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Wall-to-Wall Zigfeld

LR/DR founder and publisher Kim Zigfeld offers readers a full slate of columns this week on all three of her major forums:

  • On Pajamas Media, Kim gapes slackjawed at Russia’s decision to revive the name “Stalingrad” and return to its failed neo-Soviet past
  • On American Thinker, she documents the latest horrifying escalation of Vladimir Putin’s war on the Russian Internet
  • And on RUSSIA! magazine, she exposes the breathtaking hypocrisy of Dmitri Medvedev in calling for plagiarism reform while ignoring the outrageous acts of his county’s plagiarist-in-chief, Vladimir Putin.

We can’t think how it might be possible for any reasonable person to read all three of these pieces and conclude anything other than that Russia is a doomed, barbaric state committing national suicide.

23 responses to “Wall-to-Wall Zigfeld

  1. mingthemerciless ⋅

    The government of Russia will underscore its place as one of the world’s most bizarre when it begins Monday the trial of Sergei Magnitsky.

    It is not bizarre by Russian standards that Mr. Magnitsky was an attorney imprisoned essentially for defending his client, American investor Bill Browder.

    It is not even the most bizarre part of the case that the 37-year-old Magnitsky was allegedly tortured in prison and Russia appears to know who did it and has refused to prosecute. This has led the U.S. to pass a law banning travel of corrupt Russian officials to America and a strange response from Russia banning U.S. adoptions of Russian babies.

    What is truly bizarre about the trial is that Mr. Magnitsky is dead, and has been dead since 2009, the result of wounds sustained in prison, human rights groups say. The trial would be the first posthumous trial in the history of Russia — there is no record of even one of the famous Stalin show trials being prosecuted against a dead man

    • MCC ⋅

      After sentencing the dead Mr. Magnitsky, his corpse will be exhumed and sent to Siberia for 25 years of hard labor…What a tragic, pathetic, revolting and grotesque end of Russia. Before the final russia’s demise there will the bloodies civil war ever seen in the history of the human race….

  2. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Putin is going medieval on fella Roozkies!

    The Cadaver Synod (also called the Cadaver Trial or, in Latin, the Synodus Horrenda) is the name commonly given to the posthumous ecclesiastical trial of Catholic Pope Formosus, held in the Basilica of St. John Lateran in Rome during January of 897.[1] The trial was conducted by Formosus’s successor, Pope Stephen (VI) VII. Stephen accused Formosus of perjury and of having acceded to the papacy illegally. At the end of the trial, Formosus was pronounced guilty and his papacy retroactively declared null. The Cadaver Synod is remembered as one of the most bizarre episodes in the history of the medieval papacy.

    Probably around January 897, Stephen (VI) VII ordered that the corpse of his predecessor Formosus be removed from its tomb and brought to the papal court for judgement. With the corpse propped up on a throne, a deacon was appointed to answer for the deceased pontiff.
    Formosus was accused of transmigrating sees in violation of canon law, of perjury, and of serving as a bishop while actually a layman. Eventually, the corpse was found guilty. Liutprand and other sources say that Stephen had the corpse stripped of its papal vestments, cut off the three fingers of his right hand used for consecrations, and declared all of his acts and ordinations (including his ordination of Stephen (VI) VII as bishop of Anagni) invalid. The body was finally interred in a graveyard for foreigners, only to be dug up once again, tied to weights, and cast into the Tiber River.

    The macabre spectacle turned public opinion in Rome against Stephen. Rumors circulated that Formosus’ body, after washing up on the banks of the Tiber, had begun to perform miracles. A public uprising led to Stephen being deposed and imprisoned. While in prison, in July or August 897, he was strangled.

    Knowing the Roozkies, likely Magnitsky’s corpse will begin performing miracles and hopefully Pooty Poot will be hung from a construction crane!

    • Bohdan ⋅

      Don’t worry, he will most certainly get his due when he is finally elevated above all his down trodden serfs.

      By that I mean him hanging from some gantry, strung up there by the neck, by his long suffering followers as gratitude for his murdering and corrupt dictatorial rule.

  3. Hi Kim,

    Thought I would get some discussions going here. You should be proud to find out that your article “Putin’s RuNet Crackdown” has been translated into Russian and has become a small cult favourite in Russia:

    Наступление Путина на рунет

    (“American Thinker“, США)
    Ким Зигфельд (Kim Zigfeld)

    Among your most entertaining claims (to the Russian taste) are:

    > Obama is actually working hard to reward Putin, by offering him most-favored nation trading status and admission to the lofty corridors of the World Trade Organization.

    Russia has been a WTO member for half a year now. As far as the “lofty” part goes, WTO numbers 158 member states, including such “lofty” “free trade”, luminaries as Zimbabwe (1995), Cuba (1995), Myanmar (1995), USA (1995), Uganda (1995), Mali (1995), Rwanda (1996), Congo (1997), Kyrgyz Republic (1998), Albania (2000), Angola (1996), Moldova (2001), Mongolia (1997), Cambodia (2004), Cameroon (1995), etc.

    > Russia is aggressively seeking to cut off Russian NGOs from American funding

    Russia’s ‘foreign agents’ law: no Bond thriller

    ­The real irony of Russia’s ‘foreign agents’ bill and the uproar it has sparked is that it practically mirrors an American law on the same subject, entitled the US Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). On the front page of FARA’s website, it clearly states that the purpose of FARA “is to insure that the US Government and the people of the United States are informed of the source of information (propaganda) and the identity of persons attempting to influence U.S. public opinion, policy, and laws.” In fact, it was this piece of “draconian” legislation that led to the arrest of Anna Chapman and 9 other less photogenic Russian nationals on US soil exactly two years ago. Despite all the media sensationalism that swirled around the story, and especially around Miss Chapman, what were the 10 Russians found guilty of? They were guilty of a simple bureaucratic technicality. Chapman and Co. pleaded guilty to “a charge of conspiracy to act as an agent of a foreign government without notifying the US Attorney General.

    1996 United States campaign finance controversy
    From Wikipedia
    China sought to direct contributions from foreign sources to the Democratic National Committee in violation of United States law forbidding non-American citizens or non-permanent residents from giving monetary donations to United States politicians and political parties.

    The United States Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA)

    The term “agent of a foreign principal” means:

    (1) any person any of whose activities are directly or indirectly financed or subsidized in whole or in major part by a foreign principal

    The term “foreign principal” includes—

    (2) any person outside of the United States

    Although the act was designed to apply to any foreign agent, in practice FARA frequently is used to target countries out of favor with an administration.[26]

  4. > Putin is convinced, as Hitler was convinced by Chamberlain, that the U.S. will not stand in his way, so he acts with unfettered brazenness and American values pay the ultimate price.

    Shouldn’t the U.S. be happy to see Russia adopt the bigoted US laws like FARA and the ban on foreign-owned media?

    > and even to purge the Russian language of “trash” like “Americanisms.”
    France’s Académie Française battles to protect language from English
    The Telegraph, 11 Oct 2011

    France’s Académie française, official custodians of the French language, has taken its battle to fight the invasion of English. The Académie, a council of 40 writers and artists, is entrusted with protecting French from “Anglo-Saxon” attacks and writing an official dictionary, of which the latest unfinished version began in 1992. One of its tasks is to come up with French equivalents to unwanted English words that slip into French.

    > Freedom House has also called Obama to task on his policy of appeasement, which Obama euphemistically calls “reset.” “Putin has overseen the worst deterioration in Russia’s democracy and human rights situation since the collapse of the Soviet Union”

    But that is peanuts compared with the US government’s commitment to torture in various jails from Abu Ghraib to Guantanamo to Eastern Europe. And the “Patriot Act” authorizes the Big Brother government to read our emails and to listen in on our phone conversations. Clearly, the USA is sliding towards the Orwellian Big Brother system.

    > deep-seated Russian hostility to the West isn’t going to change on its own. Without inspiring American leadership

    So, what actions on the part of the US government do you propose in order to eliminate the deep-seated hostility towards the US in Russia and everywhere else? Reducing new aggressions, invasions and occupations of other countries? Abolishing torture? Apologizing for the rapes of Panama, Yugoslavia, Iraq and of UN and the international law? Giving Kosovo back to Serbia? Stopping the support of anti-Christian Sunni extremists in Syria? Reducing the insane US military budget that equals to that of the rest of the World combined? Rebuilding Detroit at least to the point that it would no longer look worse than the poorest cities in Africa, or at least no worse than Dresden in 1945?

  5. > work towards American downfall.

    How is Russia “working towards American downfall”? Is it no longer buying US government bonds? Is it buying up US newspapers, magazines, radio or TV stations? That would be impossible. It is a crime here in the US for foreigners to own media outlets.

    Radio Liberty To Stop AM Radio Broadcasts In Russia

    KQED, October 18, 2012

    Radio Liberty executives were stymied by a recent Russian law that forbids foreign entities from owning a majority stake in any Russian broadcast license. Steve Korn, the president and CEO of Radio Liberty and Radio Free Europe, acknowledges that the law in the United States is similar.

    > newspapers were put under control long ago

    Didn’t I point out the fallacy of this claim a month or so ago? Remember the discussion over “Moskovsky Komsonolets”, “Novaya Gazeta”. “Kommersant” and other largest newspapers?

    > But his most powerful weapon is Obama, whose craven silence gives Putin a free hand to act without costs.

    Should leaders of Russia and other foreign countries devote their official efforts to meddling in the American internal affairs?

    Should Obama also officially condemn such horrific countries as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, Kuwait, etc.? Or should Obama only meddle in the internal affairs of the countries that you, Kim, personally hate?

    In any case, what exactly do you want Obama to do in order to lift the “deep-seated Russian hostility towards the West”?

    > It’s time for the American people to ask themselves whether they are comfortable having history record that their generation revived the horror of Russian totalitarianism that their ancestors worked so hard to lay in its grave.

    What exactly did the American “ancestors” do in order to eliminate the “deep-seated Russian hostility towards the West”?

    In fact, isn’t there a long-standing deep-seated American hostility towards Russia and the East? How else do you explain the anti-Russian anti-Yeltsin actions like the 1996 NATO eastward expansion and the rape of Serbia in 1999? What else was it, if not a direct provocation aimed at making Russians anti-Western, anti-democratic, anti-Yeltsin, and at encouraging them to elect an anti-Western dictator like Putin? You reap what you sow. Clearly, the US military lobby needed and needs Putin in order to scare (using propagandists like yourself) the American taxpayers into parting with close to $1 trillion per year for the sake of warmongering. The American media begrudges every $1 billion spent on education, the elderly and health care but ignores the elephant in the room – the $1 trillion military budget. Romney’s biggest “budget cutting” proposal was cutting $300 million from public television and adding $hundreds of billions to the Pentagon budget. Only Romney’s defeat saved (temporarily) the US government from bankruptcy. So, Obama and Democrats are clearly the lesser of the two evils. Three evils, if you count the Tea Party separate from the Republicans.

  6. Kim wrote about Navalny and Pekhtingate:

    > @navalny fails to give full credit where it is due. Shame on him! Another new low. Yuck.

    That’s just false. Haven’t you read his blog attentively? He gives credit to other people investigating Pekhtin. Of course, there is an issue of making sure not to reveal the identity of the person unless he is ready to stand up to the authorities’ persecution. Here are some entries in his blog:

    2. О пользе лайков и перепостов.
    Это, конечно, никакая не “победа Навального”. Пехтинг – труд коллективный. В первую очередь, это doct_z, который обнаружил пехтинскую недвижимость, пробивая депутатов по базам. Жора копался в этих бумагах, проверял их, запрашивал новые. Люба писала письма/запросы. и тд и тп

    Есть некоторые зловредные личности, которые возводили поклёп на Владимира Алексеевича Пехтина.
    Обзывали его “золотым кренделем”, кричали про какие-то земельные участки незадекларированные. Писали неэтично про дворцы и “родовые гнёзда”.
    Ещё придумали про него гадкое слово “пехтинг” – это, значит, за его честную работу в комиссии такая неблагодарная и неэтичная реакция.

    Дмитрий ГУДКОВ: Золотые крендели “Единой России”. Пехтин
    3 сентября, 2012

    Компромат.Ru: “Родовое гнездо” Владимира Пехтина в Питере останется гаражом, но жить он может в пригороде — во дворце у жены, не попавшем в его декларацию

    Дмитрий ГУДКОВ – Думский Пехтинг
    21 июня, 2012

    Огромное спасибо замечательному юзеру doct_z а то, что прислал нам наводку.
    Лучи благодарности члену КС и сотруднику нашего фонда борьбы с коррупцией Жоржу Албурову, который и разработал тему.

  7. siber_troll ⋅

    question is how to speed up end of russian state and russian red criminal empire

    • Bohdan ⋅

      Good question – siber_troll – Putin’s communism is holding on at all costs to further amass those ill gotten fortunes that belong to the rightful owners – the poor and downtrodden masses.

      I mean where else can you rob and pillage the peasants to the tune of billions, and live like a real Tsar, where the masses have no recourse to justice and instead eke out a substandard living just to stay alive.

      Heil Putin, heil Putin and heil Putin!!! (Right ManTurd and Rotenburg? – no answer necessary comrades, as I understand).

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        Hot consensual sex and trigonometry, Bohdanito — you will feel at least as marvellous as Vladimir Putin!

        Hugs and kisses from Manfred the well-equipped.

        • Bohdan ⋅

          Aha ManTurd “the well-equipped.” now I know why you are so dense! All the miniscule brains that you possess are in that ‘slug’ of yours! Interesting indeed, so do tell more.

          Save your “Hugs and kisses” for some baboon in the Stockholm zoo. They are more your type, get it comrade, and I’ll bet better looking too.

          • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

            Better-looking than whom? You or your wife?

            • Bohdan ⋅

              No! no! el stupido communisto, I’m talking about the baboons in the Stockholm zoo!!! You obviously can’t even get that simple point right.

              Besides I don’t believe that any female would be that desperate so as to marry or go out with you. So give up judging me by yourself, ‘daaah’ comrade.

              Do yourself a big favor and crawl back into that hole in the ground – that is your home, and have some more ‘slugs’ on the somogonka. Your limited brain will run riot then – as always.

            • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

              Mon Dieu, comme c’est drôle de se moquer de ce bougre d’imbécile de Bohdanito! On se demande bien s’il n’a jamais connu autre chose que la hystérie et la vulgarité infantile. On s’addresse à lui par quelques lignes ici et voilà — regardez le deluge qui sort de son trou de cul puant 😀

              Bohdanito, je t’aime. Ne me quitte pas, mon amour.

    • How to “to speed up end of russian red criminal empire” in your mind? Simple. You should go to East Berlin, get up on a podium near the remains of the Berlin Wall and shout through a microphone: “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall!”. The medics will do the rest.

  8. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Vladimir Rottenbooger, like a dizzy bimbo, jump from one subject to a totally unrelated one…what does the Académie Française, “les quarantes qui ont de l’esprit comme quatre” (the forty that have the wits of four) have anything to do with the CIA rendition program, I ask you?

    Vladimir is the perfect witless wind-vane!
    Typical russian with one less chromosome?

    • Ming,

      Why would a little child like yourself be so preoccupied with Russia? You should concentrate on learning how to behave and think like a responsible adult instead.

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

      Ming Ducon,

      Pour une personne tellement fantastique comme toi, la défaite totale d’un simple larron comme Vladimir Poutine devrait être une tâche facile, hein? Alors, occupe-toi enfin du ce petit problème. Après, tes “contributions” ici seraient beaucoup mieux appreciées, compris?

      • Bohdan ⋅

        Imbecile ManTurd!, how many times must you be told that this is an English blog. Hence your Google translate is totally wasted, you know like you are a wasted space.

        Do tell ‘dear swede – vegetable type’ how’s the weather like in that freezing Sweden? I bet it would freeze the gonads of a brass monkey and most definitely explains your likewise ridiculous comments.

        • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

          Mon petit,

          N’occupe-toi que des réponses addressées à toi, mon chérie. Bien entendu, Ming Ducon est un imbécile mal embouché comme toi-même — ça se voit tout de suite — mais ce n’est pas une raison pour intervenir de ton côté, compris?

  9. Michael ⋅

    Jesus christ this girl is an adiot. Typical american arrogance.

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