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Putin and the Big Lie

LR/DR publisher/founder Kim Zigfeld’s latest report is up and running on the powerful and influential American Thinker website.  In it, she explores the shocking agreement of the titanic U.S. brokerage house Goldman Sachs to participate in pro-Kremlin propaganda, misleading world investors by skewing information about Russia in a positive light.   Putin needs to rely on such measures because, as we’ve reported many times, his leadership is driving the Russian economy to ruin.

11 responses to “Putin and the Big Lie

  1. Auriga ⋅

    Actually, Russian economy is OK.
    Surplus budget (marginally, but still positive)
    Gold/currency reserves > total foreign debt (both state and private)
    Gold reserves steadily increasing.
    PMI industrial over 50 last year.
    Very low unemployment (~5%).
    Steadily decreasing inflation.
    Business climate still far from good, yet improving (mostly due to tax system reform) – recent note by S&P.
    Fastest growing car market (while EU market is in stagnation)
    Combined with quickly growing domestic production of autos.
    Second best by nuclear plant plants under construction.
    Good rate of capital investment (either source domestic/foreign).
    Reached reproduction rate (birthrate > mortality) overcoming so called Russian cross for the first time since USSR collapse.

    The big question is does Russia really need foreign investment that much? I think, no. Trade surplus is big and it should be used wisely, instead of selling shares.

    • larussophobe ⋅

      You realize, of course, that you’re disagreeing with George Soros AND a leading Russian stockbroker, right?

      It’s easy to have low unemployment when wages are outrageously low, and serves no purpose. When you set the poverty level artificially low, it’s easy to have low poverty too. Inflation is crazily high, and we clearly saw what happened to Russia the last time there was major stress, it was the worst performing economy on the planet during the global crisis. Trade surplus? You must be kidding. Russia doesn’t manufacture and sell ANYTHING, it just gets windfall revenues from the price of oil, a price set by foreigners.

    • MCC ⋅

      To answer the big question of auriga/rottenburg/manfred and co. – does russia really need foreign investment ? I agree with you all – russia should seal its borders, reject any influence from the outside world, and start business as usual – reopening the gulags, total terror, intimidation, starvation, humiliation of its own people just to save the empire. Don’t you worry, the russians being born slaves, will march to the gulags without any resistance. The West should let russia disintegrate – with total collapse of russian society, with chernobyls all over the spitting radioactivity all over russia, e.g., Mayak, Czelabinsk and Magnitogorsk regions produce generation of monsters, afghan heroin and ‘improved’ russian version krokodil, it is ‘win win situation’…

  2. Auriga ⋅

    Well, they may have their oppinion on investing in Russia. Who am I to tell them where to put their money, I just tell you that Russian economy is OK and far from collapsing.
    And lack of (financial) investment is not a problem. Russia has too much surplus from trade to diggest.

    Look at how much countries spend on fixed assets (buildings, machine tools, equipment, well – real things.

    Russia has 21%. Rate is worse than China, India, Belarus. Still worse then say Austria, Australia.

    But better than most wealthy ‘first world’ countries.

    Japan, Switzerland, Norway, US, UK, France et.c.

    Despite all the whining about investment climate, Russia has money to invest in fixed assets (the real thing, not stock bubbles). So the Soros and that broker can just GTFO.

  3. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Ha! Ha! “Increasing gold reserves”…has to be a Potemkin facade hiding the smuggling of the metal to Miami…how else you explain the Mismi building boom fueled by the Russky Gypsy mob?

    • Auriga ⋅

      Can you provide any prooflink to your funny statement?

      • mingthemerciless ⋅

        “Miami becomes ‘Little Moscow’: FBI says Russian mob eclipses Italian Mafia in South Florida.”

        The Eastern European mob has eclipsed the Italian Mafia on the FBI’s radar in South Florida, as several recent major cases have brought to light.

        Organize crime appears to be closer to North Miami Beach and Easternshores than we previously believed. It is not uncommon for the mob to use high-end neighborhoods as their base of operations. They are not expected by unwary neighbors. Consider this article offered by the Miami Herald on the goings-on next to us.

        When the feds busted a syndicate of Russian-speaking nightclub owners and their so-called Bar Girls, it seemed like just another titillating tale from South Beach.

        But the April bust showed that the FBI is taking the Eastern European mob a lot more seriously these days than the Italian Mafia. La Cosa Nostra is no longer the bureau’s Public Enemy No. 1 when it comes to organized crime in South Florida.

        “Eurasian organized crime is our No. 1 priority,” said FBI supervisory special agent Rick Brodsky of the Miami office.

        In April, six reputed members of an Eastern European network — along with a Sunny Isles investor and 10 Bar Girls imported mostly from Latvia and Estonia — were charged with conspiring to seduce and fleece unsuspecting South Beach tourists by running up their credit card bills for booze at private clubs on Washington Avenue. The prosecution’s case has moved so quickly that two of the “B-Girls’’ girls plan to plead guilty on Thursday in Miami federal court.

        One defense lawyer quipped that they’re about to become “G-Girls,” as in guilty.

        Sunny Isles Beach, where some of the reputed mobsters live, has so many immigrants from the former Soviet Union that it has earned the nickname “Little Moscow.’’ The high-rise coastal cities of Hollywood and Hallandale Beach also are home to many Russian-speaking nationals.

        The alleged B-Girl scam was hardly the first time the Eastern European mob struck South Florida. In February, 13 South Florida members and associates of an alleged Armenian crime organization were charged with extortion and other offenses as part of a series of indictments against more than 100 suspects from Miami to Los Angeles.

        The main extortion charge accused ringleader Aram Khranyan, 41, of Sunny Isles Beach, and others of threatening “physical violence” against a man if he did not pay a $12,000 debt to a member of Khranyan’s organization.

        Despite the nationwide publicity, it didn’t quite measure up to the B-Girl scam for sheer amusement.

        Consider this tale:

        Brett Daniels, a professional magician, had just finished his February show at the Gulfstream Casino when he and a few colleagues headed down to South Beach.

        At Mango’s, a lively tourist spot on Ocean Drive, he met an attractive woman clad in a short leopard-skin dress and her sidekick, who wasn’t as pretty. After showing them a few magic tricks, one of the girls told Daniels it was her birthday and proposed taking him to a private club a few blocks away to drink Russian vodka.

        Four or five shots later — he can’t remember exactly — Daniels found himself fighting over an incomprehensible $1,368 credit card tab with the owner of the Tangia club on Washington Avenue. “Pay your bill or you’re going to jail,” the bouncer told him..
        MORE AT:

  4. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Of course, the Russian mafia and the KGB-FSB are joined at the hips, the kapos of both organization often being the same sordid creeps…Pooty Poot Poutine coming to mind!

    • Auriga ⋅

      So, no proof. As expected

      • mingthemerciless ⋅

        You hopeless moron…cheap seashore motels on eastern Florida coast have all been replaced by huge towers of condos selling for a million dollar each condo, all built by the Russian mob while russkies starve to death…soft landing for the Floridian real estate crash thanks to Russian mobsters fleeing a government that is even more crooked than they are! Keep it coming suckers!

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