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Professor Steven Cohen, Traitor to his Country

Over on the mighty Pajamas Media mega blog, Kim Zigfeld exposes NYU/Princeton professor Steven Cohen for the treacherous little weasel he is. Cohen has a blog on the Voice Russia website, and tirelessly campaigns in favor of KGB dictator Vladimir Putin and his merciless crackdown on American values.


17 responses to “Professor Steven Cohen, Traitor to his Country

  1. Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

    What’s wrong with a >> merciless crackdown on American values >> ? Sounds really great to me 😀

    • larussophobe ⋅

      Well USSR collapsed into rubble because of it, for instance. Some people think rubble is bad, especially those in it.

    • Bohdan ⋅

      But you’r a brain washed communist idiot Manturd. One who cannot face the facts of real life. Instead living in your communist fool’s paradise.

      I bet that if some ‘shark’ showed you a bag of “fool’s gold” at a give away price, you would buy a ton! Right!

      What has me beat is that you do not pack up and leave that Swedish capitalist hell hole and immigrate to your beloved communist run ‘paradise’ of ruSSia. And yes I know you’r stupid, but not that stupid – right comrade.

  2. rutenburg

    > … there are so many… propagandistic and shameless. Cohen does not give one example — not one — of Russian mainstream media (… all major circulation newspapers are Kremlin-controlled) challenging the Kremlin’s adoption ban, as he claims they did.

    The examples of such challenges in the major circulation newspapers are so many that only people totally ignorant of Russia wouldn’t be aware of them. Here is a small example of just one day in the life of Russia’s largest circulating newspaper – Moskovskij Komsomolets:

    What the Papers Say, Dec. 18, 2012
    18 December 2012
    BBC Monitoring

    Moskovsky Komsomolets

    3. Alexander Minkin article headlined “Rage of Authorities” says the State Duma wants to ban U.S. citizens from adopting Russian orphans in response to the Magnitsky Act; pp 1-2 (412 words).

    5. Alexander Melman article headlined “Come and Rule Us” comments of the “hysteria” in the Russian electronic media over the Magnitsky Act and the Russian response to it; p 2 (602 words).

    “Rabidness of Authorities”
    Alexander Minkin

    “Now the Duma wants to show Kremlin its obedient patriotism at the expense of sick orphans. But this will cost them. We will publish the list of MPs who voted for the ban on adoptions. Then, using the international journalistic solidarity, we will do everything in our power to make sure the wives, children, grandchildren, nephews of these deputies will be banned from being treated or educated in the United States.”

    What kind of a person are you, LR?

    > propagandistic and shameless.

    • larussophobe ⋅

      You seem to be quite illiterate. The text doesn’t say there are no such examples, it says COHEN DOES NOT NAME ANY.

      What kind of person are you, Rutenberg? Propagandistic and shameless!

      Meanwhile, care to give any examples of negative coverage of the adoption ban on national broadcast TV, from which the overwhelming majority of Russians get their news?

      Care to tell us MK’s circulation? Care to tell us a little more about what kind of paper it is or who takes it seriously?

      What kind of person are you, Rutenberg? Propagandistic and shameless!

      • rutenburg

        Dear LR, you wrote:

        > all major circulation newspapers are Kremlin-controlled

        This is patently false.

        Main newspapers

        Komsomolskaya Pravda – mass circulation, left-leaning daily
        Kommersant – daily, business-orientated
        Moskovskij Komsomolets – popular daily
        Izvestia – popular daily
        Rossiyskaya Gazeta – government-owned daily
        Nezavisimaya Gazeta – pro-opposition privately owned daily
        Trud – left-leaning daily
        Argumenty i Fakty – popular weekly
        Novaya Gazeta – twice-weekly, known for its investigative journalism

        > Care to tell us MK’s circulation? Care to tell us a little more about what kind of paper it is or who takes it seriously?

        It’s a populist newspaper that appeals to the masses. Sort of, like New York Post. As I said it’s the largest Russian newspaper by circulation:

        Аудитория каждого номера — 1 022 100 человек.

        One would expect that given that before the think tank cut your funding, you employed several people familiar with Russia, you could have asked them this basic question. Or learned how to google yourself.

        The reason why I had to comment on your post about Step’hen Cohen, the legend of “perestroika”-era sovietology, is the truly stalinist manner in which you attacked him and his wife:

        > treacherous little weasel… traitor to his country… Following the Soviet and Nazi models… crackdown on American values

        Your own labeling those who disagree, as “traitors to their country” is hallmark of the Nazi and Stalinist models:

        The NKVD Order № 00486 [1] instructed about repression of wives and children of enemy of the people also known as “traitors of the Motherland, members of Right-Trotskyist spying-terrorist organizations convicted by first and second category since 1 August 1936″. It was signed by Nikolai Yezhov acting as chief of NKVD.

        > Professor Stephen F. Cohen — husband of Katrina vanden Heuvel, publisher of ultra-liberal The Nation

        What does the man’s wife have to do with anything?
        Close relatives of enemies of the people were labeled as “traitor of Motherland family members” and prosecuted.

        • larussophobe ⋅

          If you could read, which obviously you can’t, you’d know that THE MAN’S WIFE PUBLISHES THE MAN’S WRITING ABOUT RUSSIA IN HER MAGAZINE. You really are a classic neo-Soviet stooge.

          Why did you ignore our question about TV? Don’t answer, we already know.

      • rutenburg

        > Any American parent thinking of sending their children to Princeton or NYU ought to find this worrisome: NYU itself got into the act, publishing his article on its website.

        I am thinking about sending my son to Princeton. So what? In America, we tolerate, celebrate and even encourage dissent, because it guarantees our freedoms and individuality. Why should the freedom of expression at American Universities bother me? When I was an undergrad, I was extremely anti-Communist (I still am). But when I saw the Communists agitate at the entrance of our freshman hall, I spent some time after one dinner arguing with them. It never occurred to me to complain to the authorities about them.

        Also, your schtick with insulting everything and everybody: it hasn’t worked. You’ve lost almost all your readers and supporters. You are now stuck with two: the Ukrainian Bohdan and McUSA from Poland. Plus one opponent some Steifschwanz from Sweden. All three sum in IQ to less than 100. Maybe it’s time to grow up?

        • Bohdan ⋅

          And what is your IQ comrade rotenburg, I bet it doesn’t even exceed 001, as you cannot even count past three!

          You seem to be well acquainted with just the three of the numerous users of this magic blog, and ignoring the numerous others. Hence I suspect that you are in fact a communist paid goon, good at spreading their propaganda and ignoring the horrendous crimes they committed against their own subjected ‘slaves’ and continue to do so currently, under KGB operative V Putin!!!

          Return to RT and comrade, you will be more appreciated there, at those Russian rubbishy propaganda ‘rags.’

          • Beetlejuice ⋅

            “And what is your IQ comrade rotenburg, I bet it doesn’t even exceed 001, as you cannot even count past three!”

            If that’s true then that would still put Rutenburg at a genius level of intellect when measured with yours, Bohdan.

            • Bohdan ⋅

              Aah Beetleurine, back for some more truth about your character? You just don’t give up do you – too dense in the upstairs department, that’s for sure.

              Try to remember comrade, you don’t need to keep reproving your stupidity, you obese Ozark mountains communist indoctrinated redneck idiot!!! You have already done so most extremely well in the past. So what’s new?

              I bet that your backward stupidity IQ is also in the 001 range. In the meantime get your wife to read the lying and RT propaganda trash rags you illiterate baboon, as that is about the limit for your dense skull.

              • Beetlejuice ⋅

                What? And give up laughing while you make the most pathetic attempt to insult me with your brainless babble?

                “you don’t need to keep reproving your stupidity, you obese Ozark mountains communist indoctrinated redneck idiot!!!”

                LOL…my point exactly! If there was an Olympics for ultimately stupid people you’d win the gold medal.

                “I bet that your backward stupidity IQ is also in the 001 range.”

                I’m flattered. If that was so, that would make me a PhD when compared to you, little Bohdan. Please don’t stop now.

        • larussophobe ⋅

          Hasn’t worked? Our blog La Russophobe was BY FAR the most heavily trafficked Russia blog in history, collecting over THREE MILLION visits. Now, AS THIS VERY POST CLEARLY STATES, Kim Zigfeld is the Russia columnist for not one, not two, but THREE EVEN BIGGER WEBSITES.

          Do you really think ANYONE is so stupid as to not see that if we didn’t matter YOU WOULD NOT BE COMMENTING AT LENGTH ON OUR BLOG??

          Please crawl back under your rock.

  3. Beetlejuice ⋅

    I don’t know. With the violent crackdown on Russian gays, and about to pass an anti-gay law I’d say Vladimir Putin is PROMOTING American values. Besides, a Princeton professor defending a U.S partner (Vladimir Putin) hardly makes him a traitor. You really need to get your head out of your ass, Kimmy.

    • Quote:” I’d say Vladimir Putin is PROMOTING American values. ”

      Barry Hussein O’Bummer was a homo queen in Shit-cago, still a leftist admirer of Karl Marx…What planet are you calling from, cockroach?

  4. Mincing Barry and pedophile Vladimir are both degenerate sexual deviants…

  5. Bohdan ⋅

    It would not surprise me in the least if cockroache’s pedophile hero creamed his pants with ecstasy as a result of kissing that little boy on the stomach.

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