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In Russia, one Picture is Worth a Thousand Screams

Gorky Park

If a perfect photograph of Russia has ever been taken, it’s surely this one (click it to see it full size) by talented freelancer Jeremy Nicholl fora magazine piece on Gorky Park. The image of a so-called “mother” dangling her nude infant above a frozen expanse of water while perched precariously on a steep embankment of ice while her semi-nude husband makes a feeble grab for her shirttails really is worth a thousand screams. No, she’s not saving the little fellow from the frigid water, she’s dipping him in it while he screams with agony, a tradition many Russians consider charming.  This is the country that dares to claim American adoptive parents, who are far, far less likely to murder a Russian child than Russian parents, are a serious risk to Russia’s future.  This is a country not long for this world.


12 responses to “In Russia, one Picture is Worth a Thousand Screams

  1. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Look like somethin our dumbass Manfred would do…give him enough vodka and he’ll do ANYTHING! Russians…

  2. Bohdan ⋅

    “Look like somethin our dumbass Manfred would do…” You bet your ‘sweet bippy’ (I’m quoting the late Jackie Gleason) that he would. I mean he would be a specialist in the snow department.

    This also helps to explain his irrational comments!

  3. Snake Oil Baron ⋅

    Is this “tradition” meant to give the family bragging rights about how tough they were right from the start? Is it just sons or daughters also who get flash frozen?

    • Snake Oil Baron ⋅

      The resolution on my device is not great but on second inspection this might be a girl but after being in water like that who could say for sure. I’m sure it is agony to experience and given the small volume to surface area of a child that age, I am astonished that this tradition doesn’t involve having a casket picked out ahead of time.

  4. mingthemerciless ⋅

    When Tibetan Highlanders suffered from famine and a woman had a baby she could not feed without endangering the rest of the family, the poor baby was “exposed” such.
    A tragedy for the famished Tibetans…a typical criminal behaviour by drunken russians…

  5. Auriga ⋅

    Actually, a short exposure to cold (tempering) gives a stimulating effect to the immune system. I speak from experience, as I used to swim in winter.

    • mingthemerciless ⋅

      A baby is not an adult, you moronic retard…a baby get instant pneumonia and die, all of them, you dizzy bimbo!
      Dont you have a customer to service, ya sex worker?

  6. siber_troll ⋅

    in 1920s russians were in much worse situation but after 20 years of sufferings they conquered half of Europe.

    • siber_troll ⋅

      there were help from Nazi Germany in the first and Allies deliveries after. western science plus russian orc endurance and anger means victory

  7. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Well, on the Russian front, Hitler transformed the best army in the world into the worst
    by sacking all the Wehrmacht’s best officers and replacing them by a bunch of coprophiliac homosexuals dragged from the bottom of Germany’s beer halls.(the Waffen SS) And fighting that teutonic rabble was an army that had all it’s officers murdered by Stalin…results, tens of millions were killed just for…NOTHING!!!

    Check Hitler’s “Pink Swastika”

  8. Thanks for this, am going to save it and post it the next time I get trolled by some Russian nationalist. This happened when I was discussing child raising on an open comment section and said nothing about Russia at all and here comes the Russian trolls. The topic was not even involving Russia at all. Usually I ignore trolls however, this troll was just evil. What is it with Russian trolls on the internet these days ? They are worse than the extremist middle eastern trolls. Have seen a lot of Russian trolls on the internet lately and just go on about my day but it seems they just are getting worse. And when it comes to the adoption issue, why is not any of these trolls mad that these children were orphans in the first place ? Some of these children’s biological parents have had major drinking problems, yet no one is mad at at that. Well excuse me, I don’t want to cut down all Russian people, have had a few Russian friends in my time and they were splendid but as life happens you lose touch with people. America has bad parents and so does Russia because people are people and there is always good people and bad people no matter where you are. I shake my head at this hatred over politics. Thanks. 🙂

  9. Alley ⋅

    That’s horrible child abuse! The mother should jump in instead of being all warm in her coat, snow boots and covered head. People like this should not be allowed to have children.

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