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Shocking Backwardness in Putin’s Russia

Vedomosti reported on February 14, 2013, as follows (original DR translation, corrections welcome):

Russians live in a constant shortage of municipal infrastructure.  For example:

  • Central heating  is lacking in 8% of homes.
  • About 11% of homes in cities nationwide do not have a water supply
  • There are no sanitation services in 12% of residences.
  • There is no hot water in almost 20% of homes.
  • Over 30% of urban housing has yet to be gasified.

For 10 years these figures have remained unimproved.  The general deterioration of the utilities sector infrastructure has reached 70%.

These were the conclusions of the Russian Union of Engineers (RCI), analyzing the state of housing in 164 cities across the country. It is easiest to cope with these troubles residents suburbs. Eight of the top ten cities for infrastructure, nine were Moscow’s satellite cities.

The eight cities were Lyubertsy, Pushkin, Krasnogorsk, Podolsk, Odintsov, Balashikha, Shchelkovo and Zhukovsky. Lyubertsy took first place in rankings; it has 14 kilometers of heating network and 16 kilometers of water and sewer network for every square kilometer of urban territory.  This is the highest result in the country. In total length of gas pipelines (12 km/sq. km) the national leader is Barnaul , where 1 square kilometer of the city has 53 km of gas networking. In second place in that category comes Pushkino, where one square kilometer of territory contains over 23 kilometers of such networks. Neither Moscow nor St. Petersburg made the top ten. Other cities showing good performance were Kaluga, Morom, Stary Oskol and Novoy Urengoy.

The worst cities in nation were Samara, Essentuki, Tyumen, Novokuznetsk  and Chita.  In some cities, the situation is close to critical, according to RCI. For example, in Leninsk-Kuznetsk and Essentuki  the deterioration of water and sewerage network is close to 90%.

According to Rosstat, on January 1, 2012 (data through January 1, 2013 has not yet been published):

  • 22.2 million Russians have inadequate heating
  • 29.2 million Russians have inadequate water supply
  • 34.9 million Russians have inadequate sanitation
  • 47.1 million Russians have inadequate hot water supply

Rosstat found that 28.3% of Russians must use supplemental heat sources to warm their homes, and 13.3% rely on their stoves alone.  27.5% of households have inadequate electricity supply, with 8% seeing power failures more than once per week.

24 responses to “Shocking Backwardness in Putin’s Russia

  1. Ugi Zop-zop ⋅

    Little joke for you L.R. Honey:

    Why didn’t the meteor come straight down?

    In Russia there is so much
    vodka that even meteor
    can’t come straight down.

    ha ha 🙂

    • Ugi Zop-zop,

      A former colleague of mine from New York’s office of Deutsche Bank is relocating to Germany and thus wants to sell his sense of humour. It is used but still in very good shape. He is Jewish. Would you like to buy it? He told me that he’ll sell it very cheap.

      • larussophobe ⋅

        What does his being Jewish have to do with anything? Are you a typical Russian anti-Semite, a hypocrite who then complains about “russophobia”? Are you a racist? Racism is not permitted on this blog.

        • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

          FYI: Anti-Russian racism is the whole raison d’être of this über-prodigious blog. It’s telling indeed I haven’t ever come across one single warning from the team with regard to mccusa’s blog barfs, all very racist and inarticulate. Psheks seem to be sort of “The Chosen People” over here at LR’s.

          • larussophobe ⋅

            You’re simply lying we’ve deleted or blocked many such comments and respond immediately to any notification of such. Have you EVER emailed us such notification?

            Moreover, NEITHER ONE of the two of your illiterate, ridiculous statements has ANYTHING to do with the topic of this post. Both are SPAM, cyber garbage, yuck.

          • MCC ⋅

            Manfred, obosranye russkiye barakhlo – I thought that antisemitism is russia’s speciality – the infamous pogroms – slaughtering defenseless Jewish women, children, oold people; blaming Jewish people for every ill in that horror, combined with total barbarity and obscenity, called russia. The pogroms started immediately after russia’s annection of the Eastern part of Kingdom of Poland; so russians were slaughtering Polish Jewish communities since the 17th century until now…But what can one expect from the russian hordes except killing, drinking and stealing….

            • mingthemerciless ⋅

              Not all Tzars were anti-semites, fact, the Jews prospered under many of them and thanks to them and the German immigrants, the Russians did build a great Empire.

              However Nicholas II was every bit as bad a Jew killer as Hitler or any sordid muslims and conspired to exterminate the Jews to the last.

              So it is not any wonder that when the Germans went to war with the Tzar Nicholas, their secret services had TWO ready made allies within the Tzarist Empire…it was just a matter of survival for the German and Jewish minorities, the Tzar had to go, and they made him go.

              But you cannot blame the Jews for the Russians’ communism, Marx and Engels were the sons of two wealthy german families and had nothing to do with Jews.

              After their centuries of slavery under the Mongol’s Golden Horde, Russkies just always fell in love with whoever kick their arses, the Tzars, and, in this case, the two Krauts with the impossible communist lies and promises!

        • Kim wrote:

          > What does his being Jewish have to do with anything? Are you a typical Russian anti-Semite, a hypocrite who then complains about “russophobia”? Are you a racist? Racism is not permitted on this blog.

          You didn’t get it. Let me explain my joke to you. Ugi Zop-zop doesn’t have a sense of humour. So, I offered him a used one. And I commented that it is a very good sense of humour: Jewish. Too bad you aren’t Jewish enough to understand jokes. But I know where you can buy a used sense of humour. See above.

  2. Paul Akins ⋅

    We should not overlook the thieving Jewish oligarchs! It has been reported before that a group of oligarchs, with dual Russian-Israeli citizenship were removing infrastructure from Russia’s far East and moving it to Israel. It was part of a project to develop the occupied West Bank. Russia’s most wealthy individuals are looting the country in order to aid Israel in their imperial expansion.

    • mingthemerciless ⋅

      Hey! Akins the muslim moron! How many Jews you have under your bed? You retarded cretin! Because Pooty Poot Poutine is a true Robespierre Incorruptible, eh?

      True, there is a Jew into every fancy financial operation, just like there is four of us Scots to lead the dance to strip you Russian cretins of your stolen money!

      There is a Putin mob really sucking out the wealth of Russia
      and there is very few Jews in there… among the Russian mafia parading with their stolen money in Florida, you see no Jew in there.

      “Imperial Expansion”?…Only a islamic or communist filth would call that what is actually Jews taking back what have been theirs for 3,000 years…ABOUT TIME!!!

      Throw the Palesto-Simian rats into the sea!
      (Or send them home back to Egypt, Syria or Lebanon)
      The islamic plague originated in El Qutub, the big Arab emptiness, let them return home like them Jews did…everywhere the ay-rabs went, they turned the place into a toilet!

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        Mingchenlein — brave little Ashke-Nazi cheerleader of unparalleled intellectual tenacity. Western imbecility and depravity clearly do owe quite a bit to Talmudic ideology.

  3. Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

    Did you hear about the four Polish monks who had spent all their adult lives in a monastery? They climbed the golden ladder up to the pearly gate, and were duly asked by Saint Peter to line up in front of him. Saint Peter then went on to ask the first one in line:

    – Did you ever commit any sinful act in your life?

    With blushing cheek the first monk stuttered to the effect that

    – I s-s-saw JP II’s p-p-pee-pee once, ahem, ha-ha-have m-m-mercy on me p-p-please, Saint P-P-Peter

    – Oh well, Saint Peter replied, never mind. Lower your eyes into the bowl with holy water here, then pray Ave Maria once and you are heartily welcome into Paradise, hallelujah!

    Saint Peter then turned himself to the second fellow:

    – Did you ever commit any sinful act in your life?

    – I he-he-held JP II’s p-p-p-pee-pee in my ha-ha-hands once, ho-ho-how und-d-d-dignified of m-m-me, how c-c-could I ever d-d-do such a d-d-disgraceful th-th-thing…

    – Oh well, Saint Peter replied, never mind. Flush your hands in the bowl with holy water here, then pray Ave Maria five times and you are heartily welcome into Paradise, hallelujah!

    Then, all of a sudden, just as Saint Peter was to continue with #3, he saw #4 brusquely pushing his way ahead to get first in line. Needless to say, this was definitely not pleasing to Saint Peter who, in a thunderous voice, asked the sinner thus:

    – Now, just what are you up to? How DARE you try to snatch somebody else’s place in the line to the pearly gate???

    – Beloved reverend Saint Peter, have mercy on me. Please let me purify my mouth before he treats his ass!

    • MCC ⋅

      And russian army eats f#$%^%ing dog food ‘specialite de la maison” ‘belka i strelka’, 50% of russian slaves live like animal without running water, gas, or electricity, russian flying coffins crashing on a regular basis and russian capital moscow is truly a muslim central asian city….Heh, Heh, Heh.. Gosopdin pomiyluik forehead, foreskin, left right – sign of cross russian style truly revolting….

      • An old Jewish joke:

        Two patriotic Poles are walking in the streets of Paris. Suddenly they see an old man in an yarmulke. One Pole says to his friend:
        – Stefan, do you see that Jew? Let’s go and beat him up!
        – But what if he beats us up instead?
        – Us? Why?! What did we do wrong?!

  4. paris ⋅

    in russia now are there 131 billonaries-mostly jews.

    communism is completely jewish.

    at murderous stalin nkvd jews were oversuperrepresented.

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

      Amusingly, zionist-inclined Western imbeciles accuse selfsame Stalin of unbridled antisemitism instead. Clearly, coherence and consistency seem to be totally incompatible with “the discreet charm of the bourgeoisie”. Folks — it looks as if we’re in for a jolly good in-fighting over here at LR’s between two equally rabid, stupid, and clueless camps of utter filth. Let the entertainment begin!

      Stalin forever!

    • Polish patriot ⋅

      Poles hate Jews, Russians and Ukrainians because they feel intellectually inferior.

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        Very true indeed. The funny thing is how mccusa “combats” this well-founded sense of Pshek inferiority by trying to make a virtue out of it. The behaviour of drunkards (and drug addicts generally) springs to mind immediately.

  5. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Mon Fred Pissette Molle now also call himself a “Polish Patriot”…how cute!
    It would even be more cute if you were also not as stupid as a rock, Freddie Fred! Ya Fokin’ Dumb Ass! By the way, 99% of drunkard jokes told are about you russian cretins, freddie!

  6. mingthemerciless ⋅

    A drunken woman would be awful sexy…except if she’s Russian,
    then she’s just disgusting! (See Freddie’s daughter there!):

  7. > Russians … Central heating is lacking in 8% of homes.

    So, 92% of Russian homes have central heating? How about USA?

    Black renters (76%) are less likely than White and other race renters (89%) to have central heating. Similarly, elderly owners (77%)…

    /American Housing Survey, 1991/

    > About 11% of homes in cities nationwide do not have a water supply

    As of year 2000, 15% of Americans are served by their own wells.[11][12]

    > Over 30% of urban housing has yet to be gasified.

    According to the American Gas Association, 62 million homes in the U.S are heated using natural gas. As of 2009 this number represented about 56 percent of households in the United States.

    > Shocking backwardness


  8. > 8% seeing power failures more than once per week.

    Before Game Is Decided, Superdome Goes Dark

    It was not New Orleans’s brightest moment. About 90 seconds into the second half of Sunday’s Super Bowl, the lights on one half of the Superdome’s roof suddenly went out. Internet connections in the press box were cut, and the scoreboards went dark. The roughly 35-minute power failure…

    Power outage disrupts start of San Francisco 49ers game

    12/19/11 6:50 PM
    SF Examiner

    UPDATE: The lights went out again at 6:43 p.m.

    Power restored to 18,000 Peninsula customers
    Friday, June 29, 2012
    Tags: south san francisco, brisbane, power outage, PG&E, peninsula news

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