattack, imbecile.

                    • MCC ⋅

                      you imbecile beetlejuice, the soviet nukes were ‘potemkin’s villages’ and today, if you look what russia ‘s rotting, deteriorating, unguarded nukes that are spitting radiation all over russia. Mayak region is famous for producing generations of monsters thanks to uncontrolled radiation…And by the way, there are chernobyls all over russia spitting radiation and killing russians…got the picture you brainless baboon…

                    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

                      Did you write this, mccusa?

                      “Szanuje i podziwiam Putina, jest to bardzo dobry polityk, szkoda ze my w kraju nie mamy takiego dobrego przywodcy.”

                      You Psheks seem to have some vague connection with the outside, real world after all. Here’s my take on the subject, by the way:

                      “I’d rather meet a Russki
                      Than ugly, vile Pilsudski
                      I loathe the scum Kaczynski
                      And strongly hail Dzerzhinsky
                      The Ex-Pope now is mating
                      With Hitler and with Satan”

                      Szczęśliwego nowego roku, mccusa!

  2. Ugi Zop-zop-zop-zop-zop-zop-zop-zop ⋅

    Please run away with me LR sweetie-pie.
    I really love you, I really do.

  3. Zebedee ⋅

    If I can just return to the original subject…

    Note that the journalist who called Putin “Vova” has now been SACKED.

    Yes, Russia does have a future – pretty much like its past.

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

      I hope you’re right, Zebedee. Putin, like Stalin before him, strengthens Russia at the expense of the fifth column and its sponsors abroad. This is particularly crucial at this point in time when the genocidal, imperialist West is descending into outright chaos, disintegration, and terminal collapse.

      Sincerely, do you really believe Putin and Russia are in need of any help whatsoever from a bunch of utter Western crackpots producing silly blog barfs?

      • MCC ⋅

        Russia doesn’t need any help from the West for a simply reason – russia is disintegrating slowly but inevitably – That russian baboon manfred – etyi obosranye russkiy katsap – cannot see reality – moscow 80% muslim and central-asian; for some mysterious reasons four out of ten inhabitants of St. petersburg are uzbeks??? Russian army is 40% muslim and the latest trend is for the young muslims to JOIN the russian army and destroy it from within..Siberia is already gone to its right owner; China – the list is endless – don’t forget the catastrophic barbaric russian failure in Syria… 40, 000 Syrians slaughtered by putin …. means that russia is OUT of the Middle East…..Russia will have to let go EVERY NON RUSSIAN nation temporarily under the russian yoke .. instead russia is opting for another 50 years of the dark ages in the name of ‘matiuszka rossiya’ or as we, Polish People, called your country ‘blats rossyia’ …..

        • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

          ¿ Qué ?

          • MCC ⋅

            Is ?que? ‘pkszdksztto’ in the russian dialect – just checking dearie. Come to think of it – only twenty years ago those poor russian pathetic bastards were on their knees in front of Senator Lugar, crying, begging, for food, money, and technology…The Americans, again, help those barbaric, murderous russian/mongolian baboons to save their ‘russian empire’ and what emire it is just a laughinh stock of the world..

            • Bohdan ⋅

              Well said MCC! You are, as per usual, spot on!

              However, my friend, you must remember that you are dealing with an irreparably brain damaged Russian “untermensch'” like, comrade ManTurd.

              One only needs to look at and analyze the wanton slaughter that his beloved communist ‘vozd’, that mass murdering gangster, comrade J. Stalin, who ordered his NKVD thugs to unleash waves of sheer terror on his subdued minions – that supposedly lived in the freest ‘paradise’ imaginable on this planet, the USSR (hahaha).

              • MCC ⋅

                Bohdan, It shows that ONLY the russian slaves can live through the soviet horror, loved it, and NEVER rebelled against it. And now, those poor russians pretend that it has never happened. For God’s sake, during the second world war, Stalin’s portraits were on every russian icon. It looks like russian sh@#$ into their own mouths and eat it..Smacznego!!

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