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Kung Fu Putin

LR/DR founder and publisher Kim Zigeld has added a third publication to her portfolio of employers:  RUSSIA! magazine joins Pajamas Media and American Thinker as host to Kim’s commentary on the Land of the Midnight Gun.

Kim’s first essay for RUSSIA! is up and running now, it’s a dialogue with fellow Russian columnist Georgy Bovt regarding the latest round of anti-democratic crackdowns by Vladimir Putin entitled “Kung Fu Putin.” Pow!

18 responses to “Kung Fu Putin

  1. siber_troll ⋅

    “Russia is like Gotham City with no Batman, just lots of super villains running wild” – true (Gotham country). russian people love naked strength and malice of superiors. it is their direct mazochist sexual obsession rooted by dozens of generations after mongol yoke. may be Putin in his right place, satisfying the request of the nation leading it to imperceptible extinction.

    gods give me time to get moneymaking skills and emigrate out of here

  2. KIm wrote:

    > > Unfortunately, Russia has no Oogway, no Shifu, and no Kung Fu Panda. It has only the likes of Navalny and Sobchak.

    Russia’s problem is that its political opposition doesn’t have any children’s cartoon characters?

    Bravo, Kim! Did you write this all by yourself, or did you 5 year-old niece write this for you?

    • That’s “your” not “you”

    • larussophobe ⋅

      You are an illiterate slob and your antics are just amusing. Russia has no heroes, it has only slack-jawed idiots like you playing with their own feces and watching the country slide once again in to ruin. It has no patriots, only the like likes of Putin. Understand now, cretin?

      • MCC ⋅

        manfred,obosranye russkiye barakhlo, with your multiple personality disorder ‘russian style’ you are beyond pathetic – so this time is vlad rutenburg… Are there any treatment for multiple personality disorder in russia? -There is, apparently; back to the gulags, force labor, and starvation. That’s where pathetic pedophile putin is taking russian people. A propos, all the talks about opposition, democratic movement in russia is total rubbish. Russia has to disintegrate, give up ALL countries that are still under the russian yoke and then perhaps the West should take notice of russia….Russians are so stupid and retarded that they cannot read the signs on the wall – the russian language recently ‘promoted’ to the local dialect, russian army being taken over by the ‘loyal’ muslims, russian siberia has already become chinese siberia, total disconnestion with so called regions, and most importantly cosmic corruption which will, at the end, destroy that humongous sh#$% hole called russia…


        EDITORIAL: The Naked Fraud of the Russian Stock Market

        Navalny is perfectly clear in his diagnosis of the Putin economy: “ This system cannot live for ever — it is distorted, corrupted and ineffecient… I believe if you continue to knock, this wall will eventually come down.”

        Mr. Navalny is a man after our own heart, a true Russian patriot — indeed, a hero. He knows that if patriots like him are not prepared to risk their freedom, and indeed their lives, to fight back, then Russia will go the way of the USSR.

        We wish Mr. Navalny Godspeed. We hope that the increasing paralysis and failure of the Russian government will lead to a groundswell of opposition that Navalny can ride to victory.

        • larussophobe ⋅

          This is THREE YEARS LATER, you raving jackass. He’s not our hero after 2012, when we condemned and rejected him. When he was confining himself to his competence, reporting on financial corruption and risking his life to do it, he was our hero. When he sucked all the oxygen out of the protest movement and derailed it, he became a villain. Russia has had other heroes. Politkovskaya. Estemirova. Starovoitova. They are dead now.

          You are an illiterate goat.

          • To Kim Zigfeld:

            We’ll see how long it will take for your other persona to come back and to praise some Russian opposition leader as “a hero and a patriot”, and so on.

            In the meantime let he remind you that any of the Russian opposition leaders – Kasparov, Yashin, Navalny, Kozlovsky, Bukovsky, etc – were more intelligent and heroic at the age of 2 than you are at your current age of 49 dog mental age of 7. How much US taxpayer money was wasted on your failed boondoggle?

            > Unfortunately, Russia has no Oogway, no Shifu, and no Kung Fu Panda.

            Let me correct myself: … your current mental age of 6.

            > …. jackass… slob…. slack-jawed idiots… feces… cretin… illiterate goat…

            Let me correct myself: … your current mental age of 4.

            > He’s not our hero after 2012, when we condemned and rejected him.

            Even your use of “we” in reference to yourself betrays your multiple personality disorder.

            • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

              rutenburg, I feel strongly disposed to adopt a classical ‘Freudian’ paradigm with regard to, most notably, Kim Zigfeld, Bohdan, and mccusa. To wit: Their violently insane, everlasting screamfest here merely serves as a substitute for sex. The gossip:

              Kim found her Russian fiancé in bed with Sharapova. This marked the advent of the most fabulous blog of the Universe!

              Bohdan has a fabulous wife — or at least so he says — but all the time he spends on posting extraordinarily dull and outright psychotic nonsense suggests the Beauty is not too happy with the Beast.

              As for the world’s brightest Pshek — peace be upon him — he has undergone utter mental depletion accompanied by substantial acts of sexual abuse at an average Catholic Whoring School, so characteristic of his home country. Ratzinger still scores with him every once in a while all right, but mccusa is growing older and Ratzinger is after younger meat these days.

              All in all, we shouldn’t be too harsh on them, methinks 😀

              • mingthemerciless ⋅

                “Freudian paradigm”…go to bed manfred!!!

                • Bohdan ⋅

                  What’s wrong with that video, Ming? Nothing at all! But I’ll bet that this drunk is practicing before he returns home and beats his long suffering and defenseless wife for no reason, .

                  Aah such is life under Putin’s wonderful Russia, just ask the likes of Manturd, Beetleurine, rotenburg, auriga and etc.

        • Bohdan ⋅

          Comrade rotenburg! It is a fact of life that there are none so blind as those that can see, but do not see.

          A malady that you yourself are thus, and badly afflicted with yourself!!!

  3. siber_troll ⋅

    rumours high russian officials are perverts confirmed. orphanages are their free of charge harems, that’s why they can not allow children escape

  4. Bohdan ⋅

    God almighty rotenburg! what a muddled heap of mumbo jumbo! If you wrote that yourself, then mentally you do have problems, big, big problems – so to speak.

    My four year old grand daughter could write a saner and/or more intelligent article.

    Were you born like that, or did mother drop you on a frozen floor as a baby to cause that level of damage? Or have you pickled your brain by drinking too much ‘somogonka,’ if so stop drinking immediately before you ‘pickle’ the little of the gray matter that remains in your empty skull.

    All else failing, do crawl back under that rock that is your home. Because if this is the best that Putin and his goons can do to hire baboons like you to extoll the virtues of their oppressed black empire – then Russia is most definitely a lost cause and must be written off as such.

  5. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Bwah! Ha! Ha! Vlad the Impaled is now answering to himself!

    Pissette Molle, you are playing with fire, ya f’ken drunk!

  6. Beetlejuice ⋅

    You should’ve learned your vowels before writing that “essay”, Kim. This will help you for next time 😉

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