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Just Say Nochi

With one year left now before the Winter Olympics convenes in Sochi, Russia, Kim Zigfeld’s latest column for RUSSIA! magazine exposes the horror of the IOC’s decision to lodge the games in the unworthy dictatorship run by proud KGB spy Vladimir Putin.  A horrifying report from Human Rights Watch exposes how unprepared, impoverished Russia has created an entire culture of slaves in Sochi to build the Olympics venues, which were totally lacking in unqualified, unprepared Sochi.

31 responses to “Just Say Nochi

  1. mingthemerciless ⋅

    I hear Vladimir Stalinovitch Pooty Poot has ordered that Russia change it’s mascot from the brown bear to the Krokodil…to reflect modern reality!

  2. Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

    Stop your silly blather about Sochi proper. Since Russia will be hosting the Winter Olympics, your Epic Screamfest should instead be focussing on BOYCOTTING the Games. Hell, if you ever were to keep some track of your braindead psychobabble, your anticipation would be burning to see Russia finally collapsing the very same day the Games are due to open — in exactly one year’s time.

    • MCC ⋅

      manfred, obosranye russkiye barakhlo, the best strategy for Sochi olympics is BOYCOTTING, so russia will avoid a total humiliation – my predictions for russsia medals are as follows: 1 gold, 2 silver shared with Island of Nauru, and 3 bronze medals. Anyway, there are prediction for an earthquake in the mid February 2014, unless volodia putin performs a miracle….

  3. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Hell on earth, Manfred’s Krokodil Russia:

    Russians have made life hell for two third of humanity, high time they get a taste of their own socialist poison:

  4. What US network will be showing the Olympics? NBC again? To gun rights enthusiasts, I recommend biathlon: great guns and lots of shooting.

    • MCC ⋅

      rottenesztein, shouldn’t biathlon be called trip to gulags – this might be a chance for russia to get at least one bronze – centuries of practice might help..

      • Pshek,

        You don’t have to show off your antisemitism. It is understood without words.

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        Calm down, Pshek. Relax and write a love letter to Ratzinger. Sex works miracles!

        • MCC ⋅

          is it rottenburg and manfred the russkiye obosranye barakhlo the same person?? Do tell dearie…

        • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

          Is mccusa and Feliks Dzerzjinskij the same person? In my view, God’s ultimate plan for Humanity doesn’t allow for more than one (1) intelligent, courageous Polak throughout History. Do tell, mccusa, unless your body openings are too busy with “carnal pleasures” 🙂

        • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

          Hey, mccusa — you seem to have brought about something which hasn’t been seen since the Middle Ages: Your stunning fuckbuddy second only to God is resigning!! Hell, you Psheks REALLY know to wear your partners out.

          Corollary question: Whose genitalia will you gobble up next, mccusa?

  5. The issue of government corruption in Russia is about as boring to Americans as the issue of the special interest and lobbyist control of the US Congress and the White House is to average Russians.

  6. + 50 Billion dollars, for games.

    For snow games, for ice games, in a semi tropical land, while the rest of the country falls apart.

    Holy crap.

    • rutenburg

      Russia “falls apart”? Thanks to the population explosion and global industrialization, the global energy demand is going through the roof, and so are gas and oil prices. Compared to the West, Russia has never been as prosperous as now.

      > semi tropical land

      Average Low / High Temperatures in February

      Vancouver, Canada – 8°Celsius

      Sochi, Russia – 9°Celsius

      • mingthemerciless ⋅

        Worker’s paradise, eh? Like in Cuba, common Russians make the best tree bark soup while the apparatchiks dine on little hills of caviar!

        • rutenburg

          > Worker’s paradise, eh?

          Ming, you are a moron. Putin’s Russia is a right-wing semi-fascist state, exactly like Salazar’s Portugal and not dissimilar to Pinochet’s Chili.

          • MCC ⋅

            rottensztein, russia is the 18th century backward ’empire’ with ‘low grade’ civil wars simmering all over the place, that poor putin is desperately trying to keep in one piece – ignoring totally the signs of inevitable disintegration…

      • MCC ⋅

        rottensztein, what a desperation…..and stupidity…

  7. 2012 Summer Olympics medal count

    Rank Total Gold Silver Bronze Population
    1 United States 104 46 29 29 315,291,000
    2 China 88 38 27 23 1,353,821,000
    3 Russia 82 24 26 32 143,300,000

    • mingthemerciless ⋅

      Rottenbrain sez:
      ” Putin’s Russia is a right-wing semi-fascist state”

      Like you sewer rat, Hitler and Stalin where both socialists…fact Ernst Roehm, Hitler’s Vienna pimp was a full throttle Bolshevik…poor Stalin had to invent the symbol “Hammer and Sickle” because Hitler’s Goebbels, a far better publicist, stole the Swastika from the Bolshoz….see a Bolshevik passport…the early red flag sported a Swastika!;

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        “were” — past tense of the verb “to be”.

        “where” — interrogative pronoun with spatial connotation.

        Is semi-literacy an additional mental disorder among Russophobes?

  8. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Fact the bolsho-nazi swastika had nothing to do with the far eastern religious symbol, it was simply the letter “S” crossed over, “S” for SOCIALISM!!! Same dog with a different collar:

  9. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Picture of commie funny money with swastika there:

  10. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Bet spelling nazi Manfred Pissette Molle wear a swastika on his armband like a good nazi-socialist-Bolshevik…his socialist buddies caused a very short life of misery and early death for well over a billion people

  11. Beetlejuice ⋅

    This reminds me, did you hear about the Polish athlete that won the Gold Medal in the Olympics?
    He went home and got it bronzed.

  12. mingthemerciless ⋅

    “Western rabble, psychobabble.”

    The standard definition of psychobabble is the marxist nomenklatura’s “Langue de Bois” or “Newspeak”…the code that define Bolsheviks’ political ideology.

    Members of the Marxist-Leninist nomenklatura are a mafia of sordid thieves and assassins who amassed an incredible amount of wealth from the money extracted from their billions of slave workers…for example, soon to be dictator of red China Xi Jinping have stolen over a trillion dollars.
    He, through various facades, own thirty abandoned palaces, each worth forty million dollars for the only purpose of having extra false addresses…as if you could hide such a massive booty!

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