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Russia Beyond the Headlines and its Lies

In a January 10, 2013 piece for Russia Beyond the Headlines, the Kremlin’s wholly-owned propaganda mouthpiece in English, Alexey Dolinskiy wrote:  “A February 2012 U.S. Gallup poll showed that only 2 percent of Americans see Russia as an enemy.”

It was an absurd lie.  The Gallup poll in question did not ask Americans whether Russia was “an” enemy, it asked whether Russia was America’s “greatest” enemy.  Another Gallup poll that same month showed that negative attitudes on the part of Americans towards Russia had nearly doubled over the prior four years, while positive attitudes had fallen by by 15%.  There is a consistent trend of increasing hostility towards Russia by Americans as Russia becomes ever less democratic.  RBTH headlines ignores that, of course, because it is not consistent with its propaganda efforts to undermine American opposition to the Kremlin.  And this consistent trend is all the more impressive because throughout this period the Obama administration has been engaged in relentless pro-Kremlin appeasement.

During the last U.S. presidential election, Republican challenger Mitt Romney called Russia America’s “greatest geopolitical foe” because it is “the nation which lines up with the world’s worst actors” against the United States. And there’s no disputing this contention.  Russia has sided strongly against democracy with murderous regimes all across the world, from Cuba and Venezuela to Egypt, Libya and Syria.  More than 60 million Americans voted for Romney to become president.

Then there’s Obama’s own Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who recently gave a speech which was closely similar to the “Iron Curtain” speech delivered at the outset of the Cold War by Winston Churchill.  She warned that Putin is now working feverishly to bring back the dark days of the USSR and Russian domination of the former Soviet republics in Central Asia.

Europe maintains similar or even more intensely hostile views towards Russia.

Russia Beyond the Headlines, of course, like its Kremlin masters themselves, simply doesn’t care about the facts.  Instead, all it wants to do is churn out propaganda that will undermine American resolve to confront neo-Soviet crackdowns and aggression.

41 responses to “Russia Beyond the Headlines and its Lies

  1. dme ⋅

    The murderous regime in Egypt was America’s puppet and very much Anti-Russian.

    ditto Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and UAE

    and lest we forget CIA torture prisons in Poland and Romania

    • MCC ⋅


    • larussophobe ⋅

      If it was anti-Russian then why did the Putin regime vigorously support it right up until the end? Why don’t you fault Putin for doing so?

    • dme ⋅

      Bahrain and Qatar, too. We are their best friends even though activists there are being imprisoned, raped, and even murdered.

      Oh and Central Asia, too. We are wooing (sp.?) Kazakhstan despite the murder of dozens of activists last year. We are already good friends with Azerbaijan and some of the other Stans which are far more despotic than Kazakhstan. The previous Georgian regime, which had hundreds of “political prisoners” as per news that came out last week, was our #1 ally in the region.

      Pinochet, the Shah of Iran, Franco, et. al many of the world’s most repressive dictators have been friends of America.

      Just sayin’. Kettle. Black.

      • siber_troll ⋅

        only novices believe to such bullshit. political concurents of Franco, Pinochet, shah of Iran were much more repressive, much more totalitarian.

        • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

          Thesis refuted, dolt: I’m no novice whatsoever; yet I believe it. Take that, mon petit.

          • siber_troll ⋅

            you do not believe, you gain salary near 3$ for “proper” post

          • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

            Make that €100 and I’ll post whatever you want, ST 😉

            • Bohdan ⋅

              Listen ManTurd! you brain damaged and brainwashed communist idiot! you are so far detached from reality that no one would be stupid enough to offer you $3 per post, let alone €100??? So dream on, dream on in your false fool’s paradise.

              Sure the communists may offer you a job as a propaganda writer – but only them, as the truth to them bears no resemblance to the lies they vomit regularly. Besides the bigger the lie, the more they lap it up.

            • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

              Is your fabulous wife for hire, Bohdanito? $3 or €100 for a lay? Or, better still, are YOU for hire for a lay? I’ll pay you whatever you want, mind my nick!

              • Bohdan ⋅

                Dream on, dream on ManTurd – I bet the average woman would not even give you a second glance or look!!!

                And I bet that the babushkas that accept your miserly stud services all finish up ‘pox’ or whatever venereal disease ridden that you are infected with. Stick to your baboon whores comrade, because reading between your lines I suspect always that no intelligent whore would lower herself to you – but only the hairy baboons, which are more in your field.

                Happy hunting in the red light districts of Sweden, Holland and etc, comrade Dimwit!!!

  2. Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

    Amusingly, it’s Mitt Romney who is really onto something here. Sure, Romney is a typical Amurrrkan imbecile all right, but this just makes his mostly correct judgement all the more pertinent:

    Republican challenger Mitt Romney called Russia America’s “greatest geopolitical foe” because it is “the nation which lines up with the world’s worst actors” against the United States. And there’s no disputing this contention. Russia has sided strongly against democracy with murderous regimes all across the world, from Cuba and Venezuela to Egypt, Libya and Syria.

    Translated into less “sentimental” verbiage, dispensing with bourgeois parlance-by-platitudes, the above pronunciamento amounts to the following — very true — observation:

    Russia has gained strength and influence steadily to the detriment of US imperialism and to the benefit of the Global South struggling for emancipation and independence. Let me just add here, that the fiscal rot of the de-industrialized West and the unending wars it keeps waging exacerbate this confrontation further still.

    Conversely, Alexey Dolinskiy’s — indeed silly — assessment to the effect that Amurrrkans have a favourable (or at least neutral) view of Russia clearly amounts to wishful thinking. A ludicrous, utterly futile attempt to curry favour with West’s reactionary, arrogant, self-opinioned, parasitic social strata. Doesn’t work, sorry, forget about it, Mr. Dolinskiy. If there’s one thing these strata can’t stand, it’s the mere knowledge of the existence of natural resources and national governments their highly revered betters haven’t been able to lay their greedy hands on.

    As regards Zigfeld’s and Clinton’s quasi-academic babble, it isn’t even worth contempt or ridicule.

  3. marduk ⋅

    I just thought i’d leave a little nugget in the thread.

    Americans, when faced with a starving bankrupt russia, laughed , then, after that, they fucked russia up the arse until it squealed. They knew exactly what they were doing, Germany and the Europeans knew exactly what they were doing. It literally bred a mafia state, that’s where the west were so brutal, they nurtured an organised criminal takeover of russia, so noone would ever really feel safe, where there would be no rule of law. so they know that russia will never raise off it’s knees again, it will always be fucked. I have to travel to russia at least a dozen times a year. And I see it everywhere. The western countries openly deal with the criminals, and don’t assisst the russian government the slightest bit to combat crime. Because it was all part of the plan.

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

      Exactly. And as far as the EU is concerned, its own Mafia strain becomes ever more salient with each passing year, especially in the eyes of its own hapless subjects down south. This is something that Western supremacists don’t even recognize, let alone the tyranny meted out non-stop against non-European countries and peoples.

  4. Marduk ⋅

    manfred, it amazes me how you compare any other country to russia. the ruling class in Europe and the US has always been in total control, the western Industrialists fucking destroyed Russia in the 80’s, it imposed such crippling austerity on russians while forcing the closure of ALL domestic industry. You probably don’t know that (not that long ago) it was illegal to teach a black person to read or write in the US. You seem to point to the perpetual misery of the blacks in the US as proof that the world is falling apart, well The Russians got exactly the same treatment as the blacks, subjugation and humiliation. They even give you all cheap heroin. One thing they are good at is destroying anyone who could threaten them. But really what did you think they were ever going to do to the bastard russians after the cold war.

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

      Wrong, Marduk. I don’t care about a USian’s gender, age, complexion, or social status AT ALL. To me, USians are complete, utter filth and — consequently — “fireworks” such as 911 and various shooting sprees targeting schoolchildren make me feel all but elated. Ergo: No, it’s not about Blacks in the US.

      Rather, the point is that THE WEST is falling apart, as the fiscal rot and the self-defeating, deliberate, perpetual warfare undermine the whole fabric of society. Russia and her natural resources are no longer at the free disposal of the Western, zionist monkeys. If there’s one thing they can’t stand, it’s the mere knowledge of the existence of natural resources and national governments their revered betters haven’t managed to lay their greedy hands on. Hence this fabulous blog.

  5. mingthemerciless ⋅

    To balance all this negativity against poor Mother Russia, good news on the military front…Russian soldiers are to wear socks instead of dirty stinking rags on their feet! A first for the last millenia!

    Since the late 1600’s, the Russian (and Soviet) army have not worn socks. Instead, soldiers wrapped their feet in rectangular cloths known as portyanki (footwraps).

    Now Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has decreed that footwraps be discarded in favor of socks. Speaking with military officers yesterday, he said:
    ““In 2013, or at least by the end of 2013, we must forget the word portyanki. I’m asking you, please, if there is a need we will provide additional funds. But we need to finally, fully reject this concept in our armed forces.””

  6. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Marduk, I dont know what planet you are on, but it is certainly not on Mongo or Earth.

    Behind their Iron Curtain, the Soviets where totally isolated from everything and everyone. No foreign influence there.

    As Frank Sinatra sing; “All by Myself”, ya roozkies did it all by yourself.

    Like a bunch of muslims, you totally self destructed…even the impossible…the communist party committed suicide and let
    the sordid gypsy mafia take over, framed by the KGB-FSB…

    For 400 years Russians have been the slaves of the Mongol Golden Horde…how many century will you be slaves of the foreign gypsies?(Gypsies come from Pakistan…ironic, is it not!)

    Of course, I can see Manfred come in and blame it all on the Jews, like a good nazi…but it is a peculiarity of the idiots to be anti-semitic!

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

      Likewise, it’s a peculiarity of extremely intelligent people to constantly substitute the interrogative pronoun “where” for the past tense “were” of the verb “to be”. Hats off for Mingchenlein!

    • siber_troll ⋅

      i suggest strong Israel influence in Russia since 1950-s or earlier. Stalin who planned new terror against jews soon found dead in his sauna. Lenin, Trotsky, Uritsky, Sverdlov, other bolsheviks were jews. today Putin visits synagoga with great respekt. may be large piece of russian land will depart to Israel several years later. KGB? it sucks in comparing with Mossad.

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        What makes you bourgeois half-wits so extraordinarily entertaining is that, when it comes to Joseph Stalin, you know it’s a Holy Task Brought Down From On High to hate him. OK, fine. But depending on your own commitment — or lack thereof — to Zionism, you either condemn Stalin as an ardent anti-Semite or as a Jewish lackey, respectively. The “discreet charm of the bourgeoisie”, I suppose.

  7. marduk ⋅

    Ming, I always contend that the People who actually control the governments, banking and most importantly, the media, have a very cruel agenda for anything non nato. Idon’t know if you have heard much about the current state of Iran post sanctions but if you research it you hear the record being played again

    I have just been on an oil tanker in aquaba by the way

  8. elchicomorado ⋅

    Hello, we have started a blog that addresses issues of happiness, humility, courage, life … to move forward with our blog would be helpful all the support and collaboration of many people as possible, leave the link, and thanks in advance:

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

      Lots of luck, elchicomorado. Judging by your own description, you’re most certainly not poaching on LR’s turf of Western imbecility and depravity 😀

      /Manfred Montón de Carajo

  9. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Monton de Carajo having a moment of truth?
    The road to Damas is pretty rough these days, eh, Paulo Manfredo?

    “the media, have a very cruel agenda for anything non nato.”

    I just cant figure out why you russkies get so exited by NATO,
    a confederation of bankrupt jokers, let by a Kenyan muslim homosexual…they can only be as lamentable as Pooty Poot’s KGB clowns…

    • MCC ⋅

      Apparently russians are leaving Syria – rats leaving the sinking ship – they have to hurry up – syrians will be beheading EVERY captured russian… Isn’t it a poetic justice?????????

      • Bohdan ⋅

        MCC, your comment “russians are leaving Syria – rats leaving the sinking ship,” can be more appropriately put as ‘…russians are leaving Syria in droves – just like rats deserting a sinking ship!’

        Besides who in their right mind would welcome these types of Russians in the first place, and who undoubtedly are the scum of the KGB, etc, employed in suppressing all free dissent in that repressive and oppressive regime of Assad.

  10. Hello Dying Russia. I have a question for you: do you ever write anything positive about Russia in your blog?
    I just see so much darkness… perhaps it’s because I’m a little naive and somewhat a dreamer, but everything cannot possibly be BLACK. I mean our world isn’t black and white. It’s gray.

  11. Not if we can help it!
    Russia’s color is brown, like the inside of Manfred’s outhouse!

    With the Soviets, Russia has destroyed a hundred countries, has exchanged Kalashnikov for spears all over Africa and South America…you see her fleet of rotting submarines in Siberia that Russia used to supply bombs, drugs and machine guns to the world’s human sewer rats in all developing nations…

    May Russia live another millennial of wars, famines and pestilence for her crimes against humanity!

    Funny part is “Russia” is my name, the name of a nation that could not even have the neurons to find an original name,
    as my ancestors where totally foreign occupiers of this accursed land and people that they sold as slaves to the Arabs!(thus the “Slav” moniker)

  12. On the other hand:

    This is a Russian film from 2008 called “Admiral”. It is the true story of Admiral Aleksandr Kolchak, a WWI naval hero and faithful son of Russia and the Tsar. He led the “Whites” in the counter-revolution against the Communists, and was killed after he got double-crossed and sold out by the French and … guess who … the Americans. Woodrow Wilson was an antichrist.
    For the rest:

    Isn’t it amazing that this anti-Communist, pro-monarchy, pro-Christian movie could only be made in RUSSIA today? This movie would never, ever be made in America. No way. Khrushchev was right.

    • MCC ⋅

      This is another pathetic attempt to show russia as civilized, christian European country. DON’T MAKE INTELLIGENT PEOPLE LAUGH YOUR RUSSIAN/MONGOLIAN HORDES…

  13. Russia went from everyone being on the same team with a highly sophisticated culture to people being lined up and shot by their fellow countrymen almost overnight.
    The same may well happen in America with Obama and his hideous gang of sordid hippie communist sewer rats…

    BUY AMMO!!!

  14. The other great Tsarist officer was Carl Gustav Mannerheim…

    He managed to beat the crap off Stalin’s soviet clowns and to fool Hitler at the same time, a true magician!

    He is the father of Finland, which used to be part of the Tsar’s Empire.

    Listen to idiot scumbag Hitler’s blatant lies to Karl Gustav there:

    Mannerheim went to counter-visit Hitler soon after. When he returned home to Finland, Mannerheim questioned an officer who was with him during meetings with Hitler. He asked: “What is your impression about Germany´s situation? Be strict.”
    Officer: “I believe Germany is losing the war to Russia.”
    Mannerheim: “That is my understanding, too.”
    This insight was important to Finland, who then started it´s hairy maneuvering out from the war.

    • Bohdan ⋅

      Thanks for that Ming! Very interesting indeed.

      I have always been an admirer of the Finnish people and their heroically brave fight with the USSR, where a population (1940) of approx. 3.7 million bravely fought the might of the USSR’s 196.7 million. Odds that were stacked in Russia’s favor 50:1, but nevertheless managed to give the Russian bear a hell of a bloody nose, before succumbing to the steam roller tactics of the communists.

      What has me beat is the stupidity of the Western Allies that literally did nothing about the naked aggression of the USSR in this lopsided land grabbing conflict for 11% of Finland’s pre war territory and 30% of its economic assets.

      • MCC ⋅

        We must NEVER forget one of the most important battles in the Europeana history – Polish-Bolshevik war of 1920 and the Battle of Warsaw. – heroism of Polish soldiers was simply legendary…Had Poland lost that war, European culture would have been lost; the bolshevik hordes would have marched through Europe and stopped in Spain. Poland, again, as in 1683 with King John Sobieski of Poland, destroying the Turks at the gates of Vienna, saved Europe.

        As far as Finland is concern, the victory over the bolsheviks was magnificent.
        The final victory over Russia will take place when the Finns recover its territory …

  15. If you read up the story of “Intrepid”, the Canadian Great War ace pilot William Stephenson, the millionaire that invented the computer to beat back Hitler, it is said that Stalin, during the Ribbentrop pact, got totally enthused with Hitler, and despite repeated pleas from Churchill and Roosevelt, took advantage of the pact to invade Poland and Finland.

    Iosip’s big mistake with Finland was to attack via the trackless north instead of the easy to invade south(where he won)…the northern route was a killing field for the poor Russians.

    That Winter War disaster in Finland gave Hitler the wrong impression that Russia would be easy to beat. Opening a second front proved the nazis’ undoing.

    Hitler’s intention was to kill all Russians, as clearly stated in Mein Kampf…murdering 6 millions Jewish civilians was easy, but almost 200 millions armed people? Yes, the Gods made him mad, as if he was not a lunatic to start with…

  16. Veritas ⋅

    The greatest threat to Americans is the Democrat Party and its subdiary in Moscow.

  17. Barry Hussein Soetoro think of himself as Maxilillien de Robespierre…it did NOT end well for Maxy, it wont end well for Barry!

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